Once the three undead creatures agreed on Han Shuo’s participation, Han Shuo immediately started communicating with the little skeleton. As the distance between them was becoming shorter, Han Shuo could easily convey his thoughts to the little skeleton. The clever little skeleton who was currently flying over at high speed on a bone demon completely understood Han Shuo’s intention.

When the three undead creatures saw that Han Shuo had agreed, they did not try to retrieve the serene luster gem in the middle of the black spring. Instead, they spread out in front of the spring, ordering the surrounding low ranked undead creatures to stop fighting and to slowly encircle this location.

There were two evil knights in the surroundings who slowly headed towards the huge knight that brandished the two meter broadsword, while a few hate warriors stood separately in front of the apparition and the mummy lord. They thoroughly guarded this area, intending to make this place the resting grounds of the approaching little skeleton.

A shrill whistle could be heard gradually coming closer. Under the dusky sky, a huge shadow slowly approached. The wings connected to the variant bone demon’s rotting corpse were five to six meters in length when fully extended. In addition, its whole body was covered with fearsome bone spears. This caused the bone demon that could fly to have ample deterring strength.

More than ten sparkling white bones formed a cushion on the back of the flying bone demon. Seated on it was the little skeleton who held a long, sharp bone spear. Its Purple Demon Eye was filled with a glistening radiance while its small body gave off an imposing presence.

The huge knight waved his rusted two meter long sword at the little skeleton who was flying over on the bone demon, spreading out his indignant consciousness, “This time, you wouldn’t be able to escape!”

“You are currently no longer a match for me. If you submit to me, I will spare your life!” When the little skeleton had arrived, he unyieldingly stayed in the air, looking down as he rode the bone demon, his dignified consciousness transmitted over.

“You can forget about that happening. I would rather let my soul be obliterated than to be your slave!” the knight roared. He then gave a command to his subordinates, “Kill this wretched skeleton!”

As the knight shouted out his orders, the mummy lord and the apparition also ordered their subordinates to attack. Hundreds upon hundreds of undead creatures were like a locust swarm as they charged toward the little skeleton and his bone demon mount. Among them were gargoyles that could fly, which formed groups and attacked in waves and were the first to charge towards the little skeleton with no fear of death.

Looking down on the various low ranked undead creatures approaching, the little skeleton’s Purple Demon Eye suddenly emitted purple light halos. They spread out like waves of running water from his Purple Demon Eye, gradually covering the surrounding area around the little skeleton. The whole area was filled with a vicious, imposing aura.

When the charging low ranked undead creatures were hit by the waves of mysterious aura, they were all suddenly stunned, seemingly forgetting that they had to attack the little skeleton. Even the gargoyles that didn’t fear death had bypassed the little skeleton and headed into the distance.

“ You lowly, weak existences, step down!” a harsh dignified consciousness was suddenly transmitted from the little skeleton, extending out in all directions.

All the low ranked undead creatures that were enveloped by the purple light from the Purple Demon Eye were caught in a daze. They hesitated for a moment, as though fearing the little skeleton’s might and actually disobeyed the suicidal orders from the knight and the mummy lord, all of them voluntarily opening up a path.

Only the two evil knights appeared to have barely resisted the corrosion of the Purple Demon Eye’s bright light on their consciousness. After being dazed for a long while, they actually charged toward the little skeleton again. Along the way, the two evil knights conveniently grabbed a few skeleton warriors by their sides, dismantling the skeleton warrior’s bones and shot them toward the little skeleton in the sky.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Without even waiting for the bone spears to close in, the little skeleton swept with the long bone spear in his hand. An earth-shattering death qi emerged violently, causing all the bone spears shooting toward him to explode.

The little skeleton did not seem to put the two evil knights in his eyes, still looking into the distance at the three undead creatures as well as Han Shuo. He transmitted another message through his consciousness, “Since you don’t acknowledge your allegiance, the only alternative is death!”

The bone demon beneath him suddenly flew forward, heading for the five meter tall knight. The little skeleton tightly grasped his three meter long bone spear, an enormous amount of death qi that carried dense killing intent assaulted the four undead creatures below. The mummy lord was the first to act, throwing out his sarcophagus toward the bone demon below the little skeleton. Numerous wraiths flew out of the apparition once again, heading toward the little skeleton in an orderly formation.

The huge knight guided his flaming horse, looking up at the incoming little skeleton while charging toward him. Under the momentum of his charge, he threw out the two meter long broadsword, slashing toward the little skeleton. His throw possessed an impressive force, appearing extremely powerful.

The little skeleton drew the spear before suddenly thrusting it forward. The long spear was like a sponge, absorbing the rich death qi in the surroundings before flying out like lightning toward the incoming broadsword. With a “clang”, the knight’s broadsword descended toward the ground. At the same time, the bone demon flapped its wings, pushing the mummy lord’s sarcophagus aside.

As for the wraiths sent by the apparition to attack, they were obstructed by the Purple Demon Eye’s purple rays of light even before they could get close to the little skeleton. The purple rays of light seemed to have suddenly formed an invisible barrier and the hundreds of wraiths were simply unable to charge through the barrier.

Han Shuo coordinated with the other undead creatures and shot out two rows of bone spears. However, the bone spears were similarly repelled by the invisible barrier created from the light of the Purple Demon Eye, descending from high above. This made Han Shuo even more amazed. How did the little skeleton control the Demon Eye of Datara that they obtained from the forest trolls to achieve such a miraculous effect?

Bone spears conjured with Han Shuo’s grand magus leveled mental strength had strong penetrative strength. Although they were unable to pierce through those incomparably firm physical defenses, the barrier should theoretically be able to obstruct the formless wraiths, but shouldn’t be able to block the powerful bone spears. However, the truth was actually so inconceivable. Han Shuo gradually felt that the little skeleton was becoming more and more mysterious.

After the little skeleton blocked all their attacks, he guided the bone demon to circle around toward the mummy lord and the apparition. The knight who had just caught his descending broadsword was a distance away from the mummy lord and the apparition and didn’t have enough time to assist them.

Han Shuo was in comparison much closer to the mummy lord and the apparition. Seeing the mummy lord and the apparition’s panicked expressions, Han Shuo took the initiative to transmit a message, “I’ll assist the two of you!”

Han Shuo immediately rushed toward the mummy lord and the apparition after transmitting his message. As soon as he sent the message, Han Shuo immediately rushed toward the mummy lord and the apparition. He had already prepared the Soul Tremor magic as well as communicated with the little skeleton. Once the little skeleton attacked the mummy lord, Han Shuo would seize the opportunity to unleash Soul Tremor on the apparition.

Regardless the form of the undead creature, their soul was the foundation of their existence. This was the same for the peculiar apparition. If it was taken by surprise by Han Shuo’s Soul Tremor, even if its soul wasn’t destroyed, it would be severely injured. At that time, Han Shuo and the little skeleton would be able to easily kill the apparition first.

After that, with Han Shuo obstructing the mummy lord and the little skeleton directly killing the huge knight, they would be able to completely control the situation. None of the three undead creatures would be able to escape from the schemes of Han Shuo and the little skeleton.

Han Shuo’s plan was extremely good. If the situation proceeded as planned, that would be everything he could wish for. However, just as Han Shuo’s consciousness firmly locked onto the apparition and was ready to eliminate the apparition at any time. His consciousness suddenly felt a faint fluctuation from the depths of the pitch-black spring.

The fluctuation was extremely slight, as though it had been accidentally leaked due to a soul being excessively excited. If Han Shuo’s consciousness had not improved to its current state, it would perhaps have been hard for him to sense that weak fluctuation. As the fluctuation seemed to contain an ancient aura, it was obvious that there was a formidable undead creature hiding in the spring. This formidable undead creature was unable to be detected by the nearby knight, apparition and even the little skeleton, sufficiently illustrating its strength.

Han Shuo’s consciousness hurriedly circulated, attentively comprehending that unintentionally leaked aura with added caution. Han Shuo was suddenly alarmed, momentarily matching that aura with a formidable undead creature recorded in necromancy books.

The strongest existence known in general to necromancers was the bone dragon. The pitch-black spring had actually contained an extremely cunning bone dragon!

The bone dragon has always been a domineering undead creature in the netherworld. Apart from a few more frightening unknown existences, the bone dragon, skeleton king and zombie king were deemed the highest ranked undead creatures. In the Profound Continent, necromancers had to reach the rank of sacred magus to be able to summon bone dragons.

The bone dragon had always known as the strongest undead creature. This bone dragon that had concealed itself in the spring from beginning to end had made use of the wisps of smoke overflowing the serene luster gem above its head to attract strong undead creatures to this location. Its intentions were extremely clear for all to see.

It seems that the drop of serene luster gem in the middle of the pitch-black spring ought to have always been the bone dragon’s bait to lure in strong undead creatures. The huge knight, mummy lord, apparition as well as Han Shuo had all fallen into the bone dragon’s trap. If Han Shuo’s consciousness had not suddenly sensed the slight fluctuation that arose from the bone dragon’s excitement, he reckoned that the one who benefits eventually would have been the bone dragon.

As he charged toward the apparition, Han Shuo hurriedly communicated with the little skeleton, describing everything that he had just sensed to the little skeleton before inquiring if the little skeleton possessed the strength to defeat the bone dragon.

“Father, I would definitely be able to kill and behead the bone dragon in the future. However, I’m unable to do that now. I still do not have that strength for the time being!” The little skeleton sent a message over, on one hand stating that he possessed the possibility of infinite evolutions while on the other hand, he stated that he temporarily didn’t have the power to deal with the bone dragon.”

When Han Shuo heard that the little skeleton wasn’t a match for the bone dragon, his brain rapidly worked. When he neared the apparition, he immediately issued a different instruction to the little skeleton.

The mummy lord’s sarcophagus suddenly smashed toward the little skeleton, while the apparition erratically retreated, while unleashing an unknown enchantment. The wraiths that had emerged from its body suddenly assembled into a gigantic network of wraiths, attempting to trap the little skeleton.

Han Shuo materialized a bone shield, the huge sinister bone shield suddenly obstructed the mummy lord’s way, establishing a solid defense for the mummy lord and the apparition. This allowed the mummy lord and apparition to relax, only focusing on attacking the little skeleton.

When the little skeleton who was riding the bone demon saw that he was about to be trapped by the apparition’s network of wraiths, the bone demon suddenly changed its direction, descending toward the pitch-black spring.

While the undead creatures had yet to react, the seven bone spurs on the little skeleton’s back suddenly shot out toward the sinister-looking plant. He also firmly threw his javelin-like three meter bone spear into the middle of the spring.

A frightening roar suddenly sounded from the depths of the lifeless spring. The pitch-black spring suddenly boiled, forming huge waves.

Bone spears condensed from the surrounding surging death qi suddenly shot into the depths of the boiling spring, appearing to have pierced the extremely cunning bone dragon, causing the bone dragon to temporarily be unable to emerge from the depths of the spring.

Right at this moment, the little skeleton’s seven bone spurs shot toward the sinister-looking plant, completely chopping through the plant’s rhizomes. Faint blue smoke started to leak out from the serene luster gem that seemed to be supported by numerous withered branches and leaves. After chopping through the plant, the seven bone spurs seized the opportunity to congregate and lift up the serene luster gem which flew into the little skeleton’s palm in the blink of an eye.

The three meter long bone spear suddenly flew out from within the ground, resembling lightning as it returned to the little skeleton’s hand. The little skeleton then urged the bone demon to fly toward Han Shuo without even looking at the rapidly boiling pitch-black spring.

“Treacherous, despicable skeleton, I, bone dragon Zasika, will inevitably exterminate you!” A loud roar could be heard from underground as a huge bone dragon whose whole body was made up of steel like long bones suddenly rose out of the spring, giving off a formidable death qi which spread through the entire valley.

The huge knight, mummy lord and the apparition who were about to attack the little skeleton from all directions suddenly glanced at each other in terror before frantically fleeing toward the surroundings of the valley, ignoring the little skeleton. The lower ranked zombie warriors and hate warriors seemed to be petrified in fear, instinctively submitting themselves and not daring to move from their positions.