Jasper’s cheeks were blushing, her alluring lips as red as cherry, her thick eyebrows bashfully knit together, and her arms tightly wrapped around Han Shuo. Her heart drummed not only with anticipation, but also some fear.

Mischievously laughing all his way, in just a short while, Han Shuo led Jasper to a stone forest near the manor allotted to him. After setting her back down on her feet, Han Shuo curved his lips to reveal a smirk. With his fiery eyes staring fixedly at the timid Jasper, he whispered, “Hehe, do you know what I’m about to do to you?”

Jasper was flushing red hot. She buried her head into Han Shuo’s broad chest and then fiercely thumped at Han Shuo’s waist with her small hand. In her soft and lovable voice and breath as fragrant as orchid, she said, “Bad boy, I've known for a while that I wouldn’t be able to escape from your naughty hands!”

“Oh? Wasn’t it you who voluntarily delivered yourself to my doorstep?” Han Shuo said with an evil grin. He proceeded with stroking his impolite hands on Jasper’s snow white wings and remarked, “Such beauty!”

Jasper was long aware that Han Shuo had an unusual fetish for her wings. With her sensitive spot being unbridledly violated by Han Shuo, her heart grew itchy and titillated. Her lovable body started to tremble slightly and her body temperature climbed rapidly. After a short while, she was heavily panting, gasping like a fish out of water.

This lady with the looks of an angel was pale and tender, tall and charming, and perfectly curvaceous, blessed with slender long legs, and plump bosoms. She was captivating in every aspect. Her magnificent white wings filled Han Shuo with an even greater desire to possess.

As he admired and praised Jasper’s beauty, Jasper feigning resistance, Han Shuo’s big hands impolitely intruded and fell onto the snow-white skin around Jasper’s breasts. Once Han Shuo deployed his demonic arousal technique, Jasper’s mind immediately flourished with amorous feelings and her body began to burn up.

All of a sudden, Han Shuo picked Jasper up and placed her on top of a smooth and level rock. He lifted the light muslin covering Jasper’s beautiful legs and unbridledly stroked her around her thigh and buttocks. As Jasper panted more and more heavily, Han Shuo suddenly groaned and thrust his lance and got into action.

After a long, long while, when Jasper was still languid, Han Shuo again gently caressed Jasper’s snow-white wings and softly whispered into her ears, “Jasper, Jasper…”

She was on cloud nine, lingering and drifting in a dream so beautiful she couldn’t wake up from it. Jasper was basking in an inexpressible happiness, resting in the wonderful realm achieved after the body and mind were satisfied to the core. That gentle voice of Han Shuo’s was like music to her ears, causing her heart to sink deeper and deeper into the dream, and the more she wouldn’t want to wake.

Suddenly, Jasper, accustomed to meditating all day for the past few days, automatically and subconsciously started to concentrate her attention and sank into the bizarre realm of meditation. After being satisfied mentally and physically until she could take no more, she clearly felt that her soul’s senses had become much more sensitive than in the past. The wind element in her body was like a gentle breeze, and her soul seemed to be drifting about in the sound of the wind. A wonderful realization abruptly entered into the depths of her soul.

Jasper could suddenly sense something growing inside here that was surely not her soul. It was some form of energy that was strange and foreign. It was like fine silky threads that tangled all around. When she carefully felt it, she discovered that this thread-like energy seemed to be able to form a connection with the wind element in a way that she couldn’t understand.

Han Shuo had intended to wake Jasper from her dream when suddenly his consciousness sensed an anomaly in Jasper’s brain waves. Han Shuo was alarmed at first, but soon after began to smile. He thought to himself, Jasper has been meditating for many days but unexpectedly, after just one round of drippingly great pleasure, she is so rapidly sensing the mental strength. It seems that sometimes, indulgence really does have a miraculous effect on cultivation.

Afterwards, Han Shuo’s consciousness turned away from observing the unusual fluctuation deep in Jasper’s soul. Instead, he concentrated his attention and slowly discharged a few strands of demonic yuan from his screw that was still tightly interlocked with its corresponding counterpart. He continued thoroughly exploring the wonders within Jasper’s body, seeking for the means by which her body gathered the wind element.

Time quietly passed. After observing the circulation of the wind element inside Jasper’s body for an undetermined amount of time using the demonic yuan, Han Shuo suddenly came to a realization. He gradually gained some insight on the few cyclones in her body. He also came to realize how a regular person from Profound Continent could cultivate in elemental energies using their physical body.

Han Shuo gently exhaled. His eyes were glowing with vigor. There seemed to be some transformation of his realm state, but when this occurred, he could only guess. His heart, which had been constantly filled with desires and cravings, seemed to have gradually returned to tranquility. He seemed to have suddenly come to some sort of comprehension. His heart was as tranquil, serene, and unperturbed as an old monk. 

But behind this serenity, there seemed to be some kind of unknown transformation waiting to happen. It wasn't just his mind; even his physical body seemed to want to transform. At first, this feeling caused Han Shuo some alarm. However, after pondering for a short moment, a pleasant surprise smothered him. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Jasper, who was in the middle of meditating, trying her best to appreciate the presence of mental strength, was roused by Han Shuo’s suddenly loud laughter. She looked at Han Shuo puzzled and said, “Han Shuo, what’s the matter?”

The madly laughing Han Shuo was in a state of absolute delight. He shook his head and did not explain it to Jasper, “Nothing, nothing!”

Han Shuo could feel that after unrestrainedly releasing his heart’s desires during this period, the Carnal state realm, which he couldn’t break through for a long time, seemed to no longer be a bottleneck. As subtle changes happened to his body and mind, Han Shuo realized that as he accumulated more energy over time, he would metamorphosize and break through to the next realm - the Nine Changes Realm.

When the Carnal realm state was no longer a factor holding him back, all that was left to do was to accumulate more energy in his body. At a certain level of energy, Han Shuo’s attainments in demonic arts would heighten to the next level, reaching the Nine Changes Realm that Chu Cang Lan had achieved back then. Han Shuo was already thrilled with what pleasant surprises this new realm would bring him!

It was only after asking the question that Jasper suddenly noticed that they were still connected. Her face immediately turned red in shyness and she hastily shielded her half-bare beautiful body. When she tried to gently move her long and slender legs, a burst of aching that was at once tormenting and wonderful spread from the lower part of her body, causing her to let out a gentle cry and her body to abruptly warm up.

When Jasper started to move, Han Shuo started reacting as well. He lowered his head to look at the lower part of their bodies, he noticed that there was some blood that stained Jasper’s slender white legs. He creased his brows and said, “Sorry, I was too rough there. Let’s not have a second round now, you won’t be able to handle it!”

After gently withdrawing his rod, Han Shuo tenderly took out a set of white clothes and covered Jasper’s wonderful body with it. Jasper’s heart grew calm as Han Shuo gently attended to her. For some reason, watching Han Shuo treat her with tenderness, Jasper got very emotional and her heart overflowed with an indescribable warmth.

In the Abyss realm where the strong ruled, women were systematically marginalized. Females, unless they possessed extreme might, would only be treated as objects and toys by the male kind. Although Jasper was Crosius’s daughter, as she merely had the strength of a Destroyer, she was still bound by the norms of the Abyss realm.

As competition was fierce and cruel in this world, with only the fittest surviving, men would usually treat women crudely and roughly. Tender and warm treatments were rare occurrences. For an expert as mighty and formidable as Han Shuo to treat his women with such warmth without the slightest arrogance was something absolutely unheard of in the Abyss realm.

Therefore, when Han Shuo showered her with warmth and care by helping her with clothes, her heart simply melted. As much as she tried, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and began sobbing.

Han Shuo was startled. Not understanding why Jasper suddenly started sobbing, he hurriedly soothed Jasper with sweet and romantic words that he frequently used back in Profound Continent.

To Han Shuo’s surprise, Jasper turned even more emotional and tears gushed from her eyes like water from a collapsed dam. Han Shuo was at a complete loss.

“Thank you, thank you, Han Shuo. You really are a good man. I’m just feeling really happy and fortunate that I could be your woman!” the weeping Jasper softly explained, revealing a smile as beautiful as a sunflower.

Han Shuo scratched his head in bewilderment and wore a confused face as he looked at Jasper. He simply didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, I, I think I felt the mental strength! Is it that thread-like energy in the brain?” Suddenly, Jasper who was crying tears of joy, turned pleasantly surprised. She asked Han Shuo hurriedly, as though she wanted Han Shuo to give her an answer immediately.

Nodding his head with a smile, Han Shuo affirmed, “That’s right, that energy you felt is precisely the mental strength that I’ve told you about. In the future, as long as you work hard on meditating, for your soul to fuse together with the element of wind won’t be something impossible!”

Jasper was exhilarated at the thought. Suddenly recalling something, she excitedly asked, “Then, does that mean that I can use the space ring now?”

“Of course. Try to enter the space ring using that faint mental strength of yours. Therein, your own mental imprint will be formed. By relying on that mental imprint, you will finally be able to freely deposit and withdraw any material!” 

“Thank you! Hehe, I now have a space ring as well, what a wonderful feeling…” It didn’t take long for her to learn how to operate the space ring. A small pebble in Jasper’s hand would suddenly disappear, then re-emerge in the next moment. She was awfully amused playing with it.

Han Shuo silently watched with a faint smile as Jasper fiddled with the space ring. But after a while, he suddenly creased his brows and said, “Those men dispatched by Lord Manticole have arrived. Let’s go take a look!”