GDK 1025: I'm Ready

Translator: Ryogawa  
TLC: Hedonist

The Five Elite Zombies no longer participated in the battle. But the damage they had wrought was already enough to cause the remnant forces of Light, Life, and Water to no longer threaten the space cultivators stationed at the Fringe. In the end, they had no choice but to retreat, lest the army be completely annihilated.

Later, the battle at the Dominion of Earth saw the sides from Earth, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Darkness, Destruction, Death, and the Fringe suffer relatively heavy casualties. Even quite a few of Wasir and Salas's men perished.

Azdins had said quite a threat before he left the Fringe. Among all the factions, the Light, Life, and Water side suffered the greatest casualties and stopped making any provocations. The other dominions also didn't test their bottom line and left them alone. As for the Dominion of Destiny, nothing really happened there. Ever since they had retreated from the Fringe, they seemed to have quieted down and didn't attack anywhere else either, choosing instead to hole up in their own dominion.

Gradually, the only battlefront that remained was the one at the Dominion of Earth. With the forces of Earth, Wind, Lightning, and Wind all deployed there, Nestor and the rest no longer had the upper hand and the tide quickly turned against them. When the three started racking up casualties, they pleaded with Han Shuo to cease the fighting as soon as possible. After all, Althea did announce that her mirror had sufficient souls. Although Han Shuo had wanted more souls, he had no choice but to compromise and also announced that he had enough. With that, the battle of the gods came to an end.

The battle had lasted a whole fifty years, with the side of Light, Life, and Water suffering the heaviest casualties. Two-thirds of the gods in their dominions were gone with many cities burning to ruins and uninhabited.

The Dominions of Earth, Wind, Lightning and Fire were next, Earth especially as the battle fought there was the most intense. They had already suffered a huge loss from the very beginning fighting against Darkness, Death, and Destruction, and the attack on their home ground caused them to lose too many gods.

During that battle, Nestor and the rest didn't fare too well either, with many of Salas and Wasir's men perishing from the fight. As for the Dominion of Destiny, they managed to preserve much of their forces as they were only attacked once by the allied forces of Light, Life, and Water, and didn't engage in the other battles.

Needless to say, the Dominion of Space lost the least number of gods, being mainly put in charge of transport and communication. They only joined the final battle at the Dominion of Earth to help their allies, but it didn't last long before Han Shuo announced that the cauldron now had enough souls.

The Han Demon Guards led by Bollands, Sanguis and Gilbert, however, didn't suffer many losses. They stood out the most among all the fighters and performed the best. Using expert coordination, they shocked the entirety of Elysium with their prowess, now hailed as the strongest unit of fighters across all of Elysium.

As for Han Hao's Godhunter Alliance, they didn't join any of the large factions but they did show up where the battles were the most intense. However, they didn't fight in open battle and instead went after the stragglers and deserters or the gods who were going to reinforce others. Like a venomous snake in the bushes, they struck when their foes let their guard down before swiftly retreating. The godhunters had a huge effect on how the battles turned out, attacking almost any side they encountered. However, the city lords absolutely loathed them for all the damage they've caused.

Now that the battle of the gods was officially over, the dominions began gathering their forces and training new guardians to make up for those who perished in battle. Meanwhile, the Quintessence overgods went to Han Shuo to ask him if he could already break the barrier of Aethernia as the city's threat began to loom closer and closer to them. However, Han Shuo kept turning down the excursion to Aethernia with the excuse that his main body's power wasn't enough to allow him to control the Cauldron of Myriad Demons freely yet. His main body and avatar remained in seclusion within Pandemonium as he quietly made his preparations.


Eventually, another hundred and fifty years passed. A powerful wave of energy came sweeping out from Pandemonium, sending chills down everyone across Elysium. The Quintessence overgods also seemed to feel the massive radiation of energy from the Fringe. Right above Pandemonium was a vortex of Mystical Yin. It was so dense that traces of white-colored Mystical Yin could be seen with the naked eye, swirling as it descended into Pandemonium.

Now, the place was a sea of white. The Quintessence overgods could feel a power they couldn't comprehend coming from within, causing them to gather there. The whole place was filled with all the Mystical Yin that had gathered on Elysium across aeons, which had been absorbed fully in the past two centuries and converted into stored energy.


"This energy might just be enough to break Aethernia's barrier!" Althea said when she felt the oppressive and ethereal force coming from the depths of Pandemonium. After being compressed heavily, the Mystical Yin now took on a mercurial form.

"Althea, did we make the wrong choice after all?" Azdins said with a sigh. "I can be sure now that he's already more powerful than us. Even if the Allmother is eradicated, he's not someone that we can defeat."

After some pondering, she said, "Azdins, I know what you're worrying about, but you don't have to worry. The moment Aethernia is destroyed, we won't be the first ones to take the fall."

Monroe's eyes glowed as she smiled and nodded. "That's right. To the Allmother, he's definitely the biggest threat. He uses an energy that doesn't belong in this universe - the same energy that the Being used to injure Her. He should be the Allmother's top priority."

The others nodded and smiled. Nestor, Amon, and Cratos also seemed rather unsure, having been startled by the staggering force emanating from Pandemonium. They were also doubting whether siding with Han Shuo was the right choice to make. The only one who seemed happy about it was Fernando. Now that Han Shuo's power seemed to not belong in this universe, he finally had hope of being able to leave this universe. To Fernando, the stronger Han Shuo was, the better.

A long roar could be heard from underground. All of a sudden, the Mystical Yin that gathered there swirled into the depths at lightning speed, concentrating to a single point in a few minutes' time, causing another wave of powerful energy to sweep out.

Then, a large crevice opened up at Pandemonium. A figure shrouded in white mist emerged from it, the mercurial Mystical Yin flowing nonstop around his body as it got more and more compressed as the power from the figure grew stronger. All of a sudden, the figure sucked all the mist into its pores including all the mercurial Mystical Yin. Gradually, he returned to 'normal' human form as the other gods watched.

At the same time, a spatial pathway opened and a gigantic bone throne emerged from it. Negative energies like evil, cruelty, hate, wrath and violence emerged from Han Hao, who was seated in the throne. He kept his eyes on Han Shuo as he muttered, "Father, you're finally at the Diablo Realm. You're the Lord of All Demons!"

Then, an intense light shone from his body. When it slowly receded, Han Shuo walked towards them with a smile, dressed in his signature black clothes.

"I'm ready," he said, "If possible, let's head out now."

The Twelve who had been waiting for this day for tens of thousands of years nodded. Fernando didn't say anything else either, knowing that the rest were anxious to get the whole thing over with. He immediately made spatial pathways, into which the Quintessence overgods entered.

"Fernando, after this battle, I will break through the bindings of this universe to fulfill your wish," Han Shuo said.

"You have my eternal gratitude!" Fernando smiled, rarely for once, and motioned for Han Shuo to enter. Han Shuo looked at Han Hao gently before entering. Naturally, Han Hao also tagged along.

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