GDK 1011: A Drop of Blood

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Sanguis, Bollands and Gilbert started off pretty well to begin with, with the former two proficient enough in the demonic arts to be able to use Mystical Yin to increase their power. Gilbert was more unique in that the basis of his cultivation was on his soul while his body still contained the energy of darkness.

Han Shuo decided he would start working on Gilbert’s body first. Back then when Gilbert's body was dead, Han Shuo had used many precious materials to make a new one for him. It had been crafted the same way a demonic artifact was. So, Han Shuo decided he would infuse the demonic body with Mystical Yin generated from the harvester this time around.

However, all three of them couldn't compare to him as he had the proper legacy of demonic arts that passed on to him from the late Exalted Demonlord through Cauldron of Myriad Demons. The best they could aspire to be was an offshoot of the legitimate school of demonic arts.

Since the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester generated so much Mystical Yin that siphoning a little out for them wouldn't affect him much, he decided to go for it. The upcoming battle wouldn't be won by him alone, after all. It was just as important for him to strengthen those around him.

The three followed behind him as he entered the depths of the underground palace, asking him one question after another in sheer excitement. Even as his right-hand men, they still didn't know the full extent of how proficient he was. They were all too surprised when he contacted the rest of them throughout the whole Fringe with telepathy without even having to leave the underground. Even though they cultivated demonic arts like he did, they weren't aware of what realm he was at now for him to be able to pull off such a feat. Perhaps even Quintessence overgods wouldn't be able to do something like that.

The best the Twelve Great Overgods could do was communicate telepathically with other powerful gods that cultivated the same energy they did, like how Amon could contact the city lords Felder and Wallace. A huge part of that was due to their deep faith in Amon and the stigma left in their souls. Even then, Amon wouldn't be able to sense all that was happening within the Dominion of Darkness nor could he find out what other non-darkness gods were up to. On the other hand, Han Shuo could sense anyone and everyone regardless of cultivation type as long as they were in the Fringe and he could even communicate with them.

Their excitement only grew the closer they got to their destination. Even though they hadn't actually been there before, they knew from the Mystical Yin that radiated from it that it was sure to be an astonishing place.

Han Shuo said, "Your powers still aren't enough for you to absorb much Mystical Yin, so I will have to channel it to you."

As he said so, he willed the cauldron to appear before it turned into a doorway to another space. As the artifact that was used as the cornerstone of the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester, it could perform certain tasks better than Han Shuo could.

Han Shuo pointed towards the tear in space, causing a drop of fresh blood to ooze out of the tip of his right thumb. It glowed with demonic energy and flowed into the opening in space like it had a life of its own. All of a sudden, a constant dripping sound could be heard coming from within it as bloody light shone out of the opening.

Sanguis started with shock as he watched the weird doorway in the wall. He sensed that a powerful force was helping the Cauldron of Myriad Demons form a space within, carving it straight out from the thick underground walls and inscribing countless complicated patterns all across it. The patterns seemed like the most intricate of carvings that somehow split the dense Mystical Yin energy around the space within into many neat little pockets. The three were completely dumbfounded at seeing a single drop of blood like that possess so much power.

Han Shuo turned to them and smiled. "I've read the Bloodgod Mantra. It is indeed a rather unique technique. Even though I didn't cultivate it directly, I have no problems applying its theories to make it perform little tricks like these. A drop of life is akin to a new life and a pocket dimension. As long as you are powerful enough, anything is possible."

With Han Shuo's mind in the Diablo Realm, he had a renewed understanding of the core essence of the demonic arts. If his body was fully realized at that realm as well, he could use any part of it to create a whole new space, even a single strand of his hair, a chip from his nail, or even his spit. All of it would contain unthinkable power.

During the process of absorbing the vast amounts of Mystical Yin into his body, it was as if each and every cell of his body was being reconstructed and filled with pure, unimaginable power. Once both his body and mind reached parity, every part of his body would be a powerful treasure.

Sanguis wore a worshipful expression as he said, "Master, does Blooddrop Invincibility refer to something like this?"

Shaking his head, Han Shuo said, "Blooddrop Invincibility refers to the ability to form a new life, a new you, with a single drop of blood. As long as that remains, you will be able to constantly regenerate. So long as you don't run out of blood, you're 'invincible'. That's the Bloodfiend Realm's defining characteristic. However, I didn't cultivate the Bloodgod Mantra, so I can only do what I did using brute force with help from the cauldron. It's not as complicated as you think it is."

"Then, will you be able to come back to life from a single drop of blood?" Sanguis asked.

"Haha, I do not rely on my blood. Instead, I rely on my consciousness." As long as a strand of his consciousness still existed, he would continue to revive. The formless strands of consciousness were even harder to grasp than blood. Han Shuo believed that the only person who could possibly eradicate consciousness would be the Mother of All Creation herself. In other words, Han Shuo was now as good as immortal even before his body had been fully perfected.

Notice: The novel will end at chapter 1027!

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