GDK 415 – Miraculous speed of recovery

When the sacred knight who had injured Han Shuo saw Han Shuo turn around to fly toward Lawrence, he hesitated for a moment but did not pursue and attack.

Apart from sacred swordmaster Karel, there was also space sacred magus in the direction Han Shuo flew in. With two sacred ranked experts there and earth sacred magus Dempus yet to recover, the sacred knight clearly felt some apprehension.

With the sacred knight not daring to act blindly, the experts from the Church of Light as well as under Ashburn and Prince Charles naturally wouldn’t foolishly charge forward to their deaths. Hence, they all looked on helplessly as Han Shuo shouted vicious words before flying rapidly toward Lawrence’s side.

As of now, Lawrence’s residence had been thoroughly wrecked by the fight between the two sacred ranked experts and the ‘Shatter Earth’ spell. All that could be seen were collapsed buildings and desolation.

The servants, workers and maids in Lawrence’s residence had long since been massacred. Currently there were merely less than ten trusted aides by Lawrence’s side. In contrast, even after the losses to the ‘Shatter Earth’ spell, the enemy still had almost four hundred experts with astonishing strength from various professions. The sounds of iron hoofs could be heard gradually approaching, seeming that there were still reinforcement troops heading over.

Earth sacred magus Dempus lightly exhaled as strands of purple specks floated out of his body. The cold aura that penetrated the bones was diffused out with the purple specks.

Dempus was after all a sacred magus and was extremely proficient in manipulating mental energy. Although the invasion of the cold aura was able to chill and even freeze his body, once he came to his senses and used his mental energy to dispel the chilliness, the cold aura was clearly unable to threaten his life.

Furthermore, when the cold aura from the Demonslayer Edge entered his body, it was after he had resisted it twice with magic. Only a few strands of the dense cold poison was able to enter his body. A magus at his level naturally wouldn’t be killed that easily by a few strands of cold poison.

After Dempus dispelled the cold aura within his body, he still had some lingering fears. Fortunately, he had reacted promptly and there were many experts guarding by his side. Otherwise, if Han Shuo had the opportunity to attack after Dempus was affected by the cold poison, his life might truly have been lost.

Such a frightening martial technique! Dempus felt aghast, gazing toward the faraway Han Shuo who was wounded from head to toe but still appearing malevolent as he headed toward Lawrence. He thought in his heart about astrologer Grace’s prophecy that this person would bring prosperity to Lancelot Empire. Could it really be true?

“Bryan, are-are you ok?” Phoebe struggled with all her might to escape from Karel’s grasp, tearfully rushing toward Han Shuo, her delicate hands trembling as she caressed the terrible wounds on Han Shuo’s face.

“It’s nothing, don’t need to worry!”  Han Shuo gave an unsightly grin as he consoled Phoebe who was crying uncontrollably. He reached out to grab Phoebe’s hand which was caressing the wounds on his face and walked toward Lawrence.

Lawrence’s expression was filled with concern as he asked hurriedly, “Healer, where’s the healer?”

“Dead, dead a long time ago!” dark grand magus Crowley who had pledged allegiance to Lawrence sighed softly and then took out a medicine bottle, passing it over to Han Shuo as he said, “Quickly apply this on your wounds!”

“Senior!” Old assassin Bollands who had watching Han Shuo all along called out softly.

Bollands was no longer young and had seen all sorts of situations as an assassin. He didn’t deliberately express his concern in front of Han Shuo, but the killing intent on his body become even stronger, obviously not directed at the people by Han Shuo’s side.

“I’m ok!” Han Shuo smiled as he declined. However, when his smile was displayed on that frightening face, it didn’t cause people to feel reassured. To say the least, Phoebe started crying bitterly once again.

“I’m really fine, I am already no longer bleeding from my wounds. The martial technique I practice is special. These injuries may look extremely serious, but they don’t have a substantial effect on me.” When Han Shuo saw everyone anxiously trying to apply medicine to his body, he couldn’t help but explain again.

Hearing Han Shuo’s statement, everyone couldn’t help but be filled with doubts as they earnestly sized up Han Shuo. Everyone’s expression suddenly changed.

The wounds that had covered Han Shuo’s entire body were previously still finger-sized and dripping with blood. All the blood had since congealed like ice. The scarlet injured muscle fibers started wiggling like worms and the originally finger-sized wounds actually shrunk by a fold.

Sacred swordmaster Karel who had been calm doubted his eyes, subconsciously closing his eyes before opening them again, his eyes shining as he fixed his eyes on the wounds on Han Shuo’s body.

Really shrunk by a fold!

Karel was moved, his torch-like eyes clearly saw that Han Shuo’s wounds were about the size of a little finger and was oozing with scarlet blood. However, not only did the bleeding stop, even the wounds were only the size of chopsticks.

Han Shuo had charged out from within the ground, sent that peculiar undead creature back to the netherworld and then flew toward them. All these only took at most two minutes!

Two minutes was roughly equivalent to the duration where one is entranced. Such an outrageous change in such a short time, Karel couldn’t help but be indescribably shocked!

Bollands’ expression was burning hot, his eyes shining as he stared at the changes of a wound on Han Shuo’s belly. This wound which was near to Han Shuo’s demon infant was currently just the width of a toothpick and was far from the terrifying sight at the beginning.

Demonic arts! This is precisely the might of demonic arts! Bollands shouted in his heart. He who was on the verge of cultivating secret demonic arts felt his heartbeat suddenly increasing at this moment. The excitement in his heart became somewhat unable to be contained.

“Alright, you all need not take care of me, I’ll be able to recover very soon. Currently, we should rather be thinking of how to obstruct the attack of those people and fight for sufficient time for Mister Sabakas!” Han Shuo turned his head to look at the restless enemies and said calmly.

With Han Shuo’s reminder, everyone discovered the anomalies in his body. When they heard him speaking with his usual calm expression, they suddenly realized the unfavorability of their situation and looked at the enemy. They suddenly realized that the sacred knight and earth sacred magus Dempus were recklessly charging over.

Space sacred magus Sabakas was the only one who didn’t turn to look at Han Shuo. At this moment, he was holding a pointed magic staff, carving a complicated space magic array on the smooth rock ground.

The three-meter long magic array was in an irregular rhombus shape. With every stroke of Sabakas’ magic staff, a slender line will appear and strands of elemental energy would flow through the sharp tip of the magic staff and enter each line of the magic array.

The focused Sabakas had totally immersed himself. In his eyes, there was nothing else except the magic array under his feet. He had simply ignored all other activity, as though he wouldn’t even crease his brows if the heaven fell and earth rendered.

As a space sacred magus, no one could stop him if Sabakas wanted to leave by himself. If Sabakas wished, he could even bring a few people along. Unfortunately, there were too many important people here. Even Sabakas was unable to act without a care for the lives of others and hence could only utilize a magic transportation array.

The sacred knight and earth sacred magus who were charging over were clearly aiming to prevent Sabakas from completing his magic array. Having the superiority in numbers, they planned to get rid of everyone here once and for all, so as to avoid leaving behind endless trouble.

While Dempus was flying over, another magic staff actually appeared in his hand as he started chanting a long magic spell once again. His eyes were fixed on Han Shuo, as if Han Shuo was his greatest enemy.

“Pay attention, we definitely can’t let anyone disturb Sabakas!” sacred swordmaster Karel drew back his astonishment toward Han Shuo and instructed hastily.

The strongest person in a team was usually the leader. Karel’s words caused everyone by Lawrence to focus their attention, immediately going to a square-shaped formation with Sabakas in the middle, intending to obtain enough time for Sabakas.

“Let’s go!” When everyone had prepared to fight for time for Sabakas, Sabakas who had been fully focused on deploying the space magic array suddenly called out.

Everyone’s expression relaxed as, under Sabakas’s directions, Lawrence and those who were the weakest took the lead to stand in the magic transportation array.

“Don’t let them get away!” the sacred knight shouted loudly while charging over.

“Meteor Shower!” Dempus who had been constantly chanting earth magic completed his current incantation. Rumbling sounds suddenly appeared above everyone as several hundred meteorites suddenly smashed downward.

It was obvious that such a concentrated Meteor Shower could cause when it fell on such a small area.

The skeletal staff suddenly appeared in Han Shuo’s hand as numerous bone spears flew into the sky like an arrow rain. A pretty white bone shield blossomed in malevolent beauty as it covered above everyone’s heads.

Several magi simultaneously cast defensive spells. Sacred swordmaster Karel held his longsword as he looked cooly above him, prepared to obstruct the descending attack at any time.

Zhi, zhi… As the meteorites rumbled downward, a peculiar sound could be heard in the sky.

Han Shuo looked up, realizing that the sky had suddenly split open and formed a black hole, like a demon opening its giant mouth, similar to tearing a black burlap in the sky. As the mighty Meteor Shower was swallowed bit by bit by the huge black hole, Han Shuo’s defensive measures were simply untouched.

“Alright, it’s your turn!” space sacred magus Sabakas pointed at the magic array in front of him and said to the remaining Han Shuo, Karel, Crowley and Phoebe. He had a calm expression, devoid of the slightest nervous from confronting danger, which was truly surprising!

Han Shuo stared blankly as he looked at space sacred magus Sabakas in amazement. The current Sabakas didn’t have his usual amiable smile, his focused expression giving off a feeling of solemness.The previous black hole which had swallowed the Meteor Shower was indeed cast by this old man.

However, Han Shuo didn’t hear Sabakas chanting any incantations. This caused Han Shuo to be amazed as well as realize that Sabakas was already able to silently cast magic. It seems that even though they were both sacred magus, Sabakas’ comprehension of the essence of magic ought to be higher than Dempus.

“Let’s go!” While Han Shuo was in a daze, Phoebe grabbed onto him, forcefully pulling him into Sabakas’ transportation array.

Even before Han Shuo could react, Sabakas had already activated the magic array. A beam of white light suddenly shone as Han Shuo and the rest disappeared.

There was only space sacred magus Sabakas remaining in the whole area. The sharp end of his magic staff pierced downward, causing the magic array that he had painstakingly deployed to suddenly shatter and no longer resemble its original appearance.

“Dempus, I didn’t expect someone at your realm would actually act in a way against Lancelot Empire’s future. As your friend for many years, I feel grief for you!” After Sabakas destroyed the space magic array, he sighed as he looked at Dempus before him.

“I don’t believe in vague prophecies. Letting that illegitimate child become the king of Lancelot Empire is simply a preposterous blasphemy. Apart from myself, many nobles within the empire would not allow such a thing to happen.

I’ve no choice but to act this way precisely for the Empire’s future. You are the ones that are obstinately persistent. You shouldn’t believe the words of a muddleheaded astrologer and bet the kingdom’s future on a heresy. He is a vicious disciple of the Calamity Church. Why would he bring prosperity to the Lancelot Empire in the future?” Dempus righteously rebuked Sabakas, clearly wasn’t one who believed in fate.

“Mister Sabakas, I respect your character greatly and have also heard many stories about you. However, I still have to say that even if you save Lawrence and the rest, you would still be unable to change their fate. Currently, the entire Ossen City is under the control of Duke Ashburn and eldest prince Charles. Lawrence and the others will ultimately not be able to escape.” the sacred knight laughed loudly as said to Sabakas.

“That is not necessarily the case!” Sabakas calmly looked at the sacred knight and said, “There is at least one region that you wouldn’t be able to control easily!”

The Dark Mantle Headquarters had a tighter defense than the royal palace. Even though they had seized the royal palace, the Dark Mantle Headquarters would not be easily conquered. As the chief elder of the Dark Mantle, Sabakas is the one who arranged the defensive measures on Mt. Ordas. He clearly understood Mt. Ordas’ formidable defenses.

“It’s undeniable that the Dark Mantle Headquarters is indeed hard to be attacked from the outside!” the sacred knight had a serious expression as he spoke. He once again revealed a smile soon after as he said, “However if there starts to be disorder internally, the situation would be totally different!”

Space sacred magus Sabakas’ expression changed when he heard the sacred knight’s words. He no longer spoke superfluous words with them, hurriedly brandishing his magic staff and disappeared with a beam of light.