Just as Ice Celestial Corey and his party turned a blind eye to Han Shuo and instead turned their attentions to getting rid of water elite zombie, Han Shuo, who had just hidden himself within the stone wall using metal elite zombie’s energy, suddenly shot out like a sharp sword.

“Watch out!” This time it was Ice Celestial Corey that shouted.

The two magi who had been staying on the platform above the Ice Goddess statue suddenly felt an intense air of bloodlust assaulting their noses. A nauseating mist of vaporized blood instantly enveloped Han Shuo.

Knowing that Ice Celestial Corey finally saw the situation clearly after being reminded, Han Shuo realized that his evasive hit-and-run tactic had become useless. However, Han Shuo still wanted to buy more time for water elite zombie to absorb the energy. He wanted to intercept them at this crucial moment, even if that meant the risk of sustaining injuries.

Of the party, the two magi that stood motionless at the top were the weakest, and yet could pose the greatest threat to Han Shuo. Now that Han Shuo decided to confront them directly, the only target he could kill in the shortest amount of time was none other than these two magi.

Therefore, Han Shuo carried not the slightest hesitation. He suddenly shot out from within the stone wall, and deliberately displayed an imposing demeanor so that Ice Celestial Corey would know what he planned to do, and that he had better temporarily give up on attacking water elite zombie.

However, this time, Ice Celestial Corey paid no heed to Han Shuo. After loudly shouting a reminder, he continued on charging towards the Ice Goddess statue. It looked as if he had actually sobered up from his insanity, and realized that having one godly existence is much more important than having two sacred magi.

This went against Han Shuo’s expectations. When the two magi hastily evacuated in fear, Han Shuo gave up on chasing after the two. His body, high up in the air, suddenly changed course. Carrying a cloud of blood formed by raging killing intent, he charged downwards at Ice Celestial Corey and the others.

As matters stood, Han Shuo had no choice but to fight head-on. He could no longer play hit-and-run guerrilla tactics or hide behind the stone walls.

When Corey raised his head and saw the blood cloud arriving from above, he immediately understood that it contained energy within it that could lay waste to all things. His look changed. The situation became clear to him at once. He suddenly brandished his sword at the blood cloud and shrieked, “Frost Nova!”

As though it had long been premeditated, right after Ice Celestial Corey’s shout of ‘Frost Nova’ sounded, cold lights shone magnificently in the eyes of the four sacred swordmasters beside him, and they brandished their swords to face the blood cloud’s attack. Ice Celestial Corey’s included, a total of five energies made of the mixture of fighting aura and divine energy granted by the Ice Goddess suddenly began converging at the blood cloud.

These five energies collided with each other within the blood cloud, which instantly produced a terrifying explosion of ice within the blood cloud. The ice explosion formed by the five energies was extremely violent, and completely covered the lump of blood cloud. It was simply too late for Han Shuo to escape. He sustained serious damage in the Ice Nova.

“Hahahah…” Corey howled with laughter, full of complacent.

‘Ice Nova’ was a secret technique of the Shrine of Ice. It was composed of a mixture of divine energy bestowed by the Ice Goddess and fighting aura. By colliding multiple of them together, it formed a large surface area ice blast. Those shrouded by the Ice Nova would be afflicted by terrifying icicles that possessed an unstoppable force.

After repeated rounds of defeat, Ice Celestial finally redeemed himself by using this secret technique. He was visibly delighted.

“Filthy necromancer. I want to see how you will escape this time,” Ice Celestial Corey cackled as he fixed his attention on the gradually dissipating blood cloud along with the four sacred swordmasters beside him.

The bombardment of Ice Nova had dissipated the killing intent in the blood cloud. Han Shuo’s body slowly revealed itself from the blood cloud.

All they could see was that Han Shuo’s body was riddled with thousands of holes. His body looked as though he had been stabbed with hundreds of thousands incorporeal arrows, big and small. His chest was split open into a big hole, and his internal organs were all out in the open.

Han Shuo’s appearance now was even more unsightly than a malicious spirit, with not a patch of intact skin on his body. The shelling of ‘Ice Nova’ left his body in desolation, the most dire state it had ever been in.

Without a doubt, Han Shuo was heavily injured by the ‘Ice Nova’. This secret technique of the Shrine of Ice, jointly deployed by one demigod expert and four sacred swordmasters, had injured Han Shuo gravely!

Soon, Han Shuo’s body was completely exposed. All of a sudden, Ice Celestial Corey, who had been laughing his heart out, ceased to laugh anymore. The complacency on his face was replaced with shock and inconceiveness as he stared at the morbid,mangled Han Shuo.

Han Shuo’s body was riddled with holes. His internal organs were visible through the massive wounds. Yet, not a drop of blood flowed from them!

What was even more unimaginable to Corey was that the badly mangled flesh on Han Shuo’s body was slowly wiggling, with each of the wounds healing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The sight was surreal!

In all likelihood, anyone that had seen such an unearthly scene would have been just at appalled as Ice Celestial Corey and his men,stupefied and at a complete loss.

This reaction originated in the instinctive fear of the unknown!

“What, what in the world are you?” Ice Celestial Corey, who had long subconsciously harbored an intense wariness towards Han Shuo, finally could not constrain the fear in his heart, and cried out, his voice trembling. He looked anxiously at Han Shuo who was standing in midair with thousands of wounds from head to toe that were strangely free of any blood, but instead rapidly healing up.

Han Shuo forced a smile. He indeed suffered serious injuries from that Ice Nova. However, during the split second those icicles shot into his body, the extreme cold temporarily froze up his blood. This allowed Han Shuo, who possessed an abnormally valiant physical body, to contain his injuries within an extremely short amount of time.

With the circulation of demonic yuan, his muscle fibers absorbed and held onto all his blood. Therefore, after the frosty aura dispersed, not an ounce of blood left his system. Making use of his tenacious body, he rapidly healed up his wounds.

However, Han Shuo really had been injured! And his injuries were not insubstantial!

As his body had suffered such considerable damage, the whole restoration process of his physical body was going to consume an enormous amount of blood essence and demonic yuan. The rapid recovery process of Han Shuo’s body, although inconceivably grotesque in Ice Celestial Corey’s eyes, lost Han Shuo a lot of his firepower in battle.

However, this bitter smile on Han Shuo’s sinister, hideous face that was still riddled with bloody cavities appeared to be a truly wicked smile that could make anyone numb to the scalp. In the eyes of Ice Celestial Corey and his party, that was absolutely the most terrifying scene they had ever seen in their lives.

Han Shuo noticed the trembling in Ice Celestial Corey’s voice. The smile on Han Shuo’s face left Corey and his party scared witless. Looking at the inconceivable Han Shuo, no matter how hard they tried, Ice Celestial Corey and his men couldn’t make any mental association between Han Shuo and a human being.

Han Shuo seized the opportunity to rapidly heal the heavy wounds his body suffered and let out a laugh that oozes ruthlessness and savagery. He even took advantage of the situation and interpolated his laughter with Demonic Siren, a demonic skill that could cause one’s heart to be misled.

As expected, the already gutless Ice Celestial Corey, under the effect of Han Shuo’s Demonic Siren, grew more and more terrified. When he again looked at Han Shuo’s hideous appearance, Han Shuo seemingly transformed into a demonic existence of ancient times, which unintentionally took a hit from him, ripping apart his everyday disguise, and revealing his demonic nomenon.

“Which, which plane of existence did you come from? The Shrine of Ice is a religion of the Ice Goddess. What, what do you want?” one of the four sacred swordmasters suddenly cried out in fear, frantically taking a step backwards. This was partially due to the effect of the Demonic Siren, while on the other it was also because they truly dreaded Han Shuo.

“Who, who the hell are you?” When he shouted, it seemed to serve as a reminder to the others, causing another sacred swordmaster to also cry out in fear.

Ice Celestial Corey, looking at Han Shuo, who was still seriously injured, seemed to have come to a sudden realization. Thinking back on the brilliant skills of Han Shuo’s that he had never seen before, he seriously thought that Han Shuo was not an existence originating from Profound Continent at all. With that, the fear in his heart flourished even more. His eyes already started flickering, rapidly considering his escape routes.

“We, we are the messengers of the Ice Goddess. You, don’t you mess around!” Finally, under the effect of the Demonic Siren, on top of Han Shuo’s strange behavior, Ice Celestial Corey began babbling nonsense with a shiver in his voice.

At this moment, water elite zombie suddenly transmitted, “Father, I am done!”

Han Shuo, who was howling with laughter, turned his head down and saw that the naked young lady had dried out to a mummified state without any water content, and its former beauty was nowhere to be seen. The enormous statue of the Ice Goddess abruptly collapsed as water elite zombie communicated telepathically. Starting at its head, it crumbled and fell to ground.

“Hahaha… Hahaha…” Ice Celestial Corey and the others’ foolishness left Han Shuo unable to stop himself from laughing his head off. This time, the Demonic Siren wasn’t admixed.


Above Han Shuo, metal elite zombie appeared out of nowhere and smashed his golden cudgel on the two birdbrained sacred magi, also scared witless by Han Shuo. They were reduced to meat patties.

“Screw it! Whichever plane of existence he came from, we will fight him to death!” When the Ice Goddess statue collapsed, Ice Celestial Corey once again went insane and charged recklessly into Han Shuo.

But at this moment, Han Shuo,  his body inflicted with heavy damage, did not tangle any longer with the desperate Ice Celestial Corey. While still loudly laughing as before, he entered a tunnel that suddenly split open in the stonewall with water elite zombie, and calmly left the Shrine of Ice.