“I do!” the pretty and flirtatious-looking Scarletfiend Warrior, gazed at Han Shuo, the main culprit who performed two game-changing feats, and said calmly, abnormally calm in fact.

Afterwards, this Scarletfiend Warrior put on a sweet smile. Just as a fireball, she flew towards Han Shuo, taking the initiative to throw herself at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo wore a tempted smile on his face as he gazed at this arousing beauty. However, when this woman arrived inches before Han Shuo, he suddenly extended his hand and clenched her pale, tender neck. Under the appalled eyes of this Scarletfiend Warrior, Han Shuo’s big hand suddenly twitched. <i>Crack!</i> Scarletfiend’s neck was broken.

“Wh... Why?” The Scarletfiend Warrior’s eyes wavered as she stared at Han Shuo in disbelief, her supple body stained with red blood. She did not immediately die and kept her eyes pointed on Han Shuo with hatred.

“Oops, were you about to kill me? I'm afraid your methods have been a little too botched!” Han Shuo snickered. Before the fiercely burning element of fire in her body completely imploded, Han Shuo injected a great force into her body, tossing the charming beauty far and high into the air.


A deafening explosion suddenly resonated throughout the entire battlefield. Scarletfiend Warrior was enveloped from head to toe by the roaring blaze. It was as though the Abyss realm had suddenly gained an additional sun, burning and giving off intense heat.

Having cultivated in demonic arts to the level he had, Han Shuo could sense the elemental energies between heaven and earth with great sensitivity. When this Scarletfiend Warrior flew over to Han Shuo in all smiles with the finest agility, she was, at the same time, rapidly gathering and concentrating the element of fire within her body beyond its limits. Having observed all that, her intentions were a no-brainer to Han Shuo. Han Shuo would of course not let her have her way. “Such a beautiful woman… what a pity… Hmm, I guess Brakyah won’t be calling me daddy after all. What a shame…” Han Shuo shook his head as he lamented and gently sighed.

Slaughtering the three Shadow Warriors had a decisive impact on the entire battle. After those ten thousand experts were annihilated by that magical matrix, and the three Demon-grade experts were eliminated, the overall strength of Venomfang Castle had fallen far behind that of War Demon Valley.

It was by relying on the terrifying might of the three Shadow Warriors that Venomfang Castle could charge all the way and dauntlessly fight War Demon Valley. However, with the death of the three Shadow Warriors, those remaining experts of Venomfang Castle obviously couldn’t rival War Demon Valley. Where War Demon Valley held the superiority in terms of numbers and morale, Venomfang Castle was in a state of free fall, with more and more their forces being consumed and exhausted.

“It’s him! That’s the monster that came out from the interplanar portal when it exploded!” shouted the Triops expert that Yeki referred to as his second brother all of a sudden, gazing at the high-spirited Han Shuo.

Han Shuo, who was still grieving about having to exterminate Scarletfiend Warrior, immediately turned to gaze at this Triops from a distance after hearing his cry of surprise. He revealed a bone-chilling grin and said, “Hey hey! So it’s you. Didn’t expect me, did you?”

“You, that monster from another plane! Why, why are you helping War Demon Valley?” This high-level leader of the Triops race, who once directed a large number of abyssal creatures to attack Han Shuo inside the interplanar portal, questioned angrily as he pointed at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo shrugged and said plainly, “Well, they pay well! There’s pretty girls, wealth, riches… Why would I not assist them? What, do you think I would assist your race who has tried to kill me from the beginning? Haha, sorry, but I don’t think so!”

“We, we can pay you even better! As long as you agree to help us, whatever War Demon Valley has given you, we can give you double!” Yeki, the master of Venomfang Castle, insisted as he had obviously recognized the true value of Han Shuo.

“Don’t listen to him!” Crosius, the master of War Demon Valley, grew somewhat nervous. He added, “I will do all that I have promised you. In addition, my daughter, Jasper, will be yours. Sir Han Shuo, War Demon Valley will not fail you, I can guarantee that!”

“A man must be content with what he has. About your offer, Yeki, my apologies, but I’m a man of stringent principles. In any case, the only person you should blame is yourself for not showing me any of your hospitality from the start,” Han Shuo said with a faint smile. He didn’t bat an eye at Yeki who had despair scribbled all over his face, but turned to gaze at the bashful Jasper distance away, and winked at her with his villainous eyes.

When Jasper, who was observing the area with all her attention, immediately panicked when she caught the meaningful glances of Han Shuo’s. She coyly turned her head away and dared not look at those piercing eyes.

With his own strength, Han Shuo had slaughtered three Shadow Warriors, establishing War Demon Valley’s victory in one move. After Crosius received the answer from Han Shuo, he let out a breath of relief and sneered, “Keep it up, my fellow warriors! After we kill these people, we will occupy Venomfang Castle in one go! Our countless years of war with Venomfang Castle is nearly at an end!”

Tens of thousands cheered at Crosius’ call. The spirits of all those men at War Demon Valley surged. By relying on their safety in numbers, as well as the presence of this ultra-powerful expert called Han Shuo, they launched their final wave of counterattack. One had sky-high morale, while the other was in complete despair. The final outcome requires no thinking. The sporadic forces of Venomfang Castle, which couldn’t put up much of a resistance, only grew weaker and weaker as they were being drowned and swarmed by those of War Demon Valley.

Han Shuo walked directly to Jasper. The gazes of the populace of War Demon Valley all around him were filled with respect and admiration. Among them, some good-looking young ladies, especially those aware of Han Shuo’s womanizing ways, unbridledly threw coquettish glances at Han Shuo while wearing the seductive appearances of waiting on Han Shuo hand and foot.

“Mister Han Shuo, when are you free? I can take you on a stroll around War Demon Valley…”

“Lord Han Shuo, can you please coach me on martial arts? I will follow all your instructions…”

“Yeah, give us a chance, please…”

The ladies of the Abyss realm are open-minded and straightforward. All those women who thought of themselves as being rather beautiful and attractive, openly cast their fiery gazes at Han Shuo. Other than young ladies with extremely beautiful looks that put forward their invitations in public’s eyes, there were even several mature and attractive married women. Those men standing beside them were actually chuckling, as though they saw no problem with their women being so wanton…

<i>Hehehe… the Abyss realm is truly fascinating… Fascinating indeed…..</i> Han Shuo inwardly remarked. He even revealed an amiable smile towards a few ladies with breathtaking looks and swept his eyes over their enchanting curvaceous bodies, causing the beauties to shriek incessantly, almost losing their restraints and throwing themselves into Han Shuo’s arms.

“You sure are a big lecher!” Jasper couldn’t help but criticize. That lustful appearance Han Shuo displayed, drooling at the wonders of the women all around him, caused Jasper both happiness and great despair at the same time.

In the Abyss realm, it was proper and to be expected for powerful men to have multiple women. All females in the Abyss realm would feel that such a thing was appropriate, and Jasper was no exception. Therefore, back when Han Shuo first came to Abyss realm, he did not cause a great uproar when he declared both Hemanna and Sylph to be rightfully his. Jasper very naturally accepted this fact as well.

To Jasper, Han Shuo, being as mighty as he was, in fact, deserved to have more than one remarkably beautiful woman. Having grown up in the Abyss realm, she not only felt not an ounce of disgust at Han Shuo’s debaucheries, but on the contrary, she actually thought that such was the behavior of a true man. Therefore, when she saw Han Shuo come all way to her so lecherously, a natural sense of slight jealousy arose in her, but she did not find anything inappropriate with his behavior.

Finally, when Han Shuo arrived beside Jasper, he leaned close to her and placed his big mouth next to her ear. He whispered, “Well, since your father has personally bestowed you upon me, hehe, I’m not gonna be polite!”

Among all the ladies in the Abyss, Jasper was a comparably shy one. When Han Shuo made such an intimate act in a public place filled with watching eyes, it made Jasper both joyous and somewhat bashful. Her charming eyes shot a glance at Han Shuo before she lightly grumbled, “You bad boy, what ever could you mean by ‘impolite’?”

It was more of an entication than beratement. Jasper’s lovely eyes carried the charm that could hook a man’s heart and soul. Han Shuo’s heart was captivated. Laughing mischievously, Han Shuo swooped and carried Jasper by her waist. In spite of Jasper’s playful shrieking, and without regard for the fact that Crosius was leading a group of men in pursuing Yeki, Han Shuo flew straight towards the back of the valley with Jasper in his arm. 

The crowd of War Demon Valley who had seen it all revealed suggestive smirks. Meanwhile, those beautiful ladies who so badly wished that Han Shuo would violate them, revealed emotions of envy. Their hearts were restless as well!

“Mister Han Shuo!” When Han Shuo had almost left the line of sight, Brakyah, who had just killed an enemy Raksha, suddenly called out to him.

Han Shuo, impatient to conquer the angel in his arms, shot a cold glance of displeasement at Brakyah far away. He snorted and said, “Brakyah, do you intend on mocking me now because I did not toy with Scarletfiend Warrior?”

Brakyah’s face immediately changed and, without hesitating, he answered, “No, of course not!” Under Han Shuo’s cold watch, Brakyah continued sullenly, “I just want to tell you that, I’m convinced!”

It was apparent that when Brakyah said those words, his heart was filled with fear. He was genuine and sincere in making it known to Han Shuo that he no longer dared treating Han Shuo with hostility! That made sense. Han Shuo was a character who could slaughter three Shadow Warriors by himself. What qualifications does a mere Raksha have to challenge someone like Han Shuo?

After Han Shuo took a good look at Brakyah and verified that he was sincere in his admission of defeat, he coldly said, “Good, at least you are starting to be sensible!” He no longer batted an eye at Brakyah. Carrying Jasper in his arms, he howled with laughter and flew into the horizon in spirits higher than the clouds!