Grasping Evil - Chapter 370.2

“We must find out which elder of the Zhou Family is protecting this Zhou Ming!”

Ning Fan certainly had no idea what the hidden Void Refinement Realm experts were thinking. Sneak attacking Revered Flame with the Spirit Fragmentation Whip happened in just a matter of seconds.

Seeing Revered Flame was injured, Ning Fan took advantage of the situation and seized the Blood Star Sand by force without even giving Revered Flame a chance to breathe. His Fu Li Wings stretched out and he vigorously beat his wings once. In a flash of purple light, Ning Fan’s figure was nowhere to be found.

“His speed is incredibly fast… It’s bad! Yun Yan, look out to your back!”

At this moment, the expressions of the two hidden Void Refinement Realm experts changed drastically and they no longer concealed their presence. They appeared in midair and shouted at Revered Flame to warn the latter.

Fast! It’s too fast!

When travelling with his Fu Li Wings, Ning Fan’s speed was almost on par with the speed of a Void Refinement Realm expert. Revered Flame was unable to respond to his impressive speed which allowed him to travel for ninety thousand li* (500m per li) in an instant. Only the two Void Refinement Realm experts could detect the direction where Ning Fan was heading to.

All of a sudden, the hairs on Revered Flame’s back stood up and he felt immense chills running down his spine. When he heard the two Void Refinement Realm experts who were shouting warnings at him, he lost his composure and hurriedly turned around, unleashing the power of his spirit sense to its maximum. Then, a spark of fire glittered in midair and erupted into a column of flames in a single moment, burning the sky within a vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li)!

In the sea of flames, a figure in white robes appeared. However, before he could perform a stealth attack on Revered Flame, he was already engulfed by the flames.

It’s fire sense! The spirit sense made up of flames!

Ning Fan had refined his Sea of Consciousness into the shape of a sword and condensed sword sense. This Revered Flame, however, had managed to turn his Sea of Consciousness into flames and condensed fire sense.

When he performs the Art of Sword Sense with his Half-Step Void Refinement Realm spirit sense, it could even inflict severe damage on ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts.

Although Revered Flame was extremely arrogant, his strength and power were amazingly strong as well. Compared to Dong Xu who had yet to attain the Void Refinement Realm, he was at least several times stronger!

After using his fire sense, he spat out blood once more as it was rather taxing for him to do so without suppressing his injuries. Even so, he was certain that Ning Fan must have been seriously injured by his fire sense.

“‘Burning Sky Fire Sense’! This is the technique that made Revered Flame famous. He had once used this technique to literally burn a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert to death!”

“I heard rumors saying that Venerated Ming also has a unique type of spirit sense which he comprehended by chance. It’s said to be sword sense. However, I’m afraid that Venerated Ming’s sword sense isn’t as powerful as Revered Flame’s fire sense. One should know that once Revered Flame’s fire sense is unleashed, everything and everyone below the Early Divine Transformation Realm within the vicinity of fifty thousand li* (500m per li) would be instantly killed and burnt to ashes!”

Bei Xiaoman’s eyes flashed with a hint of worry. She was not even afraid of the Daoist child, Yi Qing, but she was fearful of Revered Flame. What she feared the most was his Art of Fire Sense that he had used just now.

In regards to the methods that kill and inflict damage on a large scale, Revered Flame could be ranked first among all Divine Transformation Realm experts in the Rain World!

“No! I haven’t settled my old scores with him. He can’t just die like this! No way!”

Anxiety took control of Bei Xiaoman. She took a step forward and was about to fly into the sky.

She clearly hated Ning Fan to the marrow of her bones, but when she saw Ning Fan being engulfed by the column of flames, she just could not stop feeling anxious and worried.

She did not like the anxious and tense feeling that she was experiencing. She disliked it a lot.

She had the urge to pull Ning Fan out of the sea of flames!


Before Bei Xiaoman could rush into the sea of flames, she froze at the same spot and her eyes widened with shock.

She saw the sea of flames that was powerful enough to instantly kill an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert being parted by a mysterious force.

Ning Fan, who wore a set of white robes and had a set of demonic purple wings on his back, calmly walked across the flames. The raging fire eerily parted for him, as if it was afraid of him, not to mention burn him.

“How is this possible?!”

Revered Flame could not believe his eyes. Ning Fan came out unscathed from his fire sense which he unleashed using all of his strength. The destructive power of that attack which could put a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert in a grievous state did not even leave a scratch on Ning Fan!

The current Ning Fan who was standing amidst the flames crept Revered Flame out. The one hundred types of Fourth Grade spiritual flames and the three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames in his dantian were flickering violently, as if they were afraid.


The current Ning Fan was like the king of flames who was impervious to any kinds of flames!

“‘Fire Plucking Technique’!”

Ning Fan stretched his five fingers into the shape of a claw. Then, a small vortex with the pattern of the Yin Yang Fish formed under his palm.

As soon as the vortex appeared, a bizarre and terrifying suction force rose and absorbed every last bit of flames which occupied the vicinity of ten thousand li* (500m per li).

No one knew that the so-called all-out strike of Revered Flame had become nourishment for the Stele of Sun and Moon in Ning Fan’s Profound Yin World which replenished the soul of the stele!

Dead silence fell upon the group of onlookers. Each and every one of them was astonished by the sight before their eyes.

The two Void Refinement Realm experts were also stunned. They absolutely could not believe what they had seen. To them, it was just unimaginable, too unimaginable!

They inwardly admitted that it was not difficult to ward off Revered Flame’s fire sense with their Void Refinement Realm cultivation base.

But what they could do at most was neutralize it!

The divine ability that Ning Fan used did not just neutralize the fire sense, but it seemed like his ability existed specially to restrain flames!

No. Restraining was not the right word to describe how it devoured the flames… To be more precise, it was like… plucking it!

Yes, it’s plucking! It was like how a cultivator plucked his human cauldron, greedily sapping everything out of her while she could not resist at all!

In an instant, innumerable thoughts filled the two experts’ minds. However, they seemed to have recalled something and revealed a delighted look.

“Could it be that this Zhou Ming has a way to restrain flames?!”

“If that is the case, I’m afraid that only this man in the entire Rain World would be able to acquire ‘that thing’!”

The two experts locked eyes with each other. Both of them were able to read each other’s thoughts.

That thing they were talking about was located in an abyss filled with a sea of flames. Even Void Fragmentation Realm experts were unable to go in there and take it out.

Therefore, in order to acquire that thing, the Rain Palace purposely cultivated a practitioner of flames and provided him excellent treatments for his cultivation. They searched for Earth Vein Demonic Flames for him to devour, assigned Void Refinement Realm experts to protect him and even condoned him and his disciples in breaking the laws and behaving arrogantly. 

However, even if they planned to rely on Revered Flame to acquire that thing, they needed to nurture him up to at least the Void Fragmentation Realm… But still, all of this was filled with too much uncertainty. Who could be sure that Revered Flame would successfully attain the Void Fragmentation Realm after thousands of years?

“If this Zhou Ming is willing to help the Rain Palace, why should we need Yun Yan?!”

“We can’t let Yun Yan continue the fight with this Zhou Ming anymore. Once Yun Yan completely offends him, it will become even more difficult for us to rope him in to work for the Rain Palace.”

The two experts stepped out and tried to stop the fight between Revered Flame and Ning Fan.

No one knew that these two Void Refinement Realm experts actually harbored the thought of befriending Ning Fan.

Ning Fan slowly kept the vortex beneath his palm and licked his lips like he had had a delicious meal. The fire sense which contained such a pure power of flames had filled up at least 10% of the soul of the Stele of Sun and Moon.

He did not plan to continue fighting and take Revered Flame’s life. After striking the latter’s primordial spirit, seizing his natal magical treasure and devouring his fire sense, Ning Fan had already severely wounded Revered Flame.

With Ning Fan’s personality, he would never let his enemies live. However, it would be unwise to kill Revered Flame in front of the eyes of thousands of cultivators and offend the Rain Palace.

Even if he really wants to kill him, it would be better to do it somewhere more private…  

“Hand over the three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames.” Ning Fan’s cold voice sounded like there was no room for rejection.

“Impossible! Don’t you ever think about it! Haha! You can never take my place, never!”

Revered Flame seemed to have gone insane. There was never a time where he harbored such a strong intent to kill Ning Fan before.

In the past, he only wanted to kill him for his flames. Now, however, he just wanted to kill Ning Fan to impede a future disaster!

Ning Fan threatened his position in the Rain Palace! It was because Ning Fan was the king of flames who did not fear any types of flames. 

If he is alive, the Rain Palace will no longer need me and I will lose all the supplies and privileges given by the Rain Palace!

“Art of Void Flame, Samadhi Fire Palm!”

Revered Flame’s eyes were bloodshot. There was only one thought in his mind: he must kill Ning Fan before the two Void Refinement Realm experts befriend him!


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