A small crack appeared in the smog-filled sky over the Penta-elemental Undead Formation, perhaps a result of the shattering of Leviathan’s divine soul and divine body, or maybe the five elite zombies were exhausted from the all-out strike.

Manticole, who was exerting himself to defend against the attacks of the formation, noted with his sharp senses this change to the sky. From a strand of the element of darkness that abruptly spilled over, he knew that finally, the Penta-elemental Undead Formation had revealed its flaw!

Without any hesitation, after that fissure was produced, Manticole turned into a puff of black smoke and escaped from the Penta-elemental Undead Formation at the fastest speed in his entire life. As to Leviathan, who had exploded beside him, he didn’t even bother batting an eye.

Outside the formation, Han Shuo, who was sensing the changes to the Penta-elemental Undead Formation with full attention, learned via his connection with the five elite zombies that the all-out attack to exterminate Leviathan had exhausted a lot of their energy.

Whoosh! Manticole suddenly escaped through the fissure.

Both Han Shuo and Little Skeleton sensed the Domain of Divinity of Darkness. They simultaneously cast their gazes on Manticole.

The Domain of Divinity naturally formed on Little Skeleton was easily noticeable. Manticole caught sight of Little Skeleton and Han Shuo after flying out from the formation.

Without uttering any nonsense, Manticole did not spare a thought before raising that broadsword of his that had aura of darkness coiled around it and charged at Han Shuo,

Naturally, Manticole thought that the bizarre space was entirely produced by Han Shuo using some unknown energy. In his mind, as long as he could distract Han Shuo and keep him preoccupied with his attacks, that strange scene which was imprisoning the other two Demon Kings would simply disappear just like the Shura Soul Formation before it.

It wasn’t out of kindness that Manticole would attempt to save Cecrops and Golander. Leviathan’s death was suffice to prove to Manticole that Han Shuo was a major threat. He knew that if they didn’t kill Han Shuo now, none of those who ventured into the Void would walk out alive.

At this moment, Manticole no longer seeked the riches and treasures of the Void, rather, he wanted to safeguard his interests by all means necessary. Han Shuo was the only real source of danger here. He believed that if he were to attack with all his strength, Han Shuo would inevitably be unable to maintain that space restricting Cecrops and Golander.

“Courting death!” When Han Shuo saw Manticole recklessly charging at him, he cackled instead of showing any signs of fright. The Demonslayer Edge was revealed. Just then, an aura of destruction mixed with bloody rays instantly launched out a dozen meters forward. Killing intent was also rolling within the energy.

Little Skeleton, who had been riding on a bone dragon, expanded his Domain of Divinity. An intense element of death was sent gushing towards Manticole. Simultaneously, as Little Skeleton hurled the long and narrow bone spear in his hand, an enormous amount of the element of death gathered and divine energy in his body flowed into his bone spur. Then, the bone spur was deployed through the Law of Activating Magic. A streak of chilling white light shot towards Manticole.

All of a sudden, Manticole had the energies of destruction and death locked onto him with two attacks arriving in an instant. The situation was far from encouraging to Manticole. However, as he assumed that if he could disturb Han Shuo’s concentration and leave him unable to cause mischief in the space behind him, Cecrops and Golander would also be able to escape and come to his assistance.

It was with this thought in mind that Manticole did not retreat when faced against Han Shuo and Little Skeleton’s attacks. He stubbornly pressed forward. Absolute darkness would flood in wherever his broadsword passed. Even Manticole himself disappeared into the darkness.

But what a pity, Han Shuo’s miraculous consciousness had firmly locked onto Manticole long ago. Perhaps, this kind of concealment method might be useful against other gods. But in Han Shuo’s eyes, it was just laughable.

The Demonslayer Edge and Little Skeleton’s bone spur, guided by Han Shuo’s consciousness, sliced and stabbed at Manticole with incredible precision and speed.

“How is this possible?!” Manticole suddenly let out a despondent cry from behind the twilight. Soon after, clanks sounded from the absolute darkness.

"Hehe, you think your little stealth tricks can work on me? Don't blame me for this, you're practically asking for it!" Han Shuo ridiculed with an arrogant smile.

Han Shuo and Little Skeleton stood still on their grounds as they controlled their respective weapons, Demonslayer Edge and bone spur, through thoughts. The weapons rapidly flew and maneuvered through the darkness. Sharp noises of metal being struck together would repeatedly tremor from within.

It agonized Manticole to take on the precise, bizarre attacks. Especially since every strike of the Demonslayer Edge containing multiple types of energies would leave nicks on the broadsword that he took pride in very much.

This obviously meant that the Demonslayer Edge was even more terrifyingly incisive than his broadsword!

Manticole was just sullen. No matter how much he pondered, he couldn’t make sense of how these two weapons among the absolute darkness he created by activating his Domain of Divinity to its extreme could aim and shoot at him with such incredible accuracy! With this, Manticole, who was supposed to take the offense to Han Shuo and Little Skeleton by means of concealing his body, was now the completely on the defensive side. He was helpless and at his wit’s end against Han Shuo and Little Skeleton’s attacks.

“Manticole, didn’t expect this, did ya? Hahah, at first, I really had no interest in your Abyss realm. However, given that you all will forever disappear very soon, well, I guess I’ll have to volunteer myself to fill the vacant seat and take down this world for myself!” the Demonslayer Edge avatar that possessed an independent soul suddenly uttered a distinctly human voice as it attacked Manticole

Manticole was greatly flustered and frightened. He could no longer restrain the appall in his heart. His movements were affected as his heart was in disorder. He managed to barely block a strike of the Demonslayer Edge, but was penetrated by the bone spur, allowing the divine energy of death to flow into his body.

His eyes were filled with fright. In a flurry, he diverted a portion of his divine energy to resist the energy of death invading his body. The bizarre scene of Demonslayer Edge talking while ferociously slicing at him caused Manticole even more alarm.

“Are you afraid? Hehe, don’t be. You’ll be dead soon anyway!” the Demonslayer Edge jabbered on and on to perturb Manticole’s mind. Those sarcastic comments that fell in Manticole’s ears were like a voodoo hastening his death, causing him to feel even more flustered and helpless.

Outside of the absolute darkness, wearing a sinister smile, Han Shuo very slowly withdrew a Pearl of Annihilation from his space ring. After he delivered a message to Little Skeleton, a strange light streaked across the space. The Pearl of Annihilation was suddenly shooting at Manticole as he did his utmost to fend for his life.

Simultaneously, the Demonslayer Edge and the bone spur that plagued Manticole like a ghost demanding vengeance for its unjustly death suddenly disappeared without a trace!

The pressure on Manticole was suddenly released. However, he was rather puzzled. He couldn’t understand why the two most annoying weapons would suddenly vanish at this most critical moment.

Oh shit! Manticole shrieked when he saw a ball flying at him! Having clearly witnessed Golander and Cecrops’ previous bitter experience, he understood just how much of a headache that ordinary looking sphere would cause once it exploded.

Manticole tried to escape, but unfortunately, before he even moved an inch, the Pearl of Annihilation detonated.

The earth-shattering bang was quickly followed by a wretched shriek of misery…

After the rumble subsided, Manticole suffered cuts and bruises from head to toe. Blood flowed out from his body in tiny streams. Furthermore, the most formidable Soulpiercers left a terrifying amount of corrosive energy within his soul!

Manticole knew that by now, he would have no chance of prevailing. Looking at Han Shuo and Little Skeleton closing in on him step by step, Manticole forced an ugly smile with great effort. With a hoarse voice, he said, “Mister Han Shuo, Leviathan is dead. We can work together to take over Leviathan’s territories. You lacked understanding of the Abyss, but I can help you with that. It’s true, you need me!”

Manticole needed time to purge the corrosive energy dealt by the Soulpiercers. Against Han Shuo and Little Skeleton approaching step by step, Manticole felt truly frightened. At this moment, he knew that even escaping from the two would be very difficult. This person who had always been proud, arrogant, and treated Han Shuo as a high-level cannon-fodder, at this very moment, had no choice but to fawn and curry favor. In fact, he did not hesitate to cast away that demeanor of a divine and sovereign existence just to survive.

Han Shuo gave him a smile full of despise and disdain before shaking his head and said, “This is not a good proposal! There are all too many who understand the Abyss well. For example, Bord and Zinia. I believe that once you’re dead, they would be most willing to serve me. By the way, truth be told, my only intention was originally to leave the Abyss realm as soon as possible. It is you four who pushed the situation to this stage.”

“Han Shuo, you really won’t give me one bit of opportunity to live?” Manticole pleaded with bitter agony. However, after a short pause, he put on a sinister face and before Han Shuo could reply, he said, “Don’t you forget, your women and your apprentice are still in Black Jade City. I’m a lowgod. Even though we are separated so far away, I can still acquire a connection with my believers. I can turn them into shredded meat with just one thought. Don’t you regret!”

“I personally manufactured the Pearls of Annihilation myself, and I’m extremely clear about the effects of the Soulpiercers. Your soul is now in great chaos. There’s absolutely no way that you can communicate with your believers. No need to bluff!” Han Shuo said after having a belly laugh.

The Demonslayer Edge had stealthily snuck behind Manticole. While he was rattled, the Demonslayer Edge pierced through Manticole from his back.

“When it comes to concealing presence, you truly are no match against me!” Han Shuo shook his head and lamented. Right after, Han Shuo and Little Skeleton jointly slaughtered Manticole by ruthlessly destroying his divine soul and divine body altogether!