Grasping Evil - Chapter 380.1

From the time he passed out, Ning Fan remained asleep for several days.

Since he had the natal stars within his body to heal him, he recovered relatively quickly. However, the long drawn-out difficult battle this time had really exhausted him both mentally and physically, causing him to not wake up after so many days.

During these days, Bei Xiaoman was the only person who took care of him.

She retired nearly all of her maidservants and asked only one or two of them to grind pills and feed him medicines.

No outsiders were allowed to enter his resting place without exception. Only Ya Lan was personally permitted by Bei Xiaoman to visit Ning Fan.

The fight between Ning Fan and Ximen Ye nearly shook the entire Northern Heaven. This battle was much more shocking than Lu Bei killing Zi Chuan and Lin Su because the person who was defeated this time was not just any ordinary genius but Emperor Xi!

Ning Fan had only defeated Emperor Xi’s clone, but was Emperor Xi’s clone the same as other Divine Transformation Realm cultivators? It was a clone that perfectly replicated all of Emperor Xi’s capabilities when he was at the Divine Transformation Realm. To some extent, this clone was much stronger than the Divine Transformation Realm Emperor Xi as it had combat experience of a Void Fragmentation Realm expert.

However, a clone like that was defeated. What made it more surprising was that he was defeated by a cultivator of the mortal world who had a weaker cultivation base.

All of a sudden, the name of Zhou Ming from the Rain World was even more widely spread than that of Lu Bei from the Rain World.

Sadly, no one knew that the two seemingly different cultivators were the same individual.

Compared to the stir in the Northern Heaven, it was much more low-key in Penglai Immortal Island. Moreover, not many knew that Ning Fan had already left the Lost World Tower and returned to Penglai.

Under Ning Fan’s suggestion, Lu Qing and Stone Warrior did not dare to leak out the news of Emperor Xi’s defeat.

Firstly, Ning Fan was unwilling to cause any more trouble because of this matter.

Secondly, he did not feel proud of himself after defeating a clone. In stark contrast, he was even more aware of the difference between him and Emperor Xi.

While fighting Ximen Ye’s clone, he still went through such a difficult battle. If he were to really face his true body, he would probably not survive a single round.

The outcome of the difficult battle was him breaking through the bottleneck of the Fourth Level of Jade Life Body Refinement Realm.

While he was in deep slumber, his body was stabilizing its newly obtained body refinement realm.

However, his sleeping posture was certainly offensive to one’s eyes.

When Ning Fan was brought to the room, his bloodied robes were taken off by Bei Xiaoman. In addition to that, she even personally bathed him and attended to him with care.

An arrogant and disdainful lady like Bei Xiaoman actually did chores that are usually done by maidservants. Well, Ning Fan definitely had no idea about whatever she had done since he was still unconscious.

If Bei Xiaoman’s sisters were here and saw what she was doing, they would certainly be so surprised that their eyeballs would pop out from their sockets.

In her boudoir, Bei Xiaoman held a wet towel in her hand and wrung it dry. She wanted to help Ning Fan clean his back.

She blushed from shyness with a young appearance which seemed to be similar to a thirteen or fourteen years old girl. With her identity, it was impossible for her to touch a man’s body. However, she had been helping Ning Fan clean himself recently. It was indeed rare.

Ning Fan who remained asleep looked just like an ordinary young man. His thick brows gave him a heroic look and his physique that was rather scrawny made him look weak and powerless.

Bei Xiaoman boldly touched his bare chest. She then touched her own breasts and gently grumbled.

“How can you still dare to say that my chest is flat? Yours is the flattest… Among those who cultivate the Dao, there isn’t anyone who is as skinny as you. If someone does not know about you, they might even think that you are someone else’s boy toy… Indeed. You are originally a boy toy. You are my kept man!”

“It is a reward, an act of kindness when the master helps her servant wipe his body. You must be thankful for my kindness. Hmph. If it wasn’t because you were injured because of me, I would never have cleaned you even if I have to clean a dog instead.”

“In normal times, he always wore a fierce and hideous expression. But how could he look so charming while he is sleeping. This stinky Zhou Ming really deserves to die…”

Bei Xiaoman muttered to herself and occasionally spat out some curses. Even so, her hands were still carefully scrubbing Ning Fan’s body.

She was still fine with cleaning his upper body. As for his lower body… The part where Bei Xiaoman was the most reluctant to scrub was the stiff hot thing.

That thing was flaccid just a moment ago. However, whenever Bei Xiaoman endured her embarrassment and cleaned that thing with her soft and silky hand, it would immediately enlarge and stand erect…

There was one time where she was bending over in front of the bed to help him scrub his body and that thing suddenly stood erect and hit Bei Xiaoman right in her face. A weird ‘pa’ sound was heard…

At that moment, Bei Xiaoman blew her top and she nearly had the urge of cutting off that thing with a pair of scissors.

It was a shame, a great shame! She, Bei Xiaoman, was hit by a man’s thing right in her face. If anyone finds out about it, she would not want to live anymore!

“You must have done it on purpose! Detestable, DETESTABLE!”

Bei Xiaoman held the wet towel in her hands and began scrubbing Ning Fan’s legs. Finally, she still could not avoid cleaning that thing.

She gulped, clenched her teeth and shut her eyes. Then, she placed her hands on that thing, gently rubbing against it.

Somehow, every time she touched that thing, her body would burn hot and a tingling sensation would run across her body. It would give her an extremely intolerable feeling.

Her mind seemed to be running like a trotting horse lamp as she began to recall the memories she had with Ning Fan from the day they met.

During their first meeting, Ning Fan’s body was full of injuries. He was a cultivator who had just achieved the Harmonious Spirit Realm and he claimed to be a Fifth Revolution Pill Master, insisting to enter the fifth floor of the Lost World Tower to train.

Bei Xiaoman gave him a little test by asking him to pick up her shoe from the flames and help her wear it.

At that time, Ning Fan was really gentle. Despite being a man, he was unwilling to bow and help a lady wear her shoe. Bei Xiaoman could not help but admit that Ning Fan gave her a unique impression. From that moment onwards, she saw him as a man who was completely different from the rest. Even though she had yet to take a liking to him, she could not avoid paying more attention to him.

After that, she silently followed him. It was then that he deliberately showed her a live erotic scene which shattered her Heart of Dao.

Moreover, he eventually seized her guardian, Stone Warrior, making her shed tears for countless days.

What she hated the most was that he even seized her Yuan Yao Jade and harassed her private part, recording her pleased look with a jade slip…

And he had also pinched her cheeks.

When she recalled these encounters where she was being bullied by him, a bit of anger rose within her. Her hands which were rubbing against that erect thing squeezed it ruthlessly.

As she recollected her memories, she lost track of time. She did not realize how many times she had rubbed the thing with her hands.

Finally, she tightened her grip around that thing to vent out her displeasure, creating the greatest stimulation on that thing.


All of a sudden, a gush of viscous white liquid squirted out from its tip. Before Bei Xiaoman could even react, her face had been smeared with something filthy.

A bit of the liquid had even entered her mouth. Well, who asked Bei Xiaoman to be so engrossed in cursing him that she forgot to close her mouth.

She licked her lips. Afterwards, she was petrified. That liquid tasted a bit salty and raw but when she smelled it, she felt her body turn soft and hot…

Unexpectedly, she swallowed that liquid. At the next moment, she suddenly realized what that was.

“T-This is Zhou Ming’s… Zhou Ming’s…”

“Stinky Zhou Ming! You stinky bastard! You are impudent, filthy!”

Bei Xiaoman was so angry that she nearly cried.

To her, Ning Fan was just an extremely irritating person. He did not forget to bully her even while sleeping.

Looking at the stiff hot rod which had turned flaccid after what she had done, Bei Xiaoman really wanted to cut it off and destroy Ning Fan’s tool for dual cultivation.

However, when her gaze shifted upwards, she suddenly noticed his satisfied expression as if he had had a good dream. Then, something dawned on her.

“Was it very comfortable when I did that to him…?”

Bei Xiaoman could not help but remember the time when her period went out of control. If it wasn’t for him, she would have already died.

During that time, he used an extremely shameless method to ease her pain by continuously fondling her lower part.

It might be extremely embarrassing at that time, but when she recalled the feeling during that incident and even after that, she always felt lost.

When Ning Fan touched her on that day, she felt really comfortable. It was a feeling of bliss and comfort that could not be described with words.

Bei Xiaoman had never masturbated before. She only tried it once in her entire lifetime and it was during the time she was unconscious.

It could be said to be her first time. Even though the process was embarrassing, the feeling of it was not bad.

“Hmph! I had thought only I would feel comfortable after being touched. So it turns out that you, the notorious Devil Lord Zhou, will also feel comfortable too. You aren’t that strong after all, are you?”

Bei Xiaoman had a sense of fairness within her now. In the past, she had been molested by Ning Fan once. Now, the perpetrator was asleep. She could return the favor and record the process with a few jade slips…

*Snort* If you dare to disobey me in the future, I will then produce one hundred copies or even one thousand copies and give it to each of the old monsters who come to the Lost World Tower and let them witness the mighty Zhou Ming’s embarrassing moment.

Bei Xiaoman snorted with pleasure. She finally had the chance to take her revenge on Ning Fan.

She pulled the hair on her temples behind her ears and took out her shoes. After that, she got on his bed and casually wiped off the filthy stains on her face using his white robes.

Bei Xiaoman felt a great sense of achievement after she used Ning Fan’s clothes as a rag.

After roughly cleaning him, she took out a few jade slips and began recording the scene. She wanted to record how she taught him a lesson, just like what he did to her as the saying goes: Serving somebody with the same sauce.

Enduring her shyness, she once again placed her hands on that thing and began fondling it.

Her eyes which were originally tranquil gradually began to turn lustful after touching that thing.

She caused that thing to spill viscous white liquid several times. It was a fun activity that awfully excited her. She had imprinted seventeen jade slips in total and every one of them was  of how Ning Fan was humiliated.

She alternated between her two delicate hands which gradually became numb.

Then, she decided to sit on the side of the bed and used her legs which had red silk stockings to clamp the erected rod in between and began rubbing against it.

The scene was exciting. It was absolutely intolerable to the eye.

As she stroked the hot rod with her legs, her breathing became faster and heavier by the second. Her chest rose and fell rapidly and a small amount of lustrous creamy liquid which gave off a hint of fragrance flowed out from between her thighs. A strange feeling began to overcome her.

Well, there was no other reason for that. Her legs were the most sensitive parts of her body. She loved others praising her legs.

Before Ning Fan’s thing grew stiff, her body had been deprived of strength. An immense sexual urge swelled within her and her eyes turned hazy.

She looked over her shoulders and saw Ning Fan was still asleep. Then, she silently called him a lazy pig. However, she was still filled with nervousness.

She slipped her hands into the bottom of her short skirt, touching her smooth and wet private part.

“Hmph. Since this stinky bastard is not going to wake up any sooner, what’s wrong in having some ‘fun’ with him?!”

“Who asked him to keep on bullying me in the past? I shall now repay the favor!”


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