Before the great war erupted, War Demon Valley was shrouded in a suffocating atmosphere. Practically every citizen was mustered to fight and defend War Demon Valley.

The Abyss realm was truly a place where everyone was a soldier. Through constant struggle, every high-level abyssal being would certainly be a fighter that had been through military campaigns. Although the offense Venomfang Castle brought over this time wasn’t quite the same as it was before, and everyone in the valley was fearful, with things having developed to this stage, not one of them cowered. 

Indeed, as Han Shuo had predicted, after half a day, more and more oddly-shaped abyssal creatures appeared before the stone forest Han Shuo had placed outside War Demon Valley. The forces of Venomfang Castle were numbered in the tens of thousands, with a majority being massive but low-intelligence abyssal creatures.

Those mighty abyssal creatures with humanoid figures accounted for merely one tenth of the army. Their leaders were the race of Triops that Han Shuo had met before. Under their guidance, more and more abyssal creatures assembled outside the tallest city wall of War Demon Valley.

The defensive measures of War Demon Valley remained at a rather primitive stage. The best they had was fences covered with sharp knives, some gigantic bows and arrows on the city wall, as well as boulders scattered all around the Abyss realm.

A Triops wearing pitch-black armour that covered his rather enormous body held a two-meter long trident in his hand, mounted on a warhawk with five python-like tails, majestically hovering in the sky before War Demon Valley. His eyes were cold and ruthless. His body boasted an imposing demeanor.

Behind him was a group of Triops mounted on warhawks who wore the same pitch-black armour. Those Triops were the true trump cards of Venomfang Castle. Each possessed at least the strength of level-three Destroyer.

Beneath them were densely packed abyssal experts with inhuman bodies. Han Shuo easily sensed the source of the six to seven Raksha-grade aura being unreservedly discharged.

“Lord Yeki, why is there a stone forest covering the front of War Demon Valley? In our previous rounds of attacks, this stone forest didn’t exist. Will it be an issue?” asked an abyssal creature whose face was covered in wrinkles and appeared much like a bulldog, gazing at Yeki up above.

At his words, the invaders turned their attention towards the land between the two opposing forces. Hundreds of thousands of stelae had been erected, disorderly dispersed on the center of the battlefield. There were also large, multi-coloured banners, on them painted some kind of monster making threatening gestures. Lush green and deep blue miasma gently lingered around the rock forest, giving it an air of mystery…

“What in the world is that? There are intense element of death in there and it seems to contain the aura of destruction. What sort of nasty tricks is War Demon Valley up to?” a Triops said quizzically with one of its eyes glowing a strange light as bright as a torch, casted onto the stone forest ahead.

“Second brother, with General Zajya here, no matter what tricks War Demon Valley have up their sleeves, they won’t be able to escape their final fate. We have nothing to worry about. All we have to do is act in concert with Lord Zajya and take down War Demon Valley once and for all,” Yeki said with a cold smile after he glanced at the Triops beside him.

“Sure…” The Triops nodded his head and also revealed a confident smile. He conveniently turned to gaze at the the legendary general of the Shadow Warriors, a level three Demon - Zajya.

This man measured over four meters tall. He had bewitching purple-coloured skin and criss-crossed scars from head to toe. His eyes were of the same purple hue and made feverish gazes that one would expect from a lunatic. A kind of intense aura of destruction faintly emanated from his body.

Some of those abyssal creatures beside him would deliberately keep a distance from him. Even though they were all on the same side, they seemed to be most unwilling to go anywhere near him and instinctively feared him.

“It is only once we completely take down War Demon Valley and crush Crosius into pieces that we can return to meet Lord Golander!” Gazing at the broad, towering city wall of War Demon Valley, Zajya slowly said with an ear-piercing voice, “Yeki, you better take this opportunity to finish Crosius once and for all. After taking down War Demon Valley, your Venomfang Castle can then be named Venomfang City. It is only so that the Lord would put you in an important position.”

“Lord general, let me assure you that after this day, Venomfang Castle will be known as Venomfang City. I have operated Venomfang Castle for many years and now is the time take it higher!” Yeki licked the corner of his lips .

“Hmph! The time has not come to be excessively cheerful. You have not adequately completed the matter about the interplanar portal within the territory of your Venomfang Castle. His Lordship will not be so eager to let you off the hook. Taking down War Demon Valley can only be considered as making up for your mistakes. Don’t even think that you are going to escape the Lord’s punishment,” Zajya said after shooting a deadly glance at Yeki.

Yeki’s face suddenly turned rigid. Revealing a trace of fear and a humble expression, he said, “Would Lord General please put in a good word for me before the Demon Lord?

“I will,” Zajya replied indifferently before he continued, “Considering that those ladies with tender bodies you prepared were absolutely delicious to eat, prepare me another thirty!”

Yeki revealed a painful look, but nonetheless nodded in a servile manner. He pledged, “Don’t worry, Lord General, you will have all thirty of them.”

Zajya nodded in satisfaction and did not say another word. He proceeded by grabbing a tender and white arm that was still warm to the touch and began munching away as though no one was watching.

“Other than the experts that Venomfang Castle originally had, there were Demons who ought to be the Shadow Warriors you earlier mentioned. The one who lead them is called Zajya. He seemed to have a very literal taste for women. Truly a sickening thing!” standing on top of the city wall, Han Shuo slowly explained with a face full of loathe and disgust.

“What?! Zajya? Why does it have to be him?!” Brakyah cried, unable to hold back his shock. He wore an unconcealable fear on his face.

Brakyah, however, was not alone in his concern. The six Rakshas and five main visiting advisors all wore similarly terrified faces. Among them, even a few beautiful ladies began to pale paper-white, with ice-cold despair in their eyes.

Even the master of War Demon Valley, Crosius, couldn’t conceal the feelings of shock in his pair of deep eyes. He let out a sigh, helplessly shook his head, and said, “General Zajya, the head of Shadow Warriors! Who knew that this insane demon who is know to be fond of eating women would come. I really don’t know if we will be able to resist them until the assisting army arrives…” He sighed. 

Crosius suddenly turned to Jasper, as though he had just made a stunning recollection. With a pain in his heart he bellowed, “If War Demon Valley is breached, destroy your body and commit suicide. Zajya the lunatic fond of eating beauties alive. In that process, the victim does not immediately die and will suffer unimaginable pain. It is a cruel and unbearable way to die.”

“Un… understood…” A shiver travelled down Jasper’s spine. She couldn’t even beat to think of that scalp-tinglingly terrifying scene.

“Here, take this. If he dares approach you, throw this at him. However, you must take note that this thing has enormous coverage. You will need to toss it at least fifty meters away from you. Or else you yourself shall suffer the same fate as your oppressors,” Han Shuo explained after handing her a Pearl of Annihilation when he noticed her frightened to the point of hyperventilating.

Jasper held onto the Pearl of Annihilation as if her life depended on it. She resolutely said, “I know what to do now,”

“However, you have nothing to worry about. With me here, he would have no chance of getting anywhere near you, “ Han Shuo winked.

After Han Shuo had uttered Zajya’s name, the expressions on all the experts of War Demon Valley around him flipped. It was as though a magnanimous, incorporeal rmountain was pressing down on everyone’s chests. The atmosphere was stifling to the pinnacle.

Han Shuo’s unruffled demeanor did not make anyone feel better. They all assumed that as Han Shuo was a foreigner, he had no idea at all how terrifying General Zajya was, and therefore would be so at ease.

Han Shuo’s eyes gave off a hard to perceive feeling of despise as he looked at those people around him. Zajya, an expert with the strength of a level-three Demon, could at best, be considered as being in the late stage of basegod realm. Han Shuo could easily settle him merely with his lowgod of destruction avatar. The one who should be afraid was Zajya, not the other way round.

However, that Zajya couldn’t sense Han Shuo’s mighty presence. It is only when during battle that he would truly understand how terrifying this enemy of his was.

“All of you on the front lines, take down that Valley!” under the repressive atmosphere, the master of Venomfang Castle, Yeki, suddenly raised his head and yelled in a voice as sharp as that of a banshee.

Abyssal creatures covering almost every inch of soil, with high-level expert propelling them, bravely marched forward and charged at War Demon Valley.

The densely packed stone forest seemed fill with these abyssal creatures in just split second. However, that so-called ‘magical matrix’, which Han Shuo had asserted to be extremely powerful, did not erupt with shocking killing power. All that it did was obstruct the steps of those invaders.

“Mister Han Shuo, so this is the formidable power of the magical matrix you have spent enormous resources and several days devising?” Brakyah said in an ashen expression. He was a little incoherent in his speech, perhaps because of his fear towards Zajya or something else.

Crosius’ face grew equally grim. Although he did not say a word or move a muscle as he looked at Han Shuo, his eyes had clearly expressed his discontent. As the one whose resources were greatly expended, to have not immediately burst out with rage amply proved his self-cultivation was of the top most.

“I have yet to activate it. What are you rushing for? Wait a little longer. When more of their people have entered, I will activate it,” Han Shuo remained calm and unperturbed, disregarding everyone’s bludgeoning stares.