GDK 402: Cutting off the tongue

A 2.5 meters tall creature who was made of white bones that swayed in disorder from the skeleton slowly made its way forward.
This creature was formed purely from bones that were as sharp as lances. The bones fanned out like blooming flower petals, completely obstructing the narrow passage. With each step, a dense aura of death assaulted their senses, as though warning everyone that it didn’t belong to this world.

As a high ranked undead creature, the bone demon had to bear the restrictions of the contract to enter this world. It brought along the netherworld’s deathly aura, desolation and loathing toward the creatures in this world. As it possessed high intelligence, it could sense the fear of the creatures in front of itself.

When it reached the entrance of the passage, the power of contract ordered it to halt. Its original intention to kill the creatures in front was abruptly forced to an end. When it had arrived, it had already furiously struggled against the caster’s contract and understood that the caster was capable of ruining its strength, so it hadn’t resisted.

When everybody inside the cave looked towards Asa, they naturally saw this huge bone demon coming and completely blocking the exit. Behind the swaying sharp spears of the bone demon came the constantly echoing sound of heavy footsteps, like drum beats pounding on their panicking hearts.

In the span of a few breaths, a few balls of ghostly fires lit up behind the bone demon, appearing like mini lanterns that slowly drew nearer along with the footsteps. When the ghostly fires reached the bone demon, everyone could see the shadows of a few huge knights under the light from the ghostly fires as they tightly blocked the exit.

At this point, everybody in the mountain cave knew that the only way out was sealed. If they wanted to leave, the only method was to kill the bone demon and evil knights. However, who knew whether there’d be countless undead creatures in addition to the bone demon and the evil knights?

Within the narrow mountain cave, If there really were a large number of undead creatures, as they didn’t have a light mage, it’d simply be harder to get out alive than to reach the sky. As these people’s brains quickly spun and they saw that these undead creatures had no intention of entering the cave, their anxious hearts temporarily calmed down. Their eyes couldn’t help but turn towards Han Shuo again.

At this moment, Han Shuo had cut all the chains off Trunks and had applied several colorful medicines on his body. Even the rotting wounds full of pus were cleaned up. During this process, Han Shuo’s darkened face looked terrifying.

“Count Bryan, this is none of your business. By saving Trunks, you’ll become the enemy of our three powers in the Valley of Sunshine. You should consider carefully!” Trulla stammered for a while, before summoning his courage to speak out toward Han Shuo under everyone’s intense gaze.

Han Shuo didn’t reply, not even turning his head to glance at Trulla!

As he placed his right hand on Trunks’ back, black rays of light entered Trunks’ body from the hidden angle. The unconscious Trunks could only sense that his fading vitality once again returned little by little.

Trunks gradually even felt a thread of strength. Harboring a bone-deep hatred, he abruptly shouted in his weakened condition, “Asa, I will kill you! I won’t let you off even if I die!”

Lightning archmage Asa clearly heard Trunks’ subconscious, weak shout. His face was immediately paled as white as paper, his fingers tightly gripping the magic staff. His eyes flickered as he turned to look behind. However, when he saw the bone demon’s blazing eyes and the evil knights riding their fire-spitting warhorses, he hastily turned his head back.

After the light shout, Trunks slowly regained his consciousness. As his strength and vitality gradually recovered, he opened his eyes with difficulty. The first thing that entered his eyes was Han Shuo’s frightfully somber face.

However, when he saw Han Shuo’s terrifying, gloomy face, Trunks was extremely excited. His mouth pulled up into a silent, wry smile, his dry lips slowly moved, “Bryan, you came?”

Nodding his head, Han Shuo softly sighed and said, “I came a little late, you are already this heavily wounded.”

“I’m not dead, so it’s not too late! As long as I’m not dead, I still have hope for revenge. Even if my arms and legs are cut off, at least I still have teeth, I want to devour these beasts!!” Trunks’ voice wasn’t loud, but the enmity in it caused everyone to feel an endless chill. 

To the side, Asa felt a chill from the bottom of his heart. His eyes quickly looked around and glanced toward Trulla shortly after. By another side, Trulla was silently communicating with the people from the Cairo mercenary band. The gap between the three powers unknowingly narrowed, as they clearly knew what should be done when facing a common enemy.

Han Shuo was indifferent to their actions, only having his eyes on Trunks. Only after Trunks finished speaking did Han Shuo reply, “Don’t worry, you’ve eaten a Rebirth Pill, even if your tendons are cut off, I can still heal you till your previous state!”

“Gilbert, come over here and help me take good care of Trunks!” Han Shuo shouted towards the area behind Trunks. A rumbling sound could be heard from underground and a moment later, dark dragon Gilbert burrowed out. 

When the mystical demon had spotted Trunks suffering such inhuman torture, Han Shuo had immediately ordered Gilbert to approach from underground at the fastest speed possible, while he summoned the undead creatures to seal the only way out of the cave. When Han Shuo had made his way to Trunks’ location, dark dragon Gilbert was still in the underground passage hence he was a few minutes slower.

After Gilbert appeared, he took a look at Trunks and his eyes became bloodshot. He instantly roared in rage, “I want to eat all of you!”

This period of time, Gilbert had always stayed with Trunks, unknowingly giving rise their friendship. Trunks was a person of good character, treating Gilbert with extraordinary generosity. As for dark dragon Gilbert, apart from a few bad points, he was very upright. When he saw Trunks being tortured to the point of being unrecognizable, he couldn’t suppress the rage in his heart.

Stopping Gilbert with one hand, Han Shuo instructed coldly, “Look after Trunks. As for these people in the mountain cave, just leave them to me.”

“Master, I want to kill them, I want to avenge Trunks too!” Dark dragon Gilbert simply couldn’t bear to see Trunks’ miserable state. There was even a trace of sobbing in his voice. This was the result of Gilbert’s excessive wrath and grief.

“Rest assured, there’ll be an opportunity, you and Trunks will have that opportunity!” Han Shuo solemnly vowed and once again instructed, “Look after Trunks well, don’t let him suffer any more harm!”

Holding back the tears that had almost flowed out, Gilbert’s voice was choked with emotions as he nodded in assent. Holding a bucket of clean water, he helped Trunks clean up the stench off his wounds. Gilbert couldn’t help shouting out in sobs, “Damn it, how could you be so careless, you fool…”

To Trunks, the pain had already numbed his senses. However, when he saw the dark dragon expressing his feelings of anger to the point of crying and Han Shuo forcefully repressing his anger which caused him to appear sinister and terrifying, something warm slowly merged with the demonic yuan energy that Han Shuo had transferred into his body, nourishing his injured body.

“You, what do you want? We, we are not afraid of you. It’s best if you consider it clearly!” Seeing Han Shuo approach steadily with a gloomy expression after Trunks’ injury had stabilized, Asa shouted, appearing fierce while being cowardly at heart.

Not wasting any words, Han Shuo suddenly transformed into a blood-colored streak, charging into the center of these people like lightning and casting out punches and kicks. The sounds of bones breaking echoed through the mountain cave, making one’s scalp tingle.
In such a narrow area, Han Shuo’s demonic arts fully displayed its advantages. As the frenzied, violent attacks fell down, there was simply no one who was capable of withstanding his assault. The strongest people here were swordmaster Trulla and lightning archmage Asa, who were simply no threat to the current Han Shuo.

In just a few minutes, the fifteen experts of the three great powers inside the mountain cave that held Trunks captive not only had their bones broken but also their tendons cut. Such an injury to the swordsmen and knights who cultivated fighting aura meant that they had thoroughly become useless. To the mages like Asa, Han Shuo cut off their tongues in addition to those injuries, hence they’d never be able to cast any magic ever again.

“I won’t kill you. When Trunks recovers, he will slowly skin you alive. Only in this way can the damage he’d suffered be compensated.” Looking at the mass of meat laying paralyzed on the ground, as well as Asa constantly spitting out blood due to his tongue being cut off, Han Shuo calmly pronounced their fate.

With his tendons snapped and bones broken, Asa couldn’t even let out a tragic howl, his eyes filled with despair and regret. He regretted not having killed Trunks earlier, regretted not throwing everything to the wind to kill Han Shuo the first time Han Shuo had come to the Valley of Sunshine.

Dark dragon Gilbert’s choked voice gradually returned to normal in light of the perpetrators suffering. Trunks’ weakened body also slowly recovered some strength. With the support of the dark dragon and Han Shuo’s demonic yuan energy, he could even stand up with some difficulty.

Trunks looked at Asa’s miserable state, suddenly letting out a crazy laughter. His owl-like laughter was filled with endless resentment and unspeakable satisfaction.

As Trunks madly laughed like a devil, the pain and pressure from the last few days seemed to be released along with his laughter. He stared steadfastly at Asa as he laughed to his heart’s content, his eyes filled with a bone-deep resentment which enveloped Asa like an ice cold prison, causing him to feel a chill that penetrated to his bones.

Asa understood that this time in Trunks’ hands, the suffering he’d have to bear would be much more extreme. Asa who had released his anger as much as he liked on Trunks’ body had no doubts that once Trunks recovered his strength, Trunks would torture him to his death. With his completely handicapped body and cut off tongue, Asa’s heart was filled with only despair. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t even beg for death in his current situation and could only wait for the incoming, endless suffering.

After a long time, Trunks’ wild laughter eventually subsided. He’d laughed to the point that tears were flowing. After his emotions calmed, Trunks remained silent for a little before speaking in a much lower tone, “Bryan, this time it was Laureton, Florida and Adam Menlo allying, otherwise I would have definitely escaped!”

Having reached the ranks of great swordmaster, within the Valley of Sunshine, only the three times berserk Laureton was able to fight evenly with him. It was due to this confidence that Trunks dared to act without fear. Unfortunately, he had underestimated the despicableness and shamelessness of others and had been captured alive in an ambush.

“Say no more, I already know. None of them shall escape your revenge, I promise!” Han Shuo took in a deep breath and calmly promised Trunks.

“Bryan, I could never have expected Laureton to make a move so quickly! Just the night before, Laureton was still drinking and chatting with me. Ha, I was truly too naïve to actually overlook him!” Trunks’ smile was self-mocking, but his voice was filled with hatred towards Laureton.

“Laureton… Laureton…” Han Shuo mumbled twice, his eyes gradually becoming cold.

“Master, Trunks’ body is still very bad, he shouldn’t stay too long in this place, we should leave immediately!” Dark dragon Gilbert wiped the tear stains from the corners of his eyes. Not caring for the filthiness and foul stench from Trunks’ body, he supported Trunks onto his body,

Han Shuo calmly nodded in agreement. The bone demon blocking the cave entrance suddenly walked out, with a few zombie warriors following close behind. At Han Shuo’s order, they picked up all of the bodies from the ground.

During this process, Han Shuo commanded the bone demon to provide a dozen bones. Each zombie warrior made use of the bones’ sharpness to pierce these people’s legs like piercing grilled fish, heightening their pain. “Let’s go!” Han Shuo exclaimed, following up with an incantation. The undead creatures in the depths of the passage disappeared, causing the passage to appear wider.