The slaughter ended uneventfully in just a short while. Not a single one of the altogether six teenagers, Kuliya included, could escape from Sanguis’ hands. They were all coldly slaughtered, their bodies left in horrific states!

In the Abyss realm, such a matter could not be more common. Neither Jasper, Hemanna, nor Sylph revealed the tiniest bit of disgust or distraught, especially when they learned of a certain affliction on Sanguis’ mother. They saw nothing inappropriate about Sanguis’ actions.

Soon after killing all his enemies, Sanguis’ bright red skin returned to normal. That intense reeking of blood also dissipated. Sanguis, heavily gasping for air, after seeing the wreckage of his doing, lowered his head and began to weep. Compared to his terrifying figure just before, the Sanguis of this moment appeared weak and helpless.

As the master, Han Shuo sprung himself and landed behind Sanguis. He reached out to pat Sanguis’ shoulder gently, and said in a soft voice, “Debt of blood, paid in blood. There is nothing wrong with what you did. You might feel perturbed as this is the first time you killed someone. But I believe that in the future, you will gradually grow numb to it. You will be just like me and not feel the slightest disturbance for murdering someone.”

“Master, I did not feel perturbed for them, I was crying for my mom. I was thinking that, if mom could see that I have avenged her, she would be gratified…” the tearful Sanguis raised his head and explained to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was startled. He nodded and smiled, “Very good. My good apprentice, I see I was right about you after all!”

Sanguis gradually turned staunch. As Han Shuo looked at him, he said in a deep and low voice, “Kuliya’s father as well as the rest of theirs were even more abominable. I will not let a single one of them slip by!”

“Don’t worry about that. Soon enough, they shall all perish in your hands!” Han Shuo understood that compared to Kuliya, those adults must have caused even greater pain and misery to Sanguis’ family, especially when those men were previously subordinates under his father.

“Ahem…” coughed the level-one Demon who had been watching coldly from the sidelines. When Han Shuo turned to look at him with a questioning face, he creased his brows and said, “Although Black Jade City isn’t a city that prohibits fighting, this kid, nonetheless, has definitely exceeded certain legal limits in his actions. As his master, you should be thinking for his future, instead of continuing to instigate him to repeat his crime.”

“Oh?” Han Shuo glanced at this level-one Demon with a smirk, and ridiculed, “Since when would a Black Jade Guard be so attentive towards others? Hehe, as far as I know, a Black Jade Guard should have more important matters than this?”

This level-one Demon fumbled. He looked at Sanguis and quibbled, “It’s just, I can see that the kid has got potential. That’s the only reason I would give any thought to him.”

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about my apprentice,” Han Shuo stared at this level-one Demon and said resolutely, “No matter what offenses or wrongdoings he has or will commit, I will shoulder all the consequences. You have nothing to concern for him!”

“Thank you master!” Sanguis’ heart was at ease. He was convinced by that domineering air of this mysterious master of his. Having lived for so many years in Black Jade City, he had never before seen anybody who dared to speak to a Black Jade Guard in such an unyielding manner!

The Black Jade Guard coldly groaned. Unwilling to lose face, he said with a rigid expression, “Anyone can tell lies. Although you are very powerful, you have no authority here. I don’t believe that you can do just anything you want in Black Jade City!”

“He sure can!” an assured shout suddenly sounded. The married couple, Bord and Zinia, showed up before Han Shuo.

“Lord Bord, Lord Zinia, what are you doing here?” that level-one Demon jolted. He hurriedly performed a respectful salute towards the duo. He appeared extremely humbled.

“Definitely not for you!” Bord said disdainfully. Bord arrived before Han Shuo, using the same fawning attitude that level-one Demon treated him, Bord said in a cordial manner, “Mister Han Shuo, Lord Manticole has formally invited for your presence. Please come to the Demon King’s Palace with us.”

When that level-one Demon saw that this immediate superior of his, who was usually aloof and remote, had so courteously and respectfully invited Han Shuo, on behalf of that almighty being even, he was immediately stupefied. He stared blankly at Han Shuo, his mind suddenly turning completely blank.

Sanguis too had a look of astonishment across his whole face. Staring at this mysterious master who had come to him out of the blue, hearing that Han Shuo was invited by a character so high and above, Sanguis’ heart pounded like Chinese drums. In this moment, his master appeared exalted to a level he had never even had the chance to catch a glimpse of. He felt as though meeting this master of his was a godsend. It felt almost unreal.

Under the attentive gazes of disbelief coming from the level-one Demon and Sanguis, Han Shuo unenthusiastically nodded and smiled in acknowledgement, “No rush. I have just taken in an apprentice. There are some things that must be done as soon as possible. I will go meet Lord Manticole after settling my apprentice’s matters.”

The level-one Demon and Sanguis, who were staring blankly at Han Shuo, received an even greater shock upon hearing Han Shuo’s reply! In their hearts, Manticole was an existence as high and unreachable as the stars in the sky. He was also the God they put their faith in. In their minds, no one would dare to defy Manticole’s command. Hence, when they heard Han Shuo say ‘no rush’, they were greatly alarmed.

To these people, Manticole possessed absolute power and authority. His cruelty and savagery had long penetrated deeply into their hearts. There were all kinds of widespread folklores about Manticole. But not once in those stories was it told that someone who disobeyed Manticole’s words would live on. Therefore, at this moment, these two citizens of Black Jade City who were well aware of Manticole’s callousness were greatly alarmed.

But in the next moment, they felt as though their hearts had missed a beat. Bord had replied with a smile, “No problem. The Lord has instructed us that, if Mister Han Shuo wanted to have fun in Black Jade City for a little longer, the two of us will keep Mister Han Shuo accompanied. His Lordship would wait for Mister Han Shuo!”

Who was Manticole? One of the five Great Demon Kings of the Abyss realm! An overlord with absolute power in Black Jade City! A character who could kill the entire populace with one thought!

Such an awe-inspiring character of the Abyss realm who wielded true power should wait for no man. How would anyone be worthy enough of His time?

At first, that level-one Demon thought that Bord must be lying, believing that this superior of his must had betrayed their faith. However, upon careful reconsideration, he quickly realized that this would be absolutely impossible. Given how loyal their Black Jade Guards were towards Manticole, it would be absolutely preposterous for any of them to go against the will of their master.

Arriving at this conclusion, this level-one Demon was thoroughly stunned. Looking at Han Shuo with his unruffled smile, he thought to himself, Who in the world is this guy? Why would King Manticole be willing to delay his matters and wait for him? He rejoiced at his wise decision earlier of not hot-headedly attacking Han Shuo.

At some point, his lapels became saturated with cold-sweat, which overflowed to his back…

Meanwhile, Sanguis was basking in extreme happiness for his master, Han Shuo, had actually postponed Demon King Manticole’s invitation for his personal matters. To Sanguis, this was an enormous favor. Sanguis felt as though he was floating in the sweetest dream.

“Well then. With the two of you present, I can definitely save a lot of trouble,” Han Shuo exclaimed. Shortly after, he turned to that level-one Demon and said, “Now, tell me, am I capable of assuming all risks for my apprentice?”

Thud! The level-one Demon immediately kneeled on one knee and said in a trembling voice, “I am deeply sorry Mister Han Shuo. I did not know of your identity. Please forgive any indignation this ignoble servant might have caused!”

“Oh?” Bord’s expression suddenly turned cold. He turned to Han Shuo and said, “This impudent fellow, has he done anything to offend you? I am in the position to administer the appropriate discipline and correction.”

Han Shuo waved his hand and replied smilingly, “It’s nothing. He’s not bad actually. He knows to adapt to circumstances. He did not offend me, no need to make life difficult for him.”

“Alright then, I will let this pass. Now get lost! You are not needed here,” Bord scoffed and commanded impatiently.

“Thank you Mister Han Shuo, thank you Lord Bord. I will get lost immediately!” this level-one Demon dared not say another superfluous word. With his back arched, he quickly disappeared out of their sights.

“Sanguis, let’s go. I must watch you resolve all matters. This kind of hatred must be straightened out as soon as possible!” Han Shuo said to his apprentice.

“Thank you master. Master, Sanguis will engrave your favor and grace on my heart forever,” Sanguis said solemnly. His eyes were thoroughly red, the emotionally touched type of red.

“Alright, alright. It is only by releasing all those grudges in your heart that you will be able to focus yourself entirely on your cultivation,” Han Shuo said. He lowered his head, glanced at the bodies around him, crinkled his brows, and asked Bord, “About these bodies, what do you…”

“My inferiors will handle these trivial matters. Let’s make a move,” Bord interjected. He then raised his head and whistled. After a short while, several guards dressed in cold black uniforms arrived before him. “Clean up these bodies,” Bord instructed.

“Yes, my Lord,” the person leading the group of guards replied in a stern voice. “Let’s go,” Han Shuo said to Sanguis as he took the lead, leaving the scene.

Sanguis turned his head and took one last look at that house he had resided in for many years. He clenched his fists, looked forward, and marched behind Han Shuo with unshakeable resolution.