GDK 1005: Distance

Translator: Ryogawa  
TLC: Hedonist

Deep underground within Pandemonium was the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester, at the center of which was a room to which all the energy the formation gathered was channeled. Han Shuo's main body sat in the room, covered in electric sparks.

These past few years, he had left the Fringe and Pandemonium to the rest in the house to manage. As for more pressing matters, he dealt with it using his avatars, leaving his main body inside the mystical yin energy-filled room, slowly using it to reforge his body.

His consciousness had been entirely focused on processing the insights of the Diablo Realm as well as some knowledge from the Cauldron of Myriad Demons. The mystical yin energy gathered by the harvester formation was indeed dense as the formation could draw from all the mystical yin energy from the whole of Elysium. They came in a huge nonstop torrent into the room at the center of the formation to fuel Han Shuo's bodily transformation.

Suddenly, his consciousness trembled slightly as a bizarre and obscured energy wave moved past him. His body that had been in a hibernative state for years suddenly opened its eyes as if it was staring across space itself at the Dominion of Destiny. Han Shou had felt a weak energy wave from there just a while ago and it seemed to have something to do with him. His consciousness felt like it was being spied on.

His eyes glowed with an eerie chill as he gathered the mystical yin energy in the room together. All of a sudden, his eyes closed suddenly and cut off the glow entirely. His consciousness began to furiously spread throughout the entire area from the room and it rapidly spanned mountains, lakes, forests, cities, and the lifeforms that inhibited them. Han Shuo continued the outward expansion until he reached the entirety of the Fringe. Now, he was truly an omniscient god within the Fringe.

Within a few short seconds, he had taken the whole of the Fringe into his consciousness, but the expansion continued on towards the Dominions of Space and Destiny. Even more sights entered his mind; he felt a mystical comfort at having everything under his control.

All of a sudden, his consciousness's expansion stopped. He sensed that he was at the border of the Dominion of Destiny. One more step and he would reach inside. Instead, he chose to sense the waves that were being radiated from the Dominion of Destiny and eventually noticed one that avoided the Fringe as it spread towards the Dominions of Death and Destruction. He immediately retracted his consciousness, taking only a few short seconds to do so.

Within the Shrine of Destiny, the Goddess of Destiny abruptly turned to look in the direction of the Fringe. It was as if she was looking at the journey of life and death unfold from her Mirror of Destiny. After a few moments, the glow in her eyes subsided as she breathed a sigh of relief. "His vigilance is terrifying. The power that isn't from this universe was actually able to sense the waves of destiny from my end. I really have no idea what he managed to find out..."

Shaking her head, she looked towards the Fringe again, seemingly staring past the space between them and muttered, "Andrina's still there. I hope she's doing well..."


Within the Shrine of Darkness, Han Shuo's avatar's expression suddenly changed and he halted his speech. Nestor and the rest were rather surprised. He had been speaking just fine, so what made him shut up all of a sudden? Was there something that displeased him? Nestor asked, "Is there a problem?"

Without answering, Han Shuo suddenly stood up and looked outside to the starry sky. Taking a deep breath, he said with his back facing them, "The Goddess of Destiny might have learned about our plans."

His words caused the three's expressions to shift as well.

"What do you mean?" Amon said as he slowly approached him. As he spoke, a black-crystal-like Quintessence emerged from the back of his head and entered the sea of faith before it rapidly began absorbing faith, depleting the sea at a visible rate.

"You should be aware that this body isn't my main one. I'm actually within a secret room in the Fringe now. As we were speaking, my main body felt an odd wave being emanated from the Dominion of Destiny. Though they were weak, they must've come from the Shrine of Destiny!" When he turned back and saw that they were paying attention, he emphasized, "And the wave was being transmitted in our direction!"

Nestor and Cratos immediately turned to look at the black Quintessence in the sea of faith at the same time. Amon also glared at his black Quintessence and nodded. "I felt it as well. It was faint, but it was definitely her!"

Though Han Shuo didn't know what method Amon used to detect it, it matched his own observations of the situation.

"That sly vixen!" Cratos exclaimed, "Did she really think she could control everything? So what if she knows? We can just ignore her!"

Han Shuo gave Cratos an odd look, not understanding where that animus came from; it seemed that he had some personal misgivings against the goddess.

Cratos didn't explain it, however. After a cold humph, he said, "Let us continue! She doesn't matter!"

Nestor and Amon furrowed their brows without saying anything. Since the three of them didn't stay too long on the matter, Han Shuo didn't press it either and continued their discussion.

Three days later, Han Shuo left Myrkvidr and returned to Hushveil City. He immediately went looking for Donna and found her to be waiting for his return.

Her face beamed with joy when she saw him. "You're back!"

He stepped forwards to take her hand and sat down. "So? Did your father agree to let you leave with me?"

"Yes. Ever since he found out that you were invited here by the Gods of Death, Destruction, and Darkness, he no longer holds anything against you. I told him I would be going to the Fringe with you and he didn't even hold me back. All he did was ask me to maintain a low profile and stay out of trouble, but don't let myself get bullied either."

"What do you mean? How would you get bullied there?" He pulled her along and said, "Since your father doesn't have anything else to say, let's go."

"Did you really talk to those three?" she asked when she suddenly recalled his meeting with the three Quintessence Overgods. She felt a little bad for not being able to help him out with anything.

Back when Han Shuo just came to Elysium from the Profound Continent, Donna was still powerful enough to aid him, but now he was someone even she had to look up to. It was as if they were now separated by a huge distance and she didn't know what she could do about it. Apart from that, she was worried that Phoebe, Emily, Fanny and the rest would hold it against her for the old grudges between the House of Han and her family. Though she had wished to be with him at the Fringe for quite some time, she felt nervous now that she could finally do so.

"We're not going straight to the Fringe. There's somewhere else I want to visit," Han Shuo said once they left Hushveil City.

"Where would that be?" she asked, surprised.

"The Dominion of Wind."


The winds were so strong at Windhowl Valley within the Dominion of Wind to the point that it was able to lift a giant boulder. The flying sand and debris in the valley made traversing the landscape a very daunting prospect. Windhowl Valley was the main base of operations of the godhunters in the Dominion of the Wind which few people knew about. Ever since Miller left without returning, the godhunters there split into a few factions. Without a dominating force like Miller, they all vied to rule over the others.

"Apparently, the Hegemon died in the Fringe. Nowadays, a fellow called Han Hao is gathering the godhunters into his own force and has taken over the godhunters in the Dominions of Earth, Water and Fire. He's said to be here already!" said one of the godhunters in the valley.

"Hmph, the Godhunter Alliance's rule is that no Hegemon shall be allowed to interfere in another's territory. Since Han Hao took over as the Hegemon of the Dominion of Death, how dare he stick his nose into the business of other dominions? If he really dares to come to fight for the position of Hegemon, I, Naga, won't let him off scot-free!" said a lanky middle-aged man with a wrinkled up face.

"Han Hao's quite powerful, you know. Even the godhunters of the other three dominions weren't his match and anyone that resisted was killed. We probably won't be able to do anything about it either!"

"Let's gather all our forces at Windhowl Valley and put down our differences for now until we get rid of this outsider. The Dominion of the Wind needs a Hegemon and that can only be chosen from those of us that cultivate the power of the wind. That outsider shall never triumph over us!" Naga said.

The others nodded with agreement.

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