Having witnessed the merciless murder of Sky Rider Nehem Beige by Han Shuo, the Red Bishop Katos of the Bisli Duchy couldn’t help take a few steps back, as the fear in his heart urged him to do so.

After shooting Katos a glance, Han Shuo moved towards him with great speed. Han Shuo had arrived in front of Katos before he could realize what had transpired around him. Han Shou stretched forward his mighty hand as fast as lightning and grabbed Katos by the neck, hanging him in midair.

“Kaff, Kaff! Damnit, what da hell do you want?” Katos blurted out with difficulty. He used both his hands to grip Han Shuo’s mighty hand, in a feeble attempt to ease the choking.

“Where is Blount located?” Han Shuo asked grimly as he held Katos’ neck with one hand.

“Ugh, ugh….I don’t know…..Really……” Katos replied, while his body was being hung in midair. He was twisting around with all his might, but unfortunately for him, he couldn’t break free from Han Shuo’s tight grip.

“Hehe, do you really think that I can’t do anything to you if you decide not to talk?” Han Shuo said with a grim smile. Shortly after he said that, Han Shuo used his empty left hand and pressed the top of Katos’ skull. Katos screeched miserably. Han Shuo exercised his five fingers, and forcibly stuck them into Katos’ skull.

With this, Han Shou used a secret technique derived from demonic magic called the ‘Soul Searching Hand’. Five strands of gray smoke flowed out of his left hand along fingers and into his meridian channels. It then passed through Han Shuo’s consciousness to obtain the memories stored in Katos’ mind.

Being on the receiving end of the demonic magic, Red Bishop Katos was wailing like a banshee while struggling wildly. It was as though he was suffering from the most dreadful pain on earth. That was the kind of yelling that never failed to make one’s blood run cold after listening to it.

Once ‘Soul Searching Hand’ was deployed, it will indeed produce an unimaginable amount of pain on the target whose soul was being searched. While performing the search, Han Shuo’s five fingers were in constant motion inside Katos’ brain. Such bouts of pain was not something an ordinary person could endure.

When Han Shuo used his secret technique to obtain the memories in Katos’ mind, a puff of divine energy in Katos’ body was immediately set into motion, rapidly converging at his forehead, attempting to resist and destroy the wicked energy within his brain. It’s a pity that divine energy such as this was too weak against Han Shuo. Before it could fully converge, Han Shuo broke it up swiftly.

Under the effects of ‘Soul Searching Hand’, Katos’ eyes revealed his lifeforce fading slowly, bit by bit. Moments later, his eyeballs rolled back and only sclera could be seen, and the inhuman shrieking disappeared. After his soul had completely vanished, he was left with a zero percent chance of being reborn.

After extracting his hand that was inserted into Katos’ head, Han Shuo pulled out a spotlessly white handkerchief to clean his fingers which was covered in brain juice, and cleaned out the mess that had made its way to his legs. Only then, did he calmly walk out of the grand hall.

Outside the hall revealed a multitude of bodies strewn all over the floor. The Temple Knights and priests present were simply no match for an expert like Han Shuo. They were destined to be slaughtered eventually. But following these events, even more members of the Church of Light were going there, coming from different directions. A legion from the Bisli Duchy, stationed not far away, was also rushing to the scene after receiving the news.

Han Shuo surveyed the scene from an elevated position, and realized that this trip to the Bisli Duchy could be considered as having achieved its objectives. One of the rulers from the seven grand duchies, Nehem Beige of Bisli Duchy, was killed. The largest church belonging to the Church of Light had been bathed with blood. The position of the Church of Light in the Bisli Duchy will be met with unprecedented challenges.

As for Nehem Beige, a Temple Knight from the Church of Light, Han Shuo had originally planned to control him by having a mystical demon possessing his body. However, Han Shuo later discovered that holy aura was present in Nehem Beige’s body, which had a world of difference in terms of nature compared to the mystical demons.

Only if Han Shuo could get rid of all the divine energy in Nehem Beige’s body, that the mystical demon could possess his mind. But if there was no divine aura within his body, the people from the Church of Light would very quickly suspect an abnormality in Nehem Beige. Therefore, Han Shuo had no other choice but to take action and kill him efficiently.

There were still other churches of the Church of Light in Bisli Duchy, but comparing those with this church, those churches are obviously not on par. Besides, Han Shuo didn’t have the luxury of time to clear all the churches of the Church of Light in Bisli Duchy one by one. Therefore, Han Shuo didn’t linger any longer in Bisli Duchy, and immediately deployed the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to fly away.

From Katos’ memory, Han Shuo had obtained a lot of useful information. Katos’ position in the Church of Light wasn’t a low one. Han Shuo learnt of valuable pieces of information from Katos’ memories, like the Church of Light’s position, distribution and secret forces who operated in the dark. The Church of Light was an enormous religious organization. But what set it apart was the armed forces of this religious organization, who were extremely terrifying. Other than the great number of Light Priests and Temple Knights regiments, the Church of Light has three organizations who work in the dark, namely, Heresies Tribunal, Holy Angels, and Grace Believers.

These three organizations, Heresies Tribunal, Holy Angels, and Grace Believers, were secret forces serving the Church of Light unbeknownst to anyone. There were numerous experts in the three organizations. Several secret operations from the Church of Light were usually carried out by these three organizations. Compared to the Temple Knights, whose strength was known to everyone, these three dark organizations are much more formidable.

Only after learning of the true strength of the Church of Light, did Han Shuo realize why the Church of Light wielded such a powerful influence throughout the whole Profound Continent. While feeling apprehensive, at the same time, Han Shuo’s intent to slaughter grew significantly larger. After experiencing his strength grow dramatically, Han Shuo felt that the Church of Light no longer posed as a threat to him. The transgressions they made these years, and the harm they did to the earth elite zombie, made Han Shuo realize that the enmity between him and Church of Light was something impossible to alleviate.

However, Han Shuo did not obtain any precise information about Blount from Katos’ memories. All he knew was that after two years of rehabilitation in the Church of Light’s headquarters, located at Oden Empire, Blount had fully recovered from his injuries obtain from the last time. As to whether the fully recovered Blount was still in Oden Empire, Katos had no idea.

Although Han Shuo couldn’t obtain definite information from Katos, he still harboured a strong resolve to kill Blount. After giving it some thought, Han Shuo suddenly remembered about the existence of the Calamity Church. With that in mind, he flew towards the Boulet Duchy.

Last time, when the seven grand duchies attempted to form an alliance to deal with Brettel City, Han Shuo snuck in and learned of the real identity of the Grand Duke, Burt Zili, of Boulet Duchy. This summoner’s meeting with the Necromancy Grand Magus Wolf, made Han Shuo aware that he originated from the Calamity Church.

Since Burt Zili was a key participant from the Calamity Church, perhaps he might be knowledgeable about the location of certain Sacred Knights, like Blount. Calaminity Church and the Church of Light are arch-enemies, and therefore must be very mindful about each other’s operations and movements. Being a religious organization as enormous as the Church of Light, the Calamity Church was indeed a target Han Shuo could make use of.

Boulet Duchy, Grand Duke Burt Zili’s mansion. Han Shuo came in the dark.

Under the curtain of the night, underneath the Grand Duke’s mansion, Burt Zili was sitting upright in an altar which had thick green and black smokes curling up around it. Surrounding the sinister and frightening Burt Zili were countless organs from magical beasts. The whole wicked altar was full of all kinds of organs from high-level magical creatures, which made the wicked altar looked like a strange magical beast pieced together with various kinds of flesh and organs.

At the middle of the altar, a rhombus shape was sketched using blood, which overflowed with strands of sinister and cold aura whenever Burt Zili’s hands pressed among the air above it. Series of horrifying, inhuman-like howlings went through the middle of the rhombus drawing, giving people an intense palpitating like emotion.

“Oh….darling, come out, come out quickly!” Burt Zili softly yelled with a tender smile on his face. His two eyes were fixated on the middle of the rhombus drawing in the altar.

The rhombus drawing was the connection from this world to another world, the abyss of an infernal. As the horrible screams grew more and more intense, the smile on Burt Zili’s face grew more and more charming. His two hands manipulating the empty space above the rhombus, repeatedly pulling the air upwards, as though he was pulling an invisible thread which raised a certain magical creature from it.

A lush green odd-looking hand which only had three sharp nails on it, with disgusting liquid stuck on its surface, slowly emerged from the rhombus. A gloomy and cold, nauseating aura was slowly emitted from the inside.

“Ha! Arise! Arise!!” Burt Zili got somewhat excited.

“Aooo!” a bewildering, mournful wailing sounded. Suddenly, a monstrous terrifying, lizard-like creature scuttled out from the center of the rhombus. It had thick green skin all over its body, covered with disgusting fluid. Its body was five meters long and had two tails. This stinky creature has a strong smell of fish on its body. It had two elephant like tusks and pointed teeths in its mouth.

As soon as it scuttled out from the rhombus, the magical creature shot towards a shadow outside the altar. Its four javelin-like, taper-sharp, devilish hands snatched at the shadow.

“Eh” a soft sound suddenly came from the shadow. Unexpectedly, a type of ruthless energy began to congeal midair. The rapidly approaching magical creature froze all of a sudden in mid-air while maintaining its fierce posture, as though it was being forcibly imprisoned by some kind of energy.

“Who’s there?” Burt Zili immediately cried out in surprise. He was overwhelmed with shock in his heart, and was somewhat gazing at the shadowy spot with fright, where the ‘eh’ sound came from.

Only Burt Zili knew of how hidden and tightly guarded this secret field which he practiced summoning magical creatures was. This person who silently entered this secret field obviously gave him an enormous shock. But what was even more shocking was that the high-level magical creature ‘Dejarka’ was halted and sat frozen in mid-air.

This high-level magical creature, Dejarka, possessed enough strength to kill a Great swordmaster, and its strength was at its peak formidability when it sprung into the air at high speeds. And yet, as it was before this person in the shadows, this powerful creature appeared to have no ability to resist, whatsoever.

As for how frighteningly powerful this person might be, Burt Zili simply dared not imagine!