As Crosius and Han Shuo conversed, Qunoa, who was supposed to lead the way for Han Shuo, rushed in somewhat anxiously. All he could do was stare in awe when he saw that Han Shuo was standing face to face with Crosius in a unyielding manner. Soon after, Qunoa looked at Crosius curiously, seeming to seek his opinion. 

All of a sudden, a dozen level-three Destroyers appeared out of nowhere. Walking on empty air, they circled Han Shuo. Amongst them, a pale old man stared at Han Shuo with ice-cold eyes, as though looking at a dead man. Once Han Shuo was completely surrounded, the old man turned and respectfully asked Crosius, “My Lord, what punishment shall be handed to this unruly scum?”

Crosius looked at Han Shuo with a pensive expression, and mumbled to himself. He then waved his hand and ordered, “You all are dismissed.”

The pale old man was stunned at Crosius’ order. The old man’s entire life in War Demon Valley, he had never before witnessed anyone trespass and leave the place without at least a few dismembered limbs. Now that Crosius had suddenly become so magnanimous, the old man could not quite react.

“Yes, my Lord!” the old man replied with due respect, nodding his head. Even though his mind was clouding with questions, he did not question a word. The old man along with the group of guards returned to their concealment place and vanished out of sight.

Crosius looked at Han Shuo deeply. It was only when the guards disappeared did his attention move onto Qunoa who was standing behind Han Shuo. With an amiable expression, he said, “Qunoa, come on in.” Qunoa returned a smile. Perhaps it was because the two had been through tough times together, and so Crosius had great trust in Qunoa, while Qunoa was not as terrified of Crosius as an average person was. Afterwards, Qunoa bowed and gestured towards Han Shuo, and said, “This way please.”

Han Shuo proceeded bluntly. Even though he understood that the master of War Demon Valley, Crosius, possessed uncomparable strength, Han Shuo had confidence that he could escape from Crosius unscathed. Without hesitation, Han Shuo accepted Qunoa’s invitation and entered the incredibly spacious room unruffled.

From the room, one was able to view the entirety of War Demon Valley. Although the room occupied an enormous amount of space, it wasn’t well decorated. In it were only a few strange tables and chairs made of stone piled up. After Han Shuo and Qunoa entered the room, Crosius pointed to the few empty stone chairs ahead, indicating to Han Shuo and Qunoa to take a seat.

When they all sat down, Crosius spoke, “Brakyah is one of six Raksha of my War Demon Valley. In any other instance, I would not have gotten involved if you were to kill him in a battle. However, War Demon Valley is going through a crucial time and Brakyah could be useful to have. That is why I sent Qunoa to have you spare his life.”

“I don’t really hold a grudge against Brakyah. It was nothing more than an issue with two women. I believe that after this lesson, he will know to act within his competence,” Han Shuo said with calm smile. He conversed with Crosius as though chatting with an old friend.

“I will see to it that he knows his place,” Crosius said, but afterwards, he creased his brows and said with his head lowered, as though he was talking to himself, “In the beginning, I suspected you a spy sent by Venomfang Castle. However, your defiant behavior has dispelled that doubt. If you really were someone from the Venomfang Castle, you would not have met me in such a manner, and certainly would not be speaking to me as you are now.”

At this moment, Crosius raised his head. With his deep eyes firmly locked on Han Shuo, he asked, “If you didn’t come from Venomfang Castle, then where are you from? What brings you to me in War Demon Valley?”

Han Shuo revealed a faint smile. With his eyes on Crosius, he calmly said, “To be frank, I indeed came from the territory of Venomfang Castle, but not from Venomfang Castle. I ran into Sylph and Hemanna by coincidence, and rescued the Shero regiment in passing because I’m somewhat fond of them. The reason I came to War Demon Valley is for you.”

“About Sylph and Hemanna, you may take them if you wish. Consider it your reward for bringing the Shero regiment out of the predicament it was in,” Crosius flicked his wrist, as though Sylph and Hemanna were just commodities of his. Then, in a somewhat puzzled expression, he asked, “So you came to War Demon Valley to look for me, what reasoning do you have behind that?”

“I wanted to ask if you were aware of matters regarding the planar guardian of the Abyss realm. I came through the spacetime-discontinuum tunnel from Venomfang Castle. The tunnel, however, has now completely crumbled. I’d like to return to my original plane through the planar guardian.” Han Shuo said knowing that there would be no point in hiding these facts from a godly expert like Crosius.

Qunoa, who had been listening to the conversation with a faint smile, made a sudden appalled expression. Staring at Han Shuo in disbelief, Qunoa said with a trembling voice, “What! You came from that chaotic spacetime tunnel? You don’t originate from the Abyss? How is that possible! You’re joking! Aren’t you?” 

Crosius was indeed worthy of being called the master of War Demon Valley. Even after Han Shuo disclosed this earth-shattering revelation, his expression changed only slightly, still retaining his steady appearance. However, there were strange rays of light that were constantly flashing in his pair of deep eyes, which indicated that in his head, he wasn’t as unperturbed as his appearance made him out to be.

Han Shuo shook his head with a bitter smile, and helplessly said, “I really wish I was kidding, but this is not a joke at all! Besides, it would not even be funny to make light of such matters. I really have come to the Abyss realm from another plane of existence. I couldn’t find my way back because I had been backstabbed by someone. My purpose for this trip to War Demon Valley was to ask Lord Crosius if he had a certain piece of information about planar guardian. To the best of my knowledge, any plane that possesses highly-intelligent races will have planar guardian present. I believe that an existence as mighty as Lord Crosius ought to be qualified to access matters of such significance?”

Unexpectedly, Crosius, who had seemed calm and composed all this time, pulled an embarrassed face before he shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, I have never before heard of such things as a planar guardian.”

Han Shuo was stunned. When he carefully observed Crosius’ facial expression, he verified that Crosius indeed was unaware of the presence of planar guardian. This left Han Shuo bewildered. He couldn’t help but shake his head and let out a sigh. In a most disappointed tone, he said, “How could this be?”

“Don’t be discouraged. If it was as you said and every plane with intelligent races has planar guardians, then there definitely would be one in the Abyss realm!” After a short pause, Crosius said with some reverence, “I’m unaware of matters relating to planar guardians, that might be because I’m not yet qualified. But if there are planar guardians present in the Abyss realm, then, Lord Manticole would definitely know about it.”

When Crosius said this, Han Shuo suddenly jolted, thinking Crosius’ words actually did make sense. There were altogether five great demon kings in the Abyss realm, each with their own territories and cities. If there really was a planar guardian in the Abyss, it would be impossible for those abyssal demon kings to not know of their existence.

But the problem was, these five great demon kings of the Abyss not only possessed true godly powers, but were actual Gods in the Abyss realm. How would Han Shuo, a relatively unknown character in the Abyss realm, be qualified to meet any of the great demon kings?

Given that even Crosius possessed the strength of gods, as the one who brought Crosius up to who he was, Manticole must have possessed unimaginable strength. Pit against Crosius, Han Shuo was still confident that he could escape unscathed. But if faced off against demon king Manticole, even escaping might be an issue!

Han Shuo believed that once his demonic attainments reached the next realm, he would possess even mightier strength. However, before he could achieve this breakthrough, he had to first avoid getting killed by the abyssal demon kings. Therefore, although he was pleasantly surprised at Crosius’ words, he was also somewhat concerned.

“You don’t have to worry. You can stay in War Demon Valley, and act as a visiting advisor for the time being. Once the crisis of War Demon Valley is resolved, I will report the matter to Lord Manticole. I can’t say for sure, but by then, Lord Manticole might assist you,” Crosius suggested as he looked at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo bunched his brows. He knew this was a sound idea, but he also knew that Crosius would not be so altruistic to help him. Hence, Han Shuo did not rush in accepting the proposal, but asked, “What are your conditions?”

“Like I’ve said, you will be a visiting advisor to my War Demon Valley. Although you are not personnel of War Demon Valley, you have an obligation to assist us when we encounter a against powerful enemy. Such is visiting advisor!” Crosius explained. His eyes sparkled as though he was hiding some other ulterior motives.

If the situation ever turned bad, I could always let go and leave without the slightest fetters, instead of staying and fighting to my death, Han Shuo thought. Soon after, he smacked on a faint smile and said, “Alright then, I will stay in War Demon Valley as a visiting advisor for now.”

“Good! Then you are one of us. Rest assured that once the matter is over, I will provide you with my assistance,” Crosius pledged as he revealed yet another rather gauche smile.

Looking at Crosius’ current appearance, Han Shuo was certain that the beautiful young lady Han Shuo met earlier must have been born to a woman of a much different race from Crosius. There weren’t many similarities between father and daughter.