Compared to the cultivation methods that the original owner of the skeletal staff had left behind, this whole new level of realization towards elemental energy he now obtained was much more precious. While those cultivation methods would only allow Han Shuo to learn how to form attacks using the energy of death, the higher level of realization would allow Han Shuo to make leaps and bounds in his cultivation, obtaining even more terrifying energy of death!

All those cultivation methods were, in the end, merely different ways of putting the elemental energy of death to use. No amount of them could make Han Shuo rise from the realm of basegod to the realm lowgod. Those profound realizations, however, could! It would allow Han Shuo to grasp the true essence of the energy of death, and turn him into a lowgod. And with sufficient divine energy, Han Shuo could even continue to make breakthroughs without the slightest stagnation, all the way to be a midgod.

The apprehensions of greater gods, that was the most precious thing to a lesser god! The methods of putting the energy to use and acquiring divine energy could both be slowly mastered through practice and cultivation. However, it was their profound realizations that were the most valuable. This was because a god might never come to possess those realizations even after acquiring a tremendous amount of energy.

But now, Han Shuo directly came to possess those realizations! What’s more, it was the divine realization of a midgod!

In other words, from this moment onwards, in Han Shuo’s cultivation of the element of death, all the challenging problems he needed to comprehend before advancing to the next realm would no longer be an impediment. As long as he could acquire sufficient divine energy, he would progress at light speed and become a lowgod, and even a midgod!

While the fusion of souls proceeded, the skeletal staff in Han Shuo’s hand gradually transformed without Han Shuo’s control. It turned into a carbon copy of Han Shuo filled with the aura of death. Then, without any indication, that piece of deep black magical robe spontaneously flew and wrapped tightly around Han Shuo.

Evil, gloom, desolation, loneliness - all those aurae that could be felt in the netherworld - started emanating from this avatar of Han Shuo’s.

Han Shuo did not foresee that the souls would so suddenly begin fusing together. They were in the Void. A great battle was going on not far from him. The fusion of souls meant he was exposed to great vulnerability as the process could not be disturbed in the slightest.

Therefore, when Han Shuo’s soul began fusing with the divine soul of the midgod, he started to communicate silently with the Netherworld. His consciousness was on full alert. His main body grasping onto the Demonslayer Edge was ready to handle any threat that could come at any moment.

The bombardment of the meteor shower and Spatial Edge covered an extremely vast area. Although Han Shuo was hiding in a concealed area, he was still under the battering of these two attacks. In this situation, having three souls gave Han Shuo an absolute advantage. While that death basegod was rapidly merging with that Divine Soul, Han Shuo’s main body and one of his avatars were actively containing the disturbances of the meteor shower and Spatial Edges, keeping them far away from the avatar that cultivated in the element of death.

The minutes passed by quietly as this continued for a long, but undetermined amount of time. Even Han Shuo’s other two souls felt a little fatigued…

Suddenly, the element of death began to converge in a chaos towards Han Shuo’s avatar. Han Shuo’s body, as though a blue whale gorging in seawater, was rapidly absorbing a huge amount of the element of death. At the same time, all those profound realizations that originated from the Divine Soul of the midgod were being evoked…

A bizarre and fantastic transformation was simultaneously happening to the body and soul of the skeletal staff avatar. The soul, body, element of death, and realizations, were converging, fusing, splitting, and recombining in a way that Han Shuo couldn’t understand…

All of a sudden, Han Shuo’s main body that had been every vigilantly observing the surroundings suddenly discovered that in the space of a few dozen meters around his avatar, other than the intense element of death, no other element was present.

Domain of Divinity! These were the effects of the Domain of Divinity!

The overjoyed Han Shuo looked at the element of death converging from all around, and then observed the element of death being condensed to high concentrations before turning into divine energy for his avatar in a way that he couldn’t understand. Having experienced the scene of Little Skeleton becoming god, Han Shuo clearly understood that a wonderful transformation was happening to his avatar cultivating the element of death!

“Huh?” Back at the battleground of the four Demon Kings, Manticole suddenly murmured.

While Golander turned absent-minded for a brief moment after being shocked by Han Shuo, Manticole, who was of similar strength, managed to catch the precise timing and enveloped Golander within absolute darkness. It was precisely for this reason that Manticole held the upper hand and had time for talking.

The other three Demon Kings also felt the element of death wildly gathering not far from them. The four Demon Kings, who had been through the exact same process, only needed to think for a second before they each realized what was happening there.

All four of them, who were in the middle of a fierce battle, ceased fighting at the same time with great rapport. The four exchanged glances and flew to the region simultaneously.

Han Shuo, who harbored malicious intentions, did not stray too far from them. In the process of becoming god, the gathering of the element of death was not something that could be controlled. Therefore, Han Shuo could no longer hide his tracks. The four Demon Kings discovered Han Shuo’s hiding place in just an instant.

“Two… two of him… What is going on?” Cecrops cried out in surprise as soon as he arrived and saw the scene.

Han Shuo’s main body, wielding the Demonslayer Edge, and his avatar, wearing a deep black magical robe - except for clothing, they both appeared exactly the same!

Cecrops rapidly calmed himself down from the initial shock. He glanced at Manticole and Leviathan as he said, “Better kill him, lest he becomes a trouble in the future,”

It was followed by utter silence. At this crucial moment, Manticole and Leviathan, who were supposed to be Han Shuo’s allies, both kept their silence!

One Han Shuo with the strength of lowgod in the edict of destruction had already forced them to be on alert. And now, out of nowhere, came a second Han Shuo. What’s more, this Han Shuo was on the verge of becoming a lowgod of death. This kind of horror had completely exceeded any of their expectations. These two allies who harbored ulterior motives to begin with, kept their silence as light flickered from their eyes.

Cecrops and Golander suddenly turned to look at each other. Golander nodded and said in an ice-cold voice, “Let’s do it together. This guy is rather hard to deal with. I don’t have the certainty of finishing him within a short time if I were to do it alone.”

“Sure!” Cecrops said smilingly. He again glanced at the silent Manticole and Leviathan, and soon after, shot a meaningful glance at Golander. They marched step by step towards Han Shuo callously standing with the Demonslayer Edge in his hand.

The two were on guard towards Manticole and Leviathan as they had no idea if the duo would take this opportunity to attack the two. For this reason, they did not immediately charge towards Han Shuo, but slowly approached him to find out how Manticole and Leviathan would react.

What followed surely did not go against their expectations. Cecrops, completely familiar with the personality of the Demon Kings in the other faction, discovered that during this critical moment, neither Manticole nor Leviathan showed any wish of interrupting, and stood there motionless.

Han Shuo, wielding the Demonslayer Edge, looked at the four Demon Kings before him with a callous face. He did not say a word all along. It was as though he had turned into a spectator.

Cecrops and Golander continued to march step by step towards Han Shuo. When they were about 50 meters away, their Domains of Divinity made contact with the Domain of Divinity formed a moment ago by his avatar. Manticole and Leviathan, as Han Shuo’s allies, remained indifferent and kept their silence as before. At this moment, Han Shuo put on a smile, looked at the two, and said, “Manticole, Leviathan. From this second on, we are no longer allies!”

Han Shuo’s heart felt neither sorrow nor happiness. From the moment he witnessed Leviathan mercilessly murder his own follower, Nolan, and from the moment Manticole informed Golander of his identity when he was collecting that deep black magical robe, he understood that his alliance with these two ruthless bastards was as frail as a thin dried leaf. It would shatter with one gentle poke.

In fact, Han Shuo knew this would happen when the four flew over to him. Having foreseen how they would react, Han Shuo did not feel one bit of surprise. And naturally, he did not feel sad or happy. His heart was undisturbed as he silently guarded against the turn of events.

“My sincerest apologies, but the Abyss is not big enough for a sixth Demon King - especially a Demon King who possesses two fundamental energies! This must not be allowed! Although you have said that you will leave the Abyss, the temptation of the power of faith isn’t something one may simply resist - just like how tempted we are to go to your world to acquire the power of faith!” Manticole wore the same expression. He smiled at Han Shuo, and continued to talk to Han Shuo in that mild voice of his.

The Abyss was only so big. The appearance of a new Demon King meant another existence competing to subjugate the people of the Abyss realm in order to gain their power of faith. Subsequently, they would have to further partition the world and that therefore meant a smaller piece of the pie for each of them. What’s more, Han Shuo’s strength was rapidly growing along with an energy unknown to them. The appearance of this lowgod of death caused them to feel even more threatened.

Therefore, they desperately wished for Han Shuo to die! This desperation exceeded the four Kings’ hatred for the each other!