Grasping Evil - Chapter 395.2

Currently, he had no sovereign qi. It was completely impossible for him to use the sovereign qi to attack his enemies, other than using the Sovereign’s Shadow to block against external aura force.

To him, sovereign qi was something that was in his sight but beyond his reach at the end of the day.

If he could condense a trace of sovereign qi right now, perhaps he would directly become a sovereign of the Rain World. It would be a bit too absurd if that happens…

Without the obstruction of the lion statues, Ning Fan walked closer to the gigantic door. There was a great and forceful aura force coming from it. Naturally, Ning Fan was not afraid of the aura force of the door as he was under the blessing of his Sovereign’s Shadow.

He flicked the token of the Rain Sovereign to the groove above the door with his finger. Immediately, the gigantic door gave off a thunderous rumbling noise and gradually opened.

Ning Fan took the token of the Rain Sovereign and kept it. And then, he made a step forward, passing through the entrance. Seconds later, the gigantic door gradually closed behind him.

No one knew that Ning Fan had successfully entered the restricted area that even the Rain Sovereigns of the last three generations failed to enter!

When one looks around and then gazes into the distance, they would realize that this place was actually a bright and resplendent palace decorated with gold and jade.

This palace was meant only for the Rain Sovereigns of the past generations to train and cultivate.

At the center of the palace, there was a circular pool. It had a diameter of just a few zhang* (3.33m per zhang). The pool was filled to the brim with dragon blood. It seemed to have been prepared for one to bathe or conduct training.

On the ceiling of the palace directly above the blood pool, there was a tiny hole. It seemed to be connected to the first and second layers and the dragon blood of countless blood beasts was being drawn in endlessly into this pool.

Ning Fan’s gaze fell upon the blood pool. At the next second, he took in a deep breath.

The liquid in this blood pool was all dragon blood!

Perhaps the amount of dragon blood in this entire pool was really equivalent to tens of thousands of bottles!

With such a massive amount of dragon blood, try to imagine how tremendous the magic power it contained!

The dragon blood in this pool was gathered drop after drop.

If the previous generations of Rain Sovereigns could still enter this place for cultivation, the pool would definitely not accumulate so much dragon blood. Presumably, the dragon blood would be assimilated and refined by the Rain Sovereigns to the very last drop when half of the pool was full.

Ning Fan was fortunate because it had already been three generations since the last Rain Sovereign visited the third layer of the Blood Dragon Pool. Thus, the pool had accumulated dragon blood to its full capacity and all of it was right there, waiting for Ning Fan to consume.

He stared at the pool which was full of dragon blood. He was certainly not going to use this dragon blood to bathe.

If ten thousand bottles of dragon blood are brewed into blood wine, it would be equivalent to fifty million units of magic power.

Now, there were tens of thousands of bottles of dragon blood. If he assimilated the entire pool of dragon blood, it would be extremely possible for him to even break through to the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

From this small pool of dragon blood, Ning Fan saw hope of reaching the sky in a single step. However, a brief moment later, he seemed to have noticed something which made him immediately feel like he had been splashed with a bucket of cold water which doused his excitement. He did not know whether to laugh or cry upon his discovery.

It’s ruined… Even though there is a lot of dragon blood in this pool, all of it had been ruined by this pool.

This blood pool was established with a grand formation which transformed all of the dragon blood into bathing water. Therefore, the dragon blood could not be brewed into blood wine anymore.

The only option Ning Fan had was to take a bath in this pool. Assimilating the dragon blood and breaking through to the Void Fragmentation Realm had now become impossible!

Despite the strength and firmness of his Dao Heart, he could not help but waver a little.

Well, when a cultivator who had been bitterly cultivating all his life and aspired to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm suddenly sees a glimpse of hope of breaking through to his desired cultivation realm, he would obviously be joyful.

However, when he realized that he had rejoiced too soon and things did not turn out to be like what he had expected, he would be seriously disappointed.

Even so, the wavering of his Dao Heart only lasted for a short while and it was stopped by Ning Fan.

He continued to silently stare at the blood pool. After pondering for a while, he understood something.

To a Divine Transformation Realm or a Void Refinement Realm expert, if all the dragon blood in this pool is brewed into blood wine, they would have the chance of breaking through to the First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm.

However, to Rain Sovereigns who already have Void Fragmentation Realm cultivation bases, the magic power contained inside the dragon blood was probably insignificant.

The Rain Sovereign who built the Blood Dragon Blood had spent so much effort and wealth. Hence, the reason why this blood bathing pool was built was certainly not just for bathing.

With Ning Fan’s intelligence, it did not take him a long time to figure out that this blood pool must be of great and essential use to the cultivation of the Rain Sovereigns!

The use of the pool was far more important than helping them achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation. That was the reason why the dragon blood was used to fill up this pool instead of being brewed into blood wine!

Ning Fan formed a conclusion in his mind. Then, his eyes carefully scanned around the palace as if he was searching for something.

Other than the blood pool, there were still different kinds of good items in this palace.

Ning Fan found an ancient shelf. Many jade slips and ancient books were placed there. He browsed through every one of them and discovered that these jade slips contained the insights and comprehensions from the cultivations of some cultivators. There were not only the insights from the cultivators of the Rain World there, but also those of other worlds. Moreover, there were even the comprehensions of the ancient immortals.

The core content of their comprehensions was about the Sovereign’s Shadow and the sovereign qi!

Aside from that, Ning Fan also found at the end of the palace a massive amount of immortal jade which was piled up like mountains as well as Dao Crystals!

A single Dao Crystal was worth five million immortal jade.

There were at least one thousand Dao Crystals here. All of them were worth five billion immortal jade!

Apart from that, the walls surrounding the palace had been carved with characters and drawings.

When Ning Fan used his spirit sense to study them carefully, he found out that what the characters and drawings held were actually the insights of the past Rain Sovereigns in cultivating the Sovereign’s Shadow and condensing the sovereign qi.

At the end of the main hall, Ning Fan saw a stone platform. A piece of round crystal was enshrined on it.

As soon as he caught sight of this crystal, his eyes shone with great surprise.

This crystal was a Crystal of Inheritance, something that could only be found in the Four Heavens Immortal Worlds!

A Crystal of Inheritance allowed one to directly pass down the insights and enlightenment they gained in cultivating their cultivation methods and secret techniques to their descendants.

As for how much information one could receive, it depended on the cultivator’s own innate talent and ability to comprehend.

A bold thought rose in Ning Fan’s mind.

Every part of this place is related to the Sovereign’s Shadow and the sovereign. Is it possible that the original purpose of building the blood pool is to help the previous Rain Sovereigns condense the sovereign qi and become a sovereign?

If what Ning Fan guessed was true, would he be able to condense his first trace of sovereign qi with the help of the resources in this place?!

Currently, there was only the Rain Sovereign in the Rain Palace who had managed to condense the sovereign qi. After today, would Ning Fan be the second individual to do so?

Ning Fan’s eyes burned with excitement. If everything was just like how he expected and the blood pool existed for one to condense the sovereign qi, then bathing in the dragon blood would unquestionably be much more effective than using it to directly increase his magic power.

Whether or not his guess was correct, he would know by studying this crystal.

Ning Fan wanted to see what kind of inheritance the previous Rain Sovereigns had left in this place.

He placed one of his palms on the crystal.

At the next moment, the memories within the crystal were activated and started to enter Ning Fan’s body.

In his Sea of Consciousness, he seemed to have heard a voice that began teaching him using words and examples.

“I’m the Demon Cloud Rain Sovereign. I set up the Dragon Pool and inheritance for the subsequent Rain Sovereigns to condense the sovereign qi…”

After hearing this voice, a wave of memories flooded into Ning Fan’s Sea of Consciousness like a tidal wave.

Ning Fan’s eyes looked even more excited. The memory inheritance included all the cultivation approaches of the Sovereign Rain Primordial Art.

Most importantly, he had ascertained one thing: this place was indeed prepared in order to condense the sovereign qi.

If he manages to condense even just a trace of sovereign qi, he could completely suppress a Void Refinement Realm expert even if he was still just a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator!


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