GDK 409 – Refusal

It was unclear what Fanny’s thoughts were as for the first time, she was so spontaneous and so passionate. Both her kisses and actions were incomparably bold and unrestrained.

At this moment, Han Shuo was unexpectedly the passive receiver. Fanny’s previous words contained a sea of deep emotions, brought about an enormous shock to Han Shuo, causing him to feel extremely guilty toward Fanny.

When the two of them kissed, Han Shuo who had always been the aggressor in the past instead wasn’t that overbearing.

“Oh… Bryan…” Fanny’s loveable appearance was bright red and contained shyness as she moaned softly. Han Shuo’s outer clothing had unconsciously been taken off by Fanny.

Han Shuo’s naked upper body was extremely robust, each inch of muscle seemed to be brimming with explosive force. When Fanny became out of breath, her fragrant lips left Han Shuo’s as she took deep breaths. As she gazed at Han Shuo’s chiseled body, her eyes were brimming with dense amorous feelings.

“Do… Do me now…” There was a mouse-like squeak. Fanny blushed as she buried her head in Han Shuo’s chest, inhaling the rich manly scent from Han Shuo’s body. She simply felt that her heart was in a mess and was able to clearly hear her own heart beating.

“We can’t!” Han Shuo smiled bitterly as he refused.

Fanny lost her head out of fear, suddenly lifting her head to stare at Han Shuo. Her blushing expression was clearly filled with sorrow and puzzlement, her eyes brimming with doubt and panic.

“Umm… Teacher Gene is coming over and it’s presently daytime. You still need to go teach a class later! How about, at night?” Han Shuo smiled bitterly, scratching his head as he spoke softly to Fanny.

Hearing Han Shuo’s explanation, Fanny suddenly came to her senses, her face still red as she hurriedly dressed Han Shuo and said anxious, “That’s right, that’s right. In that case, you should leave first, we’ll talk about it another day.”

Right at this moment, Gene’s footsteps had already neared till the point that Fanny herself could hear them.

Fanny became even more hurried as she had harbored ulterior motives, desperately urging Han Shuo to make haste and leave. Han Shuo smiled bitterly and nodded while draping his shirt over his shoulders, departing Fanny’s laboratory before Gene had reached.

As he headed back to his residence, Han Shuo felt ineffably moved by Fanny’s deep emotions. He had never expected that Fanny had actually been struggling bitterly for so long because of him. Also, even though Fanny knew about his matters, she still didn’t want to leave him. Her strong feelings caused Han Shuo to feel that he was unable to return the favor to her.

Just as Han Shuo reached his residence, Steward Kallas hurriedly rushed over, having a grave expression as he said, “Lord Marquis, Grand Duke Ashburn and Eldest Prince Charles request a meeting. They have already been waiting for some time.”

“What are they here for?” Han Shuo was startled and knitted his brows in puzzlement.

“I don’t know,” Kallas replied respectfully.

With his heart filled with suspicion, Han Shuo walked toward the hall used for receiving esteemed guests. With a glance, he saw Eldest Prince Charles who he last saw in the Northern Rose Garden. It was actually the first time he was meeting Duke Ashburn who was by Charles’s side. When he looked at Duke Ashburn, Han Shuo immediately knew that he was a crafty old fox and definitely not a person easy to deal with.

The two of them had a relaxed expression as they sipped tea within the hall, actually not bringing a single attendant with them. Once Han Shuo heard Steward Kallas’ report, he immediately sent out a mystic demon to observe the surroundings of the mansion. Only then did he notice that there were two luxurious horse carriages stopped by the front gate and a squadron of knights keeping watch by their side.

Han Shuo who was vexed due to Fanny and Phoebe’s matters had been deep in thought on the journey back and had neglected the surrounding situation. Only after he instructed the mystic demon to circle around the estate did he realize the different situations within the mansion.

As this was the capital, Ossen City, Ashburn and Eldest Prince Charles who had openly come to visit Han Shuo were naturally unafraid that Han Shuo would suddenly rise in revolt. Hence they boldly left the squadron of knights outside, not bringing a single expert along for protection. On the surface, the two of them still seemed to have quite the presence.

When he saw Han Shuo enter, Ashburn glanced at Charles before standing. He smiled and nodded toward Han Shuo before saying, “Marquis Bryan has such a well-known reputation. Seeing you today, it is indeed well-deserved. An outstanding male like Marquis Bryan is truly rare within our Lancelot Empire. Haha.”

Han Shuo wasn’t in a good mood. Having heard many occasions where old fox Ashburn and Charles threw their weight around, he didn’t have a good impression of the two of them. He replied while faking a smile, “Lord Duke is over-praising me. In front of Lord Duke, no one else is fit to be famed for a well-known reputation.

“Greetings Eldest Prince.” Han Shuo then bowed toward Eldest Prince Charles in accordance to etiquette.

“Hehe, be at ease. Previously there were some misunderstandings with Marquis Bryan. I’ve come this time precisely because I wish to our prior misunderstandings.” Eldest Prince Charles looked at Han Shuo amiably, his friendly manner as different as night and day from the previous time at the Rose Garden.

“Your Highness is too courteous. We never had any misunderstandings. The way you say it makes me worry about what had happened.” Han Shuo was stunned, before replying Charles while having an expression that he was unable to make head or tail of the situation.

Coughing softly, Duke Ashburn smiled and said, “Previously we had Cameron to assist with some matters. I didn’t expect that Mister Cameron actually became a competitor to Miss Phoebe’s business. Cameron truly deserves to die, actually using Charles’ title to intimidate people, audaciously finding trouble with Miss Phoebe.

Hehe, at the start, we didn’t know of this matter. However, I suppose that Marquis Bryan would perhaps misunderstand that we had prompted Cameron to act that way. Hence, we have specially come to clarify the matter with Marquis Bryan. We hope that Marquis Bryan wouldn’t misunderstand us due to that matter. Honestly speaking, Charles and I have always extremely admired you and wish to be friends with you.”

Misunderstanding? There was simply no misunderstanding. Without your instructions, why would Cameron dare to use his connection with you to intimidate Phoebe?

Han Shuo sneered inwardly. He already understood their goal from Ashburn and Charles’ tone. He was certain that this was because of his status in Uhtred’s heart. This caused the two of them to realize his importance. This was why they would deign and deliberately want to make friends with him.

“Hehe, that must be a misunderstanding. That matter had happened so long ago that I almost forgot about it. There’s nothing much to discuss.” Han Shuo squinted his eyes, playing down the issue. Shortly after, he smiled as he looked at Ashburn and Charles while asking, “May I know, are there any other matters causing Lord Duke and His Highness to visit?”

“The development of Brettel City has been the most inspirational news in recent days. The city lord of Seamist City which neighbors Brettel City, Kairov, has extremely close relations with me. Hehe, if Brettel City and Seamist City are able to work closely together, the development in all areas would be even faster.

My visit today is precisely to discuss with Marquis Bryan the aid that Seamist City can provide Brettel City, such as manpower and resources that Brettel City needs urgently.” Eldest Prince Charles smiled as he looked at Han Shuo, slowly explaining his proposal.

Seamist City City Lord Kairov was a member of the Haug Family, his sister Kalina was Eldest Prince Charles’ wife. His relationship with Charles was naturally extremely intimate. The distance between Seamist City and Brettel City isn’t very far. If Seamist City was able to provide some effective help, it would naturally be extremely beneficial to Brettel City’s development. This was something Han Shuo was aware of.

“In that case, what does Brettel City have to invest on their part?” Han Shuo remained calm and collected as he inquired.

“There’s no need for any investment. As long as I’m able to gain Marquis Bryan’s friendship, I would be satisfied.” Charles’s scorching gaze was fixed on Han Shuo as he replied.

Grand Duke Ashburn smiled as he looked at Han Shuo. He pondered for a moment before saying, “Marquis Bryan, to be frank, I admire you greatly. If you don’t mind, we can discuss in depth on the possibility of many collaborations. The power and benefit we are able to provide you far surpasses what others can give you. As long as you work together with us, power, wealth, women are all easily obtained.”

Han Shuo chuckled as he looked at the two of them, firmly shaking his head under their expectant gazes and said, “I’m sorry, I’m a person who cherishes old friendships and also know to return the favor of others. Both of you should understand what I mean!”

Hearing Han Shuo’s response, Eldest Prince Charles’ expression sank. Just as he wanted to speak out, Ashburn glared at him. Soon after, Ashburn smiled and said, “So that is the case. I understand. Since that is the case, we’ll take our leave. We apologize for brazenly disturbing. Hope you can forgive us.”

After he was stared at by Ashburn, Charles did not suddenly forget himself. Merely, his calm gaze toward Han Shuo had an added resentment, as if angry at Han Shuo’s rejection and failing to appreciate his kindness.

“In that case, I won’t see you out.” Han Shuo looked astonishedly at Grand Duke Ashburn. He didn’t expect that Ashburn would actually be that direct, not dragging on the situation the slightest once he understood that there was no hope.

“Marquis Bryan, do take care of yourself!” Before Charles left, he suddenly turned back to look at Han Shuo, implying a hidden intention within his words.

“I thank Eldest Prince for his reminder, I will be careful.” Han Shuo expression suddenly turned cold, replying sarcastically.

Han Shuo could clearly hear the threat within Charles’ tone. He knew that after today, there was no chance of being friends with Charles and Ashburn and could only be enemies till one side is dead.