GDK 393 – Being a role model

At this moment, the old fey demon and its thick sharp claws had already charged before Crowley. Hearing Crowley’s declaration, Han Shuo gave orders with a thought. All the undead creatures froze in a flash, displaying Han Shuo’s extraordinary manipulation ability to the extreme.

Although Crowley was conceited and vain, he still abided by the rules during the sparring. When he felt that he was able to beat Han Shuo comfortably, he still didn’t increase the speed of the Spheres of Destruction to attack Han Shuo. This caused Han Shuo to have a good impression of him and thus when Han Shuo saw him admitting defeat, Han Shuo immediately made the undead creatures cease their attack.

When Crowley was flustered as he looked at the old fey demon in front of him, all the undead creatures from the surroundings suddenly disappeared following Han Shuo’s long incantation. Only when the old fey demon that was the first to appear in front of him also suddenly disappeared did Crowley truly loosened his breath.

“Mister Crowley, your strength is extremely profound. I believe that most grand magi would not be your match. If Mister Crowley is interested, I can help to recommend you to Third Prince Lawrence, there’s no harm in considering it.” after sending all the undead creatures back to the netherworld, Han Shuo had gone over to the side of dark grand magus Crowley, commenting in a low voice.

Crowley’s strength was truly remarkable. There weren’t many magi who could become grand magus in the Lancelot Empire and all of them possessed lofty positions. Since Crowley had returned from travel across various countries, he would surely wish to have an illustrious status within the empire. Such a character was a target that every power would pursue. This was the same for Lawrence as well, hence Han Shuo invited him on behalf of Lawrence.

Crowley clearly understood a little of Lancelot Empire’s current situation and couldn’t help but show an uncomfortable expression. As His Majesty’s illegitimate child, Lawrence was the least supported successor. If Crowley followed Lawrence, he simply wouldn’t know if he would suffer a calamity after the successor has been chosen.

“Mister Crowley, I know what you are apprehensive about. However, some matters aren’t determined by external rumors. Hehe, you give Lawrence some time which can also be considered giving yourself some time. You can decide again on which power you choose after a few days.” When Han Shuo saw that Crowley didn’t respond, he smiled and elaborated further.

“Alright, on account of Count Bryan’s honor, I’ll consider for a few more days.” Crowley could tell that there were hidden meanings within Han Shuo’s sentence and thus hesitated a while before replying.

Han Shuo nodded his head, smiling as he replied, “In the future, you will definitely be proud of your decision today!”

Han Shuo directly departed the practice field without explaining further, not showing any reaction to the crowd’s shock and the necromancy students’ cheers. He first nodded his head toward Amyes and Dean Emma from afar to send his regards, before heading toward Fanny’s group of necromancy major student, smiling as he said, “Teacher Fanny, the recruitment can continue.”

When Fanny saw Han Shuo heading over with his eyes on her from beginning to end, she felt shy yet delighted, hurriedly saying, “Let’s go, everyone shouldn’t stay here anymore. Let’s continue with our unfinished matters.”

When Han Shuo and Fanny left the area together, Amyes’s gaze was continuously fixed on Han Shuo’s movement. Only after Han Shuo disappeared from the practice field did he mumble softly to himself while seeming to be thinking about something, “That youngster is still a Casanova. That female teacher, why does it seem like I’ve seen her before somewhere…”

Dean Emma glanced at Amyes who seemed to be deep in thought and felt somewhat amazed. Who knew that Amyes’ gaze was that sharp, appearing to recall something just by taking a glimpse at Fanny. This caused Emma to be shocked, thinking inwardly that as one of the three heavyweights, just like Candide, Amyes really can’t be belittled.

“Alright, this matter has already ended, I’ll also take my leave. Hehe, Amyes do take a good walk around, it seems like you haven’t returned to your alma mater for a long time.” Seeing Amyes having an expression of deep thought, Emma suddenly spoke, as though not wanting him to realize Fanny’s identity that quickly.

As one of the three heavyweights of the Empire’s Dark Mantle, Amyes knew the secret matters of each noble at the back of his hand, even Firenze at the southern border of the empire was no exception. Having browsed over numerous materials, Amyes had once seen information pertaining to Firenze’s family. However, Fanny was much younger at that time and Amyes only saw a few pictures at that time. For him to be able to feel that someone was familiar just based on pictures he saw a few years ago, his memory is already extremely astonishing.

Amyes who was pondering deeply had his thoughts broken by Emma’s words. He didn’t continue contemplating and instead smiled gracefully and replied, “Dean, go ahead to handle your matters, I’ll just walk around casually and will be leaving soon.”

Emma smiled and nodded, a streak of white light flashed as she disappeared. After Emma left, Amyes couldn’t help but glance at Crowley who had just walked out of the practice field. He suddenly said, “Mister Crowley, it’s best if you carefully consider what Marquis Bryan had just said. Hehe, as a schoolmate, I hope that you would make the right choice.”

“Mar… Marquis?” Crowley who was currently sampling the bitter taste of defeat raised his head and say that the one who spoke was Amyes. Thinking over what Amyes had just said, he couldn’t help but become suspicious.

“Yes, Marquis Bryan! Just today, His Majesty has already officially conferred Bryan as Marquis. The various cities and towns surrounding Brettel City, including a few bandit areas that he occupied, would be Marquis Bryan’s territory. Besides, I’m afraid that no one amongst equally ranked grand magi would be able to defeat him. For you to lose to him isn’t something shameful, you shouldn’t mind too much about it. Instead, you should properly think about what he said to you previously. I’ve said my piece, it’s up to you if you listen!” Amyes smiled as he explained, before leaving with two swordmasters, not waiting for Crowley’s response.

“Marquis, he’s actually already a Marquis!” Crowley muttered to himself, before his eyes slowly brightened, saying to himself softly, “That Amyes is His Majesty’s Hand of Darkness and surely knows of certain matters. It looks like in this trip back to school, it appears that apart from being defeated, I still gained something. I must definitely consider things properly.”

While Crowley was still deliberating which power he should join, Han Shuo and Fanny’s group had already reached the necromancy major’s area. With Han Shuo overseeing the necromancy major, the recruitment of the necromancy major was incomparably smooth. In the end, there were actually more than fifty students joining the necromancy major. Amongst them, there were more than ten who had excellent mental strength, greatly surpassing the other majors.

“Haha, this is great. According to our academy’s regulations, as long as the number of students in a major exceeds a hundred, the major can become a completely independent and self-sufficient major. Teacher Fanny, our current enrollment has a hundred and thirty-two people and can clearly apply to the dean to be independent of the dark major.” after tidying up all the documents, Gene couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

When she heard Gene’s statement, Fanny was also delighted, smiling as she said, “That’s right. Our necromancy major can now become completely independent and no longer be part of the dark major. That shouldn’t be a problem!”

“Awesome, I have long since had enough of the faces of those fellows in the dark major. In the future, we no longer need to mix with them. Our necromancy major would just be the necromancy major, no longer a branch of another major.” Lisa was extremely excited as she shouted loudly.

Lisa’s voice was extremely loud, transmitting into the distance. The dark major wasn’t far from the necromancy major and the dark major’s teacher-in-charge Deo clearly heard Lisa’s deliberate shout. However, Han Shuo was currently with the necromancy major, and Crowley had just been defeated by Han Shuo. Furthermore, Deo found out from Crowley that Han Shuo had already become a Marquis. This made Deo even more fearful of provoking Han Shuo. Although he was extremely unhappy, he didn’t dare to respond.

Amidst the cheers from everyone in the necromancy major, the two instructors, Fanny and Gene led the newly accepted students to the necromancy major to handle the relevant procedures. When they reached the necromancy major’s area, Gene took charge of matters, while Han Shuo followed Fanny, talking a little about the essence of necromancy magic in the necromancy major’s practice field, as well as helping to clear some of the problematic doubts of the students.

Having studied necromancy magic to the rank of grand magus necromancer, Han Shuo’s theoretical and practical knowledge both greatly surpassed Fanny. His comprehension of necromancy magic was much higher as well. Many questions that Gene and Fanny couldn’t explain became easy when they reached Han Shuo.

Afterwards, even Gene who had finished handling matters had came over. After hesitating a while, Gene also asked Han Shuo about a few questions he usually came across. The necromancy major had a harmonious atmosphere, with Han Shuo’s existence bringing hope to both the necromancy major’s new and existing students.

It seemed that from this moment onward, the necromancy major who had always had a small and weak image no longer existed. With Han Shuo’s astronomical rise within the Empire’s ranks, the necromancy major also rose in tandem within Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, gradually having its own sense of proportion, breaking away from the longstanding dependent relationship with the dark major.

Only when the sky had gradually darkened did everyone disperse at Fanny and Gene’s instructions. Toward the end when even Gene had left, Lisa hesitated a moment, staring at Han Shuo as she asked, “Bryan if I want to look for you, can I find you at your residence?”

“Of course. If you are free, you can come over to look for me anytime. Hehe, of course, I wouldn’t be in my residence most of the time. If you are unable to find me, please don’t blame me.” Han Shuo smiled as he replied.

“Hee hee, as long as you agree. Alright, I’ll leave first. Teacher Fanny, Bryan is extremely popular nowadays, you need to watch him closely!” Lisa smiled happily before winking toward Fanny, pulling a funny face before leaving.

After Lisa had left, Fanny’s charming face was flushed. She gazed at Han Shuo affectionately and said, “Bryan, thank you. I didn’t think you would come by today.”

“I just happen to be free and no matter what I have to give you face. Right, if you really want to thank me, you shouldn’t simply use words. I generally prefer people to express themselves through their actions.” Han Shuo laughed deviously, beaming at Fanny as he replied.

Fanny resentfully rolled her eyes at Han Shuo, before hesitating a moment and whispered, “In that case, how do you want me to show my thanks?”

Out of a sudden, Han Shuo had already appeared in front of Fanny, lowering his head as he looked at Fanny whose blush had spread to her neck, extending a finger and pointed at his lips, chuckling as he said, “Take the initiative to kiss me once, that can be considered expressing your thanks!”

“You, you brat. You have already become a high-ranked noble, why have you still not changed your lewd heart!” Fanny blushed, unable to resist beating Han Shuo’s chest with her fist as she pouted playfully.

“Come on, who asked Teacher to be so beautiful and alluring. Hehe, my soul has already been hooked by you. If I don’t flirt with you, who should I flirt with!” Han Shuo frivolously moved his lips toward Fanny, continuously pestering Fanny.

Fanny’s present mood was unprecedentedly good and besides, she also truly liked Han Shuo. After acting coy for a while, she was eventually still unable to resist Han Shuo, blushing as she superficially kissed Han Shuo’s lips.

However, when Fanny shifted away, she was embraced by Han Shuo, who forcefully kissed her. Out of Han Shuo’s expectations, Fanny responded ardently soon after, giving Han Shuo a carefree, uninhibited and breathtaking feeling. Overwhelmed by Fanny’s response, Han Shuo’s hands started moving dishonestly again, wandering around Fanny’s beautiful body.

Only when Fanny was kissed till she was out of breath and her body was incomparably fervent did she moan softly as she pushed Han Shuo away to gasp for breath. Still blushing, she moved further away from Han Shuo, calming her rapidly heaving plump peaks. She then said tenderly, “Bryan, my father will reach Ossen City soon. If you don’t meet him this time around, he said that he would lead his troops to attack Brettel City!”

Hearing this, Han Shuo suddenly sobered, as though a bucket of cold water had been poured on him. He knitted his brows and forced a smiled as he asked Fanny, “You’ve told your father my identity?”

Nodding her head, Fanny hastily explained, “He has constantly asked and even investigated. I only told him when I knew that we would definitely be unable to conceal it any longer. Furthermore, you might not know my father’s identity. You shouldn’t be under the impression that he is joking. My father is different from other people, he is capable of doing anything.”

“I know, your father is the true lord in the eyes of the people at the southern border, Howling Legion’s Firenze?” Han Shuo took a deep breath before looking at Fanny and replied.

“How, how did you find out? When did you find out about this?” Fanny was shocked as she lightly cried out.

“A few days ago. When I had just returned from Brettel City, Dean Emma told me when I came to look for you.” Han Shuo honestly explained to Fanny, before replying reluctantly, “Alright, when your father arrives, I’ll go with you to meet him.”

Han Shuo knew that since Firenze was clear about his origin as well as his relationship with Fanny, Han Shuo could forget about avoiding him. Presently, Han Shuo was already hard pressed by Emily and Phoebe. He didn’t know what the two of them were talking about and even now, they still haven’t come out of the room. Adding in Fanny into the equation, once the three of them know about each other, he wasn’t sure what problems might arise.

Emily was Betteridge Family’s daughter-in-law, her older brother was one of the three heavyweights, Amyes. Behind Phoebe was sacred swordsman Karel, while Fanny’s father, Firenze was a well-known madman, known to be someone you wouldn’t want to provoke. Han Shuo had a headache thinking about what he had to endure once the matter was thoroughly exposed

“Don’t worry, my father treats me the best. He wouldn’t do anything to you. Furthermore, you might just be the type my father likes. Hehe, there’s no need for you to worry.” Fanny thought that Han Shuo was worried about her father, thus she couldn’t help but laugh as she explained.

Han Shuo smiled bitterly as he nodded, before saying, “Alright, I understand. It’s already quite late, I have to leave.”

“Ok, I’ll send you off.” When Fanny knew that Han Shuo agreed to meet her father, her mood clearly improved. She cheerfully walked toward Han Shuo, blushing as she tiptoed and gently kissed Han Shuo’s cheek, before pulling the infatuated Han Shuo along as she said, “Let’s go, I’ll walk you out.”

Han Shuo who had just been kissed by Fanny suddenly made up his mind. No matter what happened in the future, as long as Fanny was willing to be with him, no matter Firenze, sacred swordmaster Karel or Amyes, no one should think of meddling in his affairs. If a peaceful solution couldn’t be found, he wouldn’t hesitate in using force to resolve matters.

Han Shuo steeled his heart and was no longer agonized, deciding to just deal with matters as they arose. He talked and laughed with Fanny as they walked out of the academy.

“Alright, I’ll take my leave.” Han Shuo turned around and smiled at Fanny, before heading back to his own residence.

After Han Shuo left, Fanny returned to the necromancy major alone. Along the way, Amyes just happened to be leaving and coincidently saw Fanny. When Amyes saw Fanny once again, the sense of familiarity became stronger. He knitted his brows as he watched Fanny disappear into the distance. After a moment of serious thinking, Amyes suddenly started, muttering softly, “Could it truly be that lunatic’s daughter!”

“Lord, what’s wrong!” one of the swordmasters next to Amyes inquired.

“No, nothing’s wrong. Come, let’s quickly return to the Dark Mantle, I’ve some matters to investigate.” Amyes answered, suddenly hastening his steps.