Grasping Evil - Chapter 365.1

After having an in-depth conversation with Dong Xu, Ning Fan returned to the Zhou Residence and started to refine pills in seclusion.

Three months later, Ning Fan left four pills for Xu Qiuling and left Gusu Island.

They were the Profound Blood Pill, Separation and Reunion Pill, General Breaking Pill and Cloud Forming Pill. All of these pills were items that could increase one’s chances of breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm.

“I have to go…” 

Ning Fan stroked Xu Qiuling’s cheek and nodded his head at Bai Su. Then, he jumped and disappeared into the distance. 

He had stayed long enough in Gusu Island. There were just too many things preventing him from staying there any longer.

Before entering the Internal Endless Sea, there was something he must do. 

The moment he left Gusu, he sent out a message-transmitting flying sword to Yu Long, ordering him to take some people with him to carry out a task.

Collect spiritual medicines and pills that could recover the power of one’s primordial spirit. The more, the better. Immortal jade won’t be a problem!

All of these were naturally for Luo You who was still in deep slumber. In order to save Ning Fan’s life, Luo You used up the last trace of her primordial spirit power and fell into deep slumber. If she couldn’t be awakened as soon as possible, her life would be in danger.

She had saved Ning Fan from dying several times. It would be impossible for Ning Fan to abandon her.

To help her recover the power of her primordial spirit, he would need to gather some precious medicine and spiritual herbs and improve his Yin Yang Transformation to the Third Level as soon as he could.

Once his cultivation method reaches the Third Level, he could then unlock the Profound Yin World within and save Luo You.

“I must act fast. I can’t let her primordial spirit die!” 

Ning Fan’s gaze turned solemn. His Yin Yang Transformation was already at the peak of the Second Level. All he needed was an opportunity to break through to the next level.

That opportunity was to have dual-cultivation with a Void Fragmentation Realm female cultivator. However, it was obviously unrealistic.

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan had already made a decision inside his mind. He intended to break through the bottleneck of his cultivation method by dual-cultivating with more than a thousand human cauldrons.


This wasn’t something pleasant to watch. Thus, he didn’t want to do it in Gusu.

He transformed into a wisp of purple smoke which flew to a devil island located ten million li* (500 m per li) away. This was an island where rogue cultivators gathered. It was also not very big as it was only ten thousand li* (500 m per li) wide. 

There was a devil city on the island and being guarded by thousands of devil cultivators. It seemed like they had just attacked a third-rate force and plundered a number of immortal jade and spiritual medicines.

All the people on the island were celebrating and having fun. However, a loud bang suddenly blew in their ears and right after that, the protective grand formation of the island was shattered by someone with one finger.

“Impudent! Where did this thief come from?! How dare you cause trouble on our Black Orchid Island?!”

After hearing the explosion, a half-drunken Early Nascent Soul Realm burly man who seemed to be the leader of the cultivators immediately led his men out of the city to find out who was attacking their island.

Thousands of cultivators swarmed out of the city and gazed into the distance. What they could only see was a white-robed young man hovering in midair. That young man did not utter a single word.

This young man’s aura force was as vast and boundless as the sea but he did not reveal the slightest trace of it. As such, ordinary cultivators were unable to see through his cultivation base at all.

As soon as they saw there was only one attacker, the eyes of several Gold Core Realm burly men were filled with total contempt. They soared into the sky and wielded their swords, intending to cut the young man down.

However, as soon as the young man darted a cold glance at them, the Gold Core Realm cultivators suddenly felt the hair on their skin stand, as if they were being targeted by a ferocious beast.

When they took a clearer look at the young man’s appearance, thousands of cultivators began to shiver in fear. The Nascent Soul Realm leader instantly sobered up from his drunkenness with horror.

“He is Venerated Ming, ‘the Venerated Eight of the Internal Endless Sea’! Stop! Everybody, stop! Don’t mess with him, no one is allowed to provoke him!”

This Nascent Soul Realm leader was also a savage man who had killed countless cultivators. But when the young man threw a glance at him, the only thing he could feel was his trembling nascent soul. It was as if his entire lifetime’s cultivation would go down the drain as long as the young man willed it!

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

Without waiting for the young man to speak, thousands of devil cultivators put down their magical treasures and weapons and fell to their knees, kowtowing and begging for mercy.

“Venerated Ming, please spare us! Please don’t cause a slaughter in the entire island! It’s our fault for not knowing that the Luo Yang Sect was related to Venerated Ming! Venerated Ming, please calm down!”

Currently, the Nascent Soul Realm leader felt like he was going to die right then and there.

He had just brought a group of rogue cultivators to eliminate Luo Yang Sect which was a third-rate force and plundered a lot of wealth. Unexpectedly, Zhou Ming came before they could even celebrate.

The Nascent Soul Realm leader suddenly recalled that among the elders of the Luo Yang Sect, there was an elder with the surname Zhou. Thinking of that, his blood turned cold.

Could it be that the elder with the surname Zhou is Zhou Ming’s descendant? This Zhou Ming must have come here to cause a slaughter in the island for revenge!

We’re doomed! We’re all going to die!

Last time, when the Alliance of Ming Assassins killed some mortals, it had caused Zhou Ming to become furious and destroy their island completely, slaughtering a million cultivators and twenty Divine Transformation Realm experts.

This time, I have led my subordinates to kill one of Zhou Ming’s descendants. We will definitely die even more brutally!

All the cultivators wore looks of despair. Well, it was enough to show how intense and fierce Ning Fan’s name had become after annihilating the Ying State Immortal Island.

Ning Fan took a quick scan on the group of cultivators. He had no intention of paying attention to them.

He completely had no idea of what the Luo Yang Sect was and neither did he have the intention to destroy the island.

Perhaps no matter which island the current Ning Fan went to, he would certainly incite panic among the forces on the islands. Since Ning Fan could even obliterate the great Ying State Immortal Island on his own, there were barely a few islands which could resist him in the Endless Sea.

“Get lost! I don’t want to see anyone within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) of this island!”

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and a terrifyingly strong gale rose which turned into innumerable traces of purple mist that rushed towards the thousands of cultivators.

In a flash, he had thrown all the cultivators ten thousand li* (500m per li) away using his teleportation technique.


All of them gasped in horror and they instantly realized that Ning Fan was able to hurl thousands of people ten thousand li* away with just a flick of his sleeve!

According to rumors, the teleportation technique of a Divine Transformation Realm old monster could transport objects by making them fly. Besides, one could even make a messaging transmitting flying sword travel at an unimaginable speed by using the technique to send out the sword.

However, none of these cultivators had ever heard of a Divine Transformation Realm old monster having teleportation technique as profound as Ning Fan’s which allowed him to shift thousands of cultivators with just a flick of his sleeve!

What a heaven-defying technique!

Each and every one of the cultivators were dumbstruck. However, a short moment later, their thoughts were interrupted by the Nascent Soul Realm leader’s roar.

“What are you brats waiting for?! Quickly flee with me! Venerated Ming has said to let us disappear within the vicinity of a hundred thousand li* (500m per li). There is still ninety thousand li* to go!”

The Nascent Soul Realm leader could not be more grateful for being able to survive from Ning Fan’s hands. It was just too surprising.

Currently, he treated Ning Fan’s words as an emperor’s order, not daring to go against it at all. Without any hesitation, he led his group of cultivators to escape further away.

As Ning Fan scanned the Black Orchid Island which was now empty with his spirit sense, his lips curved into a faint smile.

It seems that the impact of destroying the Ying State Immortal Island is quite good.

Now, his notoriety had spread throughout the Endless Sea. No one would be foolish and ignorant enough to harass those who were close to him.

He pressed his finger against his glabella and produced the Inlaid Star Compass. With a snap of his fingers, a starlight formation diagram emerged which stretched into ten thousand li* (500m per li) and sheltered the island.

He shook his Cauldron Ring and summoned the female corpse Yue Lingkong, Nalan Zi, Bing Ling, Yue Ling, the Flower Demoness, the Wind Demoness and a thousand plus female guards of Ning Clan.


The female corpse was holding a string in her bare hands while playing the Cat’s Cradle game with Mu Xiaohuan in a silly way.

The female guards of the Ning Clan seemed to be in the middle of training. Nalan Zi had already recovered as her face was glowing healthily. After being tamed by Ning Fan, her haughty expression turned obedient and changed from one extreme to the other.

Yue Lingkong was taking a shower. As she was suddenly summoned by Ning Fan, her body of a female child was completely exposed. She had nothing to cover her body and thus, the ‘radiance of spring’ was fully presented in front of Ning Fan’s eyes. Other than feeling surprised, she literally blew up with anger at the same moment.

“Little Cucumber! Can’t you see that I’m taking a bath? Are you deliberately trying to take advantage of me by summoning me out at a time like this?!”

“Yes, I am!”

Ning Fan gave her a mysterious smile. Well, as a matter of fact, he really wanted to take advantage of all the women there.

“I am a practitioner of the dual-cultivation method. Currently, I have reached a bottleneck and have to practice dual-cultivation with a large number of human cauldrons in order to achieve a breakthrough… This time, the reason why I summoned you all is to dual-cultivate with all of you. I hope everyone will cooperate.”

After Ning Fan’s words, Yue Lingkong’s face flushed red and she retorted.

“It’s your personal problem that you’ve encountered a bottleneck in your cultivation method, why should we cooperate…? Besides, you still want to dual-cultivate with us. Do you think we will agree?”

Just as Yue Lingkong’s voice fell, the faces of a thousand plus charming women behind her turned rosy and they lowered their bodies respectfully.

Under the lead of Bing Ling, Yue Ling, the Flower Demoness and the Wind Demoness, each of the women began to undress themselves in a well-trained manner. In just a few breaths, a thousand plus beauties were all naked. Some of them boldly darted Ning Fan a flirtatious look while some of them closed their eyes shyly.

Regardless of their expressions, none of these women resisted to dual- cultivate with Ning Fan.


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