GDK 408 – Fanny’s deep emotions

Han Shuo did not express his opinion on what they discussed next, merely thinking about the madman Firenze’s arrival in Ossen City and the effect it would cause on him.

Based on what Han Shuo had promised Fanny, he knew that since Firenze had reached Ossen City, he would definitely meet Firenze in the near future. The matter of Han Shuo already having Phoebe and Emily by his side would be exposed sooner or later. He wasn’t sure what great reaction Fanny would have once she found out!

It was the same for Phoebe, who had just accepted Emily yet still had residual anger. If she found out about Fanny as well, she might insist on bringing out a cage. Unfortunately, since things have reached such a situation, there was no way he could conceal it any longer.

“Bryan, Bryan!” Lawrence suddenly shouted twice.

Han Shuo suddenly came to his senses. He looked astonished at Lawrence and asked, “What’s up?”

“What do you think we should do next, Charles is our main opponent. Do you have any ideas?” Lawrence looked brightly at Han Shuo as he sought Han Shuo’s opinion.

Han Shuo was currently feeling troubled and simply did not seriously listen to their discussion. He shook his head in response and said, “I don’t have any good ideas.”

When Lawrence heard Han Shuo’s reply and saw that he had a vexed expression, he understood that Han Shuo was perhaps occupied by some other thoughts. He nodded without asking further, continuing to discuss with the other nobles instead.

After a short while, they finished their discussion. The nobles left in succession, including Emily and Old Hahn, only leaving Phoebe, Lawrence and Han Shuo in the room.

“Bryan, thank you for introducing Mister Crowley to me, allowing me to have such a strong grand magus by my side!” After the rest had left, Lawrence thanked Han Shuo sincerely.

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment before responding and said, “That Crowley has joined you?”

“Yes, Mister Crowley said that he followed your advice and decided to join me.” Lawrence smiled as he explained.

“That’s good. Lawrence, I have some matters to speak with Phoebe, we’ll be leaving first!” Han Shuo pondered for a moment before saying to Lawrence.

“Alright then, you two can leave first.” Lawrence smiled as he got up to send them off.

Phoebe pouted, appearing to still be angry at Han Shuo. Under Lawrence’s gaze, she got into her own carriage. Han Shuo hesitated for a moment but on second thought, since many people knew of his relationship with Phoebe, he got on soon after.

Based on the current situation, his relationship with the three women would perhaps no longer able to be concealed. Han Shuo seriously considered for a moment, deciding to just confess to the three women. Of the three women, Emily was the only one who wouldn’t mind it too much. Besides, Emily faintly knew of some information through the Dark Mantle, hence Han Shuo wasn’t worried about her.

However, both Phoebe and Fanny were huge problems. He was unable to conceal it further even if he wanted to and it would be worse if they found out by themselves. Reaching this situation, Han Shuo really had no other ideas and resigned to his fate and tell them the truth.

Within the elegant horse carriage, Han Shuo had a reserved expression as he remained silent. Phoebe’s anger toward Han Shuo had yet to diminish, pouting and also not saying a word. In a moment, the atmosphere within the carriage was somewhat tense.

After a short while, Han Shuo took a deep breath, turning his head to look at Phoebe and said in a low voice, “Phoebe, apart from you and Emily, I still have another woman!”

Phoebe’s eyebrows raised, her eyes overflowing with disbelief. There were signs of rage coming from her delicate body as she clenched her teeth and unwaveringly stared at Han Shuo before saying sharply, “You, what did you say?!”

“Apart from Emily and yourself, I still have another woman. Her name is Fanny, she was previously my teacher. She’s also the first woman I liked.” Han Shuo sounded downcast, sighing when he finished.

“What, what is the meaning of this? Why are you telling me this?” Phoebe couldn’t contain her rage. She already found it hard to accept Emily. Now, Han Shuo suddenly said that there is another woman. Phoebe’s mind buzzed as she felt a sharp pain penetrating her heart.

“She is a teacher at my academy and took care of me from the start…” Han Shuo described his relationship with Fanny. He then sighed as he gazed at Phoebe and said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have deceived you. That was because I didn’t want you to be happy. That was what had happened. I’m saying so much to you not because I want you to forgive me but to let you know that as a matter of fact, I’m truly a bad person like you said and am even the extremely bad kind.”

“Leave, leave immediately, I don’t want to ever see you again!” Phoebe cried incessantly, suddenly crying out sharply to the point of losing her voice.

When Han Shuo saw Phoebe losing control of her emotions, he suddenly felt an extremely strong grievance. He knew that it would be useless to say anything at this moment and thus simply nodded before opening the carriage’s window and flew out.

Han Shuo knew since a long time ago that Phoebe was a headstrong person. Such an independent woman would not easily forgive him for deceiving her. Perhaps it was precisely because Phoebe had strong feelings for him, hence she was so hurt by what Han Shuo said today.

Han Shuo suddenly understood the pain of the woman he loved dearly. The anguish he felt didn’t seem any less than what Phoebe was feeling. Han Shuo himself had an extreme pain in his heart. Carrying that intense pain in his heart, Han Shuo made his way toward Babylon Academy of Magic and Force.

When Han Shuo reached Fanny’s laboratory, it just happened to be after lunchtime. Ever since Han Shuo visited a few days ago, Fanny felt extremely content and was very cheerful the past few days.

When she opened the laboratory’ door intending to first rest for a while, she suddenly saw Han Shuo who was seated on a chair within the room. The current Han Shuo seemed absent-minded and looked somewhat pale. He sat gloomily without saying a word, as though he had an extremely heavy load on his mind.

With a glance, Fanny suddenly realized that the current Han Shuo was completely different from the past. Previously, Han Shuo always had a strong fighting spirit or was frivolous and improper. He had never been as downcast and absent-minded as he was today.

“Bryan, what happened to you? Are you ill?” Fanny was flustered, hurrying to Han Shuo’s side, raising a hand to feel his forehead.

Hearing Fanny’s voice, Han Shuo was startled. When he saw Fanny filled with concern for himself, the pain in his heart increased. He stared blankly for a while, perhaps wanting to feel more of Fanny’s gentle feelings as he simply stared deeply at Fanny as he carefully appreciated the temperature of Fanny’s warm hand.

“What’s wrong, why are you saying anything. What’s going on?” When Fanny saw Han Shuo not saying a word and simply staring blankly at herself, she felt more frenetic, impatiently questioning Han Shuo as her worry was displayed on her face.

“Fanny, I’ve let you down!” Han Shuo who was staring blankly at Fanny didn’t know if this tenderness would still exist after he spoke. However, he knew that he was unable to hide, finally sighed and said to Fanny.

“You aren’t ill right? What nonsense are you saying?” Fanny beamed as she pulled back her hand from Han Shuo’s forehead, looking tenderly at Han Shuo’s eyes as she replied.

Han Shuo didn’t dare to look straight at Fanny’s eyes and guiltily lowered his head. He suddenly remembered that he had not had physical relations with Fanny. In that case, as long as he told Fanny the truth, it wouldn’t cause much harm to Fanny.

Toward his loved ones, Han Shuo had never been a heartless person. The reason why Han Shuo had concealed this matter for such a long time, apart from enjoying the wonderful feeling of having multiple women, it was because he didn’t want to heartlessly cause them pain.

However, Han Shuo only suddenly realized at this moment that his actions of hiding the truth would indeed not cause them pain in the short term, but such actions would cause them a lifetime of anguish.

This was precisely why Han Shuo decided to sincerely explain the truth to both parties. However, the guilty Han Shuo didn’t dare face Fanny’s gentle feelings. Under Fanny’s impatient inquiry, Han Shuo used the same downcast voice to explain, “Apart from you, I still have two other women. I’ve let you down!”

Fanny’s hand which was tenderly caressing Han Shuo’s hair suddenly stopped. Han Shuo instinctively raised his head to look, suddenly realizing that Fanny had frozen in position, her tender eyes filled with helplessness and pain. Her rosy lips paled, constantly squirmed as if she wanted to say something yet was unable to make up any sound.

Two streams of tears flowed down her smooth cheeks, sliding down her neck. After a very long time, Fanny’s dimmed eyes focused on Han Shuo. She had a bleak expression, sounding forlorn as she said softly, “Bryan, are you telling me this because you want to break off our relationship?”

Han Shuo froze, unable to understand Fanny’s response. He had thought that Fanny should be furious like Phoebe was, chasing him away regardless of everything. He did not think that in this moment, Fanny actually had such a grim and frightened expression like a helpless blossoming flower bud.

An intense feeling of self-blame suddenly rushed into Han Shuo’s heart.Han Shuo’s eyes reddened as he pulled Fanny into his embrace, choking with emotion as he said, “Sorry, it’s all my fault. Sorry…”

“Bryan, I, I’ve already known long ago regarding the matters between Miss Phoebe and yourself.” Fanny faintly spoke, before exerting all her strength to embrace Han Shuo tightly, as though afraid that Han Shuo would depart from her side.

Han Shuo had a lifeless expression, subconsciously hugging Fanny tightly without knowing the reason why. His mind was filled with questions. She actually knew. How did she find out?

“You are the dazzling new star of the Empire. Information about you is spread everywhere. Among them naturally includes matters regarding Miss Phoebe and yourself. It’s funny that you still deceive yourself and assume that I’m unaware. The first time I heard that information, I didn’t believe it. However, slowly through my own understanding, I finally believed the information. I’m truly a weak woman. I should have always maintained a distance from you from the start and not fall for your enticement. However, in the days where you aren’t around, my mind is completely filled with your image, forever impossible to get rid of.

Sorry, I’m unable to do it!

Even though I’m fully aware that you already have Miss Phoebe, I’m still unable to leave you. Once I imagine that we would no longer interact, I would feel suffocated. You would never be able to understand this feeling. I’m useless. I’m unable to walk away from your vortex of emotions and instead can’t help but sink deeper…” Fanny muttered as she mocked herself while in Han Shuo’s bosom, her voice full of helplessness and misery.

Her narration from the bottom of her heart ruthlessly tore apart Han Shuo’s opinionated guise. Han Shuo felt dizzy from an incomparably intense happiness. Even though this happiness contained a hint of extreme agony, even though this happiness made Han Shuo’s lips dry up and his eyes redden, causing his firm heart to weaken…

“I know, Phoebe is a good woman. Have you come here after deciding to leave me?” Fanny murmured in sorrow, her tone filled with agony and desolation. Her tears were like a pearl necklace that had snapped, pearl after pearl dripping on Han Shuo’s shoulder.

“No!” Han Shuo bellowed, before continuing to say, “I will never leave you. Never! I said so much just to request your forgiveness. I have never thought of leaving you! Sorry, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault…”

Fanny’s delicate body trembled slightly as she suddenly stood up, teardrops still hanging from her eyes that indescribably anticipated, gazing toward Han Shuo’s face. Her voice trembled and was filled with disbelief as she said softly, “Bryan, are, are you saying the truth?”

Repeatedly nodding his head, Han Shuo had never been as serious as he was now, his voice choking with emotion as he guaranteed, “So long as you don’t leave me, I will never be the one to let go and leave you. I promise!” “But I only recognized the fact that I can never leave you after two years of torment and suffering. I don’t mind that you are with Miss Phoebe and other women. However, would Miss Phoebe care about my existence?” Fanny said bitterly.

“I don’t know. However, I would give her and myself some time. Perhaps, she would finally make a good decision. However, regardless of her decision, it would not change my feelings for you. It definitely won’t!” Han Shuo said resolutely.

Fanny’s eyes were filled with surprise and happiness that couldn’t be contained. She took the initiative to hug Han Shuo tightly again, standing on tiptoe to ardently kiss Han Shuo. Her hands had brazenly slipped into Han Shuo’s clothes, caressing Han Shuo’s strong body while trying to help Han Shuo undress.