“Han Shuo, where have you been? Lord Crosius has dispatched messengers to hasten you, asking for your presence at the War Demon Grand Hall to discuss important matters.” Hemanna was the first to see Han Shuo after he ascended from his secret underground chamber. She began to yell anxiously at his sight.

Hemanna obviously revered Crosius. Within War Demon Valley, Crosius was basically an overlord with absolute authority. Hemanna was afraid that Crosius might hold Han Shuo accountable for his tardiness, hence her concerned reaction.

The passing of time wasn’t quite the same as it was in the Profound Continent. A day in the Abyss realm was the same as approximately half-a-month on Profound Continent. Given that the meeting was to take place two days from the day he went underground, Han Shuo figured that he must have stayed in his secret chamber for around a month.

“It’s no big deal. I’ll head over there right away,” Han Shuo said in an unruffled manner. After surveying the area with his consciousness, he smilingly asked, “Where Sylph?”

“She is asking around to find out where you are. We tried looking for you but had absolutely no idea where you’d gone, so we decided to have her asking all around outside while I wait for you here,” Hemanna replied.

“Hmm, I should have informed the two of you ahead of time. If I ever go missing again, don’t come looking for me. I will return eventually,” Han Shuo said somewhat embarrassedly. He then marched outside in big strides and said, “Alright, let’s go to that meeting then, see if it's ended.”

“The War Demon Grand Hall is the grandest building at the center there. I can show you the way, but I cannot accompany you into the Grand Hall. I don’t have the qualifications. I'm deeply sorry!” Hemanna said apologetically as he followed behind Han Shuo towards the War Demon Grand Hall.

The division of classes in the Abyss realm was every bit as strict and rigid as it was in the netherworld. They weren’t allowed to simply interact with characters of greater strength. Hemanna and Sylph only possessed strength the level of Destroyer, and were not qualified to participate in the meeting at War Demon Grand Hall.

Such were the rules of the Abyss realm. Han Shuo did not insist on it either. They headed towards the War Demon Grand Hall very rapidly.

Along the way, Han Shuo inspected his body using the consciousness a a found that his main body had suffered some damage. Even the demonic infant was injured. However, after his consciousness went through the extremely treacherous battle, his willpower became even more tenacious. Compared to the slight injuries to his demonic infant, the benefit he gained was simply incalculable.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s main body practicing demonic arts only had the strength of demigods. Of his avatars, on the other hand, one was a basegod of death, while another was an even more formidable lowgod of destruction.

After gaining two additional souls, Han Shuo was far stronger than ever. If he were to return to Profound Continent right then, Han Shuo reckoned that even the six-horned Soul Race tribal king and the Saintess of the Church of Light would face certain death when pit against him. They might not even have the ability to flee from his presence alive.

On the whole of Profound Continent, perhaps only that Primordius Dragon with unfathomable strength could evenly match Han Shuo. There wasn’t a moment that Han Shuo was not thinking about his bone-deep enmity with the Primordius Dragon.

“Oh, captain Nambrough, so it turns out that you are in charge of guarding the door. Han Shuo is late for the meeting. Is the meeting still going on?” Hemanna hastily asked after she saw the captain of the Shero Regiment, Nambrough, standing tall and upright in front of the entrance upon arriving at the grandest building.

Nambrough still appeared very cordial when he met Han Shuo again. With rather anxious eyes, he replied to Hemanna, “Lord Crosius had informed Mister Han Shuo about the meeting long ago. He even sent men to invite Han Shuo over again. Why have you two only come now?”

“Captain Nambrough, it’s true that my master is a little late to the meeting. But can he still enter now?” Hemanna asked anxiously.

“I will take Mister Han Shuo inside. You wait for a while outside,” Nambrough replied to Hemanna before he turned to Han Shuo and said, “Mister Han Shuo, please follow me.”

Han Shuo nodded with a faint smile, not at all anxious or embarrassed like someone who was late should be. He followed behind Nambrough unruffled, and asked nonchalantly, “How long ago did the meeting start? Who participated in it? What were they discussing?”

“It’s been some time. The six Rakshas and a few honorable visiting advisors are in attendance. The main topic was how to deal with Venomfang Castle’s impending attack.” As Han Shuo had rescued Nambrough’s Shero Regiment the last time, naturally, Nambrough would show special care towards Han Shuo. After a short pause, he added, “The forces of Venomfang Castle are approaching our War Demon Valley as we speak. More and more scouts of ours placed around the Valley are being eliminated. It won’t be long before Venomfang Castle carries out a full-scale invasion against our valley. This time, with demon king Golander’s Shadow Warriors assisting Venomfang Castle, the future of our War Demon Valley is bleak!”

Han Shuo furrowed his brows. “Shadow Warriors? Are they really that formidable? That terrifying?” 

It was as though a formless pressure would envelop Nambrough whenever the Shadow Warriors were mentioned. He forced a smile and nodded before replying, “The Shadow Warriors are the mightiest fighters under the control of demon king Golander. Every Shadow Warrior possesses the strength of Demon. Moreover, the most powerful fighter among them was even stronger than Lord Crosius. The devastation that a Demon could cause isn’t something that you could imagine.” He sighed, “Unfortunately for us, the message sent to Black Jade City was too little, too late. I’m afraid that we cannot hold on until the reinforcement army dispatched by Lord Manticole arrives.”

As they conversed, the two rapidly climbed up a hundred or so flights of stairs. When they finally arrived at a huge stone door being watched by an excessive number of guards, Nambrough indicated to Han Shuo to wait outside for a moment while he walked in alone to inform of his arrival. Shortly thereafter, Nambrough made a quick gesture and Han Shuo walked into the meeting room casually.

The hall was extremely spacious. There was an enormous, oval-shaped table at the center, with broad stony chairs surrounding it. Right ahead was Crosius, proudly sitting in the chairperson’s seat, displaying a magnificent, imposing, and dignified demeanor of a person occupying high-position.

The seat next to Crosius was occupied by the head of the six Rakshas of War Demon Valley, Qunoa. In the five seats after him were demigod experts wearing the decoration of Raksha. That level-two Raksha that Han Shuo had taught a fierce lesson, Brakyah, was among the five.

Next to the six Rakshas was seating for the visiting advisors. Han Shuo had never met these visiting advisors before. Who knew where in the world they came from. There were five visiting advisors in total. Of those, three possessed demigod strength, and the other two were slightly weaker. They must have been summoned here to aid the crisis.

These five visiting advisors resided in a different place than the area that Han Shuo resided in. They seemed to receive slightly higher treatment. From the way that Crosius looked at them, Han Shuo could tell that he attached great importance to these five visiting advisors.

Once Han Shuo made an appearance, all the eyes in the hall turned and cast on him. Qunoa forced a smile at Han Shuo as a gesture of greeting. Even Brakyah nodded at Han Shuo with a faint smile. However, his eyes carried the overtone of taking joy in Han Shuo’s misfortune, seemingly ready to watch Han Shuo be roasted.

Other experts of the War Demon Valley that were meeting Han Shuo for the first time all revealed expressions of amazement and astonishment. Who knew what impressions they were making as they secretly observed Han Shuo.

At a corner far away was Crosius’ daughter, Jasper, standing straight atop her slender legs. She was writing on the slab of documents she held in her hand. When she saw Han Shuo entering the hall, she snuck a few glances at him, indicating to him to be careful, before burying her head down and continuing to write.

Han Shuo learned from Hemanna that Jasper had been acting as a recorder all the while. She would attend every meeting of great significance to War Demon Valley by using this role she played. However, as the Abyss realm was a place where the mighty were honored, although she was Crosius’ daughter and had a reasonable excuse to stay in the meeting room, she could only record from a distance away, and was not even given a seat.

To be fair, to have been standing in this room with an insufficient level of strength itself could already be considered as having taken a ride on her father’s coattails. She simply did not have the qualifications to sit!

Right ahead, Crosius was looking at Han Shuo with a somewhat cold expression. In a displeased tone, he said, “I had asked Brakyah to inform you of the meeting ahead of time in addition to dispatching people to invite you before it started. Who knew Mister Han Shuo could so disdainful to only join us just as our meeting was to adjourn!”

Han Shuo actually felt a slight trace of embarrassment. After all, Crosius truly had acted fairly and given adequate reminders. His tardiness combined with that arrogance displayed when he first met Crosius obviously had left Crosius with a totally dissatisfactory impression.

The Abyss realm was a place where the mighty were respected, including the rules they set. Despite the insolence Han Shuo displayed in their first ever encounter, Crosius could still make an exception and let him off. But this time, Crosius had notified Han Shuo ahead of time, twice, and yet Han Shuo was late in the end. From this perspective, Han Shuo was just intentionally breaking the rules. This wasn’t something that Crosius could forgive.

“Mister Han Shuo, as a visiting advisor to War Demon Valley, you should learn to play by our rules. Lord Crosius has treated you well. Screwing up at a critical moment isn’t something that a visiting advisor should do. Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you, I’m the chief of visiting advisors to War Demon Valley. In the future, you will answer to me. Understood?” said an alien with two faces and four arms to Han Shuo in a mystifying voice.

It looked like a conjoined twin. It appeared from the front like a tall and sturdy man, while on the back of the head was the face of an enchanting woman, with all the characteristics of a female, including a pair of tall twin peaks. When it spoke, there were two voices, male and female, talking in unison, giving any listener inexplicable goosebumps and discomfort.

It had the greatest strength among the visiting advisors. Its strength wouldn’t pale in comparison with the second-in-command of War Demon Valley, Qunoa. As it spoke, it would twist its body and neck to allow both the male and female faces on its head to look at Han Shuo. It was a beast.

“My apologies, I was just off the boat, and haven’t quite adapted to the time in Abyss realm yet. I wasn’t careful and accidentally forgotten the time during cultivation,” Han Shuo only looked at Crosius and explained as though it was no big deal. As he spoke, he walked towards the oval table as though he had not heard the words of the chief of visiting advisors.

“Fine. I will let this pass. You have just become a visiting advisor to War Demon Valley and might not be clear about the rules of my Valley. I will forget about it this time. But the next time this happens, I won’t be so kind,” Crosius looked deeply at Han Shuo and let out a gentle groan. He did not hand any punishment to Han Shuo at this critical moment. But if it was in ordinary times, this master of War Demon Valley, who had gained his seat through bloodshed, definitely wouldn’t be so forgiving and merciful.

“Thanks!” Han Shuo casually replied. As he walked to the table to get himself a seat, he looked at the seat of the meanest status and deeply creased his brows. Then, a thought seemed to have ran through his mind and he revealed a faint smile of satisfaction. He walked to the chief of visiting advisors that had male and female faces on the same head, and said, “Hey cuntboy, get off my seat!”

The few Rakshas and a few other visiting advisors that were softly discussing why Crosius’ temper had taken a 180-degree turn this time stopped talking as soon as Han Shuo spoke. The grand hall suddenly heard pin-drop silence.

“What... what did you say?” the chief of visiting advisors were somewhat stunned. The male face facing Han Shuo revealed an expression of astonishment.

“You cuntboy, get off my seat. Do you not understand my words?” When he finished, Han Shuo’s gently placed his left hand on the shoulder of this chief of visiting advisors. The aura of destruction that came from the Demonslayer Edge instantly overflowed to his body. Every expert in the meeting hall immediately sensed a destructive, ruthless, and terrifying sinister energy.

The soul within the Demonslayer Edge possessed the strength of a lowgod. However, Han Shuo had not fully revealed his true strength. At first, he released the aura of a demigod and gradually raised the strength. When the aura released approached that of a basegod, the chief of visiting advisors could no longer bear the overwhelming pressure. It stood up shuddering. In a squeaky, quivering tone, as though he had been at fault, the creature said, “It’s, it’s just a seat… no need to be so fierce with me… you scared me…”

This time, only the female talked. The mouth on the male’s face was completely shut. However, the face of the male had the odd expression of a bashful, dainty, and delicate girl.

The strangeness of this chief of visiting advisors gave Han Shuo a chill down his spine. He sat on the seat that he had just forcibly taken as he blankly looked at the bewitching woman on the back of that alien. Somehow, he was left between laughter and tears.

“Mister Han Shuo, from today onwards, you are allowed to be late to any meeting. This is a new rule of War Demon Valley, specially set for you!” Crosius said decisively as he looked at Han Shuo with a pleasantly surprised expression.