GDK 1007: He Asked to See Me

Translator: Ryogawa  
TLC: Hedonist
Editor: Emily

Han Shuo and Donna didn't stay in Windhowl Valley for too long. After having a talk with Han Hao and realizing how different his Quintessence was from the Twelve Great Overgods', he was no longer worried and let Han Hao explore its power as much as he wanted.

He and Donna didn't return to the Fringe immediately. Instead, they took their time and traveled leisurely according to her whim. Apart from not being able to fully blend the energies together, he didn't have much else to worry about. As long as he couldn't find a way to unite the thirteen energies, there was no progress to be made. Since his main body was making rapid progress in the Fringe, he didn't mind spending time with Donna using his avatar.

While they couldn't get too intimate thanks to his avatar's unique constitution, Donna felt rather fortunate for the chance to be by his side at all. Being able to take casual walks with his hand in hers was a blessing denied to her for far too long already.

In the many years Han Shuo had spent in Elysium, he had only visited the Dominions of Darkness, Death and Space apart from the Fringe. As for the rest of the dominions, he had never so much as set foot there. While he did get information briefs about them, he had never truly experienced anything there.

Now, he had ample time and the battle of the gods not being as devastating as previously imagined, involving only the Dominions of Death, Destruction, Life, Light and Water. The remaining half hadn't started to fight yet, and those that did hadn't gone all out yet.

It was still hard to say when the battle would end and when Aethernia would open. Not to mention, even if it did end early, it would be impossible for Han Shuo to open the doors of Aethernia so long as his main body hadn't reached the Diablo Realm yet.

With his newfound free time, he decided he would travel through all twelve of the dominions with Donna. Meanwhile, his main body continued to use the power generated by the formation to metamorphose into a new form.

Within the silent courtyard of the Pandemonium, Rose sat quietly on a stone bench, letting her long, silver hair hang from her head like a waterfall. She quietly observed the various plants and decorations in the courtyard. All of a sudden, someone entered the courtyard, destroying the serenity that had been there before.

Rose turned and saw Romon rush towards her. Looking at his unique metallic body, she furrowed her brow. "Romon, why did you come? Your body seems to have changed somehow."

He chuckled and said, "When I went to visit Han Jin, Andrina was there as well. I wanted to ask them about it, but I didn't think they would beat me up for no reason. Then again, my body felt incredible after the fight. It's as if I've entered a new realm! I want them to hit me every day!"

Rose was taken aback until she recalled that Han Jin and Andrina used unique energies that Romon could somehow benefit from. "Your realm is a little odd. Do you know what stage of power you are currently at?"

"I don't really know the separate stages of my cultivation, but, hehe, I did try to test it out - by pulling a jumpscare on Salas. He didn't know that it was me and went pretty hard on me. After taking his lightning strike, I noticed that I wasn't really that badly hurt. In fact, I completely recovered after a few days," he gleefully said.

Tossing her hair, Rose replied, "Salas is an overgod! If his full-power strike couldn't harm you, you must be really powerful now!"

"Hahaha! You think that was impressive? After that, I fought him again and his lightning wasn't that effective against me either. They only made my soul a little numb. Even he was dumbfounded by it. I really don't know how Bryan was able to tweak my body to make this happen."

After some hesitation, Romon gratefully said, "Thank goodness you asked Lord Bryan to seek me out back then. Otherwise, I would still be miring in that swamp, not reaching where I am now even after a thousand years."

Upon hearing mention of Han Shuo, Rose seemed a little downcast. "Even I haven't seen him for years ever since he went underground. Even though I'm a late-stage highgod now, he is no doubt far more powerful than me now than he used to be."

She sounded a little sour about it. Back when he first came to Demon Mountain, he couldn't resist her at all and had to flee. Ten years later, he finally managed to defeat her and made her his servant. And now, he was on the level of the Quintessence Overgods. They were drawing further and further apart.

Back when they were in the Dominion of Darkness, she often spent time with Rose, as she was the only highgod around him. Thinking back to the time when they stormed Hushveil City and made hell for Hofs, as well as their journey to the Fringe, she felt rather nostalgic.

Nowadays, Han Shuo had long wiped out Rose's enemies and even managed to rule over the chaotic Fringe. His bold promises to her back then were now a reality. But when she recalled how distant they were from each other now, she would regret ever coming to the Fringe with him. Perhaps the rift between them wouldn't be so wide if he wasn't so powerful. She couldn't help finding herself looking at the ground, wondering what he was up to down there.

"Rose, come here," said a voice in the depths of her mind. Shocked, she recognized that it was Han Shuo and didn't know what to do.

"What's wrong?" Romon asked when he saw her blank out.

"He asked to see me! He just did!" She couldn't contain her feelings as she rushed towards the path leading to the underground, leaving Romon standing there stunned and confused.

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