GDK 395 – Entering the sect

“Agreed? What did she agree to?” Han Shuo stared blankly and asked suspiciously.

“Naturally it’s agreeing to our matter!” Emily explained cheerfully, “I told Phoebe everything regarding our relationship, emphasizing that due to my identity,we can’t reveal our relationship. I also shared how my husband had suddenly died on the battlefield soon after I entered Betteridge Family. After hearing me out, Phoebe even advised me for quite a while!”

Han Shuo was amazed, suddenly feeling that Phoebe was really fair and reasonable. On the other hand, Emily was also extremely intelligent to be able to be apart of Dark Mantle for so long. Making Phoebe approve of her identity with a few words was enough to prove that Emily’s ability.

Hearing Emily’s words, Han Shuo finally relaxed. He smiled as he gave her a light kiss before saying, “Emily, you are really capable.”

“Alright, alright. Enough of your honeyed words.” Emily happily pushed Han Shuo before saying, “It’s already quite late, you shouldn’t stay here. I still need to go over and send my regards to Father.”

Hearing Emily mention the Betteridge Family head Mister Hahn, Han Shuo thought for a moment before asking, “Which prince does Mister Hahn support?”

“I don’t know, perhaps it is because Father has retired from the military for too long. When the empire was in turmoil, Father was not part of the empire’s government and neither has he mentioned the matters between the princes to me.” Hearing Han Shuo bring up official matters, Emily knitted her brows as she answered. Being silent for a moment, Han Shuo then replied, “If Mister Hahn mentions this matter, or has plans to support a certain prince, you should urge him to not act impulsively this few days, so as to not lead the Betteridge Family down the wrong path.”

Emily was shocked, asking astoundedly, “Why would you say this?”

“Everyone doesn’t think highly of Lawrence. However, if nothing unexpected happens, the next king would be Lawrence. These few days, you should quietly observe from the side. I reckon that His Majesty would make major decisions very soon.” After discussing terms with King Uhtred, he understood that Lawrence’s situation would change drastically. Hence, he reminded Emily.

“Are you sure your information is accurate?” Emily clearly understood the gravity of this information, having a serious expression as she asked Han Shuo.

Han Shuo nodded his head affirmatively and said, “I went to the palace today and heard this from the king himself. It’s definitely true.”

“In that case, I must share this news with my father and brother immediately. In addition, there are a few other friends who are still observing the situation, I must remind them before it’s too late.” Upon hearing Han Shuo’s words, Emily already started wearing her clothes, carrying a worried expression.

As this matter concerned all nobles of Lancelot Empire, every noble must take a side in this matter. If they chose the wrong side, their family might suffer a decline. Therefore, they must act with caution.

Han Shuo could understand Emily’s anxiety. He stood up and gently helped her put on her silk dress, helped her straighten her disheveled hair and even applied rouge amidst her blissful smile before saying, “Alright, be careful on your way.”

Emily obediently waited for Han Shuo to finish helping her before happily giving him a kiss. She said with a smile, “I know, you shouldn’t stay here for too long. We are in the Betteridge Family residence.”

“I will leave now.” Han Shuo smiled. After sorting his clothes and watching Emily leave to find Hahns, he left silently as well.

Upon entering his residence, Han Shuo felt the heavy killing intent from Bollands. With a glance, he saw Bollands hiding in the shadows.

“Lord Marquis!” Han Shuo hadn’t even entered his room when Bollands suddenly shouted in a low voice and walked out from the shadows.

There were no strong guards within Han Shuo’s residence. Apart from Han Shuo, there was no one else within the residence that he would be worried about. Therefore he did not lay down any formations. After all, an expert like Bollands would not be seen by normal people.

Bollands was dressed long gray robes, had a malevolent face and was shrouded with dense killing intent. Any normal person who saw him would definitely be filled with fear. “Let’s talk inside!” Han Shuo glanced at Bollands, smiling before entering his room with Bollands following behind.

Inside the room, Han Shuo surveyed the area through his mystical demons. He saw that there were no suspicious individuals in the surroundings. Phoebe had also returned to Boozt Merchant Guild after being unable to meet Han Shuo.

Sitting down, Han Shuo smiled at Bollands and asked, “So what is your decision?”

Bollands had an excited expression as he nodded his head and answered, “I would like to learn your martial technique. Lord Karel has already agreed, but he wants to meet you in person.”

Han Shuo wasn’t shocked. In this world, only Han Shuo could give Bollands what he needed, with Bollands’ degree of obsession with this martial technique, he would definitely agree. What Han Shuo did not understand was why Karel Ascot would want to see him.

Staring blankly for a moment, Han Shuo frowned as he asked, “Why does Mister Karel want to see me?”

Bollands answered while shaking his head, “I’m not sure.”

“I see.” Han Shuo muttered to himself before asking, “When does he want to see me? Where should I look for him?”

“If you have the time, my Lord wants me to bring you to see him.” Bollands respectfully answered.

“In that case, how about I go meet him immediately. Oh, it is late already. Would Lord Karel already be resting?” Han Shuo originally wanted to meet him immediately, but thinking further, he corrected himself.

“It’s alright, my lord usually rests very late. If you are free, we can leave now.” Bollands answered.

“Alright then, let’s leave now.” Han Shuo coolly said before heading with Bollands in the direction of the northern Rose Garden.

Under the serene glow of moonlight, Han Shuo and Bollands made their way toward the north. The speed of Bollands who was an experienced assassin was as fast as lightning. In addition, he was used to moving through dark places, therefore normal people could not detect his presence.

Han Shuo, who had reached the separate demon realm, had a few mystical demons to observe his surroundings. Han Shuo drifted around like a specter, not afraid of being seen even on the bright streets.As his speed was also extremely fast, Han Shuo’s shadow was like a stream of smoke brushing past.

Compared to Bolland’s carefulness, Han Shuo appeared calm. With his mystical demons, Han Shuo could easily avoid areas where there were people and still follow Bollands closely.

Upon reaching the region of the Northern Rose Garden, both of them decreased their speeds. In the dead of night, it was the perfect time to carry out indecent matters. On the streets towards Northern Rose Garden, many beautiful carriages could be seen quietly traveling along, with a few butlers or servants gracefully leading them from the front. All of them were headed for the Northern Rose Garden.

As Lancelot Empire’s famous red light district, business at the Northern Rose Garden was fantastic. With the sacred swordmaster Karel overseeing the safety and Lawrence excelling at running a business, the Northern Rose Garden had simply become a lair for ecstasy.

It was because of the sudden increase in traffic toward the Northern Rose Garden that Han Shuo and Bollands had to slow down. Since Bollands was familiar with the area, he led Han Shuo toward the back door.

The back door of the Rose Garden was more remote. Usually, only staff used this entrance, unless it was to receive those with sensitive identities. The nobles who were seeking pleasure would not pass by this place.

“Bollands, since you have already decided to join my sect, there are some matters I need to make clear.” Han Shuo said to Bollands as they headed toward the rear entrance.

“Please give your instructions!” Bollands respectfully replied.

“Bollands, you need not be too polite. In the future, you can just call me Senior Brother instead of Marquis. Our sect is called Heavenly Demon Sect and only a few people within the Profound Continent know of us. Our master was formerly an otherworldly expert. He had come to the Profound Continent by chance and imparted this martial technique to me before leaving…” Han Shuo suppressed his voice as he spun some lies.

Bollands listened earnestly. After Han Shuo finished, Bollands was shocked and excitedly said, “To think that Master was so powerful, he was actually an otherworldly expert. No wonder he possessed such mysterious techniques which are unheard of in the whole Profound Continent. Not being able to meet such a figure is indeed regrettable!”

“Heh heh, Master’s strength is unfathomable. I will impart Heavenly Demon Sect’s marital technique to you on behalf of Master. With your aptitude, it will definitely be of much use. Don’t worry, the use and concealment of killing intent is the fundamentals of the Heavenly Demon manual. You will not only be able to quickly grasp it, you will also obtain stronger killing techniques.” Han Shuo solemnly said.

The technique Han Shuo would impart to Bollands was called God Slaying Devil Path, it is not an orthodox demonic cultivator’s technique. Even if Bollands cultivated it to the peak, he would not be able to reach Han Shuo’s level. However, if Bollands was able to proficiently grasp this technique, his strength would definitely soar.

However, this kind of progress had the slight intention of spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm. It completely took advantage of Bollands’ dense killing intent to rapidly increase his strength. However, it wasn’t a step by step technique like the one Han Shuo was practicing and didn’t have the unlimited possibility for improvement. Han Shuo only needed a junior brother that was able to help him root out dissidents and not someone who could contend against him in terms of demonic arts. Therefore, no matter how much Bollands improved, he wouldn’t be able to threaten Han Shuo’s position.

“Senior Brother, thank you.” When they were about to enter Northern Rose Garden, Bollands bowed respectfully to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo wasn’t in a hurry to enter Rose Garden. He smiled and replied after receiving Bollands’ bow, “As you have yet officially entered the sect, I still can’t immediately impart our sect’s technique to you. Once I met Mister Karel, I will help you handle the entrance rites. After you have officially joined Heavenly Demon Sect, I will help you reform your body before teaching you our sect’s techniques.”

“I will listen to senior brother.” Although Bollands was older, he was still respectful in front of Han Shuo and did not dare to have any slightest neglect.

Han Shuo smiled as he nodded his head, “Alright, bring me into the Rose Garden.”

Bollands led Han Shuo down the path Lawrence had previously used that led to the secret chamber. After opening the passageway, Bollands led Han Shuo through many complicated alleys before they finally reached the location of sacred swordmaster Karel.

Sacred swordmaster Karel was sitting on a boulder in the huge white space. Although his hair was white, he was glistening with vigor as his kindly eyes leisurely looked toward the front. Seeing Han Shuo enter, Karel smiled, “Kid, you are truly not simple!”

Bollands left after leading Han Shuo to the location, leaving Karel and Han Shuo alone. After hearing Karel’s praise, Han Shuo couldn’t help but smile reservedly, “You are overly praising me.”

“For you to have gifted divine weapon Starry Sky to Phoebe, hehe, your intentions are very good.” Karel smiled before continuing, “I won’t get involved in the matter of you instructing Bollands, you need not be worried. I have never regarded Bollands as a servant and he always had his freedom. For him to be so excited to learn this martial technique from you, you must definitely possess something that attracts him. I will respect his decision.”

“In that case, why have you summoned me?” Han Shuo had a relaxed expression as he smiled and asked.

“I only wish to see the person whom old astrologer Madam Grace had prophesied to be able to bring prosperity to the Lancelot Empire. And also to find out what do you plan to do for the Lancelot Empire.” Karel stared brightly at Han Shuo, smiling as he replied.

Han Shuo suddenly realized why Uhtred had spoken in such a strange manner!