After Leviathan and Manticole deployed their Domains of Divinity, save for the elements of lightning and darkness, no other energy could be found within the space. Han Shuo had yet to breakthrough to the Nine Changes Realm in his cultivation of demonic arts. Therefore, he would be at a disadvantage to stay within their Domains of Divinity. Regardless of his intentions, Han Shuo had to first make sure that he was able to completely deploy his strength to its fullest.

Therefore, without much hesitation, Han Shuo decisively evacuated from the coverage area of the two Domains of Divinity at this critical moment.

Those remaining Demons following the two Demon Kings all revealed the same astonished expression when they saw Han Shuo retreating instead of advancing. Before they could say a thing, Leviathan, whose body was surrounded by lightning bolts, coldly shouted, “Scat! Go back and stay with Mister Han Shuo. What are you all still standing here for? Waiting to get killed?”

The party, as though having received a pardon, hastily hurried towards Han Shuo. In a battle between the four Great Demon Kings of the Abyss, with even just the tiniest fraction of their divine power accidentally landing on any one of those Demons, without any elemental energy available, they would all be dead in one hit without the possibility of survival. Needless to say, they were all terrified.

Only an exceptional existence like Han Shuo would be able to keep himself safe inside the Domain of Divinity of the four Demon Kings relying on his body and avatar cultivating in demonic arts and the edict of destruction respectively. However, Han Shuo obviously had some other plans and therefore left that fighting stage.

“Arhhhhh…” miserable shrieks suddenly resounded through the valley. A few Demons running towards Han Shuo, were most unfortunately struck by the meteor shower. They only managed to let out a few wails in pain before being crushed into meat patties by the meteorites.

Those pitiful people had yet to leave Manticole’s and Leviathan's Domains of Divinity. Without any elemental energies to use, their bodies were fragile to the utmost. In addition to the fact that the meteor shower really was frightening, it was only to be expected that they violently die on the spot.

Dammit, these fools indeed know only to look after their own asses! Han Shuo cursed in his heart. Suddenly, his body, which had retreated very far away, turned into a streak of black brilliance. In the next moment, he was back in the space enveloped by the Domains of Divinity.

Bord and Zinia looked on helplessly at a Spatial Edge cutting over to them. With no access to the elemental energies that they relied upon for survival, they were noticeably sluggish. They had absolutely no way of dodging that Spatial Edge flying towards them. Their eyes were dropping with despair.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s figure appeared between the couple in a flash. His two arms stretched forward as fast as lightning. He made a forceful fling after demonic yuan poured into his arms. The couple was sent flying in a beautifully parabolic trajectory. They successfully escaped from being sliced by that Spatial Edge.

Han Shuo still had some friendly regard towards Bord and Zinia, especially since the couple had been very attentive towards Jasper and the rest back at Black Jade City. They also had been diligent and tireless in attending to his needs. Although Han Shuo knew that the two were so solicitous because of the excellent strength he possessed, nonetheless, he was a sentimental person. He was most willing to perform this favor that needed only a slight flex of his muscles.

After pulling Bord and Zinia out of harm's way, Han Shuo did not plan on remaining within the Domains of Divinity. Just as he was about to leave the coverage area of the Spatial Edges, all of a sudden, Han Shuo’s death basegod soul sensed a burst of incomparably rich elemental energy of death.

He immediately determined that the strong elemental energy of death must have originated from a boundary that the two Demon Kings had bluntly destroyed.

The great battle between the four Great Demon Kings would inevitably break out any moment now. Logic would have it that Han Shuo wanted no part in it. However, that elemental energy of death was intense. Han Shuo was certain that there was at least one piece of divine essence of death. After becoming a god, raising divine energy would be an extremely difficult thing to do. That piece of divine essence of death carried irresistible temptation power on Han Shuo’s avatar.

No great rewards comes without risks. Screw it, I will take a shot! Han Shuo rapidly weighed in his mind. When he noticed that the Spatial Edge was about to strike him, he finally ceased to hesitate. In his shadow form he streaked towards the area where the divine essence of death was located in an instant.

Cecrops and Golander, the two Demon Kings had to have sensed the presence of the divine essence of fire, and therefore recklessly charged over. One of them cultivated in the element of fire, while the other cultivated in the element of water. They were incredibly impatient and excited about the presence of the fire element divine essence and therefore had no patience or regard for anything in their paths.

In the next moment, Han Shuo came to find that the four Domains of Divinity had formally intersected with each other. The region that was previously devoid of all elements but lightning and darkness had again been filled with the element of water and fire. The two factions of Demon Kings of the Abyss realm, with their Domains of Divinity completely deployed, had begun engaging in hand-to-hand combat while the meteor shower and Spatial Edge bombarded the lands.

While rapidly flying towards the divine essence of death, Han Shuo found the spare time to observe his surrounding. He suddenly discovered that both Cecrops and Golander had very strange looks. Cecrops' true form as he cultivated in the element of fire couldn’t be clearly seen. His body was similar to that of Ironstone Warrior whom Han Shuo had killed. His body was as tough as steel, and it was even glowing red hot.

Meanwhile, Golander looked as though a big sea monster. There were feelers the thickness of fingers densely grown on his body. His body would twist and wrap as he wildly fought Manticole.

All four of them had strengths of around the same par. Leviathan fought Cecrops while Golander fought Manticole. All four of them were Great Demon Kings of the Abyss realm, and were all lowgods. As they had been waging war against each other for many years, they were very familiar with each other’s fighting movements. Even though they were fighting with all their strength, nevertheless, the fight appeared boring in Han Shuo’s eyes.

All four Demon Kings concealed their divine energies within their bodies, and would only send out bursts of their divine energies through direct body contact to deal blows unto their opponents. Unexpectedly, not an iota of their divine energy spilled over. Perhaps it was for this reason that the combat between them appeared so plain, unimpressive, and did not give off a brilliant, colourful show of light.

Han Shuo only took one glance before it became clear as to why they would be so cautious and prudent in maintaining this tacit agreement, not daring to leak a tiny bit of their divine energy. This was because, there were boundaries, ancient seals, and dilapidated magical matrixes all around them. One misstep and they could possibly activate even greater dangers and cause everyone to perish!

Although the four Great Demon Kings were now fighting over the divine essence of fire, they were very cautious and fought as prudent as they could. They dared not to have one wee bit of their divine energy overspill as to avoid causing great disturbances to the environment. Otherwise, no one would be able to walk out of it alive.

Whoosh! Han Shuo, with his protective shield on, relying on the energy coming from the demonic infant inside his body, shot towards the location of the elemental energy of death at high speed.

Three translucent, sparkling pieces, pure white and as bright as jade, lay closely together inside a magical robe of twilight black. That deep black magical robe didn’t seem to be any ordinary item either. The sinister and wicked energy of death was emanating from it.

Han Shuo was delighted. Without demur, he reached out with his hand and grabbed at it. Jingle A strange noise suddenly came from that piece of deep black magical robe. Right after Han Shuo’s hand made contact with the magical robe, a bizarre boundary of death was suddenly deployed from it. The three trademark necromancy boundaries - the Boundary of Weakness, Fear, and Aging - simultaneously erupted from it. The power was more than tenfold what Han Shuo could deploy. In addition, an energy firmly grasped at Han Shuo, not allowing him to put down that deep black magical robe.

Han Shuo was appalled. He instinctively activated the demonic yuan inside his body, erupting like a torrent, frantically attacking that energy that grasped him firmly. He attempted to release himself from that deep black magical robe before thinking anything else.

“Who’s that kid?” Golander gasped, his voice as cold as ice.

“Haha, how funny. The Mister Han Shuo that killed three of your Shadow Warriors is standing right before you, yet you have no idea who he is!” Manticole said calmly with an arrogant smirk on his face.

Han Shuo, who was resisting the energy of the black robe with all his might, almost jumped up to curse at Manticole. It was a no-brainer to him as to what kind of troubles those words of Manticole’s would cause him.

Indeed, just as expected, Golander's ugly monstrosity of a face, which barely resembled anything close to a human’s, grew incredibly cold. He put on a disgraced smile and said, “Good, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Kiddo, face your death!”

Upon finishing those words, Golander ceased all hand-to-hand combat with Manticole. His sea-monster body shot into the air with extreme agility. He charged at Han Shuo at a breathtaking speed.

Han Shuo blasphemed upon eighteen generations of Manticole’s ancestors, and furiously raised his demonic yuan to its maximum capacity to ward off the winding energy that was attacking him. However, shrouded by the boundary of Fear, Weakness, and Aging, which released all too formidable power, Han Shuo found himself in an extremely weak state.

Golander’s flight had caused his Domain of Divinity to move with him. An ice-cold energy hundreds of times colder than what was released by Ice Celestial Corey locked onto Han Shuo and rushed into his consciousness, causing his defensive power to reduce even more greatly.

Ice Celestial Corey was just a demigod, and was not even a basegod. Compared to Golander, a lowgod two classes above him, in terms of the manipulation of the elemental energy of water, Ice Celestial Corey was simply like a mound before the Alps. The gap between them was simply insurmountable!

Golander, as a lowgod, could seep his divine energy into his enemy's soul. If it wasn’t for Han Shuo’s consciousness being so uniquely versatile, by now it would have been frozen and have no way to think!

On the verge of death, that death basegod soul of Han Shuo’s seemed to gain a feeling of familiarity when it vaguely sensed the energy that tangled around Han Shuo. In this life and death situation, Han Shuo made a decision. With one thought, that death basegod soul released a strand of faint energy. Suddenly, a desirable change happened to that deep dark magical robe in his hand…