Grasping Evil - Chapter 367.2

The first level allows me to pluck the power of female cultivators, the second level allows me to read women’s minds while the third level allows me to directly seize their cultivation methods and magic techniques!

Countless thoughts ran across Ning Fan’s mind. He realized that the cultivation methods of the women whose purity he had taken would be completely imprinted on the fiery stele.

As for women like Yuan Yao who only had her rear penetrated by him, only some low-grade cultivation methods or incomplete arts would be copied from them and imprinted on the stele.

Apparently, the effect of penetrating the rear was not a patch on that of performing the genuine dual-cultivation. Otherwise, the Stele of Sun and Moon would probably contain a number of secret arts of several cultivation methods of the Shedding Void Realm.

Inwardly, Ning Fan said to himself.

If I pluck women who practice fiendgod cultivation methods, wouldn’t I have a copy of those cultivation methods too?

Well, if that’s how it is, he could just plunder cultivation methods or magic techniques from others whenever he was lacking them.

Since he already tried out the first function of the Stele of Sun and Moon, it was time for him to try out its second function next.

Ning Fan placed his hand on the one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall giant stele, trying to engrave each and every line on the fiery stele in his mind.

He stood firmly below the stele for three consecutive days. When he was being cast out of the Profound Yin World, only then did he open his eyes which glowed brightly like he had comprehended something.

This time, he did not try to enter the Profound Yin World again. Instead, he placed his hand on the Yuan Yao Jade and went into the Yuan Yao World.

On the land within this world laid a corpse that was hundreds of thousands of zhang* (3.33 per zhang) large. It was doubtlessly the corpse of the Realm Beast which Yuan Yao gave to him after rescuing her for the first time.

The physical body of this Realm Beast was severely damaged, making it unsuitable to be refined into a spiritual puppet. However, every inch of its hide and bones were excellent ingredients for refining weapons.

Even though it was not like an Immemorial Star Iron and lacked the ability to make the treasures forged using it as material grow in strength, treasure forged using the entire Realm Beast would certainly not be inferior to the Blood Sword.

The Blood Sword was forged using the bones of an Immortal Blood Dragon. However, when compared to this Realm Beast of the True Immortal Realm, it was unknown which of them was more superior…

Ning Fan touched his glabella and produced his Separation Slayer Sword. Without hesitation, he made a slash at the corpse which was as humongous as a lofty mountain.

Combining the sharpness of the Separation Slayer Sword with the intensity of magic power that the current Ning Fan could use to wield it, it was nearly capable of cutting anything at the level of the Divine Transformation Realm. The strength of his single slash immediately caused the hollow space to crumble and the mountains and the ground to tremble and move.

However, when such a great and mighty sword light clashed with the hide of the carcass, only a small amount of sparks were created. The repulsive force from the carcass even made Ning Fan’s purlicue numb, making him retreat for tens of steps before he could regain his balance.

When he looked at the carcass again, there was only a shallow cut at the spot which he slashed using the Separation Slayer Sword. Not even half a piece of its flesh was cut.

The hardness of the Realm Beast’s physical body was seriously terrifying! Even if it were to stand right there and let Ning Fan cut it freely, it was not something that he would be able to slay!

Ning Fan kept his Separation Slayer Sword. In the first place, he was not here to try out his sword but to test the power of the fire stele instead.

He closed his eyes and reached out with one of his palms. He then drew the lines of the fire stele in the air.

Traces of black flames gradually condensed into a one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) fire stele in midair. It was practically not any different from the Stele of Sun and Moon in the Profound Yin World. The only dissimilarity between the two of them was their color as this one was pitch-black while the other was fiery-red.

Ning Fan remained silent. He faintly felt the mark of the Yin Yang Fish on his heart begin to hurt after he condensed his flames into the stele.

While he was in pain, something seemed to have been extracted from the actual Stele of Sun and Moon and it entered into the dark fiery stele before him.

With the knowledge that he had gained after learning the Soul Extraction Technique, he realized clearly that the thing that was extracted from the Stele of Sun and Moon was actually the soul of the stele!


As Ning Fan uttered ‘condense’, the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon rapidly fused with the black fiery stele in front of him.

His magic power was being drained at a frightening speed like a clay ox entering the sea, flowing into the black fiery stele.

Meanwhile, the power being emanated by the black stele grew more and more formidable.


When the power of the fire stele rose to a certain level, Ning Fan actually coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, as if suffering a heavy backlash from some kind of magic technique.

This magic technique was so powerful that it was enough to harm him!

Looking at the one thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) fiery stele that struck one’s eyes and roused one’s mind, Ning Fan’s expression turned solemn and clawed at the direction of the Realm Beast’s carcass with his five fingers.

The black fiery stele immediately soared into the air with a howl and heavily crashed down onto the huge corpse like a crumbling mountain.

Upon impact, the whole Yuan Yao World was turned upside down, as if this chiliocosm was going to be destroyed by the fire stele!

An imposing and powerful aura force which nearly made Ning Fan gasp for air blasted on the corpse of the Realm Beast and its peerlessly hard body was literally split in half by the fire stele!


Amidst the violent tremor of the earth and the mountains, the grand formations and stars of magical treasures that Ning Fan had painstakingly set up in the Yuan Yao World were all destroyed by the attack of the fiery stele.

The vigorous shockwave produced by the destruction of the magical treasures slammed onto Ning Fan’s chest, sending him flying backwards while coughing blood as if he had been hit by a heavy blow.

His eyes were filled with deep astonishment and beneath that, there was an immense amount of joy that could not be concealed!

If he was not wrong, the might of the fire stele’s attack was certainly beyond an attack at the Peak Divine Transformation Realm or even a Void Refinement Realm strike…

“This is a strike of the Void Fragmentation Realm! With the help of the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon, I managed to condense my stele using flames and the strength of its attack was equivalent to that of the Void Fragmentation Realm!”

It was impossible for Ning Fan not to be excited.

From the start of his bitter cultivation up to this point, even though his strength and power were gradually getting stronger, the day he would attain the Void Fragmentation Realm was still far away and not within the foreseeable future.

However, with the power of the Stele of Sun and Moon, Ning Fan managed to deliver a strike of that level. Although the backlash he suffered from displaying it was huge, it was still a surprising and joyful matter.

For the first time, he firmly believed that he could resist Emperor Moksha who was at the Void Fragmentation Realm with his own power!

He found it difficult to calm his realm’s state even after a long time. He consumed a few pills to suppress the injuries he suffered from the backlash of the magic technique. Suddenly, he seemed to have discovered something which caused his eyes to darken.

The reason why the strike he displayed earlier could attain destructive power at the Void Fragmentation Realm was because it had been fused with the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon.

Ning Fan quickly scanned the Profound Yin World with his spirit sense and helplessly found that the mighty strike just now had completely used up the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon!

It was unable to recover by itself. In fact, Ning Fan had to fill up the Stele of Sun and Moon with flames in order to replenish its soul.

Throughout his journey, he had assimilated countless types of spiritual flames and all the flames he had accumulated were used up during the attack earlier…

Unless I gather innumerable types of flames again and refill the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon, I would certainly be unable to initiate that Void Fragmentation Realm strike again.

“The limitation of this Void Fragmentation Realm strike is truly great… I wonder how many more types of flames I will have to gather in order to fully replenish the soul of the stele. If I am able to refill it again, I can then have a Void Fragmentation Realm strike as my trump card to protect myself. Even if I face a true Void Fragmentation Realm expert, I will certainly have a strike to resist them!”

Ning Fan’s eyes blazed with zeal.

He had indeed gained a lot after becoming the master of the Profound Yin World as a result of achieving the Third Level of his cultivation method.

Even though the Profound Yin World and the Stele of Sun and Moon had their own disadvantages, if they were to be utilized appropriately and efficiently, both of them were heaven-defying means!


The frightening aura force of the Void Fragmentation Realm strike spread impressively in all directions from the Black Orchid Island, causing the entire External Endless Sea to tremble violently!

Despite having the Yuan Yao World which blocked most of the attack, it still made countless cultivators of the External Endless Sea to be surprised.

Innumerable experts gazed towards the direction of the Black Orchid Island and felt inwardly amazed.

Such a terrifying attack which shook the entire external sea. It can’t be wrong… It’s a Void Fragmentation Realm strike!

“There is a Void Fragmentation Realm expert in the direction of Black Orchid Island!”

Each of the cultivators in the area were surprised and bewildered.

Wasn’t that place where Ning Fan practiced his cultivation method and plucked women?

Why did a Void Fragmentation Realm strike come from there?


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