The hordes of undead creatures that covered every inch of the land, left as quickly as they came. They returned from whence they came not long after Little Skeleton's orders.

It was only when the mountain had transformed back to its regular state did Little Skeleton’s enormous body wane returning to his original petite appearance. Looking at Han Shuo, he said, “Father, why have you come?”

“I had sensed that you had fused your soul with the Origin Crystal of Death, I just had to come check on you. I must say you having attained such feats was quite unexpected. Well done,” Han Shuo rejoiced. He was sincerely happy for Little Skeleton.

“I very much owe my accomplishments to father’s assistance. Without father, I would not have accomplished what I already have,” Little Skeleton replied.

Han Shuo now truly knew he hadn’t worry for Little Skeleton any longer. Little Skeleton subdued bone dragons and king zombie! As long as he doesn’t run into any more mysterious and indomitable beings such as those told in the legends of the netherworld, he would never be in any more real danger.

“Alright, alright. Now that you have obtained such strengths, I can truly be at ease. Hmm, for the time being, you should learn to get used to your new body and soul. You will also have to look after Little Water and Little Wood when they arrive, you will supervise them in their practice of Penta-elemental Undead Formation,” said Han Shuo.

“Be at ease father, I know what I ought to do,” affirmed Little Skeleton.

Without wasting any more time, Han Shuo’s consciousness traversed through spacetime tunnel and returned to Profound Continent. He awoke in the hidden chamber in the Dark Forest.

Han Shuo hadn't a clue of how much time had passed. He did some stretching before quickly leaving the chamber and into the depths of the Dark Forest.

To get to the Valley of Sunshine from Kasi Empire, one had to traverse through the Dark Forest. Han Shuo had always been very interested in the Dark Forest, a place full of wonders and mysteries. During his previous excursion to Kasi Empire, Han Shuo did not spend too much time in the Dark Forest. But seeing as there was no particular urgency for his return this time, Han Shuo took his time with the journey.

Walking into the depths of the Dark Forest, Han Shuo paid close attention to the distinctive flora and fauna of the Dark Forest. He was fascinated by it all. He had even obtained several very precious materials along the way. As he lamented at the wonders of the Dark Forest, he paid even more attention in his tour of the Dark Forest.

Han Shuo stayed in the Dark Forest for several days as he gradually ventured towards the deepest part of the forest. Along his travel he attained many priceless items, as well as a few exotic super-ranking magical beasts that had sensibly attempted to keep their distance due to Han Shuo’s sheer power.

The Cemetery of Death laid at the edge of the Dark Forest. Han Shuo had lost count how many times he had come and gone to the Dark Forest, but he had never before ventured so deep into the Dark Forest like he did now.

The deepest part of the vast and seemingly boundless Dark Forest, had always been synonymous with ‘mystery’. Those who dared set off into its deepest parts were in for a brutal journey. Countless adventurers had flocked to the Dark Forest over the years, yet none could ever dare claim they had roamed it in its entirety.

The right circumstances had never seemed to come to play for Han Shuo to thoroughly investigate the depths of the Dark Forest until that moment.

Soon enough, Han Shuo found himself at the notorious, aptly-named ‘forbidden zone’. He remembered right ahead of this forbidden zone that he had once encountered a golden dragon and a cyclops. He had also discovered the personal notes of the expert who helped establish the Lancelot Empire, as well as the skeletons of many super-ranked magical beasts.

Walking down memory lane, Han Shuo discovered that this place no longer bore any resemblance to its former self. It lacked layers of obstructive energy, weeds had overtaken every inch of the soil, and all kinds of magical beasts now inhabited the grounds, living in a single ecosystem. Han Shuo sensed the presence of super-ranked magical beasts some distance away. They, however, were not complete savages and kept largely to themselves.

Han Shuo gasped. A couple miles to his left were two super-ranked magical beasts fighting in what seemed to be an intense battle.

Curiosity took over and Han Shuo, who had visited with the pure intention of sightseeing, made his way over to observe the commotion. It was marvelous, a majestic unicorn fighting a cyclops. At one glance he knew, it was him, it was the same Cyclops Han Shuo had crossed paths with in the forbidden zone.

Unicorns were thought of to be the purest of magical beasts. Their horns possessed the miraculous ability to purify sinister energy and detoxify any poison. Unicorns moved as fast as lightning and could skillfully manipulate lightning and wind magic. Under their gorgeous, snow-white exteriors was a strong physical body not in the least inferior to those of the dragons.

This unicorn was likely an adult. Its horn radiated a dazzling array of rainbow-colored light, adding to its nimble and exceptional physique. It was simply a living work of art.

Among the lush ancient trees it leapt and frisked about. With each tread of its hind legs, it would leap a dozen or so meters. Its horn glinted with a beautiful luster as strobes of lightning and wind blades were unrestrainedly sent flying towards the cyclops.

The cyclops, massive as he was, was unexpectedly on the losing end. Not even his insane strength could best the unicorn. Spell after spell hammered at the cyclops, and all this one-eyed giant could offer was an insufficient bid to defend himself. The unicorn was much too fast, too nimble. He couldn't land one hit.

It was all so fascinating to Han Shuo. He just did not expect this level of magical ability from the unicorn.

What a strong, absolutely stunning unicorn. If I can capture and give it to Fanny, Phoebe, and the others, they would most certainly be overjoyed, Han Shuo thought. He remembered that among Phoebe, Emily and Fanny, only Fanny had yet to receive a precious treasure from him.

Han Shuo had gifted Phoebe the divine weapon ‘Starry Sky’. While Emily not only received the personal notes and magical staff of demigod Ayermike Cotton, she was also gifted an Origin Crystal of Darkness. But despite his unfaltering favor for Fanny, she had yet to receive anything from him.

A swell of guilt grew in Han Shuo. He was now determined to get the most valuable treasure he could find no matter what. Any failure to do so would come off as prejudice.

Unicorns possessed not only flawless, unmatched beauty, but also miraculous powers. It would be irresistible woman. He made up his mind, he would by hook or by crook capture it and force it to form a contract with Fanny. This would be his way of making it up to Fanny.

Unicorns were truly rather intelligent super-ranked magical creatures. A couple of bolts of lightning shot at Han Shuo even though he was three hundred meters away in hiding.

Han Shuo was shocked, and thought to himself, he's a restless little guy, isn't he. He stretched his hands forward in a tearing motion, and the lightning bolts simply shattered and disappeared.

Seeing that his presence had been found out, Han Shuo thought that he might as well stop hiding. Walking out from behind the ancient tree that tore through the sky, he smiled at the unicorn ahead of him, looking at him on the alert. Revealing what appeared to be an amiable smile, he greeted, “Hi…”

A couple more bolts of lightning and a wind blade interrupted him from speaking. With a bitter smile, Han Shuo threw his hand to the sky, dissipating all the attacks the unicorn had unleashed.

Suddenly, the cyclops cried out in surprise, “Oh! It’s you, great demigod existence!”

In their last encounter, Han Shuo had left quite an impression on the cyclops. Han Shuo had absorbed an enormous amount of energy and entered a demonic trance. The Cyclops presumed him to be a demigod after that point. Some time had past since then and Han Shuo no longer needed to derive his power from any external sources to attain demigod levels of strength.

Han Shuo bluntly acknowledged the cyclops’ appellation. He chuckled, “It's been a while. What’s up? What troubles have you run into?”

“This unicorn is really troublesome. All I did was take a few rocks from its territory, and it has been chasing after me since. He's trying to kill me. Just a real pain,” the cyclops snivelled.

A pair of eyes flickered back and forth between Han Shuo and the cyclops as they carried on their conversation. The eyes looked much like gemstones, and moved between the two as if it thought them to be friends. It all of a sudden fled like a frightened chicken.

Given that two of its strikes had missed, the unicorn could tell that Han Shuo was leagues above the cyclops in terms of power, therefore it dared not remain there any longer. A smart creature, indeed.