With the company of Bord and Zinia, this Black Jade Guard couple who had unchallengeable authority within Black Jade City, Han Shuo and Sanguis did not meet with any hindrance during their journey to their first stop. They arrived at a tall building.

“This is Kuliya’s home. His father used to be under my father’s command,” Sanguis said in a deep voice after he arrived at Kuliya’s house and took a deep breath.

Han Shuo opened up his consciousness and evaluated the presences of those inside the building. He nodded and said to Sanguis, “Okay, I won’t be going in. As long as you put the energy inside your body to use, not one of those people inside can escape from your palms. Master will watch from outside. If anyone manages to escape, I will just finish them for you.” 

“Okay!” Sanguis wasn’t verbose in his reply. Right after, as though he had just recalled all the wrongs those muts inside inflicted upon his mother and himself, Sanguis’ eyes became once again bloodshot as he charged ahead with murderous aura.

Thanks to his unique body, Sanguis’ blood contained a great amount of energy to begin with. Upon mastering the fundamental cultivation methods of Bloodgod Mantra, by releasing the energy inside his body, Sanguis would possess a strength that was not to be belittled. With such an advantage, if he would only focus on his cultivation of Bloodgod Mantra, the blood that ran through his body would flush with more and more energy, and he would attain the heights that Han Shuo hoped for sooner or later.

“Dongbala, you old rat! Show yourself!” demanded Sanguis in a tone that could be heard for miles. A round of clanking accompanied.

“Oh? You little bastard, have you gone mad? Came here to throw away your own life?” the furious screeching of a middle-aged woman came from the house.

“Ha, yea, I have gone nuts, while your son Kuliya has gone to hell. And now it’s your turn!” Sanguis howled with laughter. A round of explosions went off like fireworks.

A most wretched screech suddenly drilled from the woman’s mouth. The grievous news of Kuliya’s death had caused her to turn completely insane and she charged head first at Sanguis. Sanguis, who had long intended to bathe the place with blood, did not show the slightest hint of hesitation. Right after delivering the news of Kuliya’s death, he immediately set about the massacre.

Miserable screams rang from within the house one after another. Han Shuo grinned as he listened to the activities inside the house and said to Jasper standing beside him, “This kid is courageous to kill and slaughter. Someday in the future, he will definitely be a great helper for me.”

“Mister Han Shuo, what martial art is he cultivating? Why is there such an intense reeking of blood coming from his body?” Bord and Zinia, who had long sensed some unusual quality in Sanguis, finally couldn’t restrain their curiosity and asked.

“Let’s just say that it is not from any of the twelve energies that you know of. The martial art I teach is different from what you cultivate in,” Han Shuo giggled, seeming quite proud of himself.

Immediately after he uttered those words, the couple put on a pair of solemn faces. Zinia questioned, “Mister Han Shuo, as you have come from another plane of existence, naturally, you would know certain rather unusual martial arts. About the martial art that we cultivate, in your opinion, is there any aspect that we could improve upon?”

Han Shuo was dazed for a moment and stared at Bord and Zinia in astonishment. He saw that the pair appeared solemn and very humble. After weighing in his mind for a while, Han Shuo smiled and said, “I actually do know a thing or two about the twelve energies that you cultivate in. If you were to put more effort into cultivating your soul, you will find yourself with a greater understanding of your elemental energy.”

In a most sincere voice Bord and Zinia said to him, “Please spare us some advice, Mister Han Shuo!”

Both of them were in the realm of basegod. However, as the fusion of their souls with elemental energy was done only with Demon King Manticole’s assistance, instead of through their own careful realization, they were definitely far behind those who level led up to gods by their own means when it came to putting elemental energies to use. The duo clearly understood that the strength Han Shuo possessed was a class above theirs, and therefore were so humble in seeking Han Shuo’s guidance.

Cultivating in the elements of death and destruction simultaneously, and thanks to his deep and profound understanding of soul cultivation using elemental energies he learned on Profound Continent, Han Shuo possessed a ton of useful knowledge that he could impart on these two Black Jade Guards. But naturally, Han Shuo was not about to tell the two about certain precious comprehensions. Instead, he gave the two some rather ambiguous lecture about the soul.

Having attained considerably high realms in their cultivation, although Han Shuo stopped short of the nitty-gritty, the couple was nevertheless deeply enlightened. After thinking over Han Shuo’s words for a while with pensive looks in their eyes, they seemed to have understood a thing or two, and happily expressed their gratitude, “Many thanks, Mister Han Shuo! Mister Han Shuo is indeed a true expert.”

Han Shuo responded with a forced smile as he thought to himself, These fellas of the Abyss certainly have an unimaginably stubborn persistence in pursuing strength. If these people were to come to Profound Continent and observed the difference in our cultivation methods, they would become even more terrifying for sure!

Inhuman howls continued to echo in succession. When Han Shuo gathered his concentration and checked on the situation inside, he found that the battle was almost at an end.

As expected, not a moment later, the house turned to pin-drop silence. Sanguis, drenched in blood, slowly emerged from inside the house. That fresh blood running down his skin obviously did not originate from his own body. However, Sanguis’ skin seemed to be absorbing it while giving off faint glimmer, causing the stench of the blood to grow increasingly pungent.

Those cultivating in Bloodgod Mantra could obtain energy from the blood of another organism. The stronger the being, the greater the energy contained in their blood. Naturally, Sanguis, someone innately gifted with this strange but brilliant body, would be able to obtain a greater portion of that energy.

Han Shuo observed that the blood spattered on Sanguis gradually faded until it disappeared, and knew that Sanguis had grasped a certain understanding. He was very happy with Sanguis’ comprehension skills.

Sanguis walked silently up to Han Shuo and appeared to be in a normal mood. He wasn’t as emotional as he had been after his first kill. After taking a few breaths to calm down his mind, he said calmly, “There were twelve in total. I killed them all.”

Nodding his head, Han Shuo smiled and said, “Good then. Let’s move on to the next house!” Without spending too much time, the altogether seven families that had deep grudges with Sanguis, under Han Shuo’s instigation, were personally exterminated by Sanguis who had bitterly waited countless years for revenge.

As he claimed more victims, Sanguis started to grow somewhat numb to committing murder. Later in time, that intense reeking of blood could be sensed even from a dozen meters away. It was just like what Han Shuo had said, after racking up more kills, one would not feel the slightest disturbance for murdering someone. When the very last casualty was forcibly ripped apart, their fresh blood splattered on the predator.

Sanguis, drenched in blood, looked like he had received a baptize and reborned. Not a trace of weakness could be seen in his eyes anymore. There was only the tranquility and indifference towards death that the devil possessed. Han Shuo believed that after Sanguis had released all the hatred that had brewed deep in his heart through this campaign, he would no longer be cowardly or timid towards anything. With that impedance of the mind purged, Sanguis would make even more rapid progress in his cultivation of Bloodgod Mantra.

After he settled Sanguis’ matters, Han Shuo did not linger any longer. He headed to the Demon King’s Palace along with Bord and Zinia, who had waited for a long time.

“Mister Han Shuo, I need to make another notification. It will take just a short while,” Bord said apologetically after they arrived before the palace’s grand gates.

“Sure,” Han Shuo replied smilingly.

After Bord bowed and left, Zinia, who remained with Han Shuo and his party, looked up at the towering, majestic, and wonderful structure, and explained, “The palace is where Lord Manticole cultivates. It is also the administrative center and religious center of Black Jade City. The Lord would always cultivate inside on his own. Apart from some extraordinary circumstances, He rarely leaves His palace.”

Han Shuo raised his head to gaze at the towering Demon King’s Palace as well. Sensing the aura of darkness that constantly lingered on the summit of the palace, it became clear to Han Shuo that the being residing in it was a superb one. Manticole had to, at the very least, possess the strength of a lowgod!

Only a lowgod would require the power of faith. He would obtain strands of the power of faith from all those people under his jurisdiction enshrining him, providing him with energy that he could add to his divine energy little by little, thereby giving his unique Domain of Divinity an even greater power supply.

When Han Shuo thought of the Domain of Divinity, he couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. Although that Demonslayer Edge avatar of his had cultivated to be a lowgod of destruction, perhaps because he lacked a solid foundation and did not understand how to put the edict of destruction to use, the avatar couldn’t comprehend how to form a Domain of Divinity even though there definitely was circulation of divine power within the Demonslayer Edge. From this aspect, although this avatar had become a lowgod of destruction, for all kinds of reasons, it was still not perfect.

It seems I need some time for this avatar to properly comprehend the profound mysteries of the edict of destruction, Han Shuo thought to himself.

Han Shuo’s three ladies as well as Sanguis standing beside Han Shuo all showed obvious reverence when they looked up at the Demon King’s Palace that pierced the blue dome of the heavens. Having grown up in territories administered by Manticole, ever since their births, they took Manticole as the only God they placed their conviction in. And now, standing before their Lord’s palace, that deeply rooted effect became even more intense.

After a short while, Bord returned with a smile. He bowed and said, “Mister Han Shuo, please come with me. Erm, about Jasper and the rest, Zinia will take them to rest for the moment. There is some strange energy on top of the Demon King’s Palace. Those without adequate strength must not recklessly go up there. It wouldn’t do them any good.”

Han Shuo nodded and smilingly said, “You will all follow after Zinia. Don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t. He is right, the Demon King’s Palace isn’t a place an average person can enter.”

Han Shuo followed after Bord and headed towards the apex of the Demon King’s Palace to meet one of the five Great Demon Kings of the Abyss realm.