After the twelve round spheres had appeared in the middle of the altar, intense elemental energy of all sorts, suddenly filled up the area which was previously devoid of any energy.

Concurrently, the four humanoids who were on the altar, each bearing five horns on their head, quickly sped up pouring the huge amount of magical creatures’ hearts and crystal cores into that big mouth.

There were thousands just like them worshipping the event under the altar. Their green eyes shone with excitement. They were not unlike the religious fanatics Han Shuo had come across, carrying a bigoted, unreasonably zealous attitude. Their bodies shivered slightly, whilst their droning sound gradually grew more and more energetic.

Han Shuo, hiding within the thick branches and leaves of a big tree, had a clear observation of everything happening in the big lake ahead. His heart held an uncontrollable desire to possess that ball which emitted the pure elemental aura of death, but still, Han Shuo was not one to behave rashly.

The odd-looking creatures bearing the five horns, all emitted aura which could rival in its formidability to that of the Ancient Lizard King, a demi-god existence. If these four creatures were to join forces and circle around Han Shuo, Han Shuo was not certain that he could escape alive.

With eyes full of greediness, Han Shuo’s gaze remained unwavering at the round sphere filled with the rich element of death. His mind stated to quickly consider all the ways and consequences of obtaining the sphere.

Suddenly, his senses projected three beings who were roughly similar in might. The appearance of these three beings who were slowly approaching gave Han Shuo an idea, his eyes light up with delight.
Han Shuo who had been very carefully hiding his body since the beginning, gradually glided towards the direction of the three whiffs presences, while quietly releasing a wisp of his own, concealed to which any ordinary person would have no means to discover.

Indeed, as he planned, the strand of presence Han Shuo had deliberately leaked out, immediately caused the approaching experts to sense it. With Han Shuo at the center, the three gathered together within a very short period of time. In the blink of an eye, one after the other, the three mighty beings, originating from the Profound Continent, suddenly assembled a short distance away from Han Shuo.

“Eh? It’s you! The old monster!” As soon as the old man with his eyebrows encroaching his neck reached the place, he let out a soft cry and stared somewhat astonished at the former State Preceptor of Verdun Dynasty, Stratholme.

“Reynold you little bastard! You’re not dead yet! Hehe, good, good.” the handsome, bewitching Stratholme, teased at the lightning sacred magus of Brut Merchant Alliance as he smiled delightedly.

The composed upper-class woman, enveloped in a faint hazy mist, was the last one to arrive. She shot a glance at Stratholme and greeted him in a gentle voice, “Stratholme, long time no see!”

“Elder sister Tiana!” Stratholme the old monster said smilingly after he bowed towards the upper-class woman wrapped in a mist in the distance.

This upper-class woman called Tiana nodded her head at the old monster in acknowledgement, and soon after turned to look at the smiling Han Shuo and asked in a puzzled face, “This is..?”

“Hehe, I’m a nobody. Erm, I came from the Lancelot Empire!” While Han Shuo was gracefully bowing at the three, his heart was filled with shock. He didn’t expect that the old man with the long eyebrows was the lighting sacred magus Reynold Dila of the Brut Merchant Alliance.

As a high ranking member of the Dark Mantle, Han Shuo was aware of just how renowned this old man was in the Brut Merchant Alliance. Even the leaders from the core merchant guilds that formed the Brut Merchant Alliance, had to be reverent and respectful towards this old man, and will absolutely not be unbridled in front of him.

And yet, amongst the three, such a character was the one with the weakest strength.

In contrast to Stratholme the old monster, and the upper-class woman named Tiana, Reynold the lighting sacred magus was considerably more inferior. No matter how formidable Reynold was at the sacred grade, he was merely a sacred grade expert.

But Han Shuo could feel the formidable aura of a demi-god level expert from the body of Tiana, the upper-class woman, and Stratholme the old monster. Stratholme the old monster had a well-known reputation, and Han Shuo had heard of him time and time again. That this dirty old man who was the State Preceptor of Verdun Dynasty about a hundred years ago, could breakthrough to the demi-god realm, is sufficient to illustrate just how terrifying his strength must be.

Stratholme the old monster whose appearance was inconsistent with his actual age addressed the upper-class woman as ‘Elder Sister Tiana’. Although Han Shuo is one of the highest ranking members in the Dark Mantle, he had no idea who this upper-class woman was. But by inferring on how Stratholme addressed her, Han Shuo reasoned that this woman must be somewhat older than Stratholme.

“Lancelot Empire? Since when did the Lancelot Empire possess an expert of such youth?” Tiana was somewhat flabbergasted and she, in a puzzled face, looked towards the old monster Stratholme and lighting sacred magus Reynold.

“Bryan? Are you the city lord of Brettle City, that Bryan?” At first, Stratholme’s brows were creased, but soon after he realized something and beam of glistering light shoot out from his eyes, landing on Han Shuo’s body.

“That’s right!” Han Shuo admitted.

“No wonder. It seems that rumors still possess some truth in them. I always thought that the Lancelot Empire exaggerated in saying that you forced two sacred-grade experts to retreat. Now it seems that there had indeed been such an incident!” the old monster said as he nodded.

When lighting sacred magus Reynold heard Han Shuo admit his identity, he focused his attention on Han Shuo. After carefully sizing Han Shuo up, with a weird look on his face, he said, “So it’s you. Hmm, what a brazen young man. Interesting.”

“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. I believe everyone is aware of the situation. For the time being, we don’t have to worry about the whole sequence of events, but I presume that all of you know the nature of the twelve balls. The four fellas with the five horns, each possessed demi-god like strength. None among the four of us have the chance to succeed by going in alone. Are you all interested in cooperating?” Tiana the upper-class woman interrupted.

“Of course! The sooner the better!” Stratholme the old monster was the first to concur.

Lighting sacred magus Reynold of Brut Merchant Alliance, not only nodded in immediate response, but he added further, ”I’m aware of my capabilities. Of the twelve balls, I’m only asking for the Origin Crystal of Lightning. Moreover, I will be in charge of dealing with the aftermath!”

“Alright. After it’s done, the Origin Crystal of Lightning will be yours. As for the both of you, we will divide the spoils according to our contributions. Any objections?” Tiana said solemnly as she looked at the old monster and Han Shuo. Naturally, she expects Han Shuo to agree to the proposal.

“I don’t have any objections. I trust that elder sister Tiana will be impartial!” Stratholme replied in a relaxed manner as he shrugged. Immediately after that he turned to look at Han Shuo and asked, “What about you?”

Han Shuo saw fit to join forces with them. However, it seemed that all of them knew about the nature of the spheres, and only Han Shuo had no idea about their functions, even though he could sense the boundless energy within. Therefore, when Stratholme averted the question to him, Han Shuo replied awkwardly, “I have no objection either. It’s just that, erm, honorable elders, what exactly are those twelve round spheres?”

All three of them simultaneously turned expressionless, as they took a double take at Han Shuo. Stratholme stared blankly for a while, and said smilingly, “You don’t know?”

Shaking his head, Han Shuo honestly admitted, “I really don’t know.”

“Those are Origin Crystals of elements. After merging it with a magus’ soul, it will morph the soul into a Soul of Element, causes the magus’ affinity of the element to improve by a hundredfold, and reach a state where they will be most compatible with their elemental energy - a magus with Soul of Element could deploy magical spells instantaneously. Also, it will speed up a magus’ comprehension towards the understanding of the energy of same origin. Erm, in short, it comprises of a lengthy list of benefits!” Stratholme the old monster explained for Han Shuo forthright.

“The most important thing to note is that, only a magus that has formed a Soul of Element possesses the capabilities to become a god in their line of magic. Soul of Element and Body of Element are the foundations for a magus to become a god!” The upper-class woman Tiana added on top of old monster Stratholme’s explanation in a grave expression.

After hearing what both of them had to say, brilliant rays shot out from lightning sacred magus Reynold’s eyes like bite-sized lightning bolts were being discharged within his eyes. It was obvious that he was extremely thrilled.

Han Shuo, who was just as shocked, let out a soft cry. He finally understood why they were so excited and restless. Shortly after, he turned his attention to the twelve round balls far in the distance. After a short pause, he asked, “There are four balls without the presence of pure and intense elements. What about those?”

“Your are indeed attentive in your observations. Not all magic in this world is necessarily reliant on elements. Space magic and summoning magic are examples of that. Ok, the interior of those two spheres are in a nebula state. Those are the principles and profound comprehension towards space magic and summoning, and they can fuse with a magus’ soul to form Soul of Principles, which is somewhat similar to the Soul of Element. Soul of Principles could be used by a magus to further their understanding towards the mysteries of space or summoning, and it is only by having a certain level of comprehension towards the mysteries of those principles, that a magus could truly become a god, instead of demigod!” the upper-class woman Tiana explained after she gazed at Han Shuo in an astonished manner, somewhat surprised at Han Shuo’s remarkable sensory.

“The last two balls. The one constantly radiating lights of fighting aura is suitable for swordsman and knights to use, and helps warriors like us, form a Soul of War. Again, it has different effects compared to the others, but in essence it is basically the same - allowing us to save a hundred or even a few hundred years worth of time, in making our souls to possess the foundations of becoming a god. As for the last sphere that carries the aura of destruction, er, only suitable for psychos. No sane person would ever touch that!” Stratholme continued.

“Let’s move, there’s no more time for chit-chat!” Tiana suddenly spoke. Right after she finished those words, an azure coloured staff appeared in her hand.