“Who are you!?” Burt Zili opened his mouth again. As he uttered these words, his attention was fully focused at the space in front of him, his pair of vicious eyes stared at the shadowy spot, and his body stretched taut. Burt Zili was ready -- not to fight, but to flee at the right moment!

An expert who could effortlessly freeze a high-level magical creature in mid-air, in addition to breaking into into his secret room without him detecting it, is someone he knew he was no match for. The reason Burt Zili could survive so many years in battle and live on till now, was all because of that accurate and precise ability to judge.

From the shadowy area in which the sound came from, a tall figure revealed themselves. Within the lush green, hazy lighting, that person made their way below the imprisoned high-level magical creature. With a somewhat astonished expression, he took a few glances at the creature that he stopped in mid-air, and then smilingly asked Burt Zili, “Did you summon this?”

Burt Zili who was highly cautious at the moment, took another step backward, and knitted his brows as he took in Han Shuo’s whole body. An awl-like weapon made its way to his left hand. With a gloomy voice, he asked, “That’s right. Who are you? How did you get in here? What do you want?”

“Hehe, the Calamity Church is indeed a really strong organization with a multitude of talented people. This other-worldly magical creature indeed has extraordinary strength. Being able to summon it means that you must have quite the talent in summoning techniques!” Han Shuo continued with a smile. He didn’t seem to mind Burt Zili’s vigilance.

“Who in the world are you?” Burt Zili asked for the third time. He couldn’t fathom Han Shuo’s intentions for coming here, he constantly thought of how he could leave this secret chamber alive. His eyes were twinkling as he glanced at the few gateways that would allow a swift exit.

“Don’t be afraid. I harbour no bad intentions towards you. I’m called Bryan. You may heard of me through Wolf. The reason I am looking for you is to find out certain information,” Han Shuo explained unhurriedly with a smile.

“Bryan? You are the lord of Brettel City? That Bryan?” Burt Zili softly shouted. He seemed rather shocked.

Han Shuo kept silent as he nodded his head. Conveniently, he took out his skeletal staff and waved it at Burt Zili who stood far away, thereby proving his identity.

Burt Zili confirming his identity, loosened up. His malicious and old face suddenly changed into a cordial smile, as he walked towards Han Shuo in large strides. “So we’re actually on the same side! You should have told me earlier! You really scared me!” said Burt Zili.

This Burt Zili carried a strange, nauseating smell on his body. Although he was enthusiastic in is walk approaching Han Shuo, it made Han Shuo feel some kind of discomfort. Han Shuo couldn’t help but take a few steps backward, and smilingly said, “You might want to send your magical creature back. It might die if it’s been trapped for too long.”

With a wave of his hand, a strand of demonic light flew out from Han Shuo’s palm. In the blink of an eye it fell onto the space where the high-ranking magical creature ‘Dejarka’ was suspended. After the strand of demonic light broke into its body, the weird magical creature resumed its fierce flight at high speeds.

“Return!” Burt Zili yelled hastily. Strings of long, tedious incantations were then spit out in rapid succession.

The magical creature, Dejarka, which resumed its charge towards Han Shuo baring fangs and brandishing claws, stopped its javelin-like sharp hands from moving, as though it was firmly grasped by some odd energy. It let out hissing sounds of unwillingness as it fell towards the center of the altar quickly and vanished within the rhombus diagram.

After withdrawing his high level magical creature, Dejarka, Burt Zili gave a few glances to the altar that stank to high heaven, forced a smile, then said, “This place is not suitable for us to chat. Come, we’ll talk upstairs.”

“Sure!” Han Shuo agreed.

After a short while, Han Shuo and Burt Zili of the Calamity Church arrived at a luxurious lounge located in the Duke’s manor. There weren’t any redundant people guarding its surroundings. Burt Zili personally took out some fruits from the seven grand duchies and placed it on the table before Han Shuo.

“Wolf and I have been friends for many years. In fact, everything that I know or have learnt about you has been through Wolf. Hehe, we are all on the same side, so there’s no need to feel so reserved. If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to ask. As long as it’s within my means, I will never refuse!” Burt Zili said with a smile after serving some uncommon fruits to Han Shuo. His manner seemed very friendly.

Han Shuo’s sudden appearance, in addition to his demonstration of imprisoning magical creature ‘Dejarka’ just then, caused an enormous shock to Burt Zili. Originally, when he heard of the necromancy Grand Magus Wolf’s description of Han Shuo’s strength, he thought that Wolf must be exaggerating. He felt that the young-aged Han Shuo absolutely couldn’t reach the heights that Wolf mentioned.

However, now after meeting Han Shuo in person, Burt Zili realized that Wolf’s description indeed was somewhat inaccurate. He was too conservative in his account of Han Shuo’s strength. The strength of a person who could suspend high level magical creature ‘Dejarka’ in midair with no difficulty, is certainly way beyond that of a Great swordmaster or a Grand magus.

It was exactly because of this that Burt Zili’s manner towards Han Shuo was so unusually friendly. The smile on his face even seemed somewhat humble as to curry favor with Han Shuo. If other nobilities of the Boulet Duchy saw that, it would be difficult for them to believe that this Burt Zili is the same guy who was feared as a Grand Duke.

Cheerfully chewing a big mouthful of fruits, Han Shuo appeared to be very calm and unruffled. It was only after he ate a bunch of grape-like blue coloured fruits, that Han Shuo gave a soft cough, looked at Burt Zili who was sitting upright and still, and said smilingly, “The reason I specifically came to see you is to find out where Sacred Knight Blount is. You might had learned about the grievances I have with him. I don’t want to let him stay alive any longer.”

Burt Zili’s eyes suddenly shone. He confidently replied, “I happened to know the whereabouts of Sacred Knight Blount. He’s currently residing at the Brut Merchant Alliance, doing some detestable things for the Church of Light. The precise location should be Tariq City of the Brut Merchant Alliance. Oh right, they seem to be hunting after someone.”

Han Shuo knew that Calamity Church might be aware of informations about Sacred Knight Blount, because only an enemy would pay so much attention to the trails of a character like Blount. But still, Han Shuo didn’t anticipate that Burt Zili didn’t even need to get to Calamity Church to ask around, and could immediately inform him of the news about Blount. It seems that coming here was really the right decision.

“Thank you very much. I now know what I should do next.” Han Shuo stood up with a faint smile, and slightly bowed towards Burt Zili. It looked as if he planned to leave the place immediately.

“Hold on!” Burt Zili said hurriedly as soon as he saw Han Shuo about to leave without saying anything else. When Han Shuo looked back at him with a puzzled face, Burt Zili quickly continued, “Our dukedom will be your friend. No matter what or when, our duchy will always stand at the side of your Brettel City.”

“Thanks,” Han Shuo replied with one word, instead of stating any of his opinions about the matter. He proceeded on his way out by himself. When he reached the doorway, Han Shuo seemed to have remembered something. He stopped, turned around, and said to Burt Zili, “Oh, right. The Grand Duke of Bisli Duchy, Nehem Beige, and Red Bishop Katos have been gotten rid of by me. You can take advantage of the situation and make your moves against the Bisli Duchy.” “Rea.. really? You killed Nehem Beige?” Burt Zili shrieked right away as his face turned pale.

Han Shuo nodded his head and did not further explain himself. When Burt Zili was going to question about the details, he suddenly discovered that Han Shuo had disappeared without a trace under the cover of the night.

The pleasantly surprised Burt Zili, immediately began to gather all the major aristocrats within his dukedom in excitement. They had a secret military affairs meeting late in the night, and schemed on the best way of attacking the Bisli Duchy which had just lost its Grand Duke.

After Han Shuo left Burt Zili’s manor, he directly flew towards the Brut Merchant Alliance. He deployed ‘Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens’ to its fullest, and streaked across the sky like a shooting star.

Brut Merchant Alliance and Brettel City is separated by the seven grand duchies. At top speed, Han Shuo could fly a distance of up to ten thousand li a day. Using just less than half a day’s worth of time, he arrived at Tariq City, which was located at the southwest of the Brut Merchant Alliance.

Dark Mantle of Lancelot Empire could be found in every country. Sure enough, it could also be found in Brut Merchant Alliance. After Han Shuo arrived at Tariq City situated on the southwest of Brut Merchant Alliance, he left a message in the city center using the communication protocol of the Dark Mantle members. After waiting for probably half a day, a member of Dark Mantle in Tariq City came over.

In the prosperous city center of Tariq City, Han Shuo followed this member of Dark Mantle all the way to the local secret headquarters. After entering a mansion house through the back door, the member of the Dark Mantle who didn’t even give one glance backwards finally stopped at the doorway. He then said to Han Shuo with a steady face, “Please allow me to see your identity medallion!”

Han Shuo took out the medallion that represents his status, and revealed it before his fellow member. When the member of Dark Mantle saw the two sun symbols on Han Shuo’s identity medallion, he immediately got shocked, and his manner instantly turned to be incomparably respectful. He asked, “Please forgive me for not recognizing Your Lordship. May I know who is Your Lordship?”

“I came from Brettel City!” Han Shuo replied smilingly.

“You, you are Lord Bryan?” that Dark Mantle member suddenly let out a light cry, and he then covered his own mouth so as not to startle someone with his shriek of surprise. His eyes were brimming with excitement and adoration when he looked at Han Shuo.

As he nodded his head, Han Shuo instructed, “Lead me inside. I want to meet the person in charge here!”

“Please come inside, please come inside. I will immediately go and inform that Your Lordship has arrived!” The member hastily brought Han Shuo all the way inside.

“Eh? It’s you. Why are you here?” All of a sudden, one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, Cecilia, let out a yell in surprise. Standing at the front door of the house, she looked at Han Shuo with an expression of astonishment.