Grasping Evil - Chapter 392.1


As the deafening roar of the beast reverberated throughout the area, the blood-red light became even more strange. Everything the red light touched was frozen into blood-red ice crystals.

Within the vicinity of ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang), the woods, the ground and some innocent blood beasts turned into ice crystals.

Ning Fan and his group were also trapped within the ice which disabled their movements.

Even Half-Step Void Refinement Realm beings would find it difficult to escape if they are sealed within the ice crystal.

Ning Fan’s body then burned with black devil flames. This flame was the combination of twelve types of Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames. The power of this devil flame would certainly rival a Seventh Grade Void Flames.

In a matter of seconds, all the ice crystals within the area melted under the heat of his black flames.

His three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets regained their mobility. Yu Chong’er also recovered her breathing. However, her jaws were trembling from the cold, making her teeth chatter. She snuggled more closely against Ning Fan’s chest. However, she still stubbornly insisted that she was not cold.

In Yu Chong’er’s consciousness, the ray of red light just now was too horrifying. Its ice power had probably reached the level of a Mortal Void Cold Qi.

However, a cold qi with such an extreme degree of coldness was directly melted away by Ning Fan’s devil flames. It was enough to prove how powerful his devil flame was.

Besides, when Ning Fan conjured his flames just now, he was unable to use its full power due to the lack of magic power. Otherwise, not a single Void Refinement Realm being would dare to withstand his flames head-on when he completely unleashes its power!

“Why is he so strong…? It’s just too unimaginable…”

Even if Yu Chong’er hated Ning Fan, she could not help but admit that his actual strength was unquestionably impressive.

The kind of strength he had was tempered and trained by going through countless life-threatening fights and events. Whenever he killed, his actions were as fast as lightning. Furthermore, he did not bat an eye when blood splattered everywhere. He would never stop until he or his enemies die.

Speaking from the bottom of her heart, it was difficult for Yu Chong’er not to have a sense of gratitude or acknowledgement towards Ning Fan when he had saved her from the brink of death.

At the very least, she knew how to cherish the kindness of others in her heart and repay them.

Thus, even though Ning Fan placed a palm on one of her breasts, she swallowed her embarrassment and tolerated it without resisting.

“We can’t run away anymore.”

Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold. Even though he had managed to ward off the red light, the group of blood beasts caught up with them and surrounded them when they were trapped in the ice.

Ning Fan stared at the innumerable black figures of the beasts, feeling their qi which were so strong that it nearly broke the space they were occupying. Ning Fan did not explain much to Yu Chong’er and touched her directly using his Yin Plucking Finger, which made her unconscious. After keeping her into his Cauldron Ring, his eyes were brimming with battle intent. Evidently, he was going to have a bloody battle against this group of beasts.

It isn’t difficult to deal with the three Void Refinement Realm blood beasts since I can let my three puppets handle them for me.

As for the remaining Divine Transformation Realm beasts, I shall deal with them in my own way.

“Puppets, appear!”

He summoned his seven Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets and the black dragon refined corpse. He would need all the help he could get right now.

At the next moment, both forces charged towards each other as if they could read each other’s minds.

The beasts charged towards Ning Fan in a large herd which was just like a tidal wave. However, Ning Fan’s expression did not reveal the slightest hint of fear facing the incoming beasts.

“Soul Extraction! Inlaid Star Compass, appear!”

He stretched his five fingers wide and clawed at the earth. The soul of the vast land moved and was then drawn into his body which caused his magic power to increase.

He raised the Inlaid Star Compass into the air. It transformed into a massive star diagram which stretched into one hundred thousand li* (500m per li) long. He lit up half of the thirty thousand star lamps.

Within the area beneath the star diagram, the physical defense of all blood beasts had slightly weakened.

As for Ning Fan and his groups of fighters, their physical defense was increased to a terrifying level when the starlight shone upon them.

Under the blessing of the starlight of the Inlaid Star Compass, the defense of each of the spiritual puppets was strong enough to withstand a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm attack.

Moreover, the starlight also had the function of deflecting enemy attacks.

Ning Fan’s magic power had become stronger and stronger over time. It was his first time having enough power to use the Inlaid Star Compass in this manner.

Therefore, this situation proved that the Inlaid Star Compass was not only a supreme defensive treasure but also an extremely powerful supplementary magic treasure. It was a treasure that would be of great use in the future.


Roars of beasts filled the air. Some of them were filled with rage while some of them were cries of pain.

A few Half-Step Void Refinement Realm beasts then realized that the destructive power of their joint attack was only enough to injure a Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet instead of killing it in a single blow. It was just too ridiculous to them.

With the blessing of the starlight, this group of Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppets are quite tough and are hard to destroy. This way, they can keep the blood beasts at bay for a while.

As for the three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets, all of them threw out a fist at the same time when Ning Fan commanded them to do so and blasted away the respective Void Refinement Realm beasts they were dealing with. Then, they immediately stood together shoulder to shoulder.

At this moment, the situation of this battle was on equal grounds despite the fact that they were outnumbered!

As Ning Fan joined the battle, his side began to dominate over the entire situation.

While facing nine Wild Beasts on his own, he still had the energy to use his sword sense.

His physical body was on a completely different level compared to them. Each of his fists could break mountains and rivers. After just exchanging a few blows, four of the nine Wild Beasts died in his hands. He also received quite a lot of physical attacks but he gradually recovered in between the dispersals and recondensation of his incarnation.

Meanwhile, there were five black stars hanging in the sky above his head. When the black starlight that the black stars emanated enveloped him, his body healed at a greater speed than the use of his incarnation!

The injuries which were caused by mere Wild Beasts were healed in a matter of breaths.

Ning Fan did not have a million natal stars. He would not be able to stay alive while being simultaneously attacked by several Immortal Emperors like the Celestial Emperor.

However, with the five natal black stars he had right now, it was enough for him to be invincible even though he was surrounded by Wild Beasts!

The look on his face became even colder and fiercer. When he dispersed into a black cloud using his Black Tempest Rupture Art, the remaining five Wild Beasts died miserably.

At the same time, a Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet of his was blown to pieces by the group of beasts. Ning Fan did not have time to feel heartache for his spiritual puppet. Instead, he carried a more ferocious killing intent and charged towards the twelve Wild Beasts which had laid siege to the spiritual puppet just now.


Fearlessly, he engaged them with his fists and legs.

As he hurled a single punch, a Late Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast perished upon impact.

As he stomped his foot, a Peak Divine Transformation Realm Wild Beast was pulverized to pieces.

Ning Fan eliminated eight of the twelve Wild Beasts in an instant and only four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm Wild Beasts remained. Unwaveringly, he engaged the four of them all at once.

As a matter of fact, the physical bodies of Half-Step Void Refinement Realm Wild Beasts were already impressive in the first place. Now, however, they were attacking Ning Fan as a group. Even with the current strength of his physical body, his situation was slowly becoming disadvantageous.

After that, a flash of purple intent flashed within his eyes and a gust of purple smoke suddenly scattered and blew across the battlefield. Within the purple smoke, the four Half-Step Void Refinement Realm beasts were literally reduced to dust and disappeared.

In addition to that, hundreds of Nascent Soul Realm beasts and a dozen Wild Beasts nearby were disintegrated by the purple smoke as well.

Ning Fan breathed hard for a bit. It was his first time experiencing a shortage of magic power.

Each of the trump cards he had would deplete his magic power. If his magic power is completely exhausted, he would then be unable to display any of his powerful magic techniques even if he had a variety of them.

The current situation did not allow him to be concerned about the pain and his swelling immortal veins. He patted his storage pouch and took out a bottle of Fifth Revolution pills. They were Spirit Recovering Pills. Without any hesitation, he swallowed all of them.

A tremendous amount of medicinal power nearly caused his immortal veins to explode. It was just too much for him to consume. However, Ning Fan did not have the patience to slowly and meticulously absorb the medicinal power. Instead, he directly digested the pills and crudely squeezed out their magic power. Then, he resumed fighting in the battlefield once more.

The cost of forcibly consuming the pills was to inflict some damage to his internal organs which caused blood to flow out from the corners of his mouth.

However, since he had the incarnation that had self-recovery and the Black Star Technique, he was not afraid of getting hurt.

When he saw that another Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet of his was about to be destroyed, he stepped forward and dashed towards the beasts. He unleashed the last bit of his killing intent. The group of beasts instinctively retreated in a hurry. All of them were shocked.


This time, he activated his Heart Formation. Five thousand tall and straight sword mountains rose from the ground.

Nearly at the same time, around twenty Wild Beasts became trapped within the formation of the sword mountains. Every one of them was at a loss.

They did not notice Ning Fan holding a formation compass at all. Neither did they see him establishing a great formation in this area. How come a gigantic formation like this appeared out of nowhere?!

Unfortunately, they would never have the chance to understand it. It was the Heart Formation Technique of the He Luo Style of the Dao of Formations. When one has the formation diagram within his heart, why would he need to establish the formation using external items?!


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