Throughout the years, by means of seizure and plundering, Han Shuo’s pockets gradually grew deeper and deeper. So much so that by now, he had actually lost count of precisely how much wealth he had accumulated. In addition to the few million gold coins in Brettel City that he left under Jack’s management, several million more were at Han Shuo’s disposal in his crystal card alone.

‘Viride Leaf’ was a treasure of wood attribute. Others may not have known of it, but Han Shuo was very clear about its application. Not only could ‘Viride Leaf’ make barren lands thrive with life, it also possessed the miraculous ability to rejuvenate the undead. Most importantly, once this ‘Viride Leaf’ was in the hands of wood elite zombie, not only was he able to evolve faster, his strength was substantially increased as well.

At the moment, of the five elite zombies, water elite zombie and wood elite zombie were the weakest and of lowest intelligence. This was due in part to the fact that they were refined relatively later than the rest, but also because they had not acquired any treasures that could help them advance themselves.

During the trip to the Shrine of Ice days prior, water elite zombie had absorbed the enormous amount of energy in the Ice Goddess’ statue. His appearance immediately underwent an earth-shattering transformation. Han Shuo could be certain that by the time water elite zombie had finished digesting all the energy he absorbed, he would surely be able to make a huge leap forward in his evolution. With that, the water elite zombie would be able to add his energy to the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

Han Shuo was recently fretting for wood elite zombie, not knowing how to assist him. Who knew that he would find the treasure of wood attribute ‘Viride Leaf’ at this auction sale. Han Shuo was convinced that once wood elite zombie obtained the ‘Viride Leaf’, the Penta-elemental Undead Formation could definitely unleash its might to the fullest extent.

Therefore, Han Shuo was determined to take this wood attribute treasure home! In m attempt to rid the other rivals of any hope of winning the item, Han Shuo bid a correspondingly intimidating price of 100 thousand gold coins.

“Number 83! Number 83 put forth 100 thousand gold coins! Oh? Looks like number 83 is a friend in the hall!” the auctioneer finally found Han Shuo’s identifier number, and shrieked.

Following the auctioneer’s loud shout, the stage lighting swooshed and cast on Han Shuo. The crowd maintained their attention along with the lighting, and their eyes all landed on Han Shuo in an instant. Every last pair of eyes was filled with astonishment and curiosity.

The other three bidders for the wood attribute treasure ‘Viride Leaf’ were in VIP rooms on the second and third floors. Those on the second and third floors were the true wealthy merchants and powerful nobilities. Other than a few publicly acknowledged treasures, the high price of 100 thousand gold coins did not appear very often. This completely shocked the crowd. And when they then found out that the bidder was actually someone sitting in the grand hall, they were even more astonished.

This auction place also had its own division of social classes. Usually, those inside the grand hall were lesser nobilities. They were not usually the biggest spenders and wouldn’t compete for treasures that exceeded 50 thousand gold coins. It was only those in the second and third floors who would pursue any item they were keen on as though gold coins didn’t matter. Therefore, the highest bidders in the auction sale would usually be bigwigs from the second and third floors.

And now, an unprepossessing, honest-looking fatty, bid for an item with unknown functionality at a pricey 100 thousand gold coins. This obviously attracted the attention of everyone inside the room. Not just the guests in the grand hall, but even those bigwigs in the second and third floor craned their necks forward to see for themselves exactly who down below was being so grandiose.

“You goon, you are so damn rich!” Being at the center of attention of every person in the room, Sophie had to stoop her head even lower and bend down at her waist. She angrily said, “If you cause my father to see me here, I will get even with you!”

As not to bring the onlookers’ attention to Sophie, Han Shuo did not reply her. He lazily sat in his seat with his eyes narrowed and with a smile, seemingly most leisure and carefree.

“110 thousand gold coins. Number 9 bids 110 thousand gold coins!” Suddenly, the auctioneer shrieked yet again.

Han Shuo raised his head and shot a glance, and found that the bidder was that upper-class woman of unknown identity. He noticed that after this woman bid that exorbitant price, her face grew even more unsightly.

“120 thousand! Mister Zofi of Brut Merchant Alliance bids 120 thousand gold coins!” the auctioneer hollered again. He had gotten somewhat excited. 120 thousand was the highest bidding price in the auction sale so far. Seeing that the crowd was very enthusiastic, the auctioneer was obviously very happy about it.

So that big fatty is Zofi Han Shuo thought to himself. Han Shuo had heard of him before. He was an outstanding, well-known merchant in Brut Merchant Alliance. His core businesses were primarily selling magical crystal ores and some large-scale war equipment. The six magic crystal cannons that Helen bought the last time, those came from Zofi. Sometimes if he received big orders, he could make a few hundred thousand gold coins from just one transaction deal. It was no surprise that he would be so extravagant.

After Zofi’s bid of 120 thousand gold coins was announced, the auction house turned somewhat silent. Everyone noticed that as the price of the item increased, it started counting in six digits. This obviously exceeded what most people could afford.

“150 thousand gold coins! Oh! It’s young master Braque!” just as the crowd was silenced in amazement, Braque again showed his hand, and directly bid up the price to 150 thousand gold coins. This is truly an astronomic price! It seems that the House of Pillion indeed has deep pockets!

Suddenly, a window to a VIP room on the third floor was opened. “My friends, this item, along with the two I previously bought, I intend to give them to my fiance Sophie as presents. If all three of you would give me some face, I will be very grateful!” Braque said in an elegant manner with a smile on his face as he stood by the window.

The price tag of 150 thousand deemed to be somewhat excessive even for Braque. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to say so. Given his Pillion royal family’s influences in Kasi Empire, when he opened his mouth, most people would never deliberately make things difficult for him.

“Since young master Braque said so, I naturally will not stand in his way!” Sure enough, even Zofi of Brut Merchant Alliance dared not to offend Braque. He stood up and bowed at Braque with all smiles.

“Thank you. If Mister Zofi found time to visit Cesar City, I will most certainly receive you well as a friend. I hope that at that time Mister Zofi will do me the honor,” Braque said invitingly.

“Certainly, certainly!” Zofi said as he smiled.

For such a big merchant like Zofi whose businesses covered every country, although he need not have been afraid of Braque, it would be enormously beneficial to his businesses if he could make such a friend. With Braque taking the initiative and throwing him an olive branch, Zofi naturally knew what to do.

After Braque yelled out that high price of 150 thousand gold coins, that upper-class woman who was also competing for it wore a face as ashen as the dead. She seemed to lack the financial capacity to continue bidding, and had to abandon this treasure which she very much wanted.

It was only at this moment that Han Shuo actually understood the relationship between Sophie and Braque. He thoughtfully took a look at Sophie who was burying her head down and in silence. From her grumbling, Han Shuo had a general idea of the situation.

With a faint smile, Han Shuo raised his head to look at Braque over at the third floor. He discovered that at this moment, it just so happened that Braque was looking back at him. Braque obviously had realized that that upper-class woman must have given up due to her limited financial ability. Zofi agreed to give him face, and not continue to compete against him. With that, the only rival left was Han Shuo who all of a sudden appeared in the grand hall.

His eyes meeting with Braque’s, Han Shuo saw that Braque nodded with a smile on his face from a distance, and he seemed very friendly in attitude. However, in his eyes, there was a flavor of loftiness and threat.

Han Shuo made a naive smile and turned his head down to look at the number-displaying device in front of him. At this moment, the constantly silent and head lowered Sophie suddenly softly shouted, “Han, don’t you remember what I said earlier? You already offended the Shrine of Ice. You must not offend the Pillon family altogether. If you really want that thing, I can pass it on to you after Braque gifts it to me. Don’t fight with him over this thing.”

Han Shuo stared blankly at Sophie before he put on a smile. Then, he reached out to the input device and entered a series of numbers. Afterwards, Han Shuo replied in a low voice, “A favor of a hundred thousand gold coins is too much. If you were to accept it, it would be extremely difficult for you to break away from the House of Pillion! Moreover, offending the Shrine of Ice is the same as offending the House of Pillon. The Shrine of Ice’s Ice Celestial Corey is the oldest generation of the Pillion family, it’s just you that didn’t know!”

“200 thousand! Number 83 bid 200 thousand gold coins! Oh my! What a magical person!” the auctioneer suddenly yelled, his voice contained an inexplicable astonishment.

The whole audience turned into commotion once more. Their eyes again gathered on Han Shuo, trying to get a good glimpse of him.

“Who is that guy? He’s got guts!”

“Hell yeah! He still won’t let go even after young master Braque has spoken. He is simply not giving face to the House of Pillon!”

“Ha, what a reckless fella. Even if you’re rich you gotta be alive to use it man!”

After the sky-high price of 200 thousand gold coins was announced, everyone present was once again in an uproar! Han Shuo’s sharp ears could hear all the things that they were discussing. However, he was rather apathetic in his heart. Merely a puny little good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family, how would Han Shuo even feel worried about it?

“I applaud your boldness, my friend!” Braque over at the third floor did not spiral into a fit of rage out of humiliation, but on the contrary, he praised Han Shuo.

“This guy is infamous for his dagger hidden in his smiles. His expression now indicated that he is truly outraged! You, you really are, sigh, what for do you provoke him?” Sophie with her head lowered, explained softly to Han Shuo.

“Hm?” Suddenly, a soft cry sounded from beside Braque. Sacred knight Sulo had his vision focused on Sophie’s earlobe.

Sophie, someone of extraordinary strength, was shocked and grew frightened. Even without raising her head she could sense Sulo’s gaze from above. She frantically covered her left ear with her hands, like she was trying to conceal something.

When Sophie was covering it up, Han Shuo noticed a red birthmark the size of a grain of rice on her left earlobe. Seeing Sophie covering it in a flurry, he instantly understood in his heart why she wanted to cover the red birthmark.

“Shoot! I’m way too careless! I totally forgot that with my dad’s strength, he can see the birthmark on my earlobe from this distance away. Damn it, he must have found me!” Sophie anxiously said with her head down.

“Yep, I believe that he definitely saw you,” Han Shuo said calmly. Han Shuo noticed that after Sulo let out a gentle cry, his eyes started flickering, obviously he had realized that the ordinary-looking young lady down there was precisely his treasured daughter in disguise.

“What should we do?” Sophie said frantically. She was rather out of her wits when it came to dealing with her own father.

“Just let it be. Your father did not tell Braque about what he discovered. Just continue burying your head,” Han Shuo said to Sophie. In his heart, he knew Sulo gave a lot of thought to Sophie. In any case, Sophie was the fiance to Braque. If Braque were to find out that she disguised herself to be with Han Shuo, Braque would be furious. Therefore even though Solu discovered this fact, he did not expose her.

“200 thousand gold coins going once!” while the audiences were in appal and Braque did not make a counterbid, the auctioneer’s piercing voice sounded loudly.

Perhaps the price tag of 200 thousand gold coins had exceeded Braque’s expectations, or perhaps Braque had other intentions, he only gazed at Han Shuo from high up with a strange smile on his face but did not compete. It seemed that he did not intend on continuing to battle it out with Han Shuo in the auction house.

“Going twice!” the auctioneer paused for a long while before he shouted, “If there is no higher bidder, if no one will raise the price, then this item belongs to this gentleman!”

Everyone had their eyes scanning back and forth between Han Shuo and Braque. It was as though they were waiting for a more brilliant follow-up. However, to their disappointment, this time Braque did not satisfy the delights of the audience.

“250 thousand gold coins! Goodness me! Mister Zofi has raised the price again! It is now 250 thousand gold coins!” Suddenly, a red sign was revealed on the second floor. The sum of 250 thousand gold coins was announced. The auctioneer was about to go crazy!

“Young master Braque would like to give treasures to a beauty, such a spoony devotion is so rarely seen! Hehe, I’m willing to use 250 thousand gold coins to help young master Braque accomplish this, and could perhaps be considered as befriending young master Braque. Friend down there, do you mind giving some face? Consider it as helping to make a beautiful story!” Zofi the true big fatty, said in all smiles to Han Shuo the false fatty down below.

“Thank you Mister Zofi. Whether you win this item or not, I will definitely take you as a friend!” Braque sent his regards to Zofi with an unusual smile on his face.

With that, the crowd became hyped once again. Every one of them looked at Zofi and Braque with inexplicable excitement, cheering, for things had taken a new turn.

Old fox, so willing to part with your hard-earned capital! Han Shuo cursed in his heart. Then, his cold eyes turned to look at that big fatty Zofi who was beaming from ear to ear. He reckoned that the reason Zofi came over here was to seize an opportunity to build a relationship with Braque. It seems that he had accomplished that goal.

“My apologies, but I really need it!” Han Shuo said decisively. Without leaving any room for reply, Han Shuo pressed on his console and keyed in another string of numbers.

“300 thousand! Good gracious! Number 83 bids 300 thousand gold coins!” the auctioneer shouted at the top of his lungs. He was so excited he almost passed out.

Perhaps it was because Han Shuo bid a really high price, or maybe because Han Shuo wouldn’t give him the slightest bit of face at all, the big smile on Zofi face shrank. Awkwardly looking at Han Shuo, Zofi didn’t know what to do for a moment.

“Mister Zofi, let it be. It appears that this friend truly needs it. Let’s not seize what others favour. Oh right, if Mister Zofi has the time later, please come over to my manor at Cesar City to some wine tasting. Hehe, I have a few bottles of truly fine wine over there. I hope that Mister Zofi would do me the honor,” as the entire auction house was in suspense in a stifling atmosphere, Braque all of a sudden smilingly made an invitation to Zofi.

Zofi stared blankly for a while. After helplessly nodding, he delightedly replied, “My pleasure!”

At this moment, Zofi no longer continued fighting over it. The auctioneer knew that there wouldn’t be more drama. He crazily shouted a few times, seeing that no one else was bidding, he rapped the gavel and announced, “300 thousand gold coins. The item belongs to our friend at number 83!”

“Great, now you're in deep trouble. Let’s leave quickly!” Sophie hastened.

“No worries, let’s see if any more good stuff follows!” Han Shuo leisurely said to Sophie and brushed aside Sophie’s concerns. He was not at all anxious.

After securing the treasure of wood attribute ‘Viride Leaf’ for 300 thousand gold coins, Han Shuo became much more at ease. However, with that, Han Shuo and Sophie became the focal point. When certain precious items appeared on stage later, everyone would cast their glances at Han Shuo from time to time.

After the wood attribute treasure ‘Viride Leaf’, another three invaluable items were revealed one after another. A bottled medicine that could restore eighty percent of mental strength in a very brief time, a delicate enchanted bow forged by a great alchemist, and the right of ownership over a small town in the southern part of Kasi Empire. As none of these were of Han Shuo’s interests, he did not make a move.

Other than the ‘Viride Leaf’, Han Shuo did not bid for anything else until the end of the auction for the day. In his heart, he was weighing over whether or not he should attend the second day of the three-day auction sale.

After the auction on the first day had concluded, Han Shuo headed backstage. Under the admiring gazes of the crowd, he paid the 300 thousand gold coins, and received the treasure of wood attribute, ‘Viride Leaf’.

However, when Han Shuo opened up the box containing ‘Viride Leaf’, his face immediately darkened, and he shouted, “Are you kidding me?”