The duo of Cecrops and Golander marched towards Han Shuo at slow but steady paces. They would peer at Manticole and Leviathan out of the corner of their eyes once in a while, carefully on guard against any unforeseen danger.

Things having come to this, Han Shuo could no longer cower. The only choice left for him was to go all out and fight. As to whether or not he could preserve his avatar cultivating the element of death, that would depend on whether he could resist the attacks of the two Demon Kings.

Meteor shower and Spatial Edges were wreaking havoc all around him, causing bursts of splendid light to blossom incessantly. Han Shuo was on full alert. His mind was as sharp as it could have been. He held onto the Demonslayer Edge and calmly waited for the two Demon Kings to launch their attacks.

On the contrary, the two Demon Kings, Cecrops and Golander, who were closing in on Han Shuo step by step, appeared relaxed and at ease, as though they weren’t taking Han Shuo seriously at all. Han Shuo knew that the reason these two Demon Kings came over at such sluggish speeds was that they were wary of Manticole and Leviathan. They weren’t actually all that heedful towards the enemy they were about to strike.

When the two got very near to Han Shuo, Cecrops sent a signal to Golander with his eyes. At the next instance, the two went from slowly walking to charging at Han Shuo at high-speed.

These existences in the realm of lowgod concentrated their divine energy to their limbs. After two streaks of light flashed, they arrived right in front of Han Shuo.

The Demonslayer Edge gave off brilliant rays and turned into another Han Shuo within a split second. A ruthless energy wishing to annihilate the world erupted. A ball of sinister light with boundless darkness completely enveloped the immediate region.

The two Demon Kings were moving too fast. Therefore, right after the Demonslayer Edge produced that ball of dark light, they fell into it.

In fact, the Demon King duo who possessed absolute confidence in their own strength did not make any effort to the evade darkness but continued to advance bravely, shooting at Han Shuo by relying on their senses.


A great explosion, as though the heavens fell and earth rent, broke loose from the center of the darkness. Electrical sparks like needles shot all around through the darkness.

Two loud shrieks simultaneously came from the mouths of the two Demon Kings. As the enormous rumble sounded, the duo, who dauntlessly charged at Han Shuo, retreated with their burning asses at an even greater speed.

Hundreds upon thousands of light rays followed the two as though their very own shadows. Under the inconceivable gazes of Manticole and Leviathan, those whooshing light rays shot into the retreating Demon Kings.

“Arhhhh… What in the world?! This bastard just put his own life at stake and triggered boundaries that release large-scale destructive power. Damn it!” Golander loudly cursed.

The rumble of the explosion left as quickly as it came. The light rays faded and the darkness dispersed to reveal the ground that had caved in to form a large pit with numerous potholes surrounding it. Standing behind the large pit was Han Shuo, wielding the Demonslayer Edge with a callous expression. The corners of his lips curved to make a ridiculing smirk as he looked coldly at the two Demon Kings hollering.

Those Pearls of Annihilation he had refined back at War Demon Valley were indeed wonderfully effective weapons. As soon as he saw the two Demon Kings in a flurry to retreat, he knew that both of them had been hit.

A Pearl of Annihilation could produce a large-scale explosion, and therefore a very effective weapon to be used against enemies in great numbers. However, as both the Demon Kings were lowgods, the explosion of the Pearl of Annihilation would only cause them limited injuries. But, of course, the Pearls didn’t just launch physical attacks. Its most significant damaging effects actually came from those Soulpiercers that would shoot out during the large-scale explosion.

The Soulpiercer was a bizarre demonic weapon that specifically targeted the soul. Just one Soulpiercer would be enough to annihilate those who did not possess a mighty enough soul. Even for a godly existence whose soul had fused with the elements between heaven and earth, once hit, had to immediately drop everything and focus on eliminating the sinister energy of the Soulpiercer as soon as possible before it corroded the soul. The longer they left it, the greater the harm they would receive.

It was because Cecrops and Leviathan had not truly taken Han Shuo to heart, in addition to their false assumption that Han Shuo wouldn’t dare to break the rule of the Void, that they had decided to attack Han Shuo so bluntly. Unfortunately for them, Han Shuo, a demonic arts cultivator, had countless tricks up his sleeves. Han Shuo’s far-sighted preparation also contributed to him being able to unleash the full formidable might of the Pearl of Annihilation, teaching the duo a lesson they would never forget.

As for the rules of the Void and the boundaries that densely covered all around, Han Shuo had absolutely no reservations in breaking them. Given the present circumstances that he could lose his life at any moment, he had no time to worry about these trivial matters.

The blast of a Pearl of Annihilation covered a tremendous area. As Han Shuo was located in a place surrounded with boundaries, after the deafening explosion, several boundaries were unavoidably triggered.

At the next moment, the wind started blowing wildly, sand and stones were sent flying, and thunder rolled in the sky. The attacks formed by several boundaries came pounding at all those men.

Demon Kings Cecrops and Golander, who were doing their utmost to purge the Soulpiercers from within their souls, had no choice but to split their focus and defend themselves from incoming the attacks. They inwardly cursed Han Shuo for his deceptiveness and viciousness.

Idly observing with cold eyes, Leviathan and Manticole furrowed their brows dramatically. The duo obviously made out that Cecrops and Golander had suffered injuries. Given their usual temperament, they would certainly seize this opportunity to finish the other two Demon Kings without the slightest hesitation. But now, with the appearance of this existence called Han Shuo, they did not come to the same decision that they otherwise would.

The two exchanged glances. Leviathan nodded with a gloomy and cold expression before he said in a low voice, “Although Cecrops and Golander have been warring with us for many years, we are very clear of their strengths. Indeed, not killing them means that they will continue to pose a threat to us, but the stalemate will still be preserved as before,” he took a short pause, shot a glance at Han Shuo in the distance, and continued, “That person, however, will not be so easy to take care of. This fella has boundless potential. Not only does he cultivate in a mysterious martial art, but soon, he will come to possess two lowgods of different energies. If he were to be left alive in the Abyss, it is only a matter of time before we lose our footing!”

Manticole nodded in agreement. With intense murderous desire in his eyes, he shouted, “This person has boundless potential. He must not be allowed to live!”

Without another word, the two Demon Kings who were supposed to be mortal enemies with Cecrops and Golander, and allies to Han Shuo, suddenly charged towards Han Shuo.

Having witnessed Cecrops and Golander’s mistake, and taking into consideration the fact that the boundaries around them had been destroyed, they no longer kept their divine energy within only their bodies. A dozen or more thunderbolts as thick as the Colosseum pillars, along with several long, narrow rays of darkness, like the Grim Reaper’s scythe, started cutting towards Han Shuo before the two Demon Kings had even gotten close.

Some energies that originated from boundaries were cleansed to nothingness by the might displayed by the two gods. With a dozen or more lightning bolts and several scythes paving their way, Han Shuo simply had no way of repeating the same trick on the two.

“Forgive me, Mister Han Shuo,” Leviathan said with a grin. He may have appeared cheerful at times, but in this moment, he looked absolutely diabolical.

Meanwhile, Manticole, the very first Demon King that made contact with Han Shuo, did not utter a word. He deployed his Domain of Divinity with all his strength, closing in on Han Shuo inch by inch.

“I knew you two would attack,” Han Shuo said grimly. He wore an ordinary expression as he watched the lightning bolts and darkness inch closer and closer.

Strange light rippled through the Demonslayer Edge. It flew out from Han Shuo’s hand and in an instant, transformed into another Han Shuo!

Simultaneously, Han Shuo’s two hands on his main body made a hand seal. Thousands upon thousands of what looked like demons and ghosts emerged from Han Shuo’s palms. Then, suddenly, towering stone pillars started to rise from the originally flat and smooth ground. Huge, colourful banners, which seemed to be as light as feathers, flew out from his space ring, and stuck themselves on the ground in accordance with some mysterious principles.

If Bord and Zinia were here, they would certainly recognize that these huge banners and stelae that abruptly appeared before Han Shuo once stood before War Demon Valley. They were that so-called ‘magical matrix’ that could extinguish tens of thousands of lives in an instant!

Unfortunately, neither Bord nor Zinia were there. Manticole and Leviathan had no idea what sorts of powers lay within those towering stelae and banners embellished with drawings of fierce monsters. Therefore, they did not halt their attacks, nor did they alter their headings. They stuck to their original plan of following behind their thick lightning bolts and scythes, and ran straight for Han Shuo.


The very moment that the two entered the magical formation, an explosion sound as though the earth had shattered sounded from within. At that instance, bloody shadows began fluttering all around. Colourful demonic light radiated from those huge banners and interwove. An inexhaustible sinister energy spread out from the formation in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, the dozen or more extremely thick thunderbolts and the Reaper’s scythe materialized from the element of darkness, which, like a stone falling into the sea, elicited no response. They were fragmented and dissolved bit by bit within the thousands upon thousands of bizarre lights.

The two Demon Kings fell into the formation. One of them transformed into a person enveloped with lightning and thunder, his body shining gloriously from head to toe, while the other shrouded himself completely under absolute darkness. If not for Han Shuo’s consciousness locking onto Manticole, it really would have been a challenge to discover that he was hiding among the shadows of the formations.

The two Demon Kings had not only extraordinary strength, but were also sinister and cunning. By this point, they had thrown caution to the wind and were no longer reserved about the boundaries and seals all around. That agreement they made with Bechymos had long been cast far out from their minds. Inside Han Shuo’s formation, by relying on the miraculousness of their Domains of Divinity, they did not suffer any serious damage and could in fact still soar through the air. Lowgods were, after all, lowgods. They definitely weren’t existences that those Rakshas and Destroyers could compare to. Most of the magical matrices of necromancy and destruction mixed within the formation lost their effects after the two deployed their Domains of Divinity.

When Han Shuo saw that it was impossible to eliminate or severely injure the two by solely relying on the energy of the formation, after weighing for a while, he finally summoned Little Skeleton. Han Shuo’s main body, his avatar, and Little Skeleton entered the formation together. They were ready to muster all their strengths and utilize the favorable environmental conditions to deal these double-crossing Demon Kings heavy thumps!