"How many gold coins?" While every person in the room gazed at Han Shuo in shock, Han Shuo turned his sight to the auctioneer and repeated his question.

The Shrine of Ice's Ice Celestial and Snow Celestial were right outside the auction house while even more experts unceasingly converged towards the area, gradually surrounding the entire building. It appeared that they were planning to keep Han Shuo in the auction house forever.

"A… A hundred fifteen thousand gold coins!" Faced with Han Shuo who was displaying a most imposing demeanor, the auctioneer finally replied.

After nodding his head, Han Shuo took out three magic crystal cards from his space ring, each with a denomination of 50 thousand gold coins. Tossing them to the auctioneer, he said, "Here are 150 thousand gold coins. I'm taking it home!"

These magic crystal cards were the kind that did not require a password for transactions to proceed. As long as the benefactor had authorized it in advance, the beneficiary could take the magic crystal cards to any magic crystal trading company and instantly withdraw gold coins. Before leaving Brettel City, Han Shuo had Jack prepare these for him for his convenience. For races like the dwarfs, they did not have magic crystal installations for converting gold coins. If Han Shuo merely used his own crystal card, he wouldn't be able to hand over a large quantity of gold coins to the dwarves. Using these magic crystal cards would obviously be much more convenient.

"But, but...." the auctioneer was clearly aware that the Braingorge Rakshas could fetch a higher price. Hence, after successfully catching the three magic crystal cards containing 150 thousand gold coins, he anxiously looked at Han Shuo and stuttered.

"It's about time, isn't it?" Han Shuo groaned before he shot a glance at Sophie far away in the hall, hinting her to leave as soon as possible as to avoid attracting trouble.

Han Shuo's actions were simply robbing in the public. As a gifted sky rider who was rather reputable in Kasi Empire, although Sophie was rather delighted about how impolite Han Shuo was towards Braque, she dared not to say a thing to Han Shuo at this moment, especially when her father, sacred knight Sulo, was still present with Braque in his room.

"Father-in-law!" Suddenly, from a VIP room on the third floor, the nervous Braque called out to sacred knight Sulo after staring at Thuram who collapsed at his feet.

Sulo's name was known to everyone in Kasi Empire. When Braque saw that Thuram was sent flying backward with one punch from Han Shuo, in an extremely frightened state of mind, he at last understood just how formidable this seemingly naive fatty was. Fortunately, Sulo was right beside him. Therefore, Braque remained rather calm even though Thuram was wounded. At this moment, he was looking at Sulo with anxious eyes, obviously hoping and pleading for Sulo to get involved.

In any case, Sulo was a sacred knight! In Braque's mind, a sacred knight was the mightiest existence on the continent!

Sulo understood in his heart that Han Shuo and Sophie must have been well acquainted, and the two might even have had some friendly relations. However, with things coming to this, with Braque beseeching, Sulo seemingly had no other option. Therefore, with a grave expression, Sulo nodded his head at Braque's earnest request.

"This mister over here, you have broken the established rules of the auction house. Please hand over the item, and participate in the regular manner!" standing by the window, Sulo said with a solemn face while looking at Han Shuo.

Inside the auction hall, those gentries who had been stunned by Han Shuo's actions suddenly came to their senses. Some among them had previously met sacred knight Sulo. Now when sacred knight Sulo's voice sounded, every single member of the audience became even more amazed and began making a racket in their discussions.

Had it been a large scale battle, those cowards would have immediately fled the battleground. However, as they observed that only Han Shuo and sacred knight Sulo were here, out of curiosity, they couldn't help but stay to watch from the sidelines.

"Sir, what do you mean by this?" Zarya, the person-in-charge, lead a group of servers and appeared out of nowhere. Zarya had a rather unsightly look as he asked Han Shuo while repressing the rage in his heart.

Originally, Zarya still harbored regret towards Han Shuo. However, when he saw Han Shuo's reckless and outrageous actions from backstage, he was furious. This auction sale in Kasi Empire, which was held every three years, had never before born witness to such an incident. No matter how much someone wanted an item, they would, at most, covertly set about obtaining it using their powers after the auction sale was over.

But as for Han Shuo's actions of snatching the item in the auction hall right before the crowd, that had never ever happened before!

The situation was clear, Han Shuo had obtained the hostility of every person.

"My apologies. Actually, truth be told, I wished to participate and compete in accordance with the rules as well. However, due to some special circumstances, I really had no choice but to do this!" Han Shuo said as he shrugged at Zarya. Sensing that certain experts from the Shrine of Ice were approaching, Han Shuo yet again signaled Sophie with his eyes and intended to burst through a door and leave at once.


All of a sudden, sacred knight Sulo leaped downwards, falling right for Han Shuo. Sulo did not withdraw a weapon, and yet, an extremely ferocious demeanor was automatically discharged from his body. In midair, Sulo extended his two hands, golden fighting aura as bright as the sun blossomed from his palms.

"No!" Sophie suddenly yelled from among the audience.

Han Shuo noticed Sophie's yell and that Sulo's attack was not meant to be lethal. Han Shuo creased his brows and shot a glance at Sophie before he abruptly retreated. He did not bother about Sulo's offense but headed straight for the door.

The last time they met outside of Braque's manor, Sulo did not engage Han Shuo because of Sophie. Although this time Sulo did take up arms against Han Shuo as he had to give Braque face, the attack he made obviously was not intended to kill. Therefore, for these reasons, Han Shuo found it inappropriate to injure Sulo. All he could do was evade Sulo's attack and depart as soon as possible.

"Friend! Really, the person they are looking for is me!" when Han Shuo was about to kick apart a stone wall of the auction place and leave, from not far behind Han Shuo, an old man who was past his prime suddenly spoke.

This old man had a head full of messy green hair, which looked like rice straws growing on his head. From his appearance, he ought to have lived for a long, long time, evident from the deep traces time had left on his face.

Right when Han Shuo first stepped into the auction house, he surveyed once through each and every person in there, which of course, included this old man. At that time, when Han Shuo examined this old man, he had not paid any particular attention to him, as he did not sense any overwhelming presence coming off from this old man. However, right when Han Shuo was about to make an escape before those from the Shrine of Ice completely deployed their forces all around, Han Shuo felt an exotic sensation, as though the gay wind of spring blew over him when this old man talked.

Han Shuo was startled in his heart and immediately unfolded his consciousness before completely casting it onto this old man. He found out that although he appeared as though he might kick the bucket anytime soon, his body was in fact abundant and overfilled with exuberant life force.

Inside this old man's body, Han Shuo felt the energy which brought him the feeling of vast green forests. This kind of energy brimming with vigorous vitality was more than ten times greater than that of the rapidly approaching sacred knight Sulo.

Han Shuo understood that the mightier the strength of a being, the greater their life force became. This old man could possess such an enormous amount of life force and could even be concealed from Han Shuo's consciousness. This indicated that he possessed strength at least equal to Han Shuo, otherwise Han Shuo would have detected it earlier.

Having made such a discovery, Han Shuo was shocked. Soon after, he understood the true meaning of the old man's words. Looking at the old man with a startled face, Han Shuo asked, "You mean those men from the Shrine of Ice outside are after you?"

The old man nodded. Forcing a smile, he said, "That's right! Me."


At this moment, a loud explosion sounded from the roof of the auction house. In shock, the crowd raised their heads and looked upwards. A large crack busted open in the roof of the auction house, through which a woman obscured with faint mist gradually descended.

Simultaneously, the entrance of the auction house was suddenly opened wide. With Ice Celestial Corey leading, a crowd of experts of the Shrine of Ice walked in with stern expressions on their faces. Just as Ice Celestial Corey walked in, he began to chuckle. "Great Master Kelly, why didn't you look for your old friends to gather when you arrived in Kasi Empire? This isn't quite polite of you!"

Han Shuo carefully took a quick look. He saw that although Ice Celestial Corey was very joyous in his laughter, his expression was thin and pallid. It seemed that for the recent period of time, Corey must have been sorely miserable. When Han Shuo came to think of it, it actually made perfect sense to him. The Shrine of Ice had exhausted great amount of resources in the God-Making Project, only to be sabotaged by Han Shuo at the most critical moment. Not only were all their specialists killed by metal elite zombie, they even lost sacred grade experts.

Even in the Shrine of Ice, every single sacred grade expert counted. With each death of their sacred grade experts, the Shrine of Ice would suffer incalculable losses. As the highest leader of the Shrine of Ice, not only had Ice Celestial Corey not witnessed the Shrine increase in strength during his reign, but on the contrary, he saw it weaken bit by bit under his leadership. It would be strange to be able to feel happy.

Indeed! They aren't after me at all! Han Shuo was astounded. Then, he further discovered that when Ice Celestial Corey made an entrance, Corey's gaze never landed on Han Shuo. It appeared that after changing his looks and before he made an attack, Ice Celestial Corey actually couldn't recognize Han Shuo.

"Sage, what should we do?" druid Lilian, who had been jabbering on and on beside Han Shuo, actually went to the old man and asked in a respectful manner.

When Lilian said those words, Han Shuo suddenly understood what was really going on. When he gave another look at this old man, sensing the energy full of vitality inside his aged body, Han Shuo immediately realized that he must be a prominent character in the Druidic Order. As to why such a big shot would appear at the auction house, Han Shuo also faintly apprehended that.

It appeared that he was there for what the Druidic Order referred to as the 'Hand of Goddess'!