GDK 394 – Han Shuo’s promise

After leaving Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, Han Shuo had originally decided to return to his residence. However, he discovered through his mystical demon that Emily and Phoebe were walking out of her room.

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, Emily’s eyes were red, as though she cried. Phoebe, who originally came to admonish Emily was not as overbearing as he had imagined and was instead repeatedly persuading Emily.

Holding each other’s hands, their friendship had deepened since the time when they were in the Valley of Sunshine. Emily’s eyes were red as she continuously took tissues to wipe the corners of her eyes, her miserable appearance causing others to feel pity for her. Phoebe gently supported Emily as she sighed, “Elder sister, I was rude. I didn’t know your life had been like this.”

“Let it pass Phoebe, it’s  already hard for you to be able to forgive me. I am indeed at fault regarding this matter. An unexpected combination of factors just so happened to occur. Ai…” Emily gently wiped the corner of her eyes as she confided in Phoebe.

“Alright, alright. We’ve almost reached your doorstep, you should head back in and not let others see you in this state. It’s all that guy’s fault, not yours. I’ll settle scores with him and shouldn’t have caused trouble for you.” Phoebe persuaded Emily, stubbornly urging her to return to her room.

“Phoebe, thank you. You are a good woman, no wonder he likes you so much.” After entering her room, Emily held Phoebe’s hand and said sincerely.

“Haiz, I wouldn’t have expected that Sister’s life was worse than mine. I had always thought that as a daughter-in-law of Betteridge Family and also having a brother who wields great authority, your life was surely more blessed than mine. Let’s forget it, I will be leaving first. It’s already quite late, you should get some rest.” After she finished speaking, Phoebe released Emily’s hands from her grasp and departed from Emily’s residence.

Han Shuo had heard the whole conversation through his mystical demon, causing him to momentarily feel puzzled. He had originally believed that even if both of them did not cause a ruckus, they would be ridiculing and abusing each other. Who would have thought that the matter would turn out in this way?

Altering his direction, Han Shuo headed towards Betteridge Family. Emily who had just wept precisely needed his comfort at this moment. No matter the situation, Han Shuo did not wish for Emily to be hurt. Having made this decision in his heart, he hastened over.

Having been busy in Babylon Academy of Magic and Force for a long time, the sky had already darkened when Han Shuo left. There were currently very few people on the streets as the night quietly descended. Han Shuo was like a demon in the night, drifting silently across the empty streets toward the Betteridge Family.

Han Shuo did not bother about Phoebe who had left on a carriage, only dispatching a mystical demon to observe and ensure her safety. He had observed during the conversation between the two girls that Phoebe’s emotions seemed to be in check and there shouldn’t be any problems. Currently, only the red-eyed Emily required his comfort. Hence Han Shuo was naturally able to distinguish who he should prioritize.

Although the security of the Betteridge Family was tight, it meant nothing to Han Shuo who had the mystical demons. He easily avoided the guards and silently arrived in front of Emily’s room.

Emily’s magic barrier was still active around her room, hence Han Shuo did not force his way in, for fear of Emily’s erroneous retaliation. Instead, he gently knocked on the door.

“Who’s that!” Emily asked as she slowly headed toward the door.

“It’s me!” Han Shuo said softly.

Emily hastened her steps and arrived at the door within a breath. Upon opening the door, Emily saw that it was indeed Han Shuo and her red eyes suddenly brightened. Looking around to ensure that there was no one around, she then pulled him into the room.

“Why are you here? This is the Betteridge Family, what would happen if you were seen?” After pulling Han Shuo in, Emily hurriedly closed the door and set up a soundproof barrier before questioning him.

“I was worried about you.” Han Shuo suddenly embraced Emily tightly as he replied tenderly.

“I am alright. Phoebe had just left, did you see her?” Being held tightly by Han Shuo, Emily felt her heart calm down and asked softly.

“No, after she found out about this matter today, I was afraid that she would make a scene. Hence I did not head over as well. However, I was keeping an eye on the situation the whole time. Did Phoebe do anything to you? You, you cried?” Han Shuo’s heart ached as he stretched his hand over to stroke the corners of Emily’s eyes as he replied tenderly.

“Hehe, it’s enough for me as long as I know you are worried about me. Phoebe is a good girl, she did not come over to cause a scene. Instead, we bared our hearts to each other and talked. Phoebe even consoled me constantly. You have a good eye for women.” Feeling Han Shuo’s tenderness, she suddenly felt that all her previous sufferings were worth it.

Han Shuo did not speak anymore and instead embraced Emily and gave her a kiss. At this moment, what Emily needed was precisely Han Shuo’s comfort. She couldn’t help but respond enthusiastically, even taking the initiative to help Han Shuo undress. As they kissed intensely, she led Han Shuo to her inner chamber.

Han Shuo could feel Emily’s fiery passion. With thoughts of atonement, Han Shuo was more deliberate in pleasing her. His large hands started wandering around Emily’s body tenderly while his lips were continuously joined with hers. When Emily was out of breath, he whispered sweet nothings into her ears instead.

“Bryan. Oh… Bryan…” Emily moaned softly, appearing extremely aroused.

While Han Shuo’s large hands were fondling Emily’s round, satiny bum, Emily had already spontaneously assisted in stripping off her clothes completely. She suddenly fell backward onto her soft pink colored bed, displaying her naked body to Han Shuo. Her almond eyes gazed longingly at Han Shuo, gasping as she said softly, “Bryan, I don’t need you to be gentle, be rougher with me!”

Han Shuo was startled for a moment, but soon after he growled as he pounced toward Emily. Discarding all notions of being gentle, he instead treated Emily violently.

The Emily today was wilder than ever before, intensely pandering to Han Shuo till the point where her delicate body could no longer withstand Han Shuo’s tempestuous priapic assault. In the end, she fell asleep immediately, devoid of any trace of energy in her body.

As Han Shuo gazed at Emily as she slept in the wake of their pleasure, having been utterly wrung out, he suddenly felt a sense of guilt. Emily was actually his first woman. He had raped her at the beginning and he had only viewed her as a tool to satiate his lust for the longest time.

Only following Emily’s silent efforts toward Han Shuo, did he gradually developed feelings for her. However, due to her unique identity, he was unable to give her a proper status. In principle, Phoebe should actually be the one that he should denounce. Emily, who had become his woman while bearing an unusual identity was the real victim.

Ever since Emily and Han Shuo got together, she had always considered his needs and gave her all in doing things for him. As he gazed at the woman fast asleep in front of him, Han Shuo started unwittingly reminiscing about the past. The more he recalled past events between the two of them, the guiltier he felt.

“Ai, I owe you too much, it has been hard on you.” Han Shuo sighed, muttering to himself as he gently caressed Emily’s face.

“Everything was by my own will, I have never blamed you. Besides, I know you treat me well, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.” The side of Emily’s lips suddenly curled into a blissful smile, as she opened her eyes after finishing her sentence.

“Oh? Why have you woken up so quickly and not sleep a while more?” Seeing Emily awaken, Han Shuo couldn’t help but knit his brows as he gently chided her.

“It’s alright. After having sex with you, I could feel the mysterious energy you left within me. This energy has helped me improve my body, which is why I could recover so quickly. Bryan, everything was really of my own will. I know that your heart actually aches for me, but so long as you love me, I don’t hope for anything else. After all, my identity has been fixed.” Emily stretched out her hand to caress Han Shuo’s firm face, smiling as she spoke softly.

“You will definitely get a formal status soon. I swear that I will give it to you, this is something you deserve!” Han Shuo looked at Emily who had done much for him and promised resolutely.

“Bryan, do you want to know what is Phoebe’s stance regarding our relationship?” Emily had a joyous expression, kissing his chest before smiling as she asked.

“No matter what Phoebe’s stance is, it will not affect our relationship. Even if she firmly disagrees, it wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t worry, I will talk to Phoebe about this.” Han Shuo promised once again, determined to not let Emily suffer any grievances.

“Gege, your words really made me happy!” Emily chuckled and continued, “In any case, Phoebe agreed!”