Grasping Evil - Chapter 391.1

In the thirteenth swamp, twelve Divine Transformation Realm cultivators including Yu Bai were heavily surrounded by blood beasts.

Except for Yu Chong’er, all of the revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace who came to the Blood Dragon Pool this time were trapped.

In the middle of the group of beasts which was as large as a tidal wave, none of the twelve Divine Transformation Realm revered elders remained unscathed. Even the two Peak Divine Transformation Realm revered elders also had serious injuries.

The only Half-Step Void Refinement Realm revered elder in their ranks who was dressed in hemp garments, held a compass in his hand and created a Mortal Void Realm Formation Light which prevented the massive number of blood beasts from assaulting them.

The expression of the revered elder clothed in hemp garments currently looked extremely worried. Outside the formation light, a beast king which had a body as huge as a mountain was leading the blood beasts to besiege the formation light. Their constant barrage of attacks was on the brink of completely breaking the formation light.

I did not expect… that the little lady, Yu Chong’er, would actually cause such a huge trouble!

 “Yu Bai! The reason why we are all trapped here is mainly because of your sister who acted recklessly by stealing the spiritual herbs in the forest where the beast king resides. If I get lucky enough to survive this, I will definitely make your younger sister pay!”

Yu Bai’s face looked bitter and helpless. He was unable to refute it at all. He knew that the cause of this disaster was his younger sister.

Ten days ago, a group of revered elders of the Serene Heaven Palace were teleported to the thirteen swamp.

Just three days ago, Yu Chong’er broke away from the group and intruded the forest of the beast king on her own to steal some spiritual herbs. Unfortunately, what she did had drawn the attention of the large group of blood beasts which then surrounded her and the rest of her group members.

After that, Yu Chong’er had been struck by the beast king with its paw and fell into the pond of blood. Because she had fallen into the pond, she was transferred to the second layer, her life and death currently unknown.

Yu Bai was extremely worried about his younger sister’s safety while feeling extremely guilty and embarrassed to face his Fellow Daoists.

The revered elder in hemp garments was right. If everyone dies here, Yu Bai’s younger sister, Yu Chong’er, would definitely be held responsible for their deaths.

After all, was a beast king something they could mess with?

Currently, there were sixteen Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts led by a beast king attacking the formation light from outside.

Besides, under the call of the beast king which kept on producing ear-splitting roars, countless blood beasts were approaching them from every direction. They were no doubt reinforcements and there was no shortage of Wild Beasts among them.

Yu Bai’s eyes were filled with despair. Currently, they were trapped in the middle of one hundred thousand blood beasts. Moreover, there were also a lot of Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts around. Even if they manage to get out of the formation light, there would probably be few of them who could return alive.

At the very least, Yu Bai knew that he did not have the strength to kill his way out of the massive group of blood beasts.

“I wonder how Brother Zhou is doing now? If he was here, we would probably have a greater chance of getting out of this alive.” Yu Bai muttered to himself.

“Even if Revered Ming is here, what can he do? After all, he is just a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator. When we resisted against the attack of the beast king, two of our Peak Divine Transformation Realm Fellow Daoists were wounded. Even I am incapable of gaining the upper hand against the beast king… There’s no difference whether or not he is here. The strangest part of this Blood Dragon Pool is that it severs all the telepathic communication with the outside world. Otherwise, we could have requested for Lord Chu to rescue us.”

The revered elder in hemp garments heaved a long sigh. He was already running out of immortal jade and magic power. Thus, it was becoming incredibly difficult for him to maintain the defensive formation light.

Once the defensive formation light fades away, it would be a life and death battle for the twelve individuals.

If any one of them manages to get out of the Blood Dragon Pool, that individual would live. To those who fail to kill their way out, their lives would end here.

Even the revered elder in hemp clothing did not have a hundred percent confidence that he could survive this, much less the other revered elders.


The beast king led its group of blood beasts to attack the formation light once again. Amidst the echoes of the clashes against the defensive formation, more and more cracks appeared on the surface of the formation light. It seemed like it would not be able to hold on against the beast king’s assault any longer.

“My Fellow Daoists, prepare yourselves…”

The face of the revered elder who wore hemp garments revealed a determined look. The formation light was probably incapable of withstanding the next round of attacks. Once the formation light collapses, the only thing that they could do was to run for their lives. If they manage to get out of this alive, they would survive.


Right at the next second, a black sword ray arrived in a shocking way. It suddenly stretched out and scattered in the vast sky just like when concentrated ink permeates a piece of white paper.

Just as the sword light dispersed, tens of thousands of Gold Core Realm blood beasts were instantly crushed into powder by the sword light before they could even yelp or cry, forming a huge cloud of blood mist.

As the black sword ray filled the sky, a young man who wore black robes and had sleek black hair steadily walked past the massive group of beasts. Every time he unleashed his sword sense, the dark red shadows of the blood beasts would explode into nothingness.

Bizarre! This scene was just too bizarre!

One hundred thousand Gold Core Realm blood beasts were wiped out in a matter of seconds!

“Who is it?! Who is that person?! Could he be a senior at the Void Refinement Realm?!” Each of the Divine Transformation Realm revered elders who were despairing just now looked at the terrifying scene with their mouths agape. Their eyes lit up.

Even though their vision was obscured by the formation light and blood mist which made them unable to clearly see that young man’s appearance, all of them knew that he was here to rescue them.

The strength of this black-robed young man could completely rival a senior at the Early Void Refinement Realm!

“H-He is Brother Zhou!” Yu Bai’s eyes widened with disbelief.

When the heavy blood mist gradually dispersed, Yu Bai could clearly see that the black-robed young man was none other than Ning Fan!

There was no actual need for Yu Bai to remind the rest of the revered elders because everyone could recognize Ning Fan after the blood mist dispersed.

However, none of them had expected that Ning Fan was actually this strong.

What he used to instantly kill the group of beasts was obviously sword sense!

That figure seething with black qi was clearly the incarnation technique!

“Revered Ming actually has so many trump cards?!”

The revered elder in hemp garments was filled with tremendous shock as if a tempestuous storm was raging within his mind. The current Ning Fan was showing his full strength and he made him feel weak and powerless. To him, Ning Fan was invincible.

“We should get out of this formation at once and help Revered Ming kill the beasts!” A few Divine Transformation Realm cultivators uttered with excitement when they saw Ning Fan’s unstoppable aura force.

“There’s no need… He alone is enough…”

The expression of the revered elder in hemp clothing looked a little dispirited. He was the first person out of them all who sensed Ning Fan’s baleful qi.

It was immense and heavy. By just prying into his baleful qi, his spirit sense became sullied and polluted. It was baleful qi that could only be accumulated after killing thousands of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators.

It can’t be wrong! One definitely needs to kill one thousand Divine Transformation Realm cultivators or even more in order to gain baleful qi this intense!

The revered elder in hemp garments had outstanding natural talent. He had thought that he was already a genius when he managed to attain the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm within four thousand years of cultivation.

However, when he compared himself to Ning Fan, he felt that the pride he had in his achievements was nothing.

The sixteen Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts were staring dreadfully at Ning Fan.

Even the beast king felt tremendous danger from Ning Fan’s presence.

The six hundred Nascent Soul Realm blood beasts which had the lowest spiritual intelligence among the group soared into the sky simultaneously and charged at Ning Fan.

Facing the incoming six hundred Nascent Soul Realm beasts, Ning Fan’s eyes remained cold and detached. He released his sword sense which swept towards them. In an instant, all of them perished. Their demon bodies disintegrated splattering blood everywhere.

Killing Nascent Soul Realm creatures in an instant!

When he scanned the surroundings with his piercing cold eyes, the twelve Divine Transformation Realm revered elders felt chills running down their spines. The sixteen Divine Transformation Realm blood beasts retreated a few steps out of instinct. All of them were stricken with fear.


Just as the group of beasts were about to be overwhelmed with fear, the beast king let out a terrifying roar and activated the power of its bloodline. Its roar gradually made the other blood beasts cast away their fear. Their eyes became fierce again.

An Early Divine Transformation Realm blood beast leapt into the sky. It had a body that was as huge as a hill which charged towards Ning Fan as if it was not afraid of death anymore. The force of the clash was enough to flatten the summit of a mountain!


The one thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) large blood beast crashed into Ning Fan’s body. Wait. To be more precise, it crashed into Ning Fan’s palm. It created a loud bang which shook the land and the mountains.

In the face of the forceful impact from a Divine Transformation Realm blood beast, Ning Fan only reached out one of his palms and pushed the lower jaw of the beast upward like how one pushes a light object away.

The force he used to push the one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) large beast actually stopped it from moving forward!

In terms of strength alone, Ning Fan who looked thin and weak was in fact multiple times stronger than an Early Divine Transformation Realm beast. This sight was just too unbelievable.

When Ning Fan stretched his five fingers outward, the terrifying force of his fingers created five slashes in the air.

The blood beast was torn apart by the five slashes and yelped in pain. Its enormous body was literally torn into six parts by Ning Fan and it died instantly.

“All of you, come at me together!”

Ning Fan coldly uttered. He made a step forward and a great and irresistible aura force spread across the area.


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