Grasping Evil - Chapter 394.1

The Heaven Deceiving Cloak was of the Profound Divinity Grade. Once the owner of the equipment refines it into their body, they could even guard themselves from the spirit sense of Void Fragmentation Realm beings when they put it into use.

Theoretically speaking, only Void Fragmentation Realm beings were capable of refining Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment. It would be extremely difficult even for Void Refinement Realm experts to successfully refine it.

However, Ning Fan had confidence in successfully refining this spiritual equipment. There was only one reason behind his confidence.

It was because he had the Fu Li Bloodline and he had the last remaining “spirit” in this world!

The Fu Li Bloodline was extremely powerful. It had the purple wings which allowed one to fly at an incredible speed, the eyes to discern illusions and more outstanding innate abilities. The most important element of this bloodline was that it actually allowed Ning Fan to use the ancestral blood secret technique of the Black Dragon Race several times.

It was believed that only the members of the Black Dragon Race who possessed the ancestral blood could use the Five Graves of Dragon Burial Technique. Ning Fan, however, had really displayed that technique with his own hands.

Besides, after consuming the ancestral blood of the Black Dragon Race, Ning Fan actually gained an additional trace of Fu Li Ancestral Blood.

With the demon bloodline of the Fu Li Race, one could use the secret techniques of the other races as well as swallow the ancestral blood of other races to improve their own bloodline. From this aspect alone, it had an advantage that no other demon race could achieve.

“‘Spirit’… How did it disappear exactly…?”

Ning Fan held the Heaven Deceiving Cloak in his hands while absorbed in his thoughts.

This cloak was sewn using the Threads of Clouds and Heavens. After that, it was tempered and refined by imprinting runes of the demon art on it. On the left shoulder of the cloak, there was a rather unique pattern. It seemed to be an emblem of a family or race. It was the pattern of a red cloud.

However, Ning Fan did not place too much attention on the pattern. He spread a trace of his demon power, trying to deepen his relationship with the cloak. Meanwhile, he also infused his spirit sense into the cloak, attempting to refine it and make it yield.

Bit by bit, he engraved his Fu Li Ancestral Blood on the cloak.

At the start, the cloak strongly repelled Ning Fan’s intrusion. It seemed to be disgusted with Ning Fan’s weak cultivation base and had thought that the latter did not deserve to be its master.

However, when he fully engraved his Fu Li Ancestral Blood on it, the cloak no longer dared to resist him as if it had become afraid of him.

After getting rid of the cloak’s resistance, Ning Fan only needed at most three days in order to successfully refine the Heaven Deceiving Cloak. Furthermore, the chance of success of doing so was guaranteed.

The result of his test made his eyes light up with joy. At the same time, he also felt shocked inwardly.

The bloodline of the Fu Li Race is indeed a little too heaven-defying.

With the help of the Fu Li Bloodline, refining a Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment which is way beyond what my current cultivation base can refine will actually be easy!

Yu Chong’er could not help but feel a little bored watching Ning Fan who had been sitting there motionlessly, as if he was practicing Zen.

Within the cave, Ning Fan was similar to a wooden log as he did not entertain her at all.

Outside the cave, there were three Void Refinement Realm puppets guarding the entrance. She could not get out and she did not have the courage to do so even if she could. After all, there were ferocious Void Refinement Realm blood beasts lurking around outside.

Feeling bored stiff, she squatted down at a corner of the cave and secretly looked at Ning Fan’s expression. When she saw his focused expression, she suddenly felt that she could not take her eyes off of him.

“I think he didn’t just depend on his luck to attain his current strength. My master had once said that ‘for those who are focused in the Dao, they will certainly go far in the path they traversed.’ I guess the person my master was describing is someone like him…”

Yu Chong’er’s eyes were glued to Ning Fan. Suddenly, she saw Ning Fan put down the cloak and darted a glance at her. She immediately looked away to avoid making eye contact and pretended as if nothing had happened.

“You have been staring at the Heaven Deceiving Cloak for an entire day. Is it that attractive?” When Yu Chong’er did not have anything to do, she loved teasing Ning Fan.

“You have been staring at me for half a day. Am I that attractive to you?” Ning Fan casually replied.

“W-Who has been staring at you? Which part of you is attractive…?” Yu Chong’er petulantly turned her head facing the other side, ignoring Ning Fan.

Ning Fan also did not bother about her. He rose to his feet and draped the cloak around his shoulders. Then, he walked towards the inner area of the cave alone. When he reached the end of the cave, he drew his sword and slashed, creating a stone chamber. After that, he told Yu Chong’er that she must not enter without his permission.

He wanted to completely refine the cloak. Even though he had already subdued the cloak, he was still doing a refinement that was beyond his current cultivation base. Thus, it was possible that there could still be some danger involved in it.

Memories surfaced in his eyes. He recalled the experience he had in refining the Wind Lightning Wings which required a higher cultivation base than what he had back then in Great Jin.

In the ancestral grave of Wei Country, he had once obtained the Consecration Technique. That technique contained the Self-Sacrifice Technique which could increase the chances of making spiritual equipment of higher grades to recognize him as their master by thirty percent.

As soon as he shut the entrance of the stone chamber, his body suddenly burned with fierce black flames.

With the assistance of the black flames, the Heaven Deceiving Cloak gradually showed signs of merging with Ning Fan’s body.

At the same time, immense pain ran across his entire body. His eyes widened with surprise and he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

The Heaven Deceiving Cloak was a magic treasure of the Immortal Void Grade. The magic power it contained was immeasurable.

With Ning Fan’s current cultivation base, it was, of course, excruciatingly painful for him to endure merging with such a powerful spiritual equipment.

In addition to that, when he merged the cloak into him, the All-Heaven Relic located in his dantian was actually being devoured by the Heaven Deceiving Cloak.

Both of them were magic treasures for concealing the secrets of the heavens involving the owner. However, the Heaven Deceiving Cloak was two large grades higher than the All-Heaven Relic.

One day later, the Heaven Deceiving Cloak completely absorbed the All-Heaven Relic and one-third of the former had already been refined by Ning Fan.

Two days later, a trace of power that could deceive the heavens began to encircle Ning Fan, disrupting the heavens' secret about him and his fate. Evidently, this cloak also had the function of shielding the owner from the divination of others aside from making the owner invisible.

Three days later, the Heaven Deceiving Cloak was completely refined in his body.

He withdrew the black flames that had filled the entire chamber and let out a mouthful of foul breath.

When he willed it, a cloak immediately emerged from the white robes he was wearing which covered his whole body. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from his original spot. Not even half a trace of his qi was left.

Ning Fan then kept the cloak and his body appeared once again. He revealed a smile of satisfaction.

“With this cloak, I can also do whatever I want even if I am right under the nose of Void Fragmentation Realm beings. It will definitely come in handy in the future.”

As a matter of fact, he did not need to wait until the future as this cloak could be very useful right here, right now.

For three consecutive days, Ning Fan did not step out of the chamber at all. His inactivity made Yu Chong’er extremely anxious and worried.

If one fails to make a spiritual equipment of a higher grade recognize them as its master, they would suffer a backlash. The stronger the spiritual equipment, the more severe the backlash they would suffer.

Sometimes, Yu Chong’er was really worried that Ning Fan would be killed by the severe backlash of the cloak out of carelessness.

“It’s strange. Why would his life and death have anything to do with me…? Why do I have to be worried about him…?”

“Yes. The reason why I am worried about him is because if he dies, no one else will escort me away from the second layer. Mmm. That must be the reason…”

It was clear that Yu Chong’er was trying very hard to convince herself.

Because of that, she did not notice that the door of the stone chamber slightly creaked open, forming a narrow slit. Ning Fan weightlessly flew out from the chamber in the form of a trace of smoke.

“Is Miss Chong’er worried about me?” Ning Fan asked with a smile.

“Tsk. Who do you think you are? Why would I be worried about you?” Yu Chong’er lied.

When she saw that Ning Fan did not suffer any backlash from the spiritual equipment, she felt somewhat relieved. However, she only thought that he had yet to begin refining the cloak.

When she recalled the fear and worries she had in the past three days, she actually persuaded Ning Fan to give up on refining the cloak. No one knew whether her brain had gone haywire or what.


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