With metal elite zombie paving the way, splitting up solid rock to make a long and narrow tunnel, those tight security measures of the Shrine of Ice were rendered useless. Han Shuo and water elite zombie followed behind metal elite zombie, quickly escaping.

The statue of the Ice Goddess was key to Project God Making. Developed by numerous great masters of alchemy and chemistry, the Ice Goddess statue was where Ice Celestial Corey entrusted all his hopes and dreams. Her collapse was like the stab of a sharp sword right through Corey’s heart, causing him unbearable pain.

Metal elite zombie transmitted a report to Han Shuo, informing him that the great masters who erected the statue of the Ice Goddess were all killed by him. After losing these great masters who had intensively studied the subject for many years, Ice Celestial Corey’s God making project could no longer be reinstated.

Although Han Shuo’s body was heavily damaged by ‘Ice Nova’, he managed to successfully intimidate Ice Celestial Corey and the others by exploiting their fears of him with the help of Demonic Siren. However, when Han Shuo saw that Ice Celestial Corey once again sank into madness because of the Ice Goddess statue’s collapse, knowing that the maddened Corey would not be easy to handle, he had no better option but to leave.

Only after walking quite some distance in the tunnel away from the chamber did Han Shuo turn around to look at water elite zombie who had absorbed a tremendous amount of energy. When he looked, he was shocked albeit happy for water elite zombie’s transformation.

He saw that the water elite zombie, after absorbing the icy water energy within the Ice Goddess statue, underwent an earth-shattering transformation from his ordinary appearance. His thick brows turned slender and curved, his nose bridge raised, and his rough, dry skin became moist and as smooth as water. Even his dry hair turned glossy. The ordinary-looking water elite zombie, after absorbing that energy, now seemed an elegant, handsome young man. And because of the energy in his body, this handsome young man even exuded a kind of beautifully bewitching quality!

A cloud of mist lingered around water elite zombie. Compared to his former self, the current water elite zombie was a world of difference in every way; appearance or demeanor.

What particularly shocked Han Shuo was - this transformation was still going on!

Han Shuo understood that the energy absorbed by water elite zombie was enormous, and the digestion process was not a short one. However, Han Shuo believed that once water elite zombie completely digested all that energy, he would bring Han Shuo even greater surprises.

“I shall send you back first. You need to quietly digest this energy!” After sensing the condition inside water elite zombie’s body, Han Shuo softly sang an incantation and sent water elite zombie back to the netherworld.

Soon after water elite zombie left, with metal elite zombie opening the path, they went back to the cliff they entered from located halfway up the mountain.

Standing outside the tunnel at the cliff, Han Shuo raised his head to gaze at the main peak covered with ice and snow. He said to himself, “Shrine of Ice, this is only the beginning of my vengeance!”

When he finished those words, Han Shuo sent metal elite zombie back to the netherworld. Given the injuries on his body, it was not wise for Han Shuo to stay there any longer. He found a suitable opportunity and flew away, turning into a streak of light as he beamed away from the snowfield of the Shrine of Ice.

Icicle City. Han Shuo lodged in a small and ordinary hotel.

For days, Han Shuo had locked himself up in his room night and day. During this time, he managed to stabilize the injuries on his physical body that he sustained at the Shrine of Ice.

This damage to Han Shuo’s physical body required blood essence and demonic yuan to recover. This recovery process would not take much time at all. However, it would consume much of Han Shuo’s blood essence and demonic yuan, which both required long periods of cultivation to accumulate to a sufficient amount. If too significant an amount was depleted, Han Shuo’s strength would be harshly affected.

In just a short few days of time, Han Shuo’s internals that were riddled with holes had all healed. Unfortunately, it also cost him quite a lot of blood essence and demonic yuan. After meditating for a few days, he somewhat regained his demonic yuan. But he had to take care not to use up too much blood essence in such short bursts.

It was only when Han Shuo’s own injuries were stabilized that he recalled how Gilbert’s soul was yet inside the Demonslayer Edge. The insides of the Demonslayer Edge was remotely a good place to be in. Any soul that entered the Demonslayer Edge would be corroded by it. Even though Han Shuo had specially vacated an area for Gilbert’s soul, he still could not be kept inside for extended periods.

Han Shuo made use of certain materials currently available in his space ring. After spending another couple of days, he refined a Soul Depository Ring out of a translucent, shiny thumb ring. The main functionality of this Soul Deposity Ring was to store souls.

In his room, he deployed a soundproofing magical boundary, and summoned a few wraths to guard outside the door. Only then did he withdraw the Demonslayer Edge.

With the Soul Depository Ring on his palm, Han Shuo slowly entered the Demonslayer Edge with his consciousness. The first thing he sensed was the main soul within the Demonslayer Edge fusing with the Crystal of Destruction. After that, based on his understanding of the interior of the Demonslayer Edge, he wandered about in the massive vault of souls within the Demonslayer Edge, seeking for Gilbert’s aura that he was familiar with.

When sucking in Gilbert’s soul into the Demonslayer Edge, Han Shuo spaced out a region within the Demonslayer Edge specifically to place Gilbert’s soul. After Han Shuo’s consciousness entered the Demonslayer Edge, he quickly found that region based on his familiarity with Gilbert.

Within the Demonslayer Edge, there were all kinds of souls in addition to a ton of negative energy. Some of this energy was strong and some was weak, but they all possessed extremely corrosive powers. Even if it was dark dragon Gilbert, if Han Shuo had not specially divides a region for him, his soul would have been subjected to the corrosion of this energy, and might have even fuse with them, turning into a mighty force aiding in Demonslayer Edge’s evolution.

When he found Gilbert’s soul, Han Shuo relaxed a little. He hastily wrapped up Gilbert’s soul with his consciousness, so that Gilbert wouldn’t receive any influence from all kinds of corrosive energy within the Demonslayer Edge, and carried Gilbert out from the Demonslayer Edge little by little.

Han Shuo’s consciousness could clearly sense the delight from Gilbert’s soul. Gilbert sensed the aura of his master, and was therefore so obedient. Without making the slightest resistance, he followed Han Shuo’s consciousness and left the Demonslayer Edge.

A wisp of dim ghostly light suddenly drifted out from the sword hilt of the Demonslayer Edge. When that wisp light completely parted from the Demonslayer Edge, Han Shuo casted two spells, one on the Soul Depository Ring, and another on Gilbert’s soul.

Suddenly, the ghostly light turned into a fine thread and entered the Soul Depository Ring. The thumb ring was suddenly flowing with a faint green and lush light. That fine thread constantly twisted and wrapped into itself within the thumb ring. After a short period of time, a hazy, indistinct shadow was formed.

“Master, master is that you?” a very soft sound like an ant talking came from the thumb ring. The Soul Depository Ring could not only hold onto souls, with Han Shuo’s refining, it could even transmit the thoughts of those souls.

“Gilbert you scoundrel! How can you be so disobedient!” When the familiar voice of Gilbert’s sounded, Han Shuo’s heart filled with sorrow.

“Master! My great master! I’m so happy! I can see you again! This is incredible! Haha…” When he heard Han Shuo speaking, Gilbert shouted incoherently from the Soul Depository Ring. But as only his soul was present, even though his shouting was amplified by the ring, it still sounded as soft as an ant speaking.

The familiar voice of Gilbert’s immediately made Han Shuo once more recall those years they previously spent together. But at present, Han Shuo had a complete body and soul, Gilbert, however, possessed only his soul. If it weren’t for Han Shuo using extraordinary means to keep Gilbert’s soul, it would have slowly obscured between heaven and earth with time.

“Idiot! Enough, now shut up!” Han Shuo scolded him smilingly, his heart was nevertheless filled with warmth. Afterwards, when Gilbert stopped babbling in the thumb ring, Han Shuo sternly said, “Gilbert, in theory, you are dead. But I’ve used some special methods to preserve your soul.”

“Master, I understand,” Gilbert said after keeping silent for a while.

Suddenly, Gilbert seemed to have recalled something. The shadow in the thumb ring was rapidly moving. Gilbert anxiously asked, “Oh right master, what happened to my grandpa and the family of dark dragons? Did they manage to escape the vicious attack from the Shrine of Ice?”

“Be at ease. You grandpa and the dark dragons all broke free from the Jadefrost Cage. They should currently be in the dark dragon’s canyon. Besides, …” Han Shuo knew what Gilbert was worried about. Therefore, he explained once through what happened after his soul entered the Demonslayer Edge.

“Wahaha… nice one, master! Kill everyone from the Shrine of Ice for me! Humph, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m now dead, I would have made them pay the price, and killed each and everyone in the Shrine of Ice!” dark dragon Gilbert shouted.

“Gilbert, the reason I put you in this Soul Depository Ring and communicate with you is to give you a choice. With your soul now, I have two ways of making you reappear in this world. One is to use necromancy magic and turn you into a bone dragon. Another is to use demonic arts and refine you into a demon general. I’m now letting you make your own choice!” explained Han Shuo.

“What’s the difference?” Gilbert asked.

“If you choose bone dragon, you will only have a skeleton, but can still be considered as a dragon. But if you choose demon general, you won’t be a dragon anymore,” Han Shuo continued.

“Erm… Which one is stronger?” Gilbert asked once again.

“I think, demon general might be stronger!” Han Shuo replied.

“Demon general then. I just want to be stronger!” Gilbert answered resolutely.
GDK 484: Running into Sophie

Kasi Empire, Ciro City.

Ciro was the capital city of Kasi Empire, with a population size ranging in the millions. It was a big city that enjoyed a great reputation. Ciro City possessed beautiful landscapes and represented the unique cultures of Kasi Empire. At the same time, it was a city that promoted martial spirit.

Every three years, a large-scale auction sale would be held at Ciro city center. Over at the auction sale, one could buy truly rare and precious treasures. Everytime it was held, it never failed to attract all of the city bigwigs. So much so that even certain wealthy figures from surrounding countries would travel long distances to attend the sale.

During past auctions at Ciro City, not only did all sorts of treasures frequently make appearances, even divine weapons showed up twice. Divine weapon ‘Starry Sky’, which was currently in Phoebe’s possession after it was obtained from Celt, had previously appeared at such an auction. It was repeatedly resold before Celt managed to acquire it.

This festival was a true spectacle. Other than just auction sales, there would also be all kinds of unusual items up for sale. Those who knew what was what could always be sure to walk away with whatever goods they desired.

Everytime such a large-scale auction sale was held, it attracted people from all walks of life, and this time was no exception. Even when Han Shuo heard about the grand occasion of the auction from Icicle City, he spent three thousands gold coins, and, through some illicit methods, managed to use the magical transportation array there to travel to Ciro City.

Han Shuo, whose injuries had yet to fully recover, on one hand, needed not only some materials to forge Gilbert’s body, but also to ask about the recent situation over at Lancelot Empire. That was why he came to the capital city of Kasi Empire, Ciro City.

Compared to Ciro City, Icicle City was just a small town along the borders of Kasi Empire. Dark Mantle footholds had yet to extend to this area. Therefore, in order to get accurate information about the Lancelot Empire, Han Shuo had to make a trip to a city of great significance to the empire, such as Ciro City.

The previous day, soon after Han Shuo arrived at Ciro City, he managed to get in touch with Dark Mantle members in Ciro City, and through their messages, he found out about the current situation in Lancelot Empire.

Just as Jack the little fatty said it would, Brettel City operated as usual then even without his presence. During this period, the army of Brettel City commanded by Dorcas, in addition to elite troops dispatched by King Lawrence of Lancelot Empire, officially launched military operations against the seven grand duchies.

Dorcas’ outstanding talent, alongside the full backing of the empire, was a deadly combination.

In just the short span of a little more than a month, under Dorcas’ command of an incomparably valiant army, and the seven grand duchies in the dark, they easily occupied the Bavenden Duchy. Then, with Bavenden Duchy as their military base, they successfully crushed the hastily united army of Bonton Duchy and Etman Duchy.

As Bavenden Duchy was located far from Brettel City, and Dorcas gave no warning before attacking, Bavenden Duchy had never expected that the Lancelot Empire would first go after the further duchy instead of the closer ones, and go far afield to take them down first. Caught off guard, they were in no condition to organize any effective resistance. In just one week’s time, the military force of Bavenden Duchy was swept away, with Grand Duke Alec Ambridge killed in action.

Bonton Duchy and Etman Duchy in the surrounding areas, upon learning of the situation, immediately formed an alliance to resist, but nevertheless suffered a big defeat in their very first battle. And now, while the two duchies held fast to their city gates, they began making contact with the other few duchies at all costs, intending to join forces to deal with Lancelot Empire’s ferocious invasion.

Of the remaining four duchies, Helen’s Helon Duchy and Burt Zili’s Boulet Duchy were effectively allied with Han Shuo. After Nehem Beige was killed by Han Shuo, Bisli Duchy sank into a great mess, and suffered disastrous damages under Burt Zili’s attack. They wouldn’t be able to put up any measurable resistance.

All that remained was Benedict Sackville’s Narsen Duchy, which could be considered as having some military capability. However, with Helen and Burt Zili causing mischief in the dark, Han Shuo could be almost certain that this time, Benedict Sackville would not be able to escape from misfortune.

After Han Shuo learned of the circumstances and progress made in the assault against the seven grand duchies, he truly put down the rock in his heart. With the full support of Lancelot Empire, without Stratholme the old monster’s hinderance, and with Helon Duchy and Boulet Duchy secretly assisting, this time, there would be no escape for the seven grand duchies.

Everything remained unchanged in Brettel City, and it became the supplier of weapons and foodstuffs to fuel Dorcas’ war machine. When Dorcas prevailed over the enemy, he would utilize the powers in Brettel City to seize that country’s resources and regime, simultaneously containing the situation and effectively administering the territory.

The situation was absolutely fantastic. This was the moment that Lancelot Empire would begin soaring.

While Lancelot Empire was carefreely invading, the Brut Merchant Alliance, however, was very much in a headache. As for lightning sacred magus Reynold, the late protector of Brut Merchant Alliance, his death brought the union losses beyond measure. What caused even greater headache for the Brut Merchant Alliance were the magical beasts flooding in from Tarrag Canyon. These beasts caused havoc in the cities surrounding Tarrag Canyon, destroying everything in their paths and attacking every human in sight.

The Brut Merchant Alliance was a nation constituted of multiple major merchant guilds. Visiting and returning from all sorts of regions and countries, conducting commerce activities with them, those were the channels through which they reaped huge amount of profits. However, as magical beasts roamed throughout the land, all those merchants had no choice but to stay home. This caused insurmountable losses for the Brut Merchant Alliance, a country that relied mainly on trade.

Therefore, although the Brut Merchant Alliance was aware that the Lancelot Empire was infringing upon the seven grand duchies like wildfire and enjoying the spoils of war to the fullest, due to domestic disorder, they were fully occupied and had no time to deal with other matters. All they could do was to helplessly look on as Lancelot Empire constantly expanded its territory.

Han Shuo understood that the problems Brut Merchant Alliance would be confronted with weren’t merely so. For the time being, those of the Soul Race inside Tarrag Canyon had yet to make a move. But this was likely because their six-horned tribal king was injured during the battle with the Saintess of the Church of Light. Once this six-horned tribal king recovered, the Brut Merchant Alliance would undoubtedly weep at least a few tears.

Standing on a harmonious street, Han Shuo stopped contemplating and carried on examining vendors’ booths for goods that fit his needs.

It must be said that this so-called auction sale indeed owned a well-deserved reputation. Before the real auction sale had even started, among the various kinds of materials in the market, Han Shuo had procured two worthy items.

Weeping Wood. A close look at this wood revealed grain patterns that looked like tear stains. By grinding the wood into fine sawdust and then refining it with a few medicinal herbs, he could manufacture medicinal pellets that pacify the heart.

Vermiculite. When refining certain magical weapons that needed to be pliable but tough, Vermiculite could be utilized for constructing a weapon that possessed extreme toughness. In reforging Gilbert’s body, this would have the same effect as well. If Gilbert’s bones were mixed with Vermiculite, his bones would become tougher and more durable.

Those were the two things Han Shuo got hold of in that morning. Vermiculite would prove especially useful for Gilbert.

If Gilbert had chosen bone dragon as the way to reborn, Han Shuo wouldn’t have needed to spend as much time and effort. Placing Gilbert’s soul into the netherworld and helping him reconstruct his skeleton with bones would suffice. However, since Gilbert had chosen to be a devil, Han Shuo had to spend a lot more energy. With his original skeleton as the foundation, he had to throw in all kinds of rare and precious materials to assemble him a new body.

As Han Shuo felt guilty for Gilbert, he made a firm resolution to make it up to Gilbert by forging his new body perfectly. That was why he went over there to gather these uncommon materials. He wanted to forge a body that would not only give him strength and energy, but also possess a demonic body with unlimited possibilities in his evolution.

“Huh? What’s this? Can I have a look?” Walking down the street, Han Shuo constantly looked in all directions, seeking materials suitable for Gilbert. At that moment, he saw a deep black, unreflective stone the size of palm. From his consciousness, he felt faint traces of bizarre energy, and therefore inquired.

At the helm of the stand was an aged woman. She looked on dreamily at the traffic of people walking past. When she heard Han Shuo’s inquiry, her attention immediately fell onto Han Shuo. From his outstanding physique, combined with his out of ordinary clothing, at first glance, she could tell that Han Shuo was liberal with his money. Especially seeing the space ring on his hand, which further testified to his wealth.

“Of course!” The old woman put on a fawning smile, and took the initiative to respectfully hand the stone to Han Shuo.

Holding onto the stone the size of a palm, his demonic yuan and consciousness entered the stone at the same time. After a round of analyzing with his eyes squinted, his eyes suddenly shone. Looking at the old woman with all smiles, he asked, “Ma’am, how much is this?”

“That, my grandpa accidentally obtained that thing. It’s been quite a long time. Since you want it, five gold coins then,” the old woman answered after thinking for a while.

Pa! A bag of gold coins flung out from Han Shuo’s hand, and he bluntly said, “Here’s one hundred gold coins. I’m taking this!”

“Thank you, thank you!” The old woman was pleasantly surprised and quickly grabbed onto that bag of gold coins. Looking left and right, seeing that no one was watching, she hurriedly put away this bag of gold coins, closed up her stand, and left.

She had absolutely no idea of what use that stone was. The price of five gold coins was just a number she made up in her mind. One hundred gold coins was definitely a huge amount for her. It was for the fear that Han Shuo might renege on the deal that she so pressingly left.

Holding the Yuan Storage Stone, Han Shuo’s was rather satisfied. He carried on looking in all directions strolling randomly.

Suddenly, Han Shuo was startled, and looked ahead somewhat astonished.

He saw that a youthful, beautiful young lady, wearing a faint, tranquil smile, was looking around full of zest in front of a vendor’s booth. Shockingly, it was precisely the same beautiful young lady that went through the misfortune with him in Dark Forest - Sophie!