Grasping Evil - Chapter 393.1

Ning Fan did not sleep deeply. It should be said that it was impossible for him to sleep deeply in a place like this that was full of danger.

In his blurry dream, he vaguely felt a pair of ice-cold lips pressing against his. Subconsciously, he reacted to the kiss.

He only thought that it was just an erotic dream. However, he did not expect that after the pair of lips left his, he would begin to feel an immense heat rising within his body.

After a bloody battle, he had lost a huge amount of blood essence. Even though he had the Black Star Healing Technique, it would take quite a long time for him to completely recover.

However, he was surprised to feel that a drop of hot golden blood, which had come out of nowhere, slid into his throat while he was asleep. When it flowed into his dantian, it immediately transformed into a rush of hot current.

The blood essence he lost in the battle was being replenished incredibly fast.

As for the devil marks on his back, they also became blazing hot. In fact, they were actually absorbing power from this drop of golden blood.

That drop of golden blood contained a massive amount of magic power. If it is completely assimilated, it could raise one’s magic power by at least ten thousand units.

Unfortunately, Ning Fan was currently in a state of inactivity. Thus, he was unable to control the assimilation of the golden blood as he wished. He could only watch his devil marks taking in the golden blood.

To his surprise, they advanced to the next level after that!

The devil marks were originally Soldier Rank devil marks which were the most basic Stone Warrior Devil Marks.

With Stone Warrior’s help in the inscription of his devil marks, the marks eventually advanced to the general rank and became the Profound Earth Devil Marks. Other than that, Ning Fan had been strengthening and cultivating his body refining realm along his journey. Now, it was already at the peak of the Third Level of the Jade Life Realm.

It was only a hair’s breadth away from attaining the Fourth Level of Jade Life Realm. All he needed to realize that was just an opportunity.

And this drop of golden blood was none other than the opportunity that he needed!

Ning Fan could feel the devil marks on his back heating up. To a certain extent, it felt like they were being burned with flames.

Above the evil mountain on his back which was shrouded with thick clouds, a devilish eye gradually emerged!

That eye remained close.

Even so, just as that frightening eye appeared, Ning Fan’s body refining realm broke through to the Fourth Level of Jade Life Realm effortlessly!

Taking into account the capabilities of his corpse devil body, although the strength of his current physical body might be inferior to cultivators with the Golden Body Refining Realm, he was slightly better than ordinary cultivators with the Peak Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm!

It was even possible that the Venerated Giant who had the strongest physical body among the seven venerated beings of the Internal Endless Sea was a bit weaker than Ning Fan.

Ning Fan did not know what to say about this discovery. He actually achieved a breakthrough in his body refining realm during his sleep and he had no idea where that drop of golden blood came from.

What he was particularly concerned about was the emergence of the devilish eye in the portrait of the evil mountain on his back.

That eye which appeared in the form of a closed slit gave Ning Fan an extremely strange and evil feeling. Ning Fan had thought that his cultivation level in the Devil Dao was already quite deep.

However, when he discovered that devilish eye, he still found it difficult to retain his composure. The devil qi within the eye was too powerful and evil.

Moreover, Ning Fan had an intuition that when he achieves a breakthrough from the Peak Level of Jade Life Realm to the Golden Body Refining Realm, that devilish eye would certainly open. When that time comes, his devil marks would advance into the marshal rank and would experience a qualitative change once more.

Ning Fan could not be sure whether the qualitative transformation of his devil marks would be good or bad. Instead, he only had a faint feeling about this. If he does not place importance on this advancement of his devil marks, he would very likely be taken over by the tremendous devil qi of his devil marks. Then, he would lose his sanity and completely sink into the abyss of the Devil Dao.

If that’s the case, I guess I must pay a visit to the Giant Devil Sect. I shall find out about what ‘Evil Luo’ means exactly.”

Ning Fan secretly made up his mind.

After the golden blood spread across his system, his blood essence was replenished. Thus, his injuries were healing at a much faster speed.

Another day passed. After the bruises and swelling on his immortal veins were gone, only then did Ning Fan open his eyes and wake up from his sleep.

The first thing he did after waking up was consume a Divine Injury Pill and meticulously digest it. The reason why he did that was to treat all of his hidden internal injuries and avoid leaving any future problems.

The inside of the cave was slightly dim. There was not a candle or a lamp there. The only source of light came from a few moonstones embedded on the stone wall. They gave off a soft and gentle light in the dark.

While Ning Fan was digesting the medicinal power, his eyes were scanning the surroundings. Then, he noticed Yu Chong’er who was lying on the ground on the opposite side. She curled up her body and hugged her knees tightly looking like she was feeling cold. Her complexion was a little pale, as if she had lost some blood.

Ning Fan pondered for a while and suddenly revealed a look of surprise.

Could it be that she was the one who gave me that drop of mysterious golden blood…?

When he looked at Yu Chong’er’s lips which were slightly swollen, he could imagine how that young little lady passed that blood into him.

He then touched his lips and his expression turned weird.

It seems I had been forcibly kissed by this little lady while I was asleep without my consent.

“Yu Chong’er…”

Ning Fan muttered to himself. He rose to his feet and flicked his sleeve to sprinkle traces of black starlight on her. The black starlight then coiled around her, helping her heal her injuries.

After that, he patted his storage pouch, taking out a set of white robes and changed his bloodstained clothes. Then, he took out a coat which was made of the fur of a Divine Transformation Realm fox demon and draped it over Yu Chong’er’s body.

Afterwards, he continued consuming the Divine Injury Pills and Spirit Recovering Pills to regulate his qi and adjust his condition. Gradually, he was returning to his peak form.

Quite some time later, Yu Chong’er let out a gentle moan and woke up.

She gently moved her body and the fur coat slid down from her. When she noticed that coat, her cheeks flushed red.

She knew that she certainly did not possess a fur coat, much less cover herself after passing out…

“Thank you.” Yu Chong’er was not a fool. She naturally knew that it was Ning Fan’s doing. Therefore, she expressed her thanks to him with an embarrassed expression.

“Just expressing your thanks verbally?” Ning Fan’s lips suddenly curved into a mysterious smile.

After all, what this little lady owed Ning Fan was a lot more than just saying words of gratitude.

“W-What else do you want? What you did was just put a fox fur coat over me while I was sleeping. Are you seriously thinking that I have to devote my life to you because of that?!”

Yu Chong’er seemed to be somewhat nervous as she was intentionally avoiding eye contact with Ning Fan.

“No. I’ve saved your life. Aren’t you going to repay me?” Ning Fan teased her on purpose.

“Zhou Ming! Who would ask for rewards from the person who he had just saved? You are really a person who lacks generosity!”

Yu Chong’er rolled her eyes at Ning Fan.

“Generosity? Since I have saved you, you will have to repay me. That’s a matter of course. What does it have to do with generosity? Or does it mean that Miss Yu Chong’er is being ungrateful and thinks that it’s my obligation to save you?”

“I didn’t think like that. In fact, I have already repaid…” Yu Chong’er suddenly stopped halfway when she spoke. Her face instantly turned red and she swallowed back her words.

The way she repaid Ning Fan was a little embarrassing. It was perfectly fine for her to give him the blood of the Insect Sovereign. The problem was the method of how she delivered it. She forced a kiss on him. How was she supposed to tell him that?

“You have already repaid me? How did you repay me? Why didn’t I know about it?”

“No. I haven’t repaid you and please stop asking about it…”

Yu Chong’er felt very annoyed. It seemed like that drop of golden blood was going to Ning Fan had saved her life and it was equivalent to saving her mother’s be a free gift to Ning Fan. It did not account for anything at all.


Ning Fan had saved her life and it was actually equivalent to saving her mother’s life as well. So in a way, he had saved her twice.

Even if she had to repay Ning Fan twice, it was still appropriate. So long as she does not need to give herself to him, it didn’t matter if she had to repay him once more.

“How do you want me to repay you? I also have a few types of High Grade Fifth Revolution Pills with me. Even if you want the cultivation method of my Yu Family, I can also give it to you secretly…”

“I am not lacking High Grade Fifth Revolution Pills. As for the cultivation method of your Yu Family, do you really think I will set my eyes on that?” Ning Fan raised one of his eyebrows and his eyes fell on her curvaceous body. Then, he pointed his finger at her ample bosoms.

“I want this!”


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