Phoebe was furious as she left, her last sentence firmly rejecting Han Shuo’s plan to follow her. Han Shuo, who had gotten up to put on his clothes, hesitated for a while before ultimately deciding not to follow Phoebe.

The Betteridge Family was a celebrated noble family within the empire. Even though Mister Hahn has withdrawn from the military, his influence still remained. If Phoebe went to talk to Emily by herself, it would perhaps not cause much of a problem. However, if Han Shuo went along as well, what would happen between the two ladies and Han Shuo would be unpredictable.  

Han Shuo definitely didn’t want to be screamed at by two girls within the Betteridge Family. If that happened, not only would it affect Han Shuo’s career, it would also ruin the reputation of Phoebe and Emily.

Han Shuo frowned as he blanked out momentarily, not knowing what he should do. He decided to just send out two mystical demons to follow behind Phoebe.

In recent times, Ossen City was shrouded in darkness, with hidden dangers everywhere. Han Shou was afraid that Phoebe who supported Lawrence would encounter trouble. Furthermore, he also wanted to find out what Phoebe wanted to talk to Emily about. If the situation goes south, he would have no choice and be forced to step in.

As the mystical demons followed Phoebe to the Betteridge Family, contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, the originally enraged Phoebe had already concealed her emotions when she reached the doorstep of the Betteridge Family and was instead tranquil as she asked the guard if she could meet Emily.

When Han Shuo saw that Phoebe did not cause a racket the moment she reached the Betteridge Family, he couldn’t help letting out a breath. He understood that although Phoebe was angry, she still knew to act appropriately. When Emily heard that Phoebe had specially come to visit, she was suddenly started. She knew she was hiding something and the previous few times she had met Phoebe, she had faintly felt that something was inappropriate and knew that an intelligent woman like Phoebe would definitely sense something.

Now that Phoebe had come to look for her specifically, Emily knew that the trouble that would have come has finally arrived. She calmed her disturbed state of mind and then actively head out to welcome Phoebe.

“Hey, Miss Phoebe? Hehe, it’s been awhile since we met, to what do I owe this visit?” Emily has been part of Dark Mantle for many years and was still able to show a natural appearance even though she had a guilty conscience, showing a splendid smile as greeting Phoebe like a sister.

“Hehe, Miss Emily, isn’t that because I miss you. Oh, it’s been a long time since we met, sister Emily seems to be looking much younger, what is your secret? You must share it with me!” Phoebe who has run a business for a long time was also able to hold in her anger, smiling as she greeted Emily.

Emily felt troubled. When Phoebe mentioned her sore spot, she knew that Phoebe did not come with good intentions. Emily naturally knew the cause of the changes to her body. The beautiful fair-skinned Phoebe was in an extremely similar condition as herself. It was naturally self-evident the reason for Phoebe to bring up this matter.

“I don’t deserve Miss Phoebe’s praise. Perhaps it is because there isn’t much happening recently, being idle and having slept much more. I definitely don’t look younger!” Emily smiled as she played down the matter. Seeing that there were still guards around, she couldn’t help but lightly chuckle as she walked toward Phoebe, smiling as she said, “Since it is rare for you to come over, let’s head to my room to talk about more intimate matters.”

“That was exactly my intention!” Phoebe smiled lightly as she replied, still keeping a natural expression as she walked into the residence with Emily. The two of them looked like a pair of sisters, as though there was simply no friction between them.

Han Shuo who had seen and heard the whole conversation between the two of them through a mystical demon couldn’t help but inwardly admire the calmness of both women and also sort of understood how elegant women fought. It wasn’t the loud shouting and screaming he imagined, but was instead a more obscure and implicit battle.

After Emily led Phoebe into her personal room, Emily very carefully placed layer upon layer of enchantments around the room, perhaps to prevent their conversation from leaking. Phoebe looked on indifferently as Emily placed soundproofing, vision-obscuring enchantments, not saying a word.

Once Emily had finished placing her enchantments, Han Shuo’s two mystical demons felt a dark aura gradually spreading out in all directions. After hesitating for a moment, Han Shuo withdrew the two mystical demons, having them stay outside the room. In that way, the mystical demons would not be discovered by Emily’s enchantments, but he would also not be able to hear their conversation.

“Hai, having too many women is indeed troublesome!” Han Shuo couldn’t help but sigh. However, he knew that by his nature, his self-control in this area was definitely lacking.

Just as Han Shuo was sighing, Steward Kallas came in, looking for Han Shuo, handing over a letter while saying respectfully, “Lord Marquis, this is a letter for you.”

“Lord Marquis?” Han Shuo was stunned, looking over at Steward Kallas before questioning suspiciously, “Kallas, did you address me wrongly?”

“No, I definitely did not!” Steward Kallas answered, smiling as he looked toward Han Shuo before continuing, “Lord Marquis, although His Majesty’s official document has not been issued, there’s no need for you to keep us in the dark. Hehe, we are your staff, yet we had to find out from others that His Majesty had conferred upon you a higher title.

When Kallas made that statement, Han Shuo had a sudden realization. He understood that Lancelot Empire’s King Uhtred must have immediately set out to help Lawrence pave the way once Han Shuo left the palace. His title of Marquis must have also been announced in advance.

Now that even Steward Kallas knew about this, it adequately illustrated that King Uhtred had disseminated the news of Han Shuo’s promotion. Han Shuo could only sigh at King Uhtred’s high efficiency. He then knitted his brows and asked, “Oh, as for those negative rumors about me, are they still being spread?”

“Lord Marquis, His Majesty has already confirmed your innocent background and ordered that no one should doubt your loyalty to the Empire. If anyone dared to spread rumors about you, His Majesty would immediately punish him for slander. Within a day’s time, there was no longer anyone that dared talk about you being from the Calamity Church.” Steward Kallas looked at Han Shuo reverently as he answered sincerely.

Han Shou had merely made a trip to the imperial palace, yet once he returned, His Majesty made a series of major actions, suppressing all the negative discussions about Han Shuo and even conferred the noble title of Marquis upon Han Shuo. This was ample proof of His Majesty’s trust and generosity toward Han Shuo. Kallas was truly convinced by Han Shuo.

However, Kallas would never know that within the palace, Lancelot Empire’s most powerful person actually had a pleading tone when talking to Han Shuo, not having the slightest arrogant attitude of a superior towards a subordinate.

“Who sent the letter?” Han Shuo nonchalantly asked while looking at the letter.

“The person who sent it seemed to be a student of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. He said that it was Master Fanny that told him to pass this to you. You had previously made it clear to pay special attention to matters regarding Master Fanny. Hence, I didn’t dare tarry, delivering it to you immediately.” Steward Kallas replied.

“That’s good!” Han Shuo gave praise before waving his hand for Kallas to withdraw. He then opened the envelope to retrieve and read the light green letter within.

Fanny’s penmanship was deft and graceful. The contents of the letter contained faint attraction, faintly displaying part of Fanny’s longing. It also mentioned that today was the first day for the necromancy major to recruit new students and she hoped that Han Shuo could find time to make a trip to the necromancy major and perhaps make a speech, so as to keep up appearances for the necromancy major.

After he finished reading the letter, Han Shuo’s nose was filled with the delicate fragrance of the light green writing paper, as if smelling the refreshing scent on Fanny’s body. Remembering Dean Emma’s previous expectations of him, Han Shuo hesitated for a moment, before deciding to make a trip to Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Brimming in the scent of spring, Babylon Academy’s yearly recruitment was in full swing.

As Lancelot Empire’s largest incubator for talent, Babylon Academy of Magic and Force was the place everyone, regardless of nobles or commoners, yearned to join. Every youngster’s goal was to become a noble mage or knight. If one did not have outstanding talent in magic, picking the next choice in becoming a swordsman was also a decent choice.

As the empire’s largest training institution, the yearly recruitment of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force which is located in the empire’s capital was always extremely lively. Most of the empire’s talents would flock to Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, hoping to be able to be a student of the academy.

Generally, as long as one enters Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, and successfully graduates, one would have a beautiful future, regardless if they are a commoner or a noble. Of course, if the student was a child of nobility and studied magic, the student’s prospects would naturally be even brighter.

Students would undergo many tests and would be able to choose a major suited to their mental strength and their ability to sense the magical elements. Generally, if one was able to sense a particular element better, it would be easier for them to study in that major. Of course, this wasn’t absolute. There were people who were only able to weakly sense the darkness element, but due to their interest, they eventually became dark grand magi. The foundation only plays a small part while one’s final accomplishments would still be dependent on themselves.

Hence, when students pass all the different tests and reach the time in choosing their major, the crux would often be their interest and the major’s strength rather than the student choosing the major based on which element they could sense the strongest.

All along, Babylon Academy of Magic and Force advocated and insisted all along on respecting the student’s interest and choice. None of the majors had the right to force outstanding students to join their major. The final decision would be made by the student, while what each major had to do was to take advantage of their strengths in attracting excellent students to join.

This was the same for the necromancy major. The necromancy major that had declined for many years had become a branch of the dark major. However, the necromancy major and dark major were after all not the same major. When it’s time to recruit new students, the necromancy major also had the qualifications to recruit students independently.

In an incomparably wide plaza, each magic major of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force occupied their own area, individually establishing numerous recruitment points for the light, dark, fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, summoning, space and necromancy majors.

Every major had made their recruitment point noticeable, either displaying large banners that stated their major’s strengths or inviting outstanding seniors that had graduated from their major to attend and attract the crowd or promising benefits for entering their major. Every major spared no effort in showing off their major, so as to draw outstanding students to their own major.

Talent was the most fundamental aspect of a student in Babylon Academy. As long as a major was able to produce an extraordinary mage, not only would it bring glory to the whole major, the major would also have an advantage in all future school activities. The stronger the major, the more funds and resources they could apply for.

Taking the earth major for example. Thirty years ago, the constantly declining earth major had welcomed Dempus Gaier, causing the earth major to lead in many consecutive school competitions by a wide margin. The current Dempus Gaier had become a well-known earth sacred magus within Lancelot Empire, allowing the earth major to rise from many years of decline to be the strongest major in the academy.

There were many similar examples, the reason why the light and dark major had held the advantage for so many years was also due to the appearance of a few outstanding students in recent years. The weak and bullied necromancy major also stood out due to Han Shuo’s appearance, faintly showing signs of splitting from the dark major and becoming independent.

In the remote northeast corner of the plaza, five tall skeleton warriors raised a large banner which showed “The necromancy major welcomes you to join them” behind a large table. The two instructors, Fanny and Gene sat at the desk, while Lisa, Amy, Athena and the other necromancy students were shouting their lungs out.

“Why are we allocated this area, this area clearly deviates from the core zone. Those fellows in the dark major are obviously forcing us aside. Hmph!” Lisa angrily shouted, turning her head to look at the calm Fanny before asking, “Master Fanny, do you think Bryan will come? It has been a long time since he last came by the necromancy major. That fellow has become a celebrity in the empire, could it be that he has forgotten his friends here, oh and you as well?”

A long time has passed and Lisa had long since got over her previous anger toward Fanny and Han Shuo. However, only Lisa knew if she still bitterly longed for Han Shuo, and even Fanny was unable to see through her.

Having experienced the tragic downfall of her family, Lisa was much stronger than Fanny could imagine. She was no longer the previously willful girl who only knew to cause trouble. Rather, she had truly calmed her mind in studying necromancy magic. Currently, Lisa had actually become a journeyman mage with Fanny’s assistance.

Fanny smiled as she glanced at Lisa, explaining, “Haven’t I already asked Derek to send a letter to him? If he has received my letter and just so happen to have nothing to handle, I believe he would come. Hehe, don’t be worried. Although the location of our necromancy major is slightly secluded, I still believe there will be students that come on account of its reputation.”

Fanny naturally wouldn’t tell Lisa that when Han Shuo had returned from Brettel City, the first person he had looked for was herself. At that time, when Han Shuo told her that he had immediately headed to Babylon Academy to look for her once he entered Ossen City, Fanny was secretly delighted for quite a while.

In this period of time, Han Shuo has risen rapidly within the empire, with nobles and commoners everywhere spreading Han Shuo’s impressive accomplishments. In particular, Han Shuo’s achievement of killing the leader of Brut Merchant Alliance’s Redbud Knights, Celt and his green dragon was spread widely to every corner of Lancelot Empire.

Han Shuo’s rise had caused the necromancy major to similarly be in the spotlight. Currently within Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, none of the other majors dared to blatantly bully the necromancy major. Even Dean Emma was clearly siding the necromancy major, which made Fanny feel extremely relaxed.

“Master Fanny, how many new students do you think we can recruit this year?” Gene asked Fanny who was sitting beside him. Gene who was originally infatuated with Fanny had previously seen Fanny and Han Shuo being intimate by accident. In addition, with Fanny had succeeded in becoming a necromancy archmage, his feelings had gradually faded.

No matter which aspect was compared, an adept mage instructor like himself was a far cry from the rising grand magus necromancer Han Shuo. When Fanny had also become a necromancy archmage, Gene had given up even more completely.

In this way, Gene focused his energy on his career, on one hand striving hard in studying magic, on the other hand, attempting to develop and promote teaching as a career. His contribution to the growth of the necromancy major in this period of time wasn’t small.

Previously when he had returned to his hometown, Gene had mentioned that he was once the instructor of Brettel City’s Count Bryan, immediately causing a sensation in the small town. Gene had also benefited from Han Shuo’s status, causing Gene’s resentment toward Han Shuo to slowly dissipate. “Who knows? Hehe, perhaps there will be a few.” Fanny smiled as she replied.

“Excuse me, may I ask, is this the necromancy major? Did the Empire’s grand magus necromancer Count Bryan graduate from this major?” a youngster that was dressed exquisitely and was followed by a steward had come over and inquired courteously.

“That’s right, Bryan did indeed graduate from our major.” Gene was delighted, hastily answering.

“Ha, I’ve finally found it, why are you so secluded!” The youngster shouted excitedly, before animatedly saying, “My mental strength is excellent and have the strongest affinity for dark magic. However, I choose the necromancy major, I hope you will accept me!”

After finishing his sentence, the youngster shouted loudly toward a few companions that were pacing back and forth in the distance, “Friends, I’ve found the necromancy major. They are over here, you should come over!”

After the youngster shouted, the other teenagers all had delighted expressions, excitedly running towards Fanny’s direction. The results of these students in the mental strength test were exceptional and they were also all from noble backgrounds. They were precisely the people that instructors of every major coveted. No one expected that all of a sudden, all of them would run toward the necromancy major.