The Braingorge Rakshas was a type of soft-bodied ocean creature that survived by feeding on the brains of humans and beasts. They gained access to the brain by boring through the eyes, nostrils, or ears of their prey.

They would only appear in the deepest parts of the seas. Their bodies of soft, flexible tissue could rapidly reconnect even if they had been chopped into multiple pieces. Besides setting it ablaze in a raging fire, most attacks hardly had any effect on them. As they lived in the depths of the ocean, it was not an easy task for an average person to injure them through arson.

To Han Shuo’s knowledge, this rare creature known as the Braingorge Rakshas was of all sorts of uses. If used as medicine, it could be refined into a cognitive-enhancing pill, severed limbs could be re-joined if applied externally. What's more, by utilizing demonic arts with a few special materials, it could even be refined into a demonic weapon which could shatter the brain of any creature with just sound waves.

Of course, its most wondrous use is its ability to restore the brainpower of humans and beasts. Han Shuo suspected that the Braingorge Rakshas’ consumption of the brains of other creatures granted their flesh wonderful healing property for the human brain. For a demonic art practitioner like Han Shuo, by making use of the amazing properties of a Braingorge Rakshas' body, Han Shuo could entirely construct himself a brain that was a carbon copy of his own. With that, even if his head were shattered during certain great battles, as long as his consciousness was not scattered, he could use the brain refined from Braingorge Rakshas to take the place, and still live free and unfettered as before.

In his undertaking of reconstructing Gilbert a new physical body, Han Shuo had the most headache when it came to reforging the brain. Braingorge Rakshas were classified as those kinds of rare, precious creatures that one could only come across in some fortuitous encounter. Han Shuo had never expected to ever obtain a Braingorge Rakshas. In fact, he even planned to use other material in its place for structuring Gilbert's new brain. To his surprise, he managed to see such a precious good at the auction sale.

It was for all these reasons that when the auctioneer screeched as he explained the wonderful uses of the Braingorge Rakshas that Han Shuo was so excited and no longer cared about Lilian's insistence for the Viride Leaf.

"Brain-Eating Beast. Starting price 10 thousand gold coins. May the highest bidder win!" After a round of shouting, the auctioneer announced the beginning bid in a manner which stoked the audience.

There truly were quite a number of people interested in the item. Right after the auctioneer's shriek fell, from the second and third floors, rows of eye-catching red lights lit up as people triggered their bidding devices as though their lives depended on it. Perhaps unable to repress their excitement, sounds of people gasping for breath could even be heard from a few VIP rooms. Evidently, there were some who were completely engrossed in this auction item.

"The Finance Minister's son, and the Defense Minister's grandson, Oh yea, and the Imperial Chief Magus's daughter, seemed to be somewhat mentally challenged!" Sophie lamented in a low voice as though she was grieving for those pitiful fellas.

No wonder! Han Shuo thought to himself. Right away, he understood that it would be yet another brute battle today. He couldn't help but concentrate his attention on the Braingorge Rakshas displayed on stage as he listened to the ever-climbing valuation, waiting for a suitable timing to stick in.

All of a sudden, Han Shuo had a feeling in his gut that something was amiss. This sensation had not originated from the gradually approaching six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race. Han Shuo carefully sensed for a moment, and suddenly realized that unconsciously, the temperature of the entire auction house had slowly decreased by a few degrees.

Han Shuo creased his brows, and it was clear to him in a split second. Immediately, he spread out his consciousness far and wide like a spider web, bit by bit extending outwards with him at the center. In the entire region, not the tiniest movement could escape Han Shuo's perception.

Water divine magus Tiana, a demi-god, wore a white magical gown from head to toe, appearing on the top of a building outside the auction place at an unknown time. She wore a solemn expression and had water mists curling around her. Her silvery long hair was fluttering about in the wind. With a magical staff in her hand and her eyes closed, she softly chanted phrases of some magical spell.

Over at the entrance outside the auction house was Ice Celestial Corey holding his sword, standing tall with a grave and stern look. His head was raised and gazing at Snow Celestial Tiana standing on top of the auction house. They appeared to be communicating about something without using sound.

The Shrine of Ice's Ice Celestial Corey and Snow Celestial Tiana, two demigods and the mightiest existences within Kasi Empire all of a sudden gathered at the auction house. What this meant was extremely obvious - his trail had been exposed!

Having experienced countless battles throughout the years, Han Shuo had been through all kinds of situations. Even as things had come to this stage, he didn't reveals any signs of anxiousness. He even put on a rather tranquil and calm smile on his face. He turned his head and looked deep into Sophie and said in a voice so low that only she could hear, "Sophie, leave me now. Look for a washroom and restore your original appearance!"

"Why?" Sophie was somewhat puzzled.

"If you trust me, do as I say. Otherwise you will just be bringing me trouble!" Han Shuo knew that Sophie was one that would not simply look on if her friend was in trouble. If he told her that he would only cause her problems instead, Sophie would never comply.

However, Han Shuo had underestimated Sophie's intelligence. “Is your enemy here?" She only stared blankly for a short while before she realized what was going on and began to scout in all directions, as though she were trying to help Han Shuo ferret out his enemies.

Sighing to himself, Han Shuo realized that if he didn't employ some radical means, it wouldn't be easy to make Sophie leave.

While the audience was still persistently and extravagantly bidding up the price of the Braingorge Rakshas, Han Shuo, who had been silently sitting all the while, suddenly rose to his feet.

"Hey! Friend over at No.83, you have yet to show your hand today! Haha, are you going to make a move now?" when the auctioneer saw Han Shuo abruptly standing up, he thought that Han Shuo couldn't resist anymore and would finally make a move, and therefore he shouted with excitement.

The auctioneer had witnessed for himself Han Shuo's courage just two days prior. He had presided over many of the past triennial auction sales and rarely encountered characters who would raise the price by 50 thousand gold coins with each bidding. Thus, when Han Shuo reappeared today, the auctioneer had been secretly keeping a close watch of Han Shuo. In fact, he was the first person to notice Han Shuo stand up, and he right away announced it in his distinctively sharp voice.

"That's right! I'm going to make a move!" Han Shuo revealed a rather sinister smile.

The auctioneer responded with a belly laugh. When he was about to add a few words to enliven the atmosphere, all of a sudden, his face turned rigid. He looked at Han Shuo confoundedly, and said, "Wait, what are you doing?"

With everyone watching, at a speed completely disproportionate to his build, Han Shuo streaked across the hall and landed on the stage like lightning. Before anyone could even react, the Braingorge Rakshas stored in its special container was already in Han Shuo's hand. They watched as Han Shuo fiddled with it a while, nodded, and simply chucked it into his own space ring. It was as though the Braingorge Rakshas was something inside his house that fell off and he was just casually picking it up. His actions just seemed inexplicably smooth and natural.

"This is not to the rules! This is absolutely not in line with the rules!" Suddenly, from the second and third floors came flustered and exasperated loud shouts. Those whose sons or grandsons were institutionalized for insanity started babbling and making noise as though they themselves were headed for the asylum.

"How many gold coins is it at?" Han Shuo asked the auctioneer with a fantastical smile on his face while being watched by every person on and off stage.

"Friend, even if you are rolling in gold coins, it is still inappropriate to do whatever it is you're doing, don't you think?" Braque over at the third floor was standing by the window. Although his face was obviously somewhat displeased, his manner of speaking could still be regarded as restrained, all thanks to his many years of nobility etiquette education.

Han Shuo raised his head to look at Braque up on the third floor. That arrogance of Braque's made Han Shuo very much irritated. Thereupon, Han Shuo stuck out his 'big belly', revealed a silly smile, and rudely said to Braque, "Not your goddamn business!"

The audience sank into turmoil!

Compared to the bold and financially unconstrained way Han Shuo bid the last time, the commotion he caused this time was far more intense. Much of the audience stared foolishly at Han Shuo, with absolutely no clue as to how this seemingly simple-minded fatty could behave in such a reckless manner.

From among the audience, Sophie watched on as Han Shuo performed this deviant and unreasonable behavior, she simply didn't know what to do. She looked at that unsightly face of Braque's in absolute disbelief, and turned her sight to that insufferably arrogant Han Shuo. At this moment, Sophie was pleased, yet worried.

Throughout his life, Braque had never, ever before been disgraced in such a way in any public places. As one of the key descendants of the Pillon Royal Family, all those who met with Braque would deliberately fawn on him. Commoners, bandits, no matter how crude or unmannerly, would conceal their common day insolence before Braque.

But unexpectedly, truly unexpectedly, right there in that auction house where the gentries gathered, an honest-looking fatty of unknown origin had actually just said the words 'not your goddamn business' to him in front of all these people. The graceful and gentle mask that Braque wore in his ordinary days vanished from the face of the earth. Even that dagger-disguised smile was completely shredded. In an ashen face, he pointed at Han Shuo and said in a somewhat trembling voice, "Wha- What did you say? You dare say it one more time?"

"Not your goddamn business! Not your goddamn business! Not your goddamn business!" Right after, he extended three fingers towards Braque and added, "Three times!"

The auctioneer looked towards Braque fearfully and said, "Sir, even though two days ago a mishap happened with your item because of our lapses, you cannot simply do this to us!"

"Thuram! Finish him for me! No matter who he is, it is a capital offense to offend members of the House of Pillon!" Braque could no longer contain his anger. Pointing at Han Shuo, Braque gave the bodyguard beside him the command to kill.

"As you bid, Master!" Thuram replied succinctly, with a longsword in hand, he leapt down from the third floor. Silvery fighting aura began overflowing, leaving a spectacular brilliance.

However, before Thuram's strike could do anything, Han Shuo, who was looking at Braque with all smiles, suddenly threw a punch from the stage. A streak of red radiance flashed through and hit right in the middle of the silvery fighting aura striking downwards. In an instant, an intense sound of metals colliding rang out. Thuram, along with the longsword in his hand, was thrown high up into the air, directly flying back to the third-floor room where Braque was at.

The speed at which Thuram flew upwards was even faster than when he was descending. Seeing that Thuram was going to collide with Braque, a human figure suddenly appeared and hastily reached out to catch Thuram in his path in order to avoid Braque being injured.

The person who suddenly came forth and caught Thuram was none other than Sophie's father, sacred knight Sulo. When he got hold of Thuram, he discovered that Thuram had broken quite a few ribs, while a tremendous force came from Thuram's body which caused him to feel extremely unwell!

Sulo's expression abruptly changed. He thought to himself, Who is this person? How could he possess such terrifying strength?