GDK 1010: A Good Woman

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It was worth noting that Emily was the most empathetic one among them. She was always the one who mediated any discord within the House of Han and ensured a good outcome came of it.

While Phoebe had been the one chiefly in charge of the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy and growing the business larger and larger, Emily had been paying close attention to the internal situation of the House of Han and putting a stop to any potential conflict before they had a chance to fester, allowing Han Shuo to cultivate for long periods of time without being disturbed.

Now that she had noted Rose's odd behavior, she immediately stepped in to resolve the situation, not letting it affect Han Shuo's cultivation at all. Rose felt a little surprised by the sudden warmth and agreed with Emily to stay without giving it too much thought.

After all, there simply wasn't a good reason to, given the dense dark element in the Pandemonium and the resources of the House of Han she was free to use. Not to mention, the man she loved was living there. She couldn't bear to leave them had she not been feeling a little down about being neglected.

The whole time, Emily, Phoebe, and the rest of the harem maintained a certain distance from other females in the Pandemonium. It wasn't like they intentionally avoided them, but they didn't really make an effort to socialize either. The way Rose saw it, Phoebe, Fanny, and Emily were the women that had come to Elysium with Han Shuo from Profound Continent, so he naturally cared about them the most.

That made them a unit that outsiders couldn't easily butt into. In the long time Rose had been in the Pandemonium, the three of them had never taken the initiative to talk to her before, which further cemented Rose suspicion that they were wary of her.

Back then, when they were in the Dominion of Darkness, she didn't really mind it because she was much stronger than they were and was confident that she would be far more useful to Han Shuo. But after they came to the Fringe, Phoebe and Emily managed to improve quite a lot with the orbs of arcana and many other concoctions to the point that they were catching up on Rose.

Not only that, the orbs of arcana made from the divine souls of Logue and Asser rocketed Phoebe and Fanny's abilities far beyond Rose's imagination. It would only be a matter of time before they became demi-overgods, ending up more powerful than her old self.

She couldn't even contribute by helping out with the management aspects. Gradually, she began to lose her self-esteem and gave up on competing with them, deciding in the end to avoid them and Han Shuo. However, their sudden warmth gave her a little more hope, prompting her to stay.

She turned to glance at Han Shuo and couldn't help but blush when she saw the odd smile on his face.

"Haha, we've never seen you blush like that," Emily said as she pulled her along. "Come, we need to talk in private."

Phoebe and Fanny glared at Han Shuo before following along. Almost instantly, the women were gone from the room leaving only Han Shuo, Sanguis, Bollands and Gilbert standing there blankly.

"Wow, that was pretty generous of Emily. Even though she knew that cold-blooded, white-haired woman had feelings for you, she still asked her to stay. Tsk tsk... Master, I think you are far more proficient with women than with demonic arts!" Gilbert said with admiration.

Sanguis nodded eagerly in agreement. Shooting Han Shuo a worshipful look, he sighed. "It seems that there is much that Master has yet to teach me. My path ahead is a long one indeed."

Han Shuo snapped out of his stupor and gave Sanguis a whack. "I knew leaving the two of you together was a bad idea! What in the world are you guys learning from each other?" He then turned to glare at Bollands. "Make sure to keep a closer eye on these two and not let them waste their time on anything other than cultivation."

Bollands glared at the duo like Han Shuo did before he sighed. "Senior Brother, Emily is indeed a good woman in many respects."

Given the power of Han Shuo's consciousness, he could unconsciously pick up the gist of the others' thoughts even if he didn't want to. Before he came, he linked his mind with Rose's and felt the reverberations of her soul. After some thought, he came to understand what she felt.

While he hadn't spent much time with her lately, they were quite close before they came to the Fringe. He already knew how she felt about him back then, and how much more so now.

Hearing Bollands's off-hand comment, Han Shuo smiled and didn't say a word before continuing to expound on the demonic arts to them. When he was done clearing their doubts, he smiled and said, "While I can help you out if your realm isn't high enough, I can't make up for the energy difference. The energies you are cultivating are unique, so enhancement potions or concoctions won't do much for you. If you want to grow stronger quickly, you'll have to use the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester like I do. But as you are still too weak now, you might be crushed from the sheer pressure if you train in that formation. After some consideration, I've decided to make another room into which I can siphon a part of the distilled energy from the main room for you three. You should be able to make rapid progress that way."

That small portion of output from the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester was more than enough for the three of them and it was a negligible difference for Han Shuo anyway. After all, the sheer amount of yuan energy that had gathered in Elysium over the Aeons was far more than one could imagine. Even the amount that formed in the recent years alone was far more than what Profound Continent had gathered for many years.

"Master, can that really be done for us too?!" Sanguis was so excited he didn't know how to react.

"Yes, and you three deserve it. Prior to this, your realms were still too low and the formation wasn't stable enough yet. The fact that you asked me those questions just now means you must be ready for it."

Notice: The novel will end at chapter 1027!

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