“Haha, welcome, welcome. Choosing the necromancy major is definitely the correct decision!” When Gene saw these few young students making a beeline for their position, he couldn’t help but chuckle as he hastily stood up, taking out a few pamphlets and passed one to each person. He smiled as he explained, “Everyone fill in your details. Hehe, there aren’t many rules in our necromancy major and the school fees is the lowest.”

These youngsters that came over were clearly attracted by Han Shuo’s reputation. After hearing Gene’s instructions, all of them excitedly leaned over the table to fill in their forms.

There were a few youngsters that had been lingering a distance away and they didn’t seem to be from the same group. However, their goal was identical and were also searching for the necromancy major’s location. When they heard the shouts coming from this direction, all of them had an excited look as they headed for the necromancy major’s area.

“Hey Carlisle, your mental strength is excellent and your affinity with the darkness element is extremely high. As long as you are willing to study dark magic, you will definitely become a dark grand magus. Don’t leave, for a student like you, our dark major also gives many benefits.” a dark magic professor hastily shouted as he looked at a youngster directly heading toward the necromancy major in the corner.

“I’m sorry but I was under the impression that the dark major and necromancy major were the same and hence came over here. I didn’t that that the necromancy major could actually enroll students on their own. I apologize. The reason I’m here is because I want to become a grand magus necromancer like Marquis Bryan, not because of the dark major!” For this youngster to find out about Han Shuo’s title of Marquis, he definitely does not come from a simple background. He was neither haughty nor humble as he replied, performing a bow before leaving the dark major’s recruitment point in large strides without any hesitation.

The expression of dark major archmage Deo who was sitting behind the dark major’s recruitment table gradually became unsightly. Carlisle was a student that he fancied for a long time. From the start when Carlisle entered Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, Deo was immediately certain that Carlisle was a good seedling in studying dark magic.

So as to recruit Carlisle, Deo even sent a few teachers to separately approach him. Carlisle had also shown great passion from the start and was always extremely pleased. Who would have known that in the end, Carlisle actually headed for the necromancy major without even looking back, even saying that the reason why he was amicable with them was purely because he misunderstood the relationship between the dark major and the necromancy major. That was practically a slap to Deo’s face.

“Isn’t it just a petty slave achieving unexpected success, what is so amazing about that. Hmph.” The dark major teacher that was rejected by Carlisle couldn’t help but censure furiously, attempting to vent the resentment in his heart.

“Deo, isn’t the necromancy major a branch of the dark major? Why does the current situation seem like the necromancy major faintly pressuring the dark major instead. I didn’t expect that in the time that I left the dark major, not only did you not progress, you actually led the dark major to such a state?” A tall and lean middle aged magus appeared next to Deo, frowning as he berated Deo who was the dark major’s person in charge.

“Crowley, although you have become a dark grand magus, you have always been outside the Lancelot Empire. Previously your reputation was very big, but there haven’t been any youngsters that know about you for a long time. However, this Bryan has been rising rapidly these days and within the hearts of the youngsters in the Empire, only he is a true hero. Your era has passed.” Deo glanced at the middle-aged magus, smiling bitterly as he replied.

Crowley and Deo were both previously from Babylon Academy’s dark major. At that time when Crowley was in the dark major, the competition between majors had been dominated by the dark major for consecutive years. He only took a very short time after he advanced to the rank of adept mage and graduated to advance even further to become a dark archmage, causing a sensation within the Lancelot Empire for many years.

However, after Crowley became an archmage, he couldn’t make a breakthrough. After a while, he left Lancelot Empire, traveling to many nations within the Profound Continent and was finally able to become a dark grand magus a few years ago. Deo and Crowley were from the same year, but Deo clearly didn’t have as much talent as Crowley, only reaching the rank of dark archmage. Deo had heard that Crowley had returned to the Lancelot Empire and thus invited him to show his support.

Unfortunately, Crowley had left the Lancelot Empire for too long that even some of the elderly had forgotten about him, not to mention the young students that adored heroes. Crowley had been standing here for quite a while and even though Deo painstakingly introduced him, there wasn’t anyone that took notice of him.

“Deo, that fellow Bryan really became a grand magus necromancer in such a short time?” a  magus who studied dark magic would naturally have a sinister aura wrapping around their body. Candide, one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle had this aura, and this grand magus named Crowley had this aura too. The somber expression he gave Deo would definitely cause an average person who saw it to be fearful.

When Deo heard Crowley’s question, although he was extremely unwilling to admit it, the truth could not be changed. He could only smile bitterly and replied, “That youngster is a freak, he really became a grand magus necromancer that quickly. What is more frightening is that he simply didn’t stay in the necromancy major for a long time, only appearing a few times at crucial moments. No one knows how he managed to train that quickly.”

“Oh, hehe, that’s indeed somewhat interesting. Unfortunately that person isn’t here, otherwise, I would truly want to meet him. I have been forgotten by the people in Lancelot Empire for too long and would indeed need to compete with an expert so that more people will know that I’ve returned.” Crowley muttered to himself while having a pensive expression.

Deo glanced at Crowley, egging him on, “That’s right, Crowley, currently that fellow is having rising prestige within Lancelot Empire. The fastest way for you to make a name for yourself is to defeat him. Hehe, you can indeed try. That fellow had just advanced to the rank of grand magus necromancer and I feel he is surely not your match.”

As Deo and Crowley were previously in the same year, Deo was extremely clear about Crowley’s character. Deo could tell just by looking at Crowley’s expression what he was thinking about and couldn’t help but egg him on. In the years when Crowley was still in the dark major, he was famous for being proud and arrogant. Deo could see that Crowley’s temperament had not changed even after so many years.

“Unfortunately, that fellow isn’t here today. Otherwise, I could seize the opportunity to stop his rise!” Deo’s suggestion matched Crowley’s intentions. He was absolutely confident in his own strength and couldn’t help but become restless.

While they were discussing at the dark major, other teachers in the rest of the majors were also silently cursing. This was especially so at the light major. At this moment, the person in charge of the light major, archmage Voigtlander was similarly having a deflated expression as he shouted furiously, “What is going on!! Liliac had such a strong affinity with the light element but actually headed to the enemy necromancy major. Doesn’t she know that with her circumstances, studying light magic would have the best prospects? How can those dark creatures of the necromancy major be able to match light magic, this is simply preposterous!”

Seated behind the light major’s area was someone Han Shuo was familiar with – one of Dark Mantle’s three heavyweights, light grand magus Amyes. Currently, Amyes was enjoying a pot of good tea, sitting leisurely and smiling as he looked at Voigtlander, not sharing any opinions.

The swordmasters stood behind Amyes, dedicated to Amyes’ protection. They also didn’t care about Voigtlander’s words. In their eyes, Amyes’ safety was the most important.

Voigtlander indignantly complained and then faced the invited Amyes and said, “Lord Amyes, do you think this matter is absurd? The necromancy major is such a small major, yet they actually became so lucky because of a small servant, even snatching away our light major’s students.”

Amyes had previously graduated from the light major, eventually becoming a chancellor of authority within the Lancelot Empire. In the eyes of Lancelot Empire’s nobles, Amyes was a terrifying demon. Once Amyes has fixed his attention on a certain noble family, that noble family will definitely meet with misfortune.

However, although Amyes didn’t have a favorable impression of Voigtlander who was two ranks below himself, he still had some feelings for the light major. Hence when he received Voigtlander’s invitation, Amyes agreed to attend. At present, as he heard Voigtlander’s complaints, Amyes only smiled faintly and replied gracefully, “Bryan is a Marquis of the Empire and is regarded highly by His Majesty. It is best that you are careful with what you say.”

For Voigtlander who didn’t know that Han Shuo was a member of Dark Mantle to blindly ridicule Han Shuo in front of Amyes, he would definitely not get any benefits. When Voigtlander heard Amyes reply, he was astonished as he looked at Amyes, not understanding why Amyes was speaking on behalf of Han Shuo.

“Haha, you should just carry on with your own matters. Those students that enter the necromancy major have all done so out of blind adoration of a hero. After some time, when they realize they are not suited to studying necromancy magic, I believe they will still recognize the facts and return to the light major. There’s no need for you to worry.” As a high-ranking member of Dark Mantle, Amyes could see the main issue at a glance and couldn’t help but console Voigtlander. “I, I just can’t swallow my anger!” Voigtlander pondered for a moment and understood that what Amyes said was reasonable. However, he still couldn’t help but shout angrily.

Amyes hiddenly looked at Voigtlander in disdain, thinking in his heart that the current Bryan is simply not someone a teacher of the light major can contend against. Pondering for a while, as well as taking to account his feelings for the light major, Amyes reminded, “Voigtlander, I’ll say one thing, this Bryan isn’t someone you can provoke. Even if you can’t swallow your anger you should forcefully contain it. If not, it would it would lead to your own demise.”

Amyes controlled a division of Dark Mantle and had a close relationship with His Majesty. From the series of arrangements His Majesty had made today, he could already spot some clues and understood that prior to His Majesty’s passing, no one within Lancelot Empire would be able to act against Han Shuo. Even he himself wouldn’t be able to, much less a light major’s teacher?

“Th-this, Lord Amyes, where do these words stem from?” Voigtlander was startled, somewhat baffled as he inquired.

“Go comprehend it yourself. Haha, the reason why I’ve said this to you is on the account of you inviting me. Look at those fellows in the dark major, I can guarantee that they would pay bitterly sooner or later. Oh, it’s not sooner or later, maybe they would pay bitterly very soon. Ha, That fellow actually came, didn’t he just depart from His Majesty’s place not long ago?” Amyes first warned Voigtlander, before suddenly spotting a tall and imposing figure in the distance. He couldn’t help but exclaim softly.

Following Amyes line of sight, Voigtlander also saw the approaching Han Shuo. He couldn’t help but cry in alarm, “Good gracious, how has that fellow become so tall!”

The previous time Voigtlander saw Han Shuo, he wasn’t even 1.80 meters. Han Shuo had immediately looked for Fanny every time he went to the necromancy major and normal people would simply not have the chance to see Han Shuo. The figure of Han Shuo who trained in demonic magic was currently as imposing as a demonic god, naturally exuding devilishly attractive traits.

Even though he was within a sea of people, Han Shuo’s tall and imposing body and traits would still draw in everyone’s gaze, causing everyone to focus their attention on him, inevitably becoming everyone’s focal point.

“Master Fanny, it’s Bryan!! Bryan’s here, he really came!” Lisa was originally glancing around senselessly, not expecting Han Shuo to really return. When she saw Han Shuo’s prominent figure in the corner of her eye, her heart was in upheaval and she was unable to resist crying out in surprise.

“It seems that only when I truly see him that I realize that all these days of trying to forget him has been useless. I, I’m still unable to forget him!” after crying out in surprise, Lisa’s expression suddenly dulled as she sighed inwardly.

When she heard Lisa’s cry, Fanny’s eyes gave off a joyous radiance of disbelief. She was somewhat unable to resist immediately standing up, but remembered that there were many people around. She couldn’t help but blush as she sat back down, scolding herself inwardly for losing control. She imitated the action of taking a sip of water, controlling her tone as much as possible as she said to the group of excited youngsters, “That person is Bryan, he can be considered as your senior.”

These new necromancy students that rushed over due to Han Shuo’s reputation had just completed the procedures to enter the necromancy major. When they heard Fanny’s sentence, they couldn’t help but blush, all of them standing on tiptoe to do their utmost in seeing a little further, searching for any trace of their hero. In that moment, their young and tender hearts were filled with emotions and excitement.

As Han Shuo continued walking, he realized that due to his appearance, numerous gazes were uniformly converging on him. When Han Shuo looked around and did not immediately see the necromancy major’s recruitment point, he couldn’t help but become suspicious.

However, Han Shuo understood that the necromancy major was a branch of the dark major and the dark major’s location was actually extremely conspicuous. Only after a mystical demon floated upward to overlook the area, did he spot Fanny in a corner behind the dark major. When Han Shuo saw the words on the banner being held up by five skeleton warriors, he couldn’t help but laugh and think inwardly, as Lancelot Empire’s largest magic academy, why does the recruitment seem like a food market?

Han Shuo continued walking toward the necromancy major as he pondered. Just as Han Shuo was about to reach the necromancy major’s recruitment point, Deo hastily pulled Crowley, saying in a low voice, “That fellow is Bryan, if you intend to seize the chance to become famous, defeating him is a good idea!”

Crowley followed Deo’s gaze, couldn’t help but blew a raspberry, “Deo, did you make a mistake, is that fellow really a necromancer? Why does he look like he’s more well-built than barbarian warriors!”

Deo was somewhat speechless, having an ugly expression as he explained, “That’s right, it’s him. Merely, it is said that he also practices a mysterious martial technique and had previously defeated Brut Merchant Alliance’s Leah Cain. Crowley, could it be that you are afraid?”

“Also practices a martial technique…” Crowley stared blankly, before smiling confidently as he replied, “A magus that isn’t focused on one thing is the easiest to deal with. If you didn’t mention this point, I would still be somewhat apprehensive. Since that is the case, I feel reassured.”

As Han Shuo headed for the necromancy major, he was slightly surprised at the amount of attention he was getting. He didn’t think that his appearance would actually cause such so many people to be flustered.

The light major’s recruitment point was also at a very eye-catching location. Han Shuo had noticed Amyes through a mystical demon and when he passed by the light major’s recruitment point, he couldn’t help but nodding his head to send his greetings to Amyes who was leisurely sipping tea. As Amyes was one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, he could also be considered Han Shuo’s immediate superior. Furthermore, Amyes was Emily’s brother. No matter publicly or privately, Han Shuo had to show respect when he saw Amyes.

When Amyes who was originally sitting there leisurely sipping tea saw Han Shuo’s greeting, he didn’t dare be disrespectful and actually stood up and smiled as he returned the greeting.

For someone like Amyes to be so respectful to an upstart like Han Shuo, Voigtlander was slightly surprised. As he recalled what Amyes had advised him, Voigtlander suddenly understood, and instead viewed the dark major in schadenfreude. Seeing Crowley’s restless appearance, it seemed like a show was about to begin.

Seeing Amyes stand up to return the greeting, Han Shuo was similarly astonished. No matter how he saw it, with Amyes’ status, even returning the greeting while seated was already showing face to Han Shuo. He truly didn’t think that Amyes would actually stand and show his respect.

This signified that Amyes treated Han Shuo as someone on the same level and simply not treating Han Shuo as a subordinate. Otherwise, regardless of his age or qualifications within Dark Mantle, there was simply no need for Amyes to stand and return the greeting.

Showing a splendid smile, Han Shuo who was slightly confused directly headed for the necromancy major, not thinking deeply about the reason behind Amyes’ friendliness.

Suddenly, a malicious looking middle-aged magus stood in Han Shuo’s way. Crowley hiddenly measured up Han Shuo, suddenly saying, “Are you Count Bryan? Haha, let me introduce myself, I am Crowley and have graduated from Babylon Academy’s dark major. I have always been fascinated by the exploration of magic and have recently just returned to Lancelot Empire…”

“Get to the point!” Han Shuo knitted his brows, interrupting before Crowley could complete his sentence.

Crowley had an embarrassed expression, not expecting that with Han Shuo’s position as a noble Count, he actually rudely interrupted his speech. That caused Crowley to be dazed for a moment.

“I heard that Count Bryan is a grand magus necromancer. May I know if Lord Count would give me the honor of comparing notes with me?” After Crowley was interrupted by Han Shuo, he was a little annoyed, getting right to the point and issuing his challenge.

When they heard this sentence, the students and teachers in the dark major were shocked. The attention of the nearby majors were all focused here and had also heard Crowley’s loud challenge. They all became excited in an instant, hastily abandoning their current tasks and rushed over.

Over at the necromancy major, Fanny had continuously gazed at Han Shuo once he appeared and had clearly heard the challenge by dark major’s Crowley. Before Fanny could express anything, Lisa and the other students had already headed over. Fanny hesitated a moment, turning around and said to Gene, “Master Gene, sorry to trouble you to look after this place, I’ll head over to take a look!”

“Sure, go ahead. I will look after this area.” Gene knew the real relationship between Fanny and Han Shuo, nodding understandingly as he replied.

“Let’s go over and take a look too. Haha, where did this fellow come from, to go as far as to challenge our hero.” all the new necromancy students that had joined because of Han Shuo’s reputation excitedly ran over.

Amyes who had just sat down suddenly spurted out a mouth of tea, awkwardly looking at Voigtlander who was on the receiving end. He embarrassingly smiled before saying, “I’m really sorry, that fellow really did as i predicted, wanting to seize the opportunity to make a name for himself. Haha.” “It’s nothing, it’s nothing, my lord is indeed formidable.” as Voigtlander used a napkin to wipe away the tea on his body, he smiled and complimented Amyes. He wouldn’t dare blame Amyes!