GDK 1021: A Thousand Demon Guards

Translator: Ryogawa  
TLC: Hedonist

Han Shuo was unaware of Salas's past, nor did he know what he was thinking now. However, he could feel how agitated Salas felt with a simple sweep of his consciousness. He didn't say too much and continued to absorb Mystical Yin after he gave his instructions.

To him, while the battle of Elysium was important, his own cultivation was even more crucial. Aethernia would open one day and that was when all his debts were due. Monroe, Lyna, and Azdins had tolerated his requests so far. But once he was no longer of use to them, there was little doubt that they would act out against him.

Given what Amon, Nestor, and Cratos had said, Han Shuo long had a rough idea what the others intended. They would wait for him to open Aethernia and attack him before he even got to enter. After all, the inheritor of the Exalted Demonlord Gu Tian Xie's legacy was just as much of a threat to them as the Allmother was.

While Amon and the other two had said that they would help him when the time came, he couldn't be sure he could trust them yet, so he wouldn't leave his fate in their hands. As a result, the only thing he could do was to continuously increase his strength at any cost, no matter what methods he used. That was the reason he was willing to risk angering the other Quintessence overgods to absorb some of the souls meant for the Mirror of Destiny for his own use.

A trail of electricity that was barely visible to the eye entered his demon body, causing his flesh, bones and innards to pulse nonstop. His body was like a black hole that sucked in all the Mystical Yin he could.

Mystical Yin had gathered on Elysium, completely untouched and unused, for aeons, so the amount available was unimaginable. But by using the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester, he would be able to absorb all of that within two centuries. Moments later, his body hardened like stone once more as he continued to absorb the abundant energy.

His main body basically never left Pandemonium while his clone was lingering around the Dominions of Light, Life, and Water. Anywhere battles occured, his avatar appeared with the Cauldron of Myriad Demons to absorb the souls of dead gods. Each time, he was just as elated to witness his growing harvest.

Meanwhile, the attacking armies of those dominions had to return from the Dominion of Destiny as their own home turf was being attacked. Their champion, Gyál, led them back before managing to destroy the Dominion of Destiny. As Gyál didn't have the advantage of a spatial transference formation, he found the Dominion of Light heavily damaged by the time he returned.

The forces of Darkness, Death, Destruction and the Fringe led by Yarus, Bollands and the rest began their onslaught at the Dominion of Earth, ravaging a few cities in one go and making their way all the way up to the Shrine of Earth. As Han Hao's godhunter subordinates had rather sensitive identities, they didn't participate in the main battles and instead turned to the stragglers, taking advantage of the chaos at the hotbeds of battle all across the Dominion of Earth.

When the attackers from the Dominions of Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Earth got wind of Gyál returning to the Dominion of Light as well as Bollands and Yarus ravaging their own homes, they immediately sent out forces to occupy some areas to facilitate a safe and smooth retreat from the Dominion of Light and back to the Dominion of Earth.

Across all those battles, an elite group stood out with great flair among the rest: the Han Demon Guards! The demon guards who had emerged from the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation numbered around a thousand, but each one of them possessed immense combat prowess. They were an incredibly sharp bread that cut through enemy ranks like butter straight into the heart of the Dominion of Earth. Any guardians of the dominion that ran into the Han Demon Guards had only one fate: decimation!

The thousand demon guards worked with great synchronization, and thanks to the many demon formations, they performed at their utmost potential. It was thanks to them that Yarus and the rest were able to continue their slaughter all across the Dominion of Earth. Almost overnight, the Han Demon Guards' fame spread all across Elysium and every combatant in the battle from the elite guardians of the Dominions of Wind, Fire, and Lightning shivered at the thought of meeting them on the battlefield. They quickly sent scouts to monitor the Han Demon Guards to try to find a way they could deal with them.

The whole of Elysium now knew of the Han Demon Guards and were trying to come up with countermeasures for them to close the distance between them. As the battle went on, about ten thousand lives had been lost across Elysium, around seven thousand of which were harvested by the Goddess of Destiny. While Han Shuo had Fernando's help claiming souls, he was a little late and only got about three thousand of them.

Even so, he did feel the cauldron grow stronger. After most of the souls were refined by the cauldron into demon generals, Han Shuo's main body could now remain connected to the cauldron without interruption no matter where on Elysium they were.

While his main body was deep underground, he had a complete knowledge of the battle situation thanks to the connection. With a single thought, he could control the cauldron to start collecting even more souls.

At this stage, his avatar didn't serve much of a purpose anymore. Even now, he still wasn't able to properly fuse the two halves together. As both the souls of the two halves had come from the cauldron's demon generals, he couldn't use his avatar to properly control the cauldron, so his main body had to do most of the work.

Today, his avatar had nothing better to do and returned to Pandemonium. Just as he arrived, Rose came up to welcome him. "Bryan, I have something to say to you."

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