A piece of grey-white gravestone was embedded on Little Skeleton’s chest. The gravestone bore intricate and cryptic inscriptions on it and gave off an intense aura of death. It had formed some kind of connection with Little Skeleton’s soul, giving him an unconventional air of might.

After forcibly occupying all of Haley’s memories, although Han Shuo had yet to personally visit the Nethervalley, he was completely familiar with each and every stone inside the valley. He took only one look at the gravestone inside Little Skeleton’s chest and immediately cried out in surprise, “That gravestone in your chest, is it the one inside Nethervalley?”

The reason that Haley the basegod of death remained in Nethervalley for so long was that the valley contained a gravestone that possessed an unusual ability. That gravestone also had the miraculous ability to cause the element of death to converge. Therefore, Haley’s strength would increase more rapidly in the Nethervalley than anywhere else. He also stayed there as the gravestone could not be moved.

Overlooking its far smaller size and higher level of intricacy, that gravestone on Little Skeleton’s chest looked very much the same as the one in Nethervalley that Han Shuo remembered. Han Shuo asked so for that reason.

“Yes, father. As you have asked me to investigate the gravestone, I surveyed it using my soul for a while. Someway and somehow, this thing entered my body. It could help me absorb the energy of death around me faster. It’s very useful,” Little Skeleton replied.

Han Shuo was shocked. He recalled that Haley had spent nearly forever on it, and yet he couldn’t move it even an inch, hence he stayed in Nethervalley. Who could have predicted that in just that little while Little Skeleton was in Nethervalley, he would manage to miniaturize that elephantine gravestone and put it into his body, and even turn it into a wonderful treasure that could grow his strength. These facts were far from Han Shuo had anticipated.

“Hmm, did you sense anything wrong with it? Could it turn out like the Purple Demon Eye where some mighty soul will suddenly emerge from it with the intention of occupying your soul?” Han Shuo questioned after thinking for a short while. He became instinctively alert of any peculiarity on Little Skeleton’s body after having encountered the sneak attack from the Purple Demon Eye.

“No. I even seem to understand some things through this gravestone. But as it wasn’t too long ago that I managed to put it into my body, I have yet to truly figure out the full story,” Little Skeleton replied.

After staring at Little Skeleton for a long while, Han Shuo put on a bitter smile and shook his head, saying, “Fine. Just be careful. There better not be any problems. Otherwise, we are going to be in deep trouble again.”

“Got it, father. I will be careful.”

Han Shuo did not continue with an elaborate speech. He repeated the same steps he made at the netherworld before in preparation to inculcate his memories of necromancy to Little Skeleton using his consciousness. Although Han Shuo’s main soul was distinctive from his other two avatars, his memories were shared and common between all three souls.

In other words, all three souls, may it be the main body or the avatars, could access each other’s memories and knew each other’s experiences. Thus, Han Shuo’s consciousness was completely aware of the death basegod avatar’s comprehension of necromancy. Subsequently, the consciousness would have no problem transferring those memories into Little Skeleton’s soul.

However, this time, Han Shuo still wasn’t able to have his wish fulfilled. This time, it was the gravestone on Little Skeleton’s chest that was the source of interruption.

That gravestone Little Skeleton had recently obtained, seemed to contain some kind of miraculous energy, protecting Little Skeleton’s soul from any foreign intrusion. Even Han Shuo, as Little Skeleton’s master and someone who shared a special connection with him, couldn’t make it through the shield for the purpose of instilling memories into Little Skeleton’s soul.

What surprised Han Shuo the most was that the energy was not subjected to Little Skeleton’s control. Whenever Han Shuo’s consciousness attempted to enter, that energy would automatically emerge and form a safeguard, forcibly blocking down Han Shuo’s consciousness and those memories.

This energy carried an intense element of death. Han Shuo dared not to make any clashing with Little Skeleton’s soul rashly. Otherwise, he could very possibly bring on the destruction of Little Skeleton’s soul. Therefore, Han Shuo only attempted for a while before disappointedly giving up and explaining the issue to Little Skeleton.

“Father, I sense the energy too. However, it feels as though it's just protecting me and has no intention of causing me harm,” Little Skeleton finally replied after a long breath of silence.

“Yes, the energy was definitely trying to protect you. I can feel it,” Han Shuo then continued with furrowed brows, “But then, I won’t be able to teach you a certain comprehension for necromancy through this method. Sigh, let’s forget about it for now. Perhaps we’ll try again when you learn to control this energy and the secrets of the gravestone in the future.”

“Agreed, father. I have been sensing and learning about the energy inside the gravestone recently. Through this gravestone, I've even made some inexplicable progress with the manipulation of the element of death. Perhaps, this gravestone could help me advance faster as well,” Little Skeleton explained.

Han Shuo appeared rather shocked. After thinking for a while, he said, “Alright, then. During this period just focus on studying the abilities of the gravestone. I shall transfer all those memories I gained after you've learned its secrets later in time.”

With an incantation, Han Shuo delivered Little Skeleton back to the netherworld.

What will come, will come. The enormous threat that was Venomfang Castle had gradually been closing in on War Demon Valley. Within just two days time, all the scouts stationed within a hundred-mile radius of War Demon Valley had been eliminated.

After discovering that the enemy forces of Venomfang Castle were close by, Crosius immediately issued the order to have all scouts return to War Demon Valley, as not to waste away that manpower.

Those of the Venomfang Castle seemed to be waiting for something; they did not immediately attack after they arrived outside War Demon Valley. Meanwhile, the citizens of War Demon Valley, who were strictly prohibited from exiting the city, gradually realized that the threat they were facing this time wasn’t quite the threat they were used to.

As time went by, news of the astounding strength that Venomfang Castle brought over spread among the populace. ‘Shadow Warriors’ became the most discussed topic of conversation among everyone in War Demon Valley. Whenever those two words were mentioned, their faces would pale.

In those few days, the whole War Demon Valley was shrouded in the atmosphere of an oncoming storm. All those War Demon Guards who came and went about the Valley, the experts at the six Rakshas’ sides, and a few visiting advisors widely and well known to most, all wore a worried look, seemingly concerned about the unordinary battle this time.

Crosius, the six Rakshas, the five main visiting advisors, and Han Shuo gathered and stood shoulder to shoulder before War Demon Valley’s city gate.

A few days’ time in the Abyss realm was equivalent to around a month on Profound Continent. Making good use of this time, as well as the abundant and varied materials Crosius provided, Han Shuo had not only successfully deployed a Shura Soul Formation outside War Demon Valley, but even succeeded in refining two kinds of demonic weapons.

Of them, one type was the Pearls of Annihilation. Each would befall a wide-range explosion upon activation. And from those explosions, Soulpiercers as sharp as katanas would launch. Anyone hit by the Soulpiercers shot out from the Pearls of Annihilation would be instantly annihilated if their souls were not strong enough.

Even those with sufficiently powerful souls had to immediately seek a safe harbor to clear away the toxins of the Soulpiercer within a small window of time. The longer they left it untreated, the greater the injury in their souls. Even for godly experts whose souls had fused to become one with the elements, once hit by the soul-piercing spikes, would instantly and temporarily lose their ability to fight. Left long enough, their souls would be annihilated.

The Cyano Demonblaze was a weapon that could set vast areas ablaze with a cyan flame. It was a vicious demonic weapon that would cause anyone who made contact with the slightest speck of it to start burning from within.

These two types of demonic weapon were painstakingly refined after spending some materials found in the Abyss realm as well as some of Han Shuo’s time and effort. Pearls of Destruction were consumable and Han Shuo only had sixteen of them. Although they had tremendous power in the instant they exploded, they would be gone once used up. The Cyano Demonblaze, on the other hand, was activated using the Mystical Glacial Spellfire. Just like the Blood Seether, it required Han Shuo’s demonic yuan as the power source.

With these two types of demonic weapons, in addition to the two avatars he had, Han Shuo had ample confidence. He didn’t take those invaders to heart. Compared to Crosius and his people, Han Shuo appeared most calm and unruffled.

“Mister Han Shuo, is your so-called magical matrix completely deployed? Can it really bring out immense power just as you described?” Brakyah asked somewhat disdainfully, with his lips curled and his eyes narrowed on the dense stone forest, erect and decorated with colourful yet oddly-shaped banners outside War Demon Valley.

“Powerful or not, Mister Brakyah may step in there and try it for yourself. However, if you were to accidentally lose your life in there, I won’t be taking any responsibility,” Han Shuo giggled with ample confidence.

“I believe that Mister Han Shuo will surprise us!” From the looks of it, Crosius appeared to have full confidence in Han Shuo. However, his eyes looking at those densely gathered pillars of rocks told a different story. As Crosius didn’t have much of an idea as to how mighty magical matrices could be, what mattered the most to him was Han Shuo’s strength itself. He thought that Han Shuo was just taking advantage of the situation to plunder his weaponry resources and did not actually place his hopes on the magical matrix.

“Venomfang Castle will attack after half a day,” Han Shuo said confidently. When the party looked at him with puzzled eyes, he revealed a faint smile and said like a mystical seer, “I can feel it.”