Grasping Evil - Chapter 371.1

“Art of Void Flame, Samadhi Fire Palm!”

Revered Flame’s eyes became blood-red. Now, he only knew that he had to eliminate Ning Fan before the two Void Refinement Realm experts can befriend him!

He stretched his five fingers as wide as he could and clawed at Ning Fan. Three types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames that were burning in different colors emerged. When he scraped the air once more, he produced one hundred groups of Fourth Grade spiritual flames. All of them were eye-catching as they floated in midair.

Revered Flame then put his palms together and all the flames he conjured began to combine into one, forming a palm print that glowed in an exquisite jade green color. Without any hesitation, he slammed that palm print towards Ning Fan with a massive force.

This fire palm attack was a Void Refinement Grade magic technique which Revered Flame had practiced hard for a thousand years.

The destructive power of this palm attack was just a hair’s breadth away from an Early Void Refinement Realm attack. Moreover, it was a supreme technique that was given to him by the Rain Palace!

The size of this incoming palm imprint enlarged into four thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall. With a loud rumbling sound, cracks appeared in the sky and the whole Xuan Wu City trembled violently. 

It was definitely not an attack that an ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert would be able to withstand!

The power of this palm attack was beyond everyone’s expectations!

All the onlookers could already clearly distinguish the winner and the loser of this fight. The result was very obvious. Ning Fan had won while Revered Flame had lost. Ning Fan gave his opponent a way out and did not end his life. However, instead of expressing his appreciation, Revered Flame took advantage of the time when Ning Fan had put down his guard to shoot out a fatal fire palm at him, trying to eliminate him. In everyone’s mind, Revered Flame’s actions were indeed mean and shameless!

The two Void Refinement Realm experts were furious. The both of them were just about to stop the fight but Revered Flame who had been defeated acted out of their expectations and made a sneak attack on Ning Fan. This act of his brought shame to the Rain Palace!

No. The reputation of the Rain Palace was just a small matter. If Ning Fan dies, their chance of rendering a meritorious deed would be gone! It would certainly be a great contribution to the Rain Palace if they bring Ning Fan back and convince him to help the Divine Sovereign to acquire that thing!

“Yun Yan! Stop whatever you are doing! If you dare to hurt this man, you will surely be sentenced with a serious punishment by the Divine Sovereign!”

The two experts tried to threaten him but Revered Flame completely ignored their words.

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. Even though he did not kill Revered Flame, he had been secretly observing his actions. Thus, it was certainly impossible for the latter to successfully sneak attack him.

Wrong. He felt like he had just made a wrong decision again!

Was it because he worried too much that he gave Revered Flame the impression of being a pushover?

This man does not know how to appreciate what is good. If I let him go, there will definitely be countless troubles afterwards.

“It’s my fault. I was being too merciful!”

Ning Fan made a step forward as immense murderous intent immediately rose within him.

Revered Flame was indeed strong. If it was not for Ning Fan’s Stele of Sun and Moon that could restrain nearly any type of flame, it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat Revered Flame.

Since this person hated Ning Fan deeply, how could Ning Fan still let him off?!

If he let him go today, wouldn’t there be another bloody incident like what had happened in Gusu in the future?!

If Revered Flame wants to kill, even Dong Xu would not be able to put up a resistance against him. The Pleasure Devil Island would definitely be in danger. The Bi Yao Sect would be in danger too. Moreover, with this man’s capabilities, if he finds out about Yue Country, Zhihe and the other women, they would also be put at risk!

Ning Fan did not regret saving Ya Lan. The only matter he regretted was being too kind and lenient towards Revered Flame.

So what if I offend two Void Refinement Realm experts?! 

So what if I displease the Rain Palace?!

Would I be free from troubles if I let this man go?!

Since there’s no way to avoid offending anyone, I might as well kill Revered Flame and all the others to keep their mouths shut!

“Sword crystal, appear!”

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and produced the last piece of sword crystal which contained the full-powered strike of a Mid Void Refinement Realm expert!

He already gave the Early Void Refinement Realm sword crystals he had to Xi Ran and Wu Yan. This piece was his last!

Ning Fan’s defense against flames could be said to be heaven-defying. However, if he wishes to instantly kill Revered Flame, he might not be able to do it even with his Black Tempest Rupture Art.

Although the sword crystal was precious, it was the best among all the items he had in eliminating a serious hidden danger!


A gleaming resplendent sword beam shot out from Ning Fan’s palm. Right afterwards, it turned into millions of rays of sword light which emanated terrifyingly vigorous auras.

This sword crystal itself was already extremely powerful. After Ning Fan infused his own sword intent in it, it was boosted to its maximum power.

The fire palm imprint which was strong enough to severely hurt a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert was shredded into pieces by the millions of rays of sword light in a blink of an eye.

Numerous sword rays continued to rush towards Revered Flame, engulfing him completely. Fear ran across his expression. He could not understand why Ning Fan possessed such a rare and precious sword crystal!

“A Mid Void Refinement Realm sword crystal! Impossible! Even I can’t obtain such a formidable life-saving treasure. Why do you have it?! Why?! Ahh!”

As he wailed and screamed in pain, Revered Flame’s physical body burst into a cloud of bloody mist and his primordial spirit was torn to pieces. His presence vanished, leaving only balls of flames in the air. Those were spiritual flames that Revered Flame had devoured in his lifetime. Ning Fan flicked his sleeve and took away all the spiritual flames along with Revered Flame’s storage pouch.

All the cultivators in Xuan Wu City were filled with absolute shock. Ning Fan had actually killed a revered being of the Rain Palace in public!

This man is so bold!

Ning Fan stared coldly at the two Void Refinement Realm experts of the Rain Palace. His eyes shone with a vicious glow.

He had killed Revered Flame and it did not seem to be a big deal to him!

Why should he be worried about this incident being exposed and offending the Rain Palace? If he eliminates the two Void Refinement Realm experts, and kills or captures all the cultivators who witnessed this incident on Penglai Immortal Island, leaving only those who were close to him and would never betray him...

As long as he does not let anyone of them escape, who would know that he had killed Revered Flame?!

Nothing would happen to the others if he did not kill him. But since he had done it now, he might as well uproot all potential troubles.

If he were to be faint-hearted, then there would be no need for him to continue his devil cultivation!


Both the Void Refinement Realm experts sucked in cold breaths. If they were not wrong, that Mid Void Refinement Realm sword qi was soft and treacherous.

They both thought of a person at the same time. 

If I recall properly, the third elder of the Zhou Family is a Mid Void Refinement Realm sword cultivator.

Does that mean that this piece of sword crystal actually belonged to the third elder’s sword?

They could not help but think that Ning Fan still had the help of the third elder of the Zhou Clan who was a Mid Void Refinement Realm expert!

When their eyes met Ning Fan’s, the two experts suddenly felt their blood turn cold for no reason.

Ning Fan’s current gaze looked like he was going to kill them both too. It was absolutely frightening. Moreover, his killing qi gave them an extremely dangerous feeling!

Their hearts skipped a beat.

 Did the third elder who is hiding in his Treasure of Immortal’s Abode

give him the order to eliminate us too as there’s no point in stopping here since he has started it?!

Yes! That must be it! The third elder of the Zhou Family possesses a formidable cultivation base. He is a brutal and relentless person. Nothing happens if he doesn’t kill. However, once he begins, he would go for the entire family. This person is about to act on us!

According to hearsay, that third elder is on the verge of attaining the Late Void Refinement Realm. His sword techniques are incredibly strong. Killing an Early Void Refinement Realm expert is the same as crushing an ant to him!

The two experts immediately realized that they must clear the misunderstandings with Ning Fan at once to avoid worsening the relationship between them.

They must befriend Ning Fan and rope him in no matter what. It was not only because of their fear towards the third elder of the Zhou Family, but also for the purpose of obtaining that item.

Even though the both of them were quite unhappy to see Ning Fan killing Revered Flame, they were unable to do anything about it. Revered Flame had died and it was a dereliction of their duties. If they return without bringing anything worthy enough to compensate for their negligence, they would probably be severely punished.

However, if they could rope Ning Fan in and convince him to help the Rain Palace, both of them would be credited with this great contribution instead of being sentenced to heavy punishments due to their negligence in performing their duties. They would even receive rewards from the Divine Sovereign. Ning Fan had a natural restraining power towards flames. Therefore, even without attaining the Void Fragmentation Realm, he would have high chances of acquiring that item from the abyss of flames!

This matter was the top priority of the Rain Palace! Compared to this matter, Revered Flame’s life was not worth mentioning at all.

The two experts exchanged glances with each other. They both forced faint smiles and wore friendly expressions.

In their hearts, they had decided that they must resolve the misunderstandings between them and Ning Fan and establish a friendly relationship with him today!

“Little Friend, are you injured? That was a really close call just now. If you’re injured, we will certainly feel extremely guilty. This Yun Yan is really ungrateful. It’s obvious that he had lost the gamble, but he still did a sneak attack on you. Even the death penalty is not enough to absolve his treacherous crime! Even if you didn’t act just now, both of us would have also killed him!”


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