The sudden changes that occurred to Zofi had attracted the attention of every guest in the lounge. When that upper-class lady from the auction house suddenly chased after the 'Viride Leaf', the party was even more shocked.

From the moment that 'Viride Leaf' flew out from the exploded space ring on Zofi's left hand, everyone in the lounge was silenced by the miserable shriek Zofi unceasingly let out. Braque only dazed very briefly before he gave Thuram beside him an order. In a deep and low voice, he said, "Go grab it!"

Thuram, without saying a word, immediately chased the 'Viride Leaf' as it shot away. He was close behind the upper-class lady.

On one of the roofs outside the manor, Han Shuo was rather dazed for some time. He stared blankly at the 'Viride Leaf' as it flew towards him. Everyone in the manor had their sights cast in that direction. Without thinking, Han Shuo realized that Sophie and he were certainly exposed.

"What is going on?" Han Shuo questioned wood elite zombie. The abnormality of the 'Viride Leaf' was obviously single-handedly caused by wood elite zombie. Han Shuo did not anticipate that wood elite zombie had such a remarkable ability.

"It, it is flying over by itself!" wood elite zombie replied somewhat unsurely, as though he was very much innocent.

Han Shuo was startled. But shortly after, he recalled of the legends of the five elemental treasures. In the interpretation pertaining to the five elemental treasures that Chu Cang Lan left behind, it did mention that there existed some incredible sensing power between the treasures of the five elements and elite zombies of the five elements. The treasures of the five elements, formed by the accumulation of nourishment in places of extremes for millions and millions of years, not only contained miraculous energies, but also had the ability to select their own masters.

Once this wood attribute treasure, a treasure produced from the place of extreme wood, sensed the homologous aura emanating from wood elite zombie, it took wood elite zombie as the most suitable master for itself. Therefore, it actively broke away from the binding of Zofi's space ring and flew towards wood elite zombie, the master it had chosen.

"Now I see! Quickly receive it then!" Han Shuo softly said after he figured out what really was happening.

At this moment, the upper-class lady and Thuram were very close to catching up to the wood attribute treasure 'Viride Leaf'. Moreover, the experts stationed inside the manor noticed the hiding place of Han Shuo and Sophie, and a few of them were gaining on them. The frontmost expert had an unruffled face. He was none other than Sophie's father, sacred knight Sulo.

Sophie looked on as her father, Sulo, approached closer and closer. The anxiety in her heart was clearly reflected on her face. She pestered, "Hurry! My dad is almost here!"

Under Han Shuo's command, wood elite zombie was also rather flustered as well. As the 'Viride Leaf' had yet to acknowledge him as master, wood elite zombie couldn't manipulate the 'Viride Leaf' when they were separated by such a great distance. The trio could only helplessly look on as that upper-class lady and Thuram gradually pulled closer to the 'Viride Leaf'.

However, when the 'Viride Leaf' flew near to a big tree, a most bizarre transformation took place! The 'Viride Leaf' darted and astonishingly, it vanished into the big tree. By the time the upper-class lady and Thuram were finally in front of that big tree, there was not a trail of the 'Viride Leaf'.

Thuram was startled, with absolutely no clue what was going on. He instinctively withdrew the longsword he wore on himself. It looked as if he was planning to destroy the tree in order to dig out the 'Viride Leaf'.

"Stop!" At this moment, the upper-class lady reached out her hand and halted Thuram in the act. Under the astounded, puzzled gaze of Thuram, the upper-class lady quickly withdrew a staff which looked like multiple tree roots intertwined with each other, and began reciting an incantation.

As the upper-class lady chanted, the big tree before her started to rustle and tremble as though it were animated. The tree branches constantly wiggled like the tentacles of an octopus, exotic energy filled the big tree in an instant, spurring it to move.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise sounded from among the crowd, "She's a druid!"

It was only now that those people discovered the real identity of the upper-class lady. Typically, druids of the Druidic Order rarely ever left the forests. It was obviously rare to see an upper-class lady attend a gathering of the privileged class in a sumptuous evening dress to possess the mysterious energy of nature. Hence, it was not until she showcased her ability that the crowd found out her true identity.

The crowd stared with more astonishment in their eyes than ever before. When she completed her incantation, the tree twitched vigorously, but it gradually stopped trembling and soon returned normal.

The upper-class lady let out a gentle sigh. Shaking her head, she said in a very dispirited manner, "It seems that the Druidic Order won't be able to reclaim the Hand of Goddess!"

While the upper-class lady was helplessly sighing, wood elite zombie, on the contrary, was shivering from head to toe with excitement. After the 'Viride Leaf' vanished into the big tree, it inexplicably appeared in the palm of wood elite zombie's hand. He clasped the wood attribute treasure 'Viride Leaf' with his two hands, as though it was something tremendously precious.

"Father, I have it! I have it!" wood elite zombie repeated in excitement.

"Identify yourselves!" before sacred knight Sulo had even reached here, he shouted loudly from afar in a most intimidating tone.

"Quickly, leave!" As Sophie hastened Han Shuo, she turned around in preparation to escape.

Now that he had gotten a hold of the 'Viride Leaf', it was no longer necessary for Han Shuo to remain there.  Regardless of wood elite zombie still being in an extremely excited frame of mind, Han Shuo chanted a necromancy incantation and sent wood elite zombie back to the netherworld.

Just as Han Shuo was about to take to the air and leave, he found out that Sulo had cut across the great distances between them. Sulo wanted to yell at Han Shuo and Sophie to freeze, but when he suddenly saw Sophie's white pegasus, not a sound came out from his wide-open mouth. Sulo opened his eyes wide and stared at Han Shuo and Sophie as he forcibly swallowed back the loud yell that almost came out from his mouth.

"Fifi, what the hell are you doing? Who is this person?" Sulo originally explosive shout turned into a faint berate. Right after, before neither Sophie nor Han Shuo could reply, Sulo again softly yelled, "No matter what, leave here first. I will give you a piece of my mind sometime later!"

"I'm sorry, dad!" Sophie replied with a forced smile. Seeing that others from the manor were catching up soon, she pulled Han Shuo and said, "Let's go!"

"Sorry!" Han Shuo found the time to bow at Sulo before he rapidly left with Sophie.

Upon returning to the small hotel, Han Shuo was entirely free from worry, not in the slightest concerned about the affair in Braque's manor. Having obtained the 'Viride Leaf' without spending 300 thousand gold coins, Han Shuo had no reason not to be happy. He wasn't concerned about all those people from the manor, not even Sulo. Therefore, even though Sulo did see him and Sophie together, Han Shuo was not at all worried.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sophie was anxious and restless as soon as she returned. She unceasingly fretted and complained. Han Shuo consoled Sophie in every way possible for quite a while, and only then, although still somewhat distraught, did she return to her room and sleep.

There were still another two days of auction sale to go. Based on intelligence obtained by the Dark Mantle, there truly was a copious amount of invaluable goods up for bidding, especially on the final day. There reportedly would be certain exceedingly rare materials that would be auctioned. But as for exactly what material they were, even those from the Dark Mantle couldn't unravel it. However, Han Shuo was still very much looking forward to the third and final day of the auction sale.

Seeing that it was still early, Han Shuo took out the Soul Depository Ring which stored the soul of dark dragon Gilbert and chatted with him for a while. The main reason he did so was to keep Gilbert's soul active so as to avoid too much lifeless aura polluting him. Otherwise, in the future, after his physical body was reforged, it would be hard for him to regain that vitality he originally had.

Afterward, Gilbert continued on his cultivation, while Han Shuo again attentively studied some abstruse necromancy magic books with diligence, not slacking for a moment. It was Han Shuo's belief that the reason he could not grasp the Boundary of Aging all that while was that he was still lacking in his understanding of the essence of necromancy magic. He was convinced that once he accumulated insights up to a certain level, he would surely be able to make giant leaps in necromancy magic.

It was almost sunrise, Han Shuo was still meticulously studying, delving into abstruse necromancy magic books. All of a sudden, he felt a kind of palpitating feeling. Han Shuo furrowed his brows and immediately unfolded his consciousness. In an instant, he sensed a boundless killing intent that originated in the distant Tarrag Canyon.

Han Shuo was shocked and immediately realized that the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race had re-established a link with him. It seemed that after such a long time, that six-horned tribal king must have recovered from the injuries he received during the battle with the Saintess of the Church of Light.

After the initial surprise, Han Shuo felt delighted. Being able to conceal his consciousness, Han Shuo had no need to be afraid of the menace of this six-horned tribal king. Han Shuo was certain that if Stratholme the old monster and Tiana had yet to fuse their souls with their Origin Crystals, the six-horned tribal king could certainly sense their presences as well.

All the while, Han Shuo had been brimming with regret for failing to draw the six-horned tribal king to the Shrine of Ice the last time. Now that the creature had made a comeback, contrary to what one might expect, Han Shuo was getting excited.

Thus, not only did Han Shuo wait to conceal his consciousness, instead, using the wonderful power of his consciousness, he transmitted a provocative vibe to the six-horned tribal king over at Tarrag Canyon of the Brut Merchant Alliance thousands of miles away. The transmission included Han Shuo's feeling of despise and disdain towards him.

Sure enough, as soon as Han Shuo transmitted this provocative vibe, he could sense the fury of the six-horned tribal king. What made Han Shuo even happier was, he discovered that the six-horned tribal king was in motion, right towards where he was!