Through that narrow fissure, Han Shuo’s glittering eyes stared fixedly at the few standing on the platform above the Ice Goddess statue, cautiously eavesdropping on their conversation.

“When will the project really be complete. It’s been more than a hundred years,” a disciple of the Shrine of Ice sighed.

“Ever since the start of Project God Making and up until now, our shrine has consumed incalculable labor and physical resources. And it has now come to the most critical moment. We must, under no circumstances, be careless. The reason our Shrine of Ice has always been pushed under the Church of Light and Calamity Church is all because our Shrine of Ice does not have our own true God on Profound Continent, without which miracles could never be performed in this world. That is why we couldn’t even recruit more followers. Once Project God Making succeeds, our Shrine of Ice will be able to change the current situation once and for all, and become a shrine that the entire continent will look up at. No more acting in accordance with the will of others,” another disciple came over and explained in a cold voice.

Project God Making?

Han Shuo was stunned by what he heard.

By now, Han Shuo had long accepted that there were indeed gods in this world. Evil goddess Rose, who previously attacked Han Shuo’s consciousness from across a few planes of existences; the Saintess that hid deep within the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light; the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race with unmatched might. All these were attestations to Han Shuo that Gods were, without a doubt, real.

However, from what Han Shuo knew, even the weakest God went through tens of millions of years of cultivation, and little by little came to comprehend the elements in the world or the true essence of nature’s laws. Only then, with some good fortune, could they break through their own shackles and become a God.

This really was the very first time Han Shuo had ever heard the term “God-making”. That remark was the most egotistical, most shocking thing he had heard in years. At this point, the Shrine of Ice was, in essence, wrecking his most basic understanding about gods.

Was a god really something that could be manufactured?

“This project is already in its final stages. In due time, we will be able to complete this venture, achieving the magnificent feat of directly evolving a Divinely Favored into a God in the span of only hundreds of years. What a grandeur endeavor this is! During this period, we cannot afford any slip-up,” one of the men said in a deep voice. His tone carried an inexplicable arrogance.

A Divinely Favored? Han Shuo was again bewildered. After processing it for another while, he became fully convinced of the validity of this project.

Those who possessed a Body of Divine Favor had body structures that were different to that of an average person and usually had special abilities. They could possess extraordinary strength like Janet did, or be like Elizabeth who had the ability to absorb divine energy.

There were also many of those Divinely Favoured who could easily form connections with certain elements in the world. Once they began practicing in that line of magic, they would make astonishing, unimaginable progress. They could achieve what an ordinary person achieved, but in perhaps just a tenth or even a hundredth of the time.

For what seemed an eternity, Han Shuo had been fascinated with those who possessed a Body of Divine Favor, and baffled by the special abilities that their unique bodies bestowed on them. After listening to the conversation between the few people above him, Han Shuo arrived at a simple realization.

Could it have been that those Divinely Favoured were descendants of the Gods?

“That’s enough. Let’s hurry up. Pour those energy crystals and leave!” one of them was somewhat impatient and urged.

After he finished his words, Han Shuo immediately started paying even closer attention to the platform above the statue. He saw that from their space rings, they took out crystal fragments containing intense water element, which they carefully held using magic, and then insert them into a small chink on the skull of the Ice Goddess statue.

Once the crystal fragments containing water element fell into the statue, they rapidly dissolved with the iced water composite within. Through the mixture, threads of water element gradually flowed into the naked young lady located at the womb of the statue.

In just a short amount of time, the men had deposited heaps energy crystals into the statue of the Ice Goddess. They carefully observed for a while and after making sure that the Ice Goddess statue was operating nominally, they finally retracted the platform that split open from the wall, disappearing from Han Shuo’s sight.

After the few had left, Han Shuo immediately turned all his attention back to this Ice Goddess statue. Gazing at this gigantic statue which the Shrine of Ice squandered for a hundred years to make, in his heart, he exclaimed in astonishment.

That young lady with cold, jade-like skin located inside the Ice Goddess statue showed no perceivable presence of life. She was like a unique receptacle, accumulating enormous amounts of energy from the iced water mixture in her body.

After pondering for a moment while staring at this Ice Goddess statue, Han Shuo made up his mind right away. He had to destroy this Ice Goddess statue, including what was within it that might produce a “true God”. Between the Shrine of Ice and Han Shuo, there existed only an absolutely irreconcilable bad blood. It was because the Shrine of Ice currently possessed no godly existences that Han Shuo could be on the offensive in his war against the Shrine of Ice.

However, once this god-grade expert was produced, Han Shuo believed that the Shrine of Ice would never let go of him, and when that moment arrived, this godly expert would be on his trail indefinitely. Therefore, Han Shuo decided to leave Ice Celestial Corey aside for the time being, and take advantage of the fact that the God making project had yet to be completed to eradicate this enemy which could potentially pose the greatest threat to him.

All around the Ice Goddess statue, intense water element was present. Han Shuo had discovered their enigmatic magical boundaries and traps deployed right when he entered the chamber. It was rather easy for Han Shuo to reach under the building where Ice Celestial Corey was by utilizing metal elite zombie’s energy. But to arrive at the Ice Goddess statue without touching any magical boundaries or traps, that wasn't nearly as simple.

His eyes sparkled. Han Shuo decided to break through the boundaries and traps, and to destroy this Ice Goddess statue by savage means. In his mind, he started to consider the procedures of his operation, weighing what would be the fastest way to destroy this possible threat in the future.

At this moment, a light bulb went on over his head. He recalled water elite zombie. Water elite zombie, refined with the yuan energy of water, possessed the proficient ability to manipulate ice and water. In this region, the boundaries and traps around the Ice Goddess statue were actually made with ice or water. With water elite zombie, perhaps he could get straight to the Ice Goddess statue without alerting anyone.

When this idea floated into Han Shuo’s mind, he immediately put it to action. After reciting an incantation, water elite zombie appeared beside Han Shuo. Metal elite zombie took the initiative and stepped backwards, making space for water elite zombie to stand shoulder to shoulder with Han Shuo.

“Do you have any means of taking me to that goddess statue without alerting anyone?” Han Shuo transmitted.

Water elite zombie did not immediately reply. After some time had passed, water elite zombie still did not transmit any message. This left Han Shuo somewhat baffled.

Of the five elite zombies, although water elite zombie came relatively late, and did not possess a treasure of water attribute, after evolving for such a long time, he should have had long possessed intelligence instead of being so sluggish!

The puzzled Han Shuo furrowed his brows. He couldn't help but turn his head to look at water elite zombie to see what was wrong with him.

Han Shuo was startled by what he saw.

The water elite zombie’s eyes were glittering with brilliant light, and out of his body floated puffs of misty water vapor. Standing beside him, Han Shuo could feel the humidity in the surroundings increase. Moreover, the water elite zombie seemed to be emotional, as though he suddenly came across something that caused him to be extremely excited.

Following water elite zombie’s gaze, Han Shuo discovered that he was staring blankly at the young lady inside the Ice Goddess statue. His eyes did not blink at all, as though he had turned into a fool.

Oh shoot! Han Shuo was alarmed. He thought to himself, Don’t tell me he’s actually fallen in love with that girl in there?

Han Shuo’s heart turned into a mess, not knowing what was wrong with the rather sillylooking water elite zombie.

“What’s the matter?” Han Shuo shouted very loudly. He deliberately did so in order to rouse water elite zombie from his daze.

Han Shuo’s shouting was indeed effective. The water elite zombie jolted. He looked at Han Shuo somewhat at a loss but shortly after, rays of light glew magnificently in his eyes. He excitedly pointed at that young lady, and said to Han Shuo, “Father, I want!”

This rascal definitely went wrong in his evolution! He could never fuse his energy into the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. So it turns out he evolved sexual desires, and even his eyes have grown malicious. Damn it! Little rascal, how come you’ve evolved like this!

Han Shuo incessantly cursed in his heart as he looked at water elite zombie with his imagination running wild. For a while, he didn’t know what to do. With regards to the five elite zombies, Han Shuo held genuine feelings for them. Although this request of water elite zombie freaked Han Shuo out a little, looking at water elite zombie’s excitement and impulsive urge, he couldn’t bear to reject.

After stomping his feet, Han Shuo clenched his teeth and said, “Go ahead you little rascal. Do as you wish. But by all means, you must not alert anyone else. Damn it, even your brothers who came out much earlier than you aren’t as early-maturing as you!”

After getting the nod of approval from Han Shuo, the water elite zombie suddenly jumped with excitement. He directly passed through the water magic traps and boundaries, and landed at the feet of the Ice Goddess statue in a flash, all without triggering any boundaries or traps.

While Han Shuo continued cursing in his heart, water elite zombie fused himself into the Ice Goddess statue. From within her lower leg, following the iced water mixtures, water elite zombie floated directly to where the young lady was, and excitedly embraced the lifeless young lady with perfect looks.