GDK 1012: Vast Ocean

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As they spoke, the drop of blood had carved out a small subspace. The power of blood essence filled the Cauldron of Myriad Demons as it seemed to attract the Mystical Yin in the surroundings like a magnet. It only took a few moments for the area within the wall to be saturated with it.

The power in that drop of blood eventually wore out. Han Shuo turned to the three and said, "You can start cultivating now. The energy will gather much faster than you're used to. Gilbert, you're a little different so you need to absorb the energy with your soul before assembling them in your body."

Sanguis and Gilbert were rather impatient after hearing about all the benefits and immediately went into the space. But almost immediately, they closed their eyes as they took a deep breath and began adapting to the Mystical Yin within.

"You should go in and cultivate too. It will be good for you," Han Shuo said as he motioned him to enter.

"Thank you, Senior Brother!" The usually calm Bollands couldn't really contain an elation.

Bollands bowed before stepping in. After giving the other two a quick glance, his expression turned stern as he quickly sat down and closed his eyes, letting the Mystical Yin wash over him.

Han Shuo wasn't in a hurry to leave, so he observed them from outside and used his consciousness to monitor the energy waves on their body. After some time, those three began to calm down and try to use Mystical Yin to aid their cultivation. Only then could Han Shuo nod with satisfaction as he went deeper underground.

Soon, a few more years passed. Elysium was in even more chaos than before. The conflicts between the Dominions of Light, Life, Water, Darkness, Death, and Destruction had been escalating. Some cities were even in full combat readiness.

As for the Dominions of Wind, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Space, and Destiny, they had been fortifying their cities the whole time. Even though they hadn't officially joined the grand battle, they were secretly making plans and preparations for what was to come. Those who had the faintest familiarity with Elysian politics could easily sniff out the intention of those dominions, for even the ever-neutral Dominion of Destiny was assembling an army.

That was a strong sign which many Elysians took as an omen of unrest. While they didn't know the true purpose of the battle, the gods knew that there was something different about the battle of the gods this time around. They suspected that even the Goddess of Destiny wouldn't be able to maintain control over the situation any longer, which made the relationship between the various factions even more complicated. The dominions that hadn't been in the battle up till now knew that there was no avoiding it and were not only gathering their forces, but also restricting the activity of outsiders in their territory, fearing that they would be used for malicious ends. Travel across the whole of Elysium was being strictly regulated in an unprecedented manner.

During those few years, Han Shuo's avatar had traveled the dominions with Donna. He couldn't do anything about fusing his avatars even if he returned to the Pandemonium anyway, not to mention he had to scout the situation across Elysium for intel.

After their long journey, they left the Dominion of Earth and headed for Phantasia City. The cities of Phantasia, Sanctus, and Ethereal were located within the Dominion of Space. Phantasia happened to be a stop on the way to the Pandemonium.

During the past few years, Han Shuo had gained a much better information network than most on Elysium. His main body in the Fringe could regularly communicate with Amon, Cratos, and Nestor, while his avatar was directly connected to his main body. Right now, he could maintain the connection between the two bodies even if one was on the Profound Continent that was many light-years away. At the Diablo Realm, it was as if his main body and avatar weren't separated by any space at all. It didn't matter where those two were as long as they were in the same universe.

Thanks to his three Quintessence overgod allies, he more or less had an idea of what most notable figures in Elysium were doing. He knew that the Goddess of Destiny had been communicating with the God of Light and the others, and that the currently neutral ones had private conversations with each other. The only one that had zero activity was the God of Space.

It wasn't just Nestor and the others; it was said that the God of Space wasn't too much into the Goddess of Destiny's plan since she brought it up. The fact that he hadn't returned to Elysium during such a sensitive time was one such sign. His current whereabouts were also unknown. Back in the Fringe, Han Shuo had long been in touch with McKinley about it. McKinley said he didn't receive any instructions from the God of Space. It was as if he had vanished.

In the battle of the gods that took place many years back, the God of Space once worked with Nestor, Amon, and, Cratos. This time around, those three also intended to ally with him, which Han Shuo was more than happy to agree to. However, they seemed a little anxious about not being able to reach out to him at this point in time, so they asked Han Shuo to go to the Dominion of Space to see if there was a way he could get in touch with him. It just so happened that the Shrine of Space was located within Phantasia City.

This time, he couldn’t afford to tour the city at his own pace. He was in a hurry to get in touch with the God of Space. Not long after his arrival there, he had Donna travel the rest of the way to the Fringe alone. Back when the other three gods asked him to look for the God of Space, Han Shuo had used his consciousness to search the Dominion of Space, but wasn't able to do so as his consciousness was prevented from entering the Shrine of Space by a spatial barrier. Since his main body had to cultivate as much as it could and his avatar was passing through, he decided to visit the dominion with his avatar.

Quintessence overgods were proud beings who wouldn't deign to meet anyone beneath them, so Han Shuo had no choice but to have Donna leave. He wasn't too worried for her safety since he could watch over her with his vast consciousness the whole time.

When he reached the vast ocean where the Shrine of Space was, he didn't hesitate and dive in. The moment he did, he noticed that he was drawn away by a mysterious force into another space entirely.

"You're finally here… " said an old voice directly into his two souls. The space energy that forced the two halves of his avatar together dissipated, splitting him back into two.

Notice: The novel will end at chapter 1027

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